100 Years Of Fast Food Taste Test

Sep 28, 2020
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Today, we're learning about the history of some beloved Fast Food brands and playin' some shuffle board. GMM #1820
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  • My right ear loved this

    Mikhail KalashnikovMikhail Kalashnikov5 hours ago
  • 10:23 me when covid shutdown everything😂😂

    Reaction & Review with WesleyReaction & Review with Wesley6 hours ago
  • McDonald’s came from ILLINOIS!!!!! I live in Illinois!!! You learn something everyday!!!

    Reaction & Review with WesleyReaction & Review with Wesley6 hours ago
  • THANK YOU for not revealing the answer immediately!

    Talmage JonesTalmage Jones7 hours ago
  • Link ur too old to wear ur hair like that

    Jace SmithJace SmithDay ago
  • My disdain for link as a human grows the more I watch

    Jace SmithJace SmithDay ago
  • no offense, but Rhett could like, get it ;))))

    Daizha hahaDaizha haha2 days ago
  • This was bloody fantastic,

    cb7pwncb7pwn2 days ago
  • FAST FOOD TIME!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr2 days ago

    Rman NayrRman Nayr2 days ago
  • "You show me a plaque, ill read it!" - Rhett McLaughlin 2020

    MoteKatMoteKat3 days ago
  • Link won a game, 2020 getting weirder every year.

    Khusveer ThindKhusveer Thind3 days ago
  • It would be interesting to have a board on each side. Have Rhett on one side and link on the other and have them both shuffle on 3.

    Colette HendersonColette Henderson4 days ago
  • The synchronized subway dink gave me life that I didn't know I could muster

    Dyanne AboboDyanne Abobo5 days ago
  • Link furiously slurping up that strand of lo mein xD

    Dyanne AboboDyanne Abobo5 days ago
  • 9:18 11:30

    teddycuthbertteddycuthbert7 days ago
  • "Al bee dagg... Subway." -Link 2020

    Zach MowerZach Mower7 days ago
  • Let's talk about that... Let's talk about that

    Matthew BMatthew B7 days ago
  • Good Mythical ShuffleMore

    Add EAdd E8 days ago
  • Random made it fun instead of making it now easier and almost no competition. Just hit 4 of the years close to each other and get a point. Either way I like listening to them play and arguing.

    Gage BrewerGage Brewer8 days ago
  • “I throw tantrums, but not that hard, right?” Link, love, you threw like twelve extra darts at the board once

    Marian WojcikMarian Wojcik8 days ago
  • Also I'm still not entirely sure what this chanel is all about.

    YakadoodledongywongyYakadoodledongywongy8 days ago
  • Only have McDonald's and Subway in my country and still got all the answers correct.

    YakadoodledongywongyYakadoodledongywongy8 days ago
  • The hustle shuffle

    Kyle KerriganKyle Kerrigan9 days ago
  • if you ate a hamburger left over from the 1930's or the 1950's, the title would be Hospital or funeral Parlor... hehe

  • Can y'all not put it in order because it's like a bailout if you know it's between two decades. The board should be set up like before to where you have to guess the decade correctly to get points.

    Dominic EkezieDominic Ekezie10 days ago
  • OMG THEY NEED TO CALL IT "SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE" They even sang a little song about it already 3:48

    Cheri ThrasherCheri Thrasher10 days ago
  • Pandas can run up to 20 mph.

    Mike LaufferMike Lauffer10 days ago
  • They have a lot of practice for when they’re old they’re gonna show up to a retirement home and destroy everyone

    M. MM. M10 days ago
  • Here in Las Vegas on the corner of Sahara and Paradise there's a McDonald's modeled after that 50s one in the picture. Right across the street from my work

    Justin LaBoyJustin LaBoy10 days ago
  • Has Link been using one of those "expand your vocabulary" toilet paper rolls?

    Kamilla SuleimenovaKamilla Suleimenova10 days ago
  • Last person to shuffle gets 8,000 dollars Wow also We shuffled on the worlds biggest shuffle board

    Alexis MajalcaAlexis Majalca11 days ago
  • ITS NOT! It is not in any way better than Whataburger!

