Are These Kitchen Gadgets Worth It? (Test)

Aug 27, 2020
1 655 841 Views

Today, we're testing new specialized kitchen products to see if they are worth it compared to the old school methods. GMM #1803
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  • When I dunk my oreos I stuck a fork in the middle then dunk it

    Alykat BlackAlykat Black2 days ago

    Mahua JainMahua Jain7 days ago
  • I use a fork for my oreo dunks, just slide it in the cream🤙🏼

    Zachary AdamsZachary Adams9 days ago
  • Hey dunking buddy! Ever heard of a spoon??

    Amber NicoleAmber Nicole9 days ago
  • Did he just thro away yummy watermelon 🍉 0.o

    malmal11 days ago
  • we all know why link didn't get the knife let's be honest

    GETCHA_PULL665GETCHA_PULL66512 days ago
  • Am k the only one that dunks my oreos with a fork in the middle

    fuggum juniorfuggum junior13 days ago
  • GUYS! Breaking News...

    alexkull24alexkull2414 days ago
  • That might be the most ridiculous thing link has ever said. "You don't want your fingertips in your milk,"..... while eating finger foods.....🤦

    Frank ArmilioFrank Armilio15 days ago
  • 8:13 Someone was having too much fun with the subtitles lol

    Pam P.Pam P.15 days ago
  • You should have tried the susheasy

    Seth RutmanSeth Rutman16 days ago
  • You guys totally gotta do the watermelon squishing thing now

    Dwayne JonesDwayne Jones16 days ago
  • A) Just buy spreadable butter B) You can use a clean disposable water bottle instead of the Yolk Pig

    Renée DubucRenée Dubuc16 days ago
  • Plastic Water bottle works just as good as the pig

    Simon SaysSimon Says17 days ago
  • I think part of the problem is Link’s skills of separating eggs.

    Melissa ReadMelissa Read18 days ago
  • Actually the old school way of dipping oreos is stabbing a fork in the middle and dipping it, just tonlet you know

    Jaymer FillJaymer Fill18 days ago
  • for egg yolks dont bother buying it. use an empty water bottle. simple and works great,

  • I don’t like how they didn’t use the first product properly but still great vid

    Jess The Jedi/ /GamerJess The Jedi/ /Gamer19 days ago
  • You can separate egg yolks the same way with an empty water bottle. The more you know

    Jay NJay N19 days ago
  • Link, as an Industrial engineering student, you have become my favorite youtuber

    The D.E.A.The D.E.A.20 days ago
  • I'm all for Stevie being more involved

    MintyMinty20 days ago
  • ur beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.20 days ago
  • What knife is that? It looks awesome!

    Conversations with KatConversations with Kat20 days ago
  • You never need a warm knife if you just don’t put your butter in the fridge, it’s that simple

    Blake DalagerBlake Dalager22 days ago
  • Can we get Stevie to shut up?

    disturbedxg3xyzdisturbedxg3xyz22 days ago
  • I’m still waiting for the punchline to your haircuts.

    George Henry JrGeorge Henry Jr22 days ago
  • the egg part works with a plastic bottle.

    PoifixPoifix22 days ago
  • The amount of Stevie comments are wild 😂

    Dawson VangilderDawson Vangilder22 days ago
  • Am I the only one who felt physical pain when I watched Link dump that whole sheet pan of delicious, cold, juicy watermelon in one fell swoop?

    Haiku PoeticsHaiku Poetics22 days ago
  • A fork works for Oreos

    SpicyBean TofuSpicyBean Tofu23 days ago
  • It's easier to leave the butter on the counter.

    Susan at HomeSusan at Home24 days ago
  • For everyone who doubted Rhett’s awkward stage, look at that brilliant mane!

    Djobo KuwaliDjobo Kuwali24 days ago
  • The cookie part you don't use your hands use a fork

    mattachupmattachup25 days ago
  • 14:49 the recorder was so CLEAN

    Fide ZarateFide Zarate25 days ago
  • therock

    саша филатовсаша филатов26 days ago
  • I love how Link proved the point that he does things efficiently by using his 2 toasts and rhetts 2 to make at least 3 pieces of toast, instead of the 3 the game definitely intended.

    BrandonBrandon26 days ago
  • I just feel badly for everyone. Bad for the writer looking at the comments. Bad for Stevie who literally felt pained during her bits. Bad for Rhett and Link for trying something new that so clearly was a fail. We love you guys, everyone has a bad day.

    RoseisoutofherTOGARoseisoutofherTOGA26 days ago
  • Use the egg yokes to make custard style ice cream

    MrChadbagMrChadbag27 days ago
  • But the price point🤔

    Carmen CatherCarmen Cather27 days ago
  • I am not like Link. I will put my fingers in the milk for an evenly dunked Oreo. LOL

    AwesomeCat2012AwesomeCat201228 days ago
  • A lot of these are made for people with disabilities, but they don’t advertise it like that because it’s not as profitable, but yeah very useful for people like me

    KazooplesKazooples28 days ago
  • You guys (and gal) are the perfect thing to fall asleep to.

    fox wrightfox wright28 days ago
  • Just use a fork to dunk cookies. Skewer through the cream.

    JR87JR8729 days ago
  • They are called gajicks, and you are putting tham to the test.

    JR87JR8729 days ago
  • I never understood cubing a watermellon.. Just slice it into, well, slices and eat.. I seriously doubt it that watermellon is only being eaten in a salad

    STC SuntzucreedSTC Suntzucreed29 days ago
  • Not digging the random stevie stories.

