Alternate Universe Snacks Taste Test

Jul 17, 2020
2 260 788 Views

Cursed Charms instead of Lucky Charms? Today, we're revisiting the multiverse to figure out if these alternate universe foods are from a delicious dimension, or are a snack offension. GMM #1779
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  • Cursed charms should have been just oats

    tronx gamingtronx gaming9 hours ago
  • How do you did not have to pee after that

    Herold SaintelusHerold Saintelus11 hours ago
  • 9:18 A fun fact I believe

    The Zavala FamilyThe Zavala Family16 hours ago
  • Imagine some little kid watching this and then watching link spontaneously combust and start crying lol

    •Cry••Cry•2 days ago

  • Only the real ones will remember mark and Jamie 😉

    Rose. SkatesRose. Skates2 days ago
  • the packaging is just phenomenal

    brootal meembrootal meem2 days ago
  • this new ep of rick and morty's interdimensional tv looks pretty good.

    Sir DerpingtonSir Derpington3 days ago
  • the first food should come from little bits from Rick and Morty

    ZuluZulu3 days ago
  • when I first saw tiny sips i didnt know they would go across multiple states

    8 ball Gaming8 ball Gaming3 days ago
  • Also, I’ve been away for a while, so fill me in on who the new guy is, the one who looks like he befriended a basketball on a deserted island and is maybe part Sasquatch? When did Rhett get replaced????

    Sacred SinSacred Sin4 days ago
  • This is my first time watching this channel, and I feel like Rhett lives in a forest, and link lives in a city.....

    Aadidev KuttisseriAadidev Kuttisseri4 days ago
  • 5:18 Now this is the product for me. 6:47 I'm dying. This is wicked awesome.

    Ariel CoffinAriel Coffin5 days ago
  • Positive i hope not

    Night HawkNight Hawk6 days ago
  • Me watching this on Halloween 🎃

    MangooStudio 123MangooStudio 1236 days ago
  • Listen here Lucky-->unlucky Blessed-->cursed Not the Damer

    Bunny The crossbow weilding bunny?Bunny The crossbow weilding bunny?7 days ago
  • Why did I laugh so hard at it’s still bigger than you’d expect 2:57

    Stephen Cult leaderStephen Cult leader7 days ago
  • Tiny sips, so a shot.

    Komrade KiwiKomrade Kiwi8 days ago
  • I LOL'd so hard on the tiny sips

    Tyni BubblesTyni Bubbles9 days ago
  • Why do I feel like the creation of the hair song and the fact that they switched by now makes me feel like every bit of it was planned... o_o

    Peaches MatthewsPeaches Matthews9 days ago
  • how did they not take the chance to call it an inconvenience store?

    Scott BarnesScott Barnes9 days ago
  • 6:34 oH tHeRe’S a OuIjA bOaRd On ThE bAcK

    JL PyrotechnicsJL Pyrotechnics9 days ago
  • My towns 7/11 burned down after someone drove their car into it I think

    The bean squad Ring leaderThe bean squad Ring leader10 days ago
    • The bean squad Ring leader Is your town in Florida ?

      Dr. Tanya JayDr. Tanya Jay8 days ago
  • I like pizza

    mario sithmario sith10 days ago
  • It's rachael maddox

    Killer BeeKiller Bee12 days ago
  • In the other dimension, the fast and furious is called the slow and timid.

    pakmann864pakmann86412 days ago
  • For me the time is September 11 8:28

    I’m a Cat kidI’m a Cat kid13 days ago
  • Twax

    Marcelo SaucedoMarcelo Saucedo14 days ago
  • Pototo skins

    Marcelo SaucedoMarcelo Saucedo14 days ago
  • Cursed Charms

    Marcelo SaucedoMarcelo Saucedo14 days ago
  • Tiny sips

    Marcelo SaucedoMarcelo Saucedo14 days ago
  • Can you please shave your beard and shave your hair but not too much

    Viswaja GViswaja G14 days ago
  • Not dark milk: the blood of a dozen sacrificed virgins mwahahaha!