    MacAttackMacAttack11 days ago
  • Love the fact the she said “it’s like cookout” . I love cookout and they should expand !!

    BluntsoakedBluntsoaked11 days ago
  • Two guys eat stuff and guess stuff and hit stuff. Can that be a new show every couple of weeks?

    kingpatch95kingpatch9512 days ago
  • Anybody else read all the titles? Absolutely hilarious

    Hughsie 27Hughsie 2712 days ago
  • NOT better than Whataburger 😭

    Paige PeerPaige Peer12 days ago
  • Whataburger is better easily 🤷🏼‍♂️

    tsunami gamingtsunami gaming12 days ago
  • I still love year eye with 2 straight guys But shuffleboard kerfuffle is good too

    KokilaBenKokilaBen13 days ago
  • NOO WHERES "lets talk about that"??

    Seth MatlikSeth Matlik13 days ago
  • The shuffling zone

    Cade FaineCade Faine13 days ago
  • I like all new stuff except for the chronological... just me??

    HEB FLEXHEB FLEX13 days ago
  • Wichitans: Yeah we founded the first fast food chain! Others: Where's that?

    Jerry ChanJerry Chan13 days ago
  • Rhett's revealing his true face, ha?

    Interferenzbrille _Interferenzbrille _13 days ago
  • For those who were also curious, here’s what came up with google, a panda’s top speed is 20mph (32kmh) which can outrun most people. So yeah don’t wanna mess with a panda...

    sandrakim9sandrakim914 days ago
  • I dont like the spo8ler intro

    J HallJ Hall14 days ago
  • What about “The Mornin Shuffle” ?

    Izrael Lopez31Izrael Lopez3114 days ago
  • Not loving the new intro style. Otherwise great episode!

    DetourGamingDetourGaming14 days ago
  • That is kindof funny because panda express what I always thought of as mall food. All the malls have them. Now they have sit down nice looking retaurants with the same meh food.

    Edgy KoalaEdgy Koala14 days ago
  • what has been established so far is that Link barely wins. But whenever he does, it's most likely a queen sweep

    Tasneem AhemdTasneem Ahemd15 days ago
  • a dont know what votelikeabeast is but you have my vote

    DragonenDragonen15 days ago
  • In these games,why can't there be more than one answer in the same decade??

    Barnabus BlackoakBarnabus Blackoak15 days ago
  • OMG! Linc is a time traveler! He's in the backseat of that car!!

    Barnabus BlackoakBarnabus Blackoak15 days ago
  • So who yall voting for

    Damari BrackettDamari Brackett15 days ago
  • it's not OK Link your the one that is supposed to lose not Rhett XD

    FuryousDFuryousD15 days ago
  • the randomised location of the numbers was much better from a game perspective, turning the numbers around so u can read them is the only change ive seen that is actually a good decision

    FuryousDFuryousD15 days ago
  • Where have you guys been? So funny! Totally cheered me up.

    Connie KennedyConnie Kennedy15 days ago
  • I voted for Rhett and Link

    Gavin ChildsGavin Childs15 days ago
  • Another Link's Win 😦

    JD TorresJD Torres15 days ago
  • I feel bad for Rhett :((

    MavmallowMavmallow16 days ago

    Anil SinghAnil Singh16 days ago

      Anil SinghAnil Singh16 days ago
  • Get hair cuts you Hippies

    Harris ProductionsHarris Productions16 days ago
  • Petition to call the game "Shuffling Through The Decades"

    WWF - WeirdWrestlingFanWWF - WeirdWrestlingFan16 days ago
  • Love the new stuff?

