100 Years Of Soda Taste Test

Jun 15, 2020
2 116 942 Views

Today, we're taking a dive into the history of soda, tongue first. GMM #1755
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  • That's my favorite soda

    Emma-rose WoodEmma-rose Wood7 hours ago
  • Do they realize that Dr peppers est. Year (1885) is right on the front of the can? 😂

    Taysia KauneTaysia Kaune7 hours ago
  • I love diet dr pepper Mr pepper is sooo gross! Lincoln your so cute!!

    ghostgirl1971 inc.ghostgirl1971 inc.Day ago
  • i love dr pepper

    lou loulou lou4 days ago
  • *Link looks at Dr Pepper can* me: *laughs because the year is ON THE CAN*

    Beanie PadaleckiBeanie Padalecki7 days ago
  • You guys look like mad scientist here

    Abigail BradfordAbigail Bradford7 days ago
  • It literally says the year 1885 right on the can for Dr. PEPPER 😭

    Austin CrispAustin Crisp8 days ago
  • Link's guesses were very accurate and Rhett's reasonings were very much on point. Yet they both managed to mess it up.

    Tasneem AhemdTasneem Ahemd10 days ago
  • Link: *looks at sprite can* Also Link: “Don’t look at the can for any dates!”

    SeanSean12 days ago
  • My face drinking Dr pepper looks exactly like Link's. 🤮

    Tonia BTonia B12 days ago
  • Awesome Keith Harring shirt link

    CoolerGamingCoolerGaming12 days ago
  • Should have said " do we know when Mt dew was first Mt done?"

    Constant ClowningConstant Clowning14 days ago
  • Pepsi was made in 1965

    Hmonie MillerHmonie Miller16 days ago
  • Once I had Cherry Dr. Pepper, I never went back to the original.

    Truth SeekerTruth Seeker17 days ago
  • A gentle shuffle by the Rhettster

    RJ LongRJ Long18 days ago
  • The fact there was no ginger ale is crazy

    Damari BrackettDamari Brackett19 days ago
  • Spwite

    Lil YompLil Yomp20 days ago
  • urbeautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.21 day ago
  • Ok soda

    Tyler EricksonTyler Erickson22 days ago
  • I’m at awe of their hair at this point

    Dylan PritchardDylan Pritchard22 days ago
  • I love link’s Kieth Haring Statue of Liberty T!!!

    Dylan PritchardDylan Pritchard22 days ago
  • one of my favorite series fr

    Kana BeatsKana Beats22 days ago
  • There are 2 types of people in the world: People who love Dr Pepper And heathens who have turds for tongues

    Handsome RobHandsome Rob23 days ago
  • Im a Mello Yello Fello too

    Eclipse XenamorphEclipse Xenamorph25 days ago
  • Same I like Dr Pepper 2

    Scorpion PlaysScorpion Plays28 days ago
  • Just sayin on the last town the no bumping rule makes going second a disadvantage

    Dylan MillerDylan MillerMonth ago
  • Link surprisingly got most of those right on his thinking, the board shakes it all up hahah

    Will StiehlWill StiehlMonth ago
  • At 7:51 i realized i already watched this why was this recommended to me today !!! Lol

    jongup guppiejongup guppieMonth ago
  • "Its clear dude"🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Conner ThaoConner ThaoMonth ago
  • Mountain Dew was made to mix... with... moonshine.... not as a replacement. Which I find funny with rhetts logic

    ElectricNick 22ElectricNick 22Month ago
  • Nice

    FalkrimFalkrimMonth ago
  • vedieo starts at 0:10 and endes at 14:32

    Christopher does stuff! 2Christopher does stuff! 2Month ago
  • Was the coronavirus made at the time I think so

    Yair TrejoYair TrejoMonth ago
  • Why does chase have a mask

    Yair TrejoYair TrejoMonth ago
  • Sprite isnt cola, but okay link XD

    Corey BakerCorey Baker2 months ago
  • Link told rhett to not look at the sprite can right after he looked at the can