    AngryLittleSpider _AngryLittleSpider _14 days ago
  • Link's wax strip probably wasn't as effective as Rhett's because you're supposed to pull in the opposite direction of the hair. 😉

    Kat G.Kat G.14 days ago
  • 2:21 close ur eyes on this

    fredbearfredbear14 days ago
  • I’ve benn watching you guys since i was two

    Maya KamerMaya Kamer14 days ago
  • I’m sorry but this look so funny with the tinny sips 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Fabrizio FerraroFabrizio Ferraro16 days ago
  • Where can I get the cursed charms 😭

    Ellyse WaltersEllyse Walters17 days ago
  • Guys rheet is a tiger

    Aland MajeedAland Majeed17 days ago
  • You should do a video we’re you try mukbang food

    Maya WilkinsMaya Wilkins17 days ago
  • Wouldn't unlucky charms make more sense than cursed charmed

  • Omg I want those cursed charms!

    Aisha .WAisha .W17 days ago
  • How did they make those cursed charms?

    timothy rosstimothy ross18 days ago
  • in the alternate(s) universe(s) 2020 might be better than our 2020 just sayn

    megacringe64megacringe6418 days ago
  • Ouiji board!

    Jen PelicanJen Pelican18 days ago
  • what does everyone think about tiny sips

    Nayan ArcadeNayan Arcade18 days ago
  • I watch u guys a lot and i just subbed u the irony

    Trini TechTrini Tech19 days ago
  • Summon a demon!!!!! 👺😂

    Josh LawsonJosh Lawson19 days ago
  • General mills should release cursed charms for Halloween tho for real.

    H FH F21 day ago
  • When people get rich I think it might damage the part of the brain that regulates hairstyles.

    George Henry JrGeorge Henry Jr21 day ago
  • Lovin' viking Rhett. Just sayin'.

    midnight_suemidnight_sue23 days ago
  • Twax look kinda gross

    magic ratmagic rat23 days ago
  • Cursed charms they're magically malicious

    Bryan WilliamsBryan Williams23 days ago
  • Cursed charms they're magically malicious

    Bryan WilliamsBryan Williams23 days ago
  • i keep coming back to the alternate universe snack videos to admire the packaging of all of these

    Vince FVince F24 days ago
  • I really hope this isn’t the last “let’s talk about that” episode they ever made :(

    Emma NandocaEmma Nandoca24 days ago
  • I can't believe that cereal is fake! The box looked amazing! I (and according to Google autocomplete, lots of other GMM fans) searched for them a lot 😂

    คપรՇٱก รՇɼคՇՇѻกคપรՇٱก รՇɼคՇՇѻก24 days ago

    JoJo-Blox And GamingJoJo-Blox And Gaming24 days ago
  • The cursed charms should 100% include cat and mirror shaped marshmallows because s u p e r s t i t i o n s

    HonkHonk26 days ago
  • how did listening to Nintendo music get me here???

    softbones_hardorganssoftbones_hardorgans26 days ago
  • Rett my good man the stargate was a planetary travel system, you where thinking of the quantum mirror. Lol

    david lucasdavid lucas27 days ago
  • Wow. Anyone ever wonder what their loved ones think when watching these videos? Like don’t summon demons. Not cool. Imagine what nutritionists think when seeing the use of so much food coloring! 😂

    Harliquine DanceHarliquine Dance27 days ago
  • I want the cursed charms

    Cyrus ChitryCyrus Chitry28 days ago
  • how is there amune system so great

  • Am I the only one who jumped when Link spontaneously combusted? 😅😂

    Elizabeth DavisElizabeth Davis29 days ago
  • ME:we’re do you get this Them:AoThEr DaMiNsIoN

    Anime girl and manga animationAnime girl and manga animation29 days ago
  • Brooks + Dunn fans? Now im really glad i subbed lmao

    Nae nae godNae nae godMonth ago
  • Rhett started sipping links drinks 😂

    Jsmoker 69Jsmoker 69Month ago
  • I like this alternate reality thing, i just wish they could get away from food

    Solar FlareSolar FlareMonth ago
  • Guys it’s decided Rhett likes “dark things”

    Marwan HusseinMarwan HusseinMonth ago
  • Love multiverse munchies

    Jennifer SierraJennifer SierraMonth ago
  • And Rhett looks like a lion

    Sandra ChuaSandra ChuaMonth ago
    • I've been saying this for the past month!

