100 Years Of Cereal Taste Test

Aug 10, 2020
1 376 931 Views

Do you know when was Captain Crunch was created? Today, we're taking a look into the history of cereal. GMM #1790
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  • Corn pop was a bad dude

    kentuckymonkeyskentuckymonkeys2 days ago
  • Rhett is becoming a slim version of Jerry Garcia.

    Clay3613Clay36136 days ago
  • 11:50 "no whammy" look up Press Your Luck. I'm not sure why I used to watch it. Very strange game show, but somehow addicting.

    DshappystuffDshappystuff13 days ago
  • How about y’all do an episode where you try and guess what people are eating just by listening to ASMR

    VoodooeyesVoodooeyes17 days ago
  • I personally love Cheerios the most. The nutty flavor of the oats is so tasty.

    WarpFactorFiveWarpFactorFive22 days ago
  • The closes x rated GMM I have seen

    EJ HarveyEJ Harvey24 days ago
  • Rhett had the perfect opportunity to say "ceralistly" instead of seriously and he missed it.

    Elizabeth RoohrElizabeth Roohr26 days ago
  • Glad to see you guys! you look great!

    Dallis BrownDallis Brown29 days ago
  • Missed Link pouring the milk and saying "that's my thing"

    Ivar AlarconIvar AlarconMonth ago
  • I’m EXTREMELY attracted to Link but that intro was not it. 😂😂

    Jenna GrippJenna GrippMonth ago
  • Idk how he made cereal perverted LOL.

    It's Me BeechIt's Me BeechMonth ago
  • 7:24 Top 10 Link 1 Liners

    DylENDylENMonth ago
  • put the captain on your commander Link Neal 2020

    Béatrice RobidouxBéatrice RobidouxMonth ago
  • 100 YEARS OF CEREAL!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman NayrMonth ago

    Rman NayrRman NayrMonth ago
  • They should do this same idea but with lawn darts

    Reachable sin GamingReachable sin GamingMonth ago
  • am I the only one who actually loves corn flakes? and I usually just have it with milk with nothing else. I love its flavour

    JuhinaJuhinaMonth ago
  • J

    Coaster CaptainCoaster CaptainMonth ago
  • They shouldnt be able to knock the others puck

    MahdeeMahdeeMonth ago
  • I never knew shuffle board could get so heated

    Joe MurphyJoe MurphyMonth ago
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch is not the best cereal

    Johnathan DavisJohnathan DavisMonth ago
  • Rhett you are my hair role model, can you do a GMM style video of your hair/beard routine ?

    The DorkThe DorkMonth ago
  • Its been 2 years since I've last seen a GMM episode... what happened to Rhett's hair?????

    MegadaveMegadaveMonth ago
  • What does link have against cornflakes

    Susy HunterSusy HunterMonth ago
  • My Favorite Cereal Of All Time Is Honey Bunches Of Oats Cinnamon Toast Crunch Honey Nut Cheerios And Oreo’s Cereal

    Eduardo EsparzaEduardo EsparzaMonth ago
  • like siblings

    Money BrooklynMoney Brooklyn2 months ago
  • they still eat each other

    Money BrooklynMoney Brooklyn2 months ago
  • LINK: Corn flakes taste like, would you say Corny?

    Dimitri GeorgiadisDimitri Georgiadis2 months ago
  • Cheerio, Honeynut. You wanna Cap'n Crunch my Lucky Charms with your Alpha-Bits until I Corn Pop?

    Cam D.Cam D.2 months ago
  • What's with Rhett's index finger ring?

    DimiDimi2 months ago
  • Americans..

    johanqanjohanqan2 months ago
  • Boto

    SimpPoliceSimpPolice2 months ago
  • *Me and my cousin were watching this and said ''it looked like they were about to kiss'' at **1:30** I-...*

    *Dream* 《Minecraft》*Dream* 《Minecraft》2 months ago
  • "4 grams, I don't know what that means" Yanks 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Abdulla AliAbdulla Ali2 months ago
    • That and the whole “there’s not enough sugar in this” what is there obsession with putting so much sugar in everything?