    Ian FriedrichIan Friedrich2 months ago
  • I work for Dr Pepper/Snapple and am one of only a few people with access to all 23 flavors of Dr. P. One thing ill say is you'd be very surprised at a few of the ingredients 🙂

    Casey MichelCasey Michel2 months ago
  • “The 50s is too early to worry about your waistline” WOW Rhett is such a man

    lilylily2 months ago
  • Should have thrown everyone outside of NC a curveball and added cheerwine 😂

    CbizCbiz2 months ago
  • they shouldve taped over the date on dr pepper not that it mattered

    Eterna1Eterna12 months ago
  • Me: *drinking a Pepsi the moment they do Pepsi* lol 😂

    Damon DodsonDamon Dodson2 months ago
  • I’m surprised they didn’t tape acrossed the can on dr.pepper because it says on the can “Est.1885”.

    It's yuh girl mikkeai8908It's yuh girl mikkeai89082 months ago
  • i thought the measurement will be based on the dates hahahaha i didn't know that it will me measured with a pull-push rule. i didn't play that so yeah. hahaha total noob

    SCI 2 - Dave ConiseSCI 2 - Dave Conise2 months ago
  • something about Dr. Pepper.. wins all.

    Michael SotomayorMichael Sotomayor2 months ago
  • True Carolina Boys will know Pepsi was invented in 1898.

    George FitzgeraldGeorge Fitzgerald2 months ago
  • Link literally just called Sprite a cola

    CameronCameron2 months ago
  • Rhett's go to reference: The Depression

    Kyle ValbuenaKyle Valbuena2 months ago
  • Anyone else catch the Monty Python reference?

    J WJ W2 months ago
  • Me realizing the date for the Dr Pepper is on the can

    Haydrn RayHaydrn Ray2 months ago
  • Link hasn't seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail 😭😭

    KylerKyler2 months ago
    • Ikr it's so good tho

      J WJ W2 months ago
  • Wait dr pepper says on it

    ChaoticQXChaoticQX2 months ago
  • How close is Squirt to Mello Yello?

    Nicole CournoyerNicole Cournoyer2 months ago
  • SPRITE>>>>>>>>>> every other soda

    poppy roperpoppy roper2 months ago
  • literally on the dr pepper can is the year it was established...

    Luke ShearerLuke Shearer2 months ago
  • Why do you say which year the soda was invented in?! I wanted to be able to guess!

    Sid GillespieSid Gillespie2 months ago
  • I love pop my fav is Pepsi and cheerwine

    carrie rosecarrie rose2 months ago
  • Link says: ah nice its ice cold.

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAMDr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM2 months ago
  • Link got karma he looked at the can witch said 1950 said to not read it aimed for 1950 and still failed lolololololololol

    baby yodababy yoda2 months ago
  • mtn dew was a syrup for sweetening alcohol commonly used in moonshine(am i spelling that correctly?)

    PandaCatPlayzPandaCatPlayz2 months ago

    Lumpy BisquickLumpy Bisquick2 months ago
  • Next Video: 100 Years Of Rhetts Hair

    OhioOhio2 months ago
  • It’s crazy how Rhett wins simply based on how bad link is

    KuroKuro2 months ago
  • Rhett shouldn't have won. TAB > Diet Choke.

    Clay3613Clay36133 months ago
  • Cover sprite is green Me:sucka sprite is not green

    Tate HerndonTate Herndon3 months ago
  • Dana Carvey

    A PenzA Penz3 months ago
  • Y’all should’ve done Cheerwine! It was a soda made in 1917! That’s my favorite soda

    -Get the Egg 100 Subscribers--Get the Egg 100 Subscribers-3 months ago
  • I see how they avoided Fanta...

    Florian RiepenhausenFlorian Riepenhausen3 months ago
  • It's pop.