      Phenyx SwartzPhenyx SwartzMonth ago
  • Rhett's hands make the big gulp look so small 😂😂😂

    snuggieashley89snuggieashley89Month ago
  • Remember the time when I said you can do it and at Florida for and everything? Read More

    NiahlaifuNiahlaifuMonth ago
    • @Niahlaifu well played....

      Phenyx SwartzPhenyx SwartzMonth ago
    • Har har if u r here u fell for it >:Г

      NiahlaifuNiahlaifuMonth ago
  • How many years has GMM been a show?

    Ricky AndrewsRicky AndrewsMonth ago
  • I’m guessing in Dimension B, October 31st is just a normal day like Dimension A. They live in Halloween every day

    Aron108Aron108Month ago
  • OOooOOOooOOooo so theres VFX gonna be added in vids now.......I dig it

    THE kidflashjapvTHE kidflashjapvMonth ago
  • I would actually eat cursed charms lol

    Alexus StanleyAlexus StanleyMonth ago
  • Just never thought Rhett would wear his hair like every older woman in my family in the 90s......................

    JbirdJbirdMonth ago
  • I really want that cursed charms 😂😂

    Gianna Molla Binga-anGianna Molla Binga-anMonth ago
  • stopping Link from pouring stuff is Rhetts thing

    Hollow OneHollow OneMonth ago
  • Not gonna lie, I’d buy those cursed charms

    Lauren DawnLauren DawnMonth ago
  • A dimension where Back to the Future is called Back to the Past

    TheBeatlesLoverForeverTheBeatlesLoverForeverMonth ago
  • Cursed Relics would be the correct ceral

    Kal PetrieKal PetrieMonth ago
  • Wouldn't the reverse of this be Bad Typical Evening?

    DamienBlaze69DamienBlaze69Month ago
  • What if they make Buttertoe like Butterfinger.

    anne rangelanne rangelMonth ago
  • Tiny sips good way to spread covid boyz

    Sonny DSonny DMonth ago
  • They did a throwback to edible or deadible

    Stephanie HuberStephanie HuberMonth ago
  • I was eating lucky charms watching the video

    TheMcFattManTheMcFattManMonth ago
  • They need to do spicy soda

    XDGamerKidXDGamerKidMonth ago
  • Close your eyes and just listen to the Tiny Sips segment...let your imagination do the rest 😂

    Misfit MaskMisfit MaskMonth ago
  • Two guys, how many cups?

    JeraPerthroJeraPerthroMonth ago
  • they should've made a ladder marshmallow for the cursed charms. dont walk under it

    bruh momentbruh momentMonth ago
  • They should react to the food theorist

    Fallon HubbardFallon HubbardMonth ago
  • Don’t we get cursed charms during Halloween

    Jaimie VaughanJaimie VaughanMonth ago
  • I remember my 9th grade year & my english teacher telling us "Ok today is a free day so we are watching Good Mythical Morning!!!" So, we just sat in our English class watching Good Mythic Morning for like a week... XD

    Raven TheScarletFox_YtRaven TheScarletFox_YtMonth ago
  • They should’ve poured milk first in the cursed charms to make it more cursed

    Melted lizard75Melted lizard75Month ago
  • ur beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.Month ago
  • Meanwhile, in another dimension, Lucky Charms are being critiqued on Bad Historical Evening hosted by Link and Rhett.

    Will PraetorimosWill PraetorimosMonth ago