    K SK SMonth ago
  • An empty plastic water bottle works great for seperating egg yolks 👍

    Steve NicholsonSteve NicholsonMonth ago
  • 8:13 turn on subtitles😂

    Julia FairlambJulia FairlambMonth ago
  • You could just put a fork into the creme of the oreo and dunk it without having to buy a magnetic apparatus or getting your fingers milked up

    Ivan AlpizarIvan AlpizarMonth ago
  • Toast ghost: coast to coast

    Rachel LeetRachel LeetMonth ago
  • Chases laugh Hahahahah

    Carly SimmonsCarly SimmonsMonth ago
  • Finally, a kitchen utensil that Link can't hurt himself or others with

    Austin McCartyAustin McCartyMonth ago
  • I want that pig!!

    thespankdmonkeythespankdmonkeyMonth ago
  • Did Rhett get a perm?

    Bean EatsBean EatsMonth ago
  • The Stevie part... Uh..NOPE! Next....

    K ReneeK ReneeMonth ago
  • I use a fork to dunk my Oreos

    Justina TebanoJustina TebanoMonth ago
  • Aye my other wisconsinites wooo!

    Chris LaabsChris LaabsMonth ago
  • This was the episode I could finally say that Stevie should just shut up.

    Astin EustaquioAstin EustaquioMonth ago
  • please use a fork when you are dunking Oreos

    Brianna KirklandBrianna KirklandMonth ago
  • nice cubes

    NateGeckoNateGeckoMonth ago
  • 9 minutes in and only 2 items tested,

    JbirdJbirdMonth ago
  • If you're gonna have to wash extra dishes for your oreo dunking, then the best tool is a fork.

    Panduh 13earPanduh 13earMonth ago
  • Why would you buy the yolk pig when you could just use an empty plastic water bottle?

    Udder ShooshUdder ShooshMonth ago
  • Everything makes sense now that I know Rhett is an Industrial Engineer. EVERYTHING!

    yakapoeyakapoeMonth ago
  • You can take a fork and insert prongs into cream and then you can have complete submersion

    Natasha CarrNatasha CarrMonth ago
  • For spreading butter you can use the back of a spoon

    Jimbob CJimbob CMonth ago
  • None of the eggs things are worth a nickel.

    Jason ShackelfordJason ShackelfordMonth ago

    Amelia SJAmelia SJMonth ago
  • just use a fork for ur oreos guys

    Aubrianna CovingtonAubrianna CovingtonMonth ago
  • the pig tool is useless, ive been using old water bottles to do that

    ImRickJamesBitchImRickJamesBitchMonth ago
  • Oh my god!!!! I never knew link was an industrial engineer! I'm an industrial engineering student and that makes me so happy 🥺❤

    Nadeen Abu halimaNadeen Abu halimaMonth ago
  • If the watermelon got thrown away it’s a sin

    Ernesto Montes Sold out for Christ MinistriesErnesto Montes Sold out for Christ MinistriesMonth ago
  • $20 to spread butter easier? fail egg yolk remover? just use a water bottle instead. none of these imo are winners.

    FOCUSFOCUSMonth ago
  • I use a fork stabbed in the middle cream so then I get it completely submerged and don’t have to get my figured in the milk

    gcb101gcb101Month ago
  • Rhett lookin like mr tumnus from narnia hahah

    Damon ChagnonDamon ChagnonMonth ago
  • Do you know what i do about the cookies i put in milk? I sink them completely, wait and then use a spoon to bring it up. PLOT TWIST

    George KominatosGeorge KominatosMonth ago
  • but when you are eating toast... isn't the toast warm? So that melts the butter?

    KarinaraKarinaraMonth ago
  • umm are you guys ok you seem like you have a problem

    Thomas DoyleThomas DoyleMonth ago
    • as in friendship problem

      Thomas DoyleThomas DoyleMonth ago
  • You can use an empty water bottle to separate egg yolks. It works the same way as the little pig thing

    SindragozerSindragozerMonth ago
  • Who the peep is eating oreos in front of someone anyways.... I wouldnt care if i was seen using the dunk buddy... If anything its a flex

    ClaWzZ RaptorClaWzZ RaptorMonth ago
  • You can just use a fork to fully dip oreos lol

    350 zo350 zoMonth ago
  • Using an empty water bottle works in place of a yolllk pig...

    katie garciakatie garciaMonth ago
  • You can separate the eggs with a plastic bottle

    Dakota NewsomDakota NewsomMonth ago
  • it’s ironic that i always watch good mythical morning at night to help me fall asleep

    CamTxn R6CamTxn R6Month ago
  • I love the story or whatever that is that you had on it's nice.

    Precious MorivalPrecious MorivalMonth ago
  • Toast ghost. Pretty sure there is a kids book about them

    Gradualcomic 617Gradualcomic 617Month ago
  • A dunking buddy was already a thing for ores. Shove a fork in there and dip it in the milk

    Mathew WeberMathew WeberMonth ago
  • You're supposed to quarter the watermelon when using the slicer so you can go straight.

    Tim RoseberryTim RoseberryMonth ago
  • Dunking buddy? PFT put Oreos in a bowl of milk and use a spoon and you’re welcome 😉 The taste of milk left, 🤤🤤🤤🤤.

    Courtney GrunwaldCourtney GrunwaldMonth ago
  • *Amazon* : “I have a $15.00 cup for MaXiMuