Alternate Universe Snacks Taste Test

Aug 31, 2020
1 797 247 Views

Bud Light or Bud Heavy? Today, we're venturing out into the multiverse again to try some alternate universe snacks. GMM #1805
Be sure to get out there and VOTE LIKE A BEAST!
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  • Is no one gonna talk about the fact that they said "Let's talk about that"?

    Justyn FreemanJustyn Freeman10 hours ago
  • the bud heave wasn't a dink, it was a DONK

    YR - 11SK 649734 Sandalwood Heights SSYR - 11SK 649734 Sandalwood Heights SS12 hours ago
  • They have some nice looking feet for men!

    Cathryn BatistaCathryn Batista2 days ago
  • What if they are actually going to other dimensions and we are just to blind to see it

    chozopriest1chozopriest13 days ago
  • "I'm so handy that even my feet are hands" But like... The opposite.

    ひろかいりゅざきひろかいりゅざき3 days ago
  • Rhett "Good Good mythical morning, I get it"🤣

    Millsbury doughboiMillsbury doughboi3 days ago
  • Bud heavy is already a thing

    Gavin McgeeGavin Mcgee4 days ago
  • Bud heavy already exists

    Isaac KeohaneIsaac Keohane4 days ago
  • This was disturbing 😂

    Green WizardGreen Wizard5 days ago
  • Why did i know it’s gonna be Jen and berries

    Zara Samira LicinaZara Samira Licina6 days ago
  • Gold fish - 24 karrot gold fish

    Nooch W411Nooch W4117 days ago
  • bad average evening with Brett and Clint

    Spider ManSpider Man8 days ago
  • the fish food ice cream reminds me of galveston beach

    i don’t wanna talk about iti don’t wanna talk about it9 days ago
  • i need a chipotle vs qdoba video

    HarperHarper9 days ago
  • We call Bud Heavy in the Midwest Budweiser...

    Tyler MichaelTyler Michael9 days ago
  • Why would I vote I'm nine? What blame my older brother!

    Winter gacha girlWinter gacha girl9 days ago
  • 8:01 OYEH

    JL PyrotechnicsJL Pyrotechnics10 days ago
  • I feel like this is made for middle aged people but I am 12 and this is my favirote show on USworlds

    Autumn LingAutumn Ling11 days ago
  • A bud heavy is just a regular Budweiser

    Donald CieslaDonald Ciesla11 days ago
  • You’ve probably done it I’m sure but if you haven’t done it. Instead of cheese cake you should do cake cheese

    Russell StewartRussell Stewart13 days ago
  • I love ggm but I can't get into this multiverse food thing

    Elliott Bullard BenkoElliott Bullard Benko13 days ago
  • imagine if they werent joking and they actually found the key to traversing alternate dimensions and they just havent told anyone. theyre using satire to mask the truth. dont let them fool you.

    Remy BrazzelRemy Brazzel13 days ago
  • One day you should go to one of these universes and steal an episode of bad regular evening for us to watch

    ffhgu 07ffhgu 0714 days ago
  • At 14:00 link looks like a chimpanzee.

    Benjimn BecksteadBenjimn Beckstead14 days ago
  • Yang gang! Or tulsi babe train

    french Welsh dudefrench Welsh dude14 days ago
  • Tedium Footi Snacks

    Marcelo SaucedoMarcelo Saucedo14 days ago
  • Jen&Berry s Fish Food

    Marcelo SaucedoMarcelo Saucedo14 days ago
  • Bud Heavy

    Marcelo SaucedoMarcelo Saucedo14 days ago
  • Pork

    Marcelo SaucedoMarcelo Saucedo14 days ago
  • You know I genuinely believe that you guys actually go to an alternate universe, you seem like the types of cats to do so

    Jasper ZoutendykJasper Zoutendyk15 days ago
  • Who are you voting for Rhett an Link ?

    Jett KiddJett Kidd15 days ago
  • There’s a alternate reality were this show is called “Bad Realistic Afternoon”.

    Colby KittoColby Kitto15 days ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Sarah HillsSarah Hills15 days ago
  • Someone notify the two-crew and balnor about that bud heavy! 🍻

    Aaron bullockAaron bullock17 days ago
  • wiki feet is having a field day with this one

  • Bud heavy already exists.....Budwiser

    Daniel BarbeeDaniel Barbee17 days ago
  • Banana is my answer

  • any NADDPod fans here for the bud heavy???

    MJ GonzalezMJ Gonzalez18 days ago
  • Bud heavy = my old spitters. Definitely made that mistake before

    Josiah GorgasJosiah Gorgas18 days ago
  • Just me or does Link look like Garth from wayne's world

    Greycin CobbleGreycin Cobble19 days ago
  • do you ever just stop and wonder why youre watching this

    laurlaur19 days ago
  • "Toebisco". The details are amazing

    Rubbish PotatoRubbish Potato19 days ago
  • People who can't vote:👁👄👁

    gaming rocketgaming rocket19 days ago
  • in an alternate universe this show is called bad normal night

    Paytin SpencePaytin Spence20 days ago
  • 5:04 and music is my aeroplane

    Elm FosterElm Foster20 days ago
  • Bud heavy , with you’re bro and a soda stream! Not Netflix and chill you and you’re bro have a Heavy Stream!

    Urban DevelopmentsUrban Developments20 days ago
  • Think about boom tarts

    Vincent StewartVincent Stewart20 days ago
  • It's 2020 who hasn't put their tongue in a wormhole

    Crimson GixxerCrimson Gixxer21 day ago
  • Depends on what hole you’re speaking of Rhett

    Xandy —Xandy —21 day ago
  • They should've done Veggie gushers

    H FH F22 days ago
  • I need a “I stuck my tongue in a wormhole and nothing happened t shirt”

    Luke GLuke G22 days ago
  • My grandpa watch your videos its funny

    becky trialbecky trial22 days ago
  • I love your videos it is so funny from kylee

    becky trialbecky trial22 days ago
  • Can you turn this into a series theses are awesome!!!

    Mollie SpillmanMollie Spillman23 days ago
  • How do you go from mint to pork 😂

    Luis CosmeLuis Cosme23 days ago
  • P

    Dylan AryeeteyDylan Aryeetey23 days ago
  • AYYYYY this was posted on my birthday!!!!!!!!!

    J and J ProductionsJ and J Productions25 days ago
  • Bad realistic evening , with Rink and Lhett

  • Peppered beef jerky

    tara sorrestara sorres25 days ago
  • Love this series

    Matthew HinshawMatthew Hinshaw26 days ago
  • I'm sorry, I feel bad saying this since you said to vote like a beast, but I stopped watching the debate to watch this instead.

    Scott A.Scott A.26 days ago
  • Bad Normal Night

    uglyfatman123 • 69 years agouglyfatman123 • 69 years ago26 days ago
  • I am a chimpkin 🐔

    Chimpkin with 1k subsChimpkin with 1k subs27 days ago
  • I'm already at the lot's of pepper old man stage and I'm about 10 years younger than you boys. Must just be me lol.

    david lucasdavid lucas27 days ago
  • Bud heavy is thing on earth tho it's the red bud Weiser

    Trey PerryTrey Perry27 days ago
  • I'm really glad that votelikeabeast seems to be very unbiased. Don't see that often anymore

    Trey PerryTrey Perry27 days ago
  • The footie snacks must belong to the Star Wars universe with those creatures the have hands as feet and feet as hands from tatooine.

    CableGuyCableGuy27 days ago
  • Bud heavy already exists...its called Budweiser.

    Vince WhiteVince White27 days ago
  • Bud Heavy does exist... It's red. People think its German, but it's not. It's Budweiser.

    WyldeNitesWyldeNites29 days ago
  • Rhett literally looks like a 70 ' s rockstar especially with all the guitar ass the baground

    Akshatha JunoAkshatha Juno29 days ago
  • This might be a r/ whoosh moment, but are any of these things real?

    A Bottle Of HandsanitizerA Bottle Of HandsanitizerMonth ago
    • @Joe Riley Thank you for clarifying

      A Bottle Of HandsanitizerA Bottle Of Handsanitizer27 days ago
    • No they aren’t real, but I can see why you think they are they are really well made

      Joe RileyJoe Riley27 days ago
  • You actually have the same amount of seasons as family Guy I'm pretty sure

    Kyle EvansKyle EvansMonth ago
  • Bud heavy looks like it'd be good in a milkshake or something along that line lol

    Nae nae godNae nae godMonth ago
  • Pepper on salads is amazing

    Carter ReidCarter ReidMonth ago
  • Nice one

    Pheonix HunterPheonix HunterMonth ago
  • Good show

    Page About EverythingPage About EverythingMonth ago
  • Phish food is my favorite flavor :(

    Solar FlareSolar FlareMonth ago
  • "Nice hiss"

    Just a Crow with a broken legJust a Crow with a broken legMonth ago
  • Crocoaid

    Gabriel BrummittGabriel BrummittMonth ago
  • That’s not a “dink” that’s a “THUNK” 😂

    amandapandaamandapandaMonth ago
  • Bad Realistic Evening ?

    Ethan The SquidEthan The SquidMonth ago
  • Bud Heavy is just what me and my buddies call regular Budweiser

    Jarod StandiferJarod StandiferMonth ago
  • Link: good gmm Rhett tho: gmm more

    Johannes BammerJohannes BammerMonth ago
  • they probably voting for biden lmaooo

    MrTPoopsMrTPoopsMonth ago
  • Bad Typical Night

    Daniel DentonDaniel DentonMonth ago
  • 12:29 "Wikifeet here we come" lmao

    Ivan DarriIvan DarriMonth ago
  • *8:32** Is This A 2 Girls 1 Cup Reference* 😅🤔

    John Taylor 彡John Taylor 彡Month ago
  • There are too many commercials for one10 minute show. I’m not watching anymore.

    jim fallinskejim fallinskeMonth ago
  • Ah yes, Bud Heavy, Balnor’s drink of choice.

    Jason MickeJason MickeMonth ago
  • Are we not gonna talk about the 2 girls one cup joke rhett made? "2 guys one bud heavy"

    Aleahtalley2002 bluebreey2Aleahtalley2002 bluebreey2Month ago
  • A chocolate covered pork puck

    Seal *Seal *Month ago
  • Stfu Rhett

    Jake MayJake MayMonth ago
  • them:what are me going to do in 2020? Me: quarantine...

    Scarlet ReevesScarlet ReevesMonth ago
  • Its not even beer its honey

    The Mystery ManThe Mystery ManMonth ago
  • Any naddpod fan that came to watch the bud heavy?

    Phelix C23Phelix C23Month ago
  • "Vote like a BEAST" *KSI has entered the chat*

    Jamie EJamie EMonth ago
  • ‘I put my tongue in the wormhole and nothing happened’

    Larisa VLarisa VMonth ago
  • i hope to act this young when i'm your age

    Drew AggourasDrew AggourasMonth ago
  • rap

    Skyler OwenSkyler OwenMonth ago
  • Bud heavy already exists in this dimension, its called Budweiser lmao

    Tony BuschTony BuschMonth ago
    • Nah it's from bahumia naddpod

      creed1998creed1998Month ago
  • I’ve actually seen bud heavy at the store before

    It’s MeIt’s MeMonth ago