100 Years Of Ice Cream Taste Test

Jul 13, 2020
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Today, we're learning about the history of ice cream with our mouth holes and some shuffleboard. GMM #1775
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  • You can see the sugar starting kicking in with Link when they got to the cookie dough ice cream

    Brendan JakausBrendan Jakaus3 days ago
  • the last part, with the frozen spoons...all I can say is NUTS!

    David StevensDavid Stevens4 days ago
  • We just love the let's talk about that part, please continue doing it!

    Khabou AliKhabou Ali5 days ago
  • "Nuts in general feel old." That's cuz of the wrinkles.

    Edward LornEdward Lorn8 days ago
  • She even said Latrobe right omg

    ManWithPantsManWithPants12 days ago
  • Let’s goooo Latrobe fam uniting over Banana Splits

    ManWithPantsManWithPants12 days ago
  • rhett looks like a wildling from game of thrones

    Rafi MeitivRafi Meitiv21 day ago
  • Was better when you didn't have the answer up the entire time.

    Aya A.Aya A.26 days ago
  • ur beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.26 days ago
  • Can someone explain why the title changed between this and the next one

    Tyler LTyler L27 days ago
  • Literally all of my favorite ice creams and combos are in this episode every single one of them what is this life. Epic episode!

    HolyWrathHolyWrath28 days ago
  • I'd actually like to see banana upside down cake and banana stew

    Captain PlanetCaptain Planet29 days ago
  • I really like how they took care of their sponsor

    Main AccountMain AccountMonth ago
  • Awesome!

    NateGeckoNateGeckoMonth ago
  • They were saying link was far from 1950 with the float but he was on 1930........is it closest by distance or date?

    JbirdJbirdMonth ago
  • I'm being honest rn, I've never had a banana split.

    TheJellobroTheJellobroMonth ago
  • Link: "So I know that ice cream was invented in the Ming Dynasty" Rhett: "You makin that up?" Link: "Yeah"

    Josiah KephartJosiah KephartMonth ago
  • Can anyone confirm or deny the effectiveness of Sensodyne?

    MahdeeMahdeeMonth ago
  • The Lord of the Rings quote MADE this episode

    Trinket ZexTrinket ZexMonth ago
  • I love how you can tell link has had too much sugar 🤣

    Doot Doot GutsuDoot Doot GutsuMonth ago
  • *insert Uzaki-chans speech about choco-mint ice cream when link compares it to mouthwash/toothpaste*

    MamodokodMamodokodMonth ago
  • Anyone else get the lord of the rings reference?

    Cadan HarttenCadan HarttenMonth ago
  • I hope Rhett has tried the Ben & Jerry's flavor PB & cookies! Its non-dairy and it is soo peanut buttery. Its my favorite and it makes me so happy!

    Angela RiedleAngela RiedleMonth ago
  • Love the subtle LOTR reference, Link!

    Ray ChantaRay ChantaMonth ago
  • At 8:15 he is doing a jutsu lmao

    ReReMax33ReReMax332 months ago
  • Not sure if you are aware of this but in Minnesota we are proud to have our own Princess Kay of the Milky Way!!! Shes literally the queen of all dairy products!

    Grace KohnenGrace Kohnen2 months ago
  • I feel like I get smarter every time I watch Good Mythical Morning

    BlakeBlake2 months ago
  • Grape and cookie dough is my favorite combination for ice cream

    PotatoHasAimPotatoHasAim2 months ago
  • She from outside the Ville. Like ome of those rich neighborhoods by Cape Fear and Mac Williams

    WillUTeachMeWillUTeachMe2 months ago
  • Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh🤤

    Ann CorriganAnn Corrigan2 months ago
  • Its like they think the worlds american haahha

    Cj CCj C2 months ago
  • I got Wayne's World vibe from this video.

    FreakStomp95FreakStomp952 months ago
  • Sometime we all feel as useless as that second push rod that they never used.