  • After watching a good amount of videos I’ve realized link and I have the same tastes in foods and beverages....not sure if that’s a brag or not😂

    Osama BinBallinOsama BinBallin3 months ago
  • Can we talk about how Dr Pepper says 1885 on the can and can even see it in the video? lol

    Austin ClarkeAustin Clarke3 months ago
  • the only pop i like is dr.pepper, sprite, diet pepsi and moutain dew 50 flavors in one but i loveeeeee dr.pepper and sprite cant choose just one :)

    Madelyne RushMadelyne Rush3 months ago
  • Nobody: Rhett:I been thinking a lot! About shuffle boarding!!

    John 999 4LJohn 999 4L3 months ago
  • I would prefer not seeing the decade beforehand so I can guess myself..

    Flo MiFlo Mi3 months ago
  • Top favorite sodas Dr Pepper Pepsi cherry AW cream soda AW rootbear Canada Dry ginger ale

    Andrew ShoresAndrew Shores3 months ago
  • It literally says the year on the Dr Pepper can

    Ali BaydounAli Baydoun3 months ago
  • For the first round just need to know that hypotenuse is longest side, so link has closer distance.

    OinkzillaOinkzilla3 months ago
  • They could have just read EST. 1885 on the can y’all!!!

    BradBrad3 months ago
  • Mmkay

    David BlackwelderDavid Blackwelder3 months ago
  • rhett do be weirdly lookin like a lion

    RK 500RK 5003 months ago

    Drift DogeDrift Doge3 months ago
  • Get the exacta gear it’s 1982

    David CollinsDavid Collins3 months ago
  • ...but this is an episode Rhett lol.

    OliviaOlivia3 months ago
  • Odd that Sprite was used and not 7up. 7up was the first lemon-lime released in 1929.

    Karen PusateriKaren Pusateri3 months ago
    • sprite is more popular so that might be why

      maybe I am a potatomaybe I am a potato3 months ago
  • 13:10 to 13:13 ear biscuits new beat.

    Michael SteinMichael Stein3 months ago
  • Mountain dew a moonshine like the great song Colorado kool aide

    Bill DONAWHOBill DONAWHO3 months ago
  • Sorry link but sprite isn’t a cola, thought you were smarter then that

    Jason SulhamJason Sulham3 months ago
  • Dr. Pepper tastes like cough syrup...

    Vikramaditya LambaVikramaditya Lamba3 months ago
  • Sprite us not a cola

    David WillbornDavid Willborn3 months ago
  • Monte Python reference? Heck yeah.

    ObliviareObliviare3 months ago
  • A lot of correct opinions. Dr. Pepper is the GOAT, and Mello Yello is better than Dew.

    The Mighty GoochThe Mighty Gooch3 months ago
  • watching random gmm episodes and this one looks like they haven't had a haircut in a while

    Aubrey KinardAubrey Kinard3 months ago
  • Is it just me or is link, for being in his 40’s, dresses rlly well. Like 10/10 dude. Good video guys :) 👍🏼

    Jazmyne deLeonJazmyne deLeon3 months ago
  • A Witch!

    Adam HydeAdam Hyde3 months ago
  • Rhett looks like a lion

    Connor MitchelConnor Mitchel3 months ago
  • Sprite was made in 1961

    Mai MartinezMai Martinez3 months ago
  • Rhett is possessed by the soul of daniel

    Joshua AllenJoshua Allen3 months ago
  • Link lookin' like sweeny todd

    Dustin WeddleDustin Weddle3 months ago
  • Chase wearing a mask😂

    James StenholmJames Stenholm3 months ago
  • I have just one request....PLEASE GET A HAIRCUT!!

    Messy Room StudiosMessy Room Studios3 months ago
    • no

      maybe I am a potatomaybe I am a potato3 months ago
  • I love that the year Dr Peppers year is on the can

    coleton helmscoleton helms3 months ago