      EuphoricisotopeEuphoricisotopeMonth ago
  • Is anyone else kinda concerned about how hostile links been getting lately?

    Olivia RobertsonOlivia Robertson2 months ago
  • Link has the taste palette of a 10 Yr old, ANYTHING that doesn't have sugar on it he absolutely hates.

    Clayton WrightClayton Wright2 months ago
  • I always forget that link isn’t actually short. Rhett is just extremely tall 😅😂

    Samantha JadeSamantha Jade2 months ago
  • Some would say the cap’n wasn’t cap’n about the crunch

    Juanjo CobosJuanjo Cobos2 months ago
  • Their outfits though ! I love Link's shoes !

    Jaded KateJaded Kate2 months ago
  • Nice one

    Pheonix HunterPheonix Hunter2 months ago
  • Link looks like a dad from the '70s.

    Tony's PizzeriaTony's Pizzeria2 months ago
  • Rhett your hair is amazing! 👌🏻

    Niki SchaeferNiki Schaefer2 months ago
  • i just noticed that the cereals theyre eating are THE MILK WAS POURED FIRST

    christine paradachristine parada2 months ago
  • That box is from the 90’s - It was illustrated differently in the 60’s.

    Joe SmoothJoe Smooth2 months ago
  • S2. S2. S2.

    averagecitykidaveragecitykid2 months ago
  • Omgars! I'm in Geneseo too!

    Lola VegaLola Vega2 months ago
  • Whoa! Rhett's hair in this episode 👌! Link's hair also looking great, as always.

    Kristin RoseKristin Rose2 months ago
  • Though he may be a Commander, he is still the Commanding officer of the ship or cereal so respectively referred to as Captain.

    VANX AEVANX AE2 months ago
  • *"Ya wanna Cap'n Crunch my Lucky Charms with your Alphabets till I Corn Pop!?"* 😳 😂🤣

    picknbeansmammapicknbeansmamma2 months ago
  • Rhetts hair changes every week.

    Canyon MoonCanyon Moon2 months ago
  • 7:45 - Hey makeitloud, how you doing?

    ryeincryeinc2 months ago
  • IG: cutt4210 ✌🏻

    Cutt 4210Cutt 42102 months ago
  • Cinnamon toast crunch is great, I like the new churros too!

    David Altergott JrDavid Altergott Jr2 months ago
  • I was eating cinnamon crunch durinng this

    Max HiseyMax Hisey2 months ago
  • Link is so bad lmao

    Adam LeonAdam Leon2 months ago
  • 13:19 link tryed to grab the box but rhett grabbed it before he could😂😂😂

    Rolyat 1Rolyat 12 months ago
  • Man, Americans LOVE sugar on their cereal!! Just eat healthy!

    WogansNotDeadWogansNotDead2 months ago
  • I want international Cereal taste

    Hazumi 873Hazumi 8732 months ago
  • Accidentally said Nicole I meant Rhett

    Kax KadeKax Kade2 months ago
  • When you wanna get the captain in your pants you have to unzip

    Adam Honda98Adam Honda982 months ago
  • Link: When was Cinnamon invented Rheet:1890 Me: That's a spice it wasn't invented

    Jesus BalladaresJesus Balladares2 months ago
  • I actually enjoy plain Cheerios

    Reilly DollerReilly Doller2 months ago
  • This is a fun way to learn history.

    numberoneappgamesnumberoneappgames2 months ago
  • My city smells like cheerios

    Precious CarnesPrecious Carnes2 months ago
  • It just came to me that Rhett and link are an icon of internet shows. Is so awesome, my dream is to be on an episode with them.

    Tariq ZeadTariq Zead2 months ago
  • Is link Bruce bAnner in disguse

    lazar memelazar meme2 months ago
  • Captain America was a pretty obvious one I feel like....