    Will PlattWill Platt2 months ago
  • GMM, Can I just have that table? That’s all I want 😂

    Brianna BarnesBrianna Barnes2 months ago
  • Smash em...put em in a stew....not good for second breakfast with bananas...we like potatoes...taters... not even that...we like fish precious...give it raw precious :))

    Radu ParvuRadu Parvu2 months ago
  • “ you don’t know what’s going in my brain “ No one does

    Gina RGina R2 months ago
  • So weird. Literally just went to HEB to get a pint of cookie 2 step ice cream, I get back, lay on my bed, turn on USworlds and this is the first video in my que. USworlds is tracking me, has to be.

    Keith SchuKeith Schu2 months ago
  • I agree with Link ... Nothing like a mouthwash in my ice cream :O ... I still don't get the appeal of Mint choco chip !

    Lyf for musicLyf for music2 months ago
  • I wonder what Sensodyne feels about sponsoring a man dumping cold silverware into another mans underpants

    Elizabeth BElizabeth B2 months ago
  • 2:10 the quiet kid in class

    Im Okay I SwearIm Okay I Swear2 months ago

    zack glisanzack glisan2 months ago
  • Link is so smol compared to Rhett n he looked like a lil crab tryna square up

    KyKy2 months ago
  • Rhett is 6.8 ft tall. Link is 6 ft tall.

    handsomesquidwardhandsomesquidward2 months ago
  • Who else slightly melts there ice cream so it’s not so hard.

    Johnny FrenchJohnny French2 months ago
    • I literally just watched a podcast where they were talking about that before coming to this video.

      Hokuto TongiHokuto Tongi2 months ago
  • Link’s T-shirt is on point!

    FEROXFEROX2 months ago
  • loved that LOTR reference that samwise said about stews to gollum around the 12:30 mark when links going for his last turn on bananasplit

    drewski westdrewski west2 months ago
  • What is the point of two pushers if you are only going to share one?

    Tony HunterTony Hunter2 months ago
  • Every time I watch this episode i think the cones are tiny gnomes

    Betsy GarciaBetsy Garcia2 months ago
    • That’s cuz you’re a wizard Betsy

      Hokuto TongiHokuto Tongi2 months ago
  • this and the chip nip clips is now two times link appeared to enjoy his "punishment". he may be kinda kinky (no judgement)

    austin fernandoaustin fernando2 months ago
  • Thank you for not throwing the food on the floor like last time

    Camilla EngradinaCamilla Engradina2 months ago
  • I loooove sensodyne!!!!!

    sir Bananasir Banana2 months ago
  • “The hock sop” is an underrated line from this one

    Possum BoyPossum Boy2 months ago
  • I actually live near faytville

    Oc SmoochOc Smooch2 months ago
  • And what I have learned today is that all I know about ice cream is that it is delicious!!🍦🍨🍧

    Laurie OwenLaurie Owen2 months ago
  • I eat my chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream the same way as link

    Tha CarterTha Carter2 months ago
  • What is the best brand of mint choco chip? Serious inquiries only

    Naomei and friendsNaomei and friends2 months ago
  • You need no shoulder muscles to be good at bowls

    ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ2 months ago
  • Anyone else feel like they missed the glaring opportunity for a trough of sprinkles?

    Keisha WalterKeisha Walter2 months ago
  • Link play like a bu$$y every time

    Ivan ŠarićIvan Šarić2 months ago
  • I was watching this and my phone went through the crack of my bed as soon as link said I couldn’t be further from the 50s

    Evance101 YTEvance101 YT2 months ago
  • I love their sponsor messages :D

    Attila LightAttila Light2 months ago
  • 6:54 for Link's sassy lil shimmy

    tatertots00tatertots002 months ago
  • 8:46 weatherboy

    RAMGamingRAMGaming3 months ago
  • rhett you look like every amish man stop it

    Josefine WolfpawJosefine Wolfpaw3 months ago
  • That no-bump rule negates the disadvantage of going first tbh.