    Agnostic MonkeyAgnostic Monkey16 days ago
  • Rhett and Link’s shuffleboard spectacular! Link and Rhett’s shuffleboard spectacular! Me: I sense tension.

    kaley kkaley k17 days ago
  • Rhett: that’s never happened before Link: ... but you believe you can Rhett: I’m gon’ try

    Autumn SempleAutumn Semple17 days ago
  • The story of mcdonald's is sad ray croc was a bad guy he basically stole the restaurant

    Bethany M.Bethany M.17 days ago
  • Reject humanity and join the monke

    Mr SquirrelMr Squirrel17 days ago
  • You clowns are very entertaining and seemingly just work well together....my new distraction

    Jason SobczakJason Sobczak17 days ago
  • Love being able to guess! That should go across the board 😉 for all games

    Nancy AbreuNancy Abreu17 days ago
  • Man, Christa/Krista is cute

    BenBen17 days ago
  • can you do a beer version of this game

    mestre12mestre1217 days ago
  • I think there should be 1 point for a correct guess and 1 point for a correct landing, for a possible maximum of 2 points each time. For example, Rhett and Link would’ve each gotten 1 point on Panda Express.

    BenBen17 days ago
  • On the Panda Express one maybe Rhett should’ve gotten a point for knowing the year even though his shuffle board skills were lacking.

    JessicaJessica17 days ago
  • the decade shuffle

    Hannah SpencerHannah Spencer18 days ago
  • 2:18 Womp from Mario

    Sam ClarkeSam Clarke18 days ago
  • old food is good food.

    GamernautXGamernautX18 days ago
  • Link winning?! And a Queen Sweep? What has happened to this world lol

    ThanhThanh18 days ago
  • I've gotta say, I think you should mix up the years again. It makes it more interesting when you have to go for a specific date rather than what happened with Link in the McDonalds round where he could have been right if it was in a range of 40 years! It may make it more challenging but that's part of why it's so interesting to watch these!

    Kelly MKelly M18 days ago
  • Everyone talking about the “let’s talk about that” while I miss the old mugs 😔 (if they said sum about it I haven’t watched them in a while)

    Drawing VibesDrawing Vibes18 days ago
  • Pandas run up to 20 mph

    This BoyThis Boy18 days ago
  • I honestly don’t like the number placement change...

    IanStan Vlogs&StoriesIanStan Vlogs&Stories18 days ago
  • Don't let us know the answer until Stevie reads it :)

    DanielDaniel18 days ago
  • why do they ignore us when we miss the old intro

    ItsJustJoItsJustJo18 days ago
  • So they’re only making videos about food now... what happened to the other topics?

    DogMeat999DogMeat99918 days ago
  • 7:19 Link tries to ignore Rhett's attempts to intimidate him.

    Stolen Content From The InternetStolen Content From The Internet19 days ago
  • I think I can confidently say that you guys have the coolest jobs on the planet.

    Amber DavisAmber Davis19 days ago
  • Not really a fan of the chronological board. They don’t have to be nearly as accurate with their guesses

    WoodsyWoodsy19 days ago
  • I nominat them for the presidential election

    Daniel DempseyDaniel Dempsey19 days ago
  • Ehh, I'd rather see the date beforehand.

    BrokenGod Ent.BrokenGod Ent.19 days ago
  • So, so glad to see you not revealing the answer so we can play. I really, really hope that applies to all of your games now.

    Sugar thekittySugar thekitty19 days ago
  • 13:14 Nobody gonna talk about how synchronized they were?

    SCP-049 - The Plague DoctorSCP-049 - The Plague Doctor20 days ago
  • Woah... Rhetts tantrum actually upset me a little... that’s weird.

    Lil MuffinCrumbsLil MuffinCrumbs20 days ago
  • They tore that first McDonald's in Des Plains down in 2018. :( It was there as a museum piece.

    OuTSMoKEOuTSMoKE20 days ago
  • Took away the “ let’s talk about that “ Let’s talk about that

    Perdue TribePerdue Tribe20 days ago
  • rhetts looking fly af in that outfit

    TheJaypoundTheJaypound20 days ago
  • PERKELating

    Teimo PielinenTeimo Pielinen20 days ago
  • We need lets talk about that back!

    Lorena BarrenecheaLorena Barrenechea20 days ago
  • 9:30 "You show me a plaque, I'll read it! " 👉🏻

    S CS C20 days ago
  • I’m proud of Link. He deserved this.

    TrAnMuTrAnMu20 days ago