    Emma SoemerEmma Soemer2 months ago
  • It's good mythical night to me

    Finley GilesFinley Giles2 months ago
  • Cornflakes are amazing if you're willing to pour a heap of sugar on top. Kinda like LIFE cereal.

    Hells MaliceHells Malice2 months ago
  • Maybe when your channel reached 20 yrs old. Do a memory video i gues

    NintendoNerdNintendoNerd2 months ago
  • Why do they seem so much younger is this video

    Cameron JohnsonCameron Johnson2 months ago
  • I feel like the crew always just placate Link

    Marjorie MillerMarjorie Miller2 months ago
  • Rhett's hair use to go up, and links down but it has changed

    Justice Plays AirsoftJustice Plays Airsoft2 months ago
  • Brian Taylor please hush

    Duce WilsonDuce Wilson2 months ago
  • Hey so I was gonna look back on some old videos to see how much you guys have changed in looks and I ended up clicking the oldest and I ended up finding 11 years ago videos and some of them are hilarious

    rileyhitreset !rileyhitreset !2 months ago
  • Anyone else find it ironic that Rhett and Link switched hair styles?

    J SanesJ Sanes2 months ago

    The Honorable HighnanThe Honorable Highnan2 months ago
  • This channel is the most OG and fun on USworlds, ever. No, like- *ever*

    McSnicker LickerMcSnicker Licker2 months ago
  • Rhett running around when link missed 😂😂

    Matthew HicksMatthew Hicks2 months ago
  • You learn things from this show. Like I had no idea Cheerios were created in 1940

    Gaby GibsonGaby Gibson2 months ago
  • Link was seriously on edge for this episode

    TurtleCraftZ1TurtleCraftZ12 months ago
  • Would I when I was little I called Cinnamon toast crunch crazy squares🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    matt skeenmatt skeen2 months ago
  • 100 years of fast food?

    Whale-lessWhale-less2 months ago
  • "things were soggy for many years" i'm dying

    Temporary NameTemporary Name2 months ago
  • Rhett looks like Shirley temple, respectively

    EvelynEvelyn2 months ago
  • Hi.

    the kingthe king2 months ago
  • Watching this while eating cereal 🥣

    Lauren FiferLauren Fifer2 months ago
    • Cinnamon Toast Crunch

      Lauren FiferLauren Fifer2 months ago
  • We always had corn flakes and cherios so i just poured sugar all over the cereal

    Tristans Wrestling FiguresTristans Wrestling Figures2 months ago
  • *”If you wanna get the captain in your pants, you gotta unzip.”* _Spoken with experience, by Rhett McLaughlin_

    .hayden..hayden.2 months ago
  • Can confirm - that little corn flake fact is false.

    .hayden..hayden.2 months ago
  • Watching this while eating cereal.

    Charles LeeCharles Lee2 months ago
  • Dudes, fix the hair. Seriously.

    Jerome FallorinaJerome Fallorina2 months ago
  • Link getting frustrated and punching the corn flakes was the best part of my day.

    The Shadow ClubThe Shadow Club2 months ago
  • It’s funny how whenever I eat cereal I think of these two guys cause links favorite cereal is mini-wheats and now they are eating cereal. We are eating cereal together! lol

    James TorresJames Torres2 months ago
  • Link's eyebrows @1:07 looked a bit too pleased at the notion of cerealing himself.

    dungeonbrowniesdungeonbrownies2 months ago
  • If he is in command of a ship he is Captain regardless of rank.

    A Wyzard's LifeA Wyzard's Life2 months ago
  • Rhett was way too ready to put that cereal down his pants 😂

    Carolyn J.Carolyn J.2 months ago
  • Gentle Stroke 😆

    David PollakDavid Pollak2 months ago
  • Do breakfast throughout history shuffle board

    Motocross Shreads_614Motocross Shreads_6142 months ago
  • The older they get the better they look.

    Kitten PawKitten Paw2 months ago