    Brandon EdwardsBrandon Edwards3 months ago
  • i have never had a banana split

    littlesnowflalkeblue 9littlesnowflalkeblue 93 months ago
  • 💞💗💗💛💝💛💗💗💞💞💞💗💛💝💝💛💗💗💞💞💞💗💝💝💛💗💗💞

    Tra'mayne GainesTra'mayne Gaines3 months ago
  • Anyone know where links shirt is from in this episode?

    Rynosaurus RexRynosaurus Rex3 months ago
  • Sexy hair Rhett 😍😍

    Briana BarteeBriana Bartee3 months ago
  • Make the shuffle pucks weird shapes to increase the risk and predictability of bumping each other

    Michael MckinleyMichael Mckinley3 months ago
  • Nope. It’s because people originally...I don’t know. Nice improv Link

    PmintzPmintz3 months ago
  • I ordered my copy of Bleak Creek and it was suppose to be here on the 21st I'm so waiting.... 🥰

    Stitched With Love By LorettaStitched With Love By Loretta3 months ago
  • These two are slowly becoming shuffle board grand masters

    Crazy LoliCrazy Loli3 months ago

    Toaster CoasterToaster Coaster3 months ago
  • Do year eye with two straight guys machine or appliance edition

    Ali Salah Al-ShaikhAli Salah Al-Shaikh3 months ago

    Gabou3000Gabou30003 months ago
  • THEY CHANGED THE LOGOOOOO!!! I think its for gms

    shannen cj 22shannen cj 223 months ago
  • Ya have like 300 USworlds channels

    clipz on1hzclipz on1hz3 months ago
  • Meanwhile I'm here dying from salmonella poisoning from ice cream-

    Madmouse 101Madmouse 1013 months ago
  • I’ve never been more proud to be born and raised in Pennsylvania.

    Sarai LopezSarai Lopez3 months ago
  • 7:07

    SeyaSeya3 months ago
  • Onion ioe cream goes with onion potato chips. and funyans.

    Gus GrizzelGus Grizzel3 months ago
  • Rhett has a superpower! Tasting dyes.

    Ed NgEd Ng3 months ago
  • good

    ray bushray bush3 months ago
  • Somehow I don't think brushing with Sensodyne will be providing relief for what those frozen spoons are touching. I sure hope they wash them before the next episode. Yum!

    Steven McculloughSteven Mccullough3 months ago
  • Wonderful!

    Simpson GreenSimpson Green3 months ago
  • I like how they always have 2 sticks but they only ever use one

    Nerdfighter958Nerdfighter9583 months ago
  • Correction to Link: ice cream was made in the Shang Dynasty, not Ming

    Jakob HowardJakob Howard3 months ago
  • Link is being very link in this episode

    Troy WoodTroy Wood3 months ago
  • I love mint chocolate chip

    Weird Wolf 123Weird Wolf 1233 months ago
  • I agree, that toothpaste is wonderful. Been using it for years!

    lsa7ada123lsa7ada1233 months ago
  • I thought those curling stones were garden gnomes for the longest time.

    FEARLovingGirlFEARLovingGirl3 months ago
  • i want to barf when i see Rhett's hair. Its just nasty.

    Betsy is awesomeBetsy is awesome3 months ago
  • Ice Cream Sundaes were invented in Two Rivers Wisconsin in 1895. Which is actually close to me lol

    Alexander PhillipAlexander Phillip3 months ago
  • Just for the record, Sensodyne was recommended by my mom. It does work and is a common product in my family!

    Jheri BrownJheri Brown3 months ago
  • LOSER LINK!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr3 months ago
  • BRAIN FREEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr3 months ago
  • Rhett’s man bun ❌

    MyBlackis B-U-T-fulMyBlackis B-U-T-ful3 months ago
  • i’m not gonna lie it seriously blows my mind the fact that Mint chocolate chip, and Cookie dough ice cream is younger than pistachio flavor ice cream

    AGuyCalledJamalAGuyCalledJamal3 months ago
  • Rhett looks like judah from bojack

    Kairi HojoKairi Hojo3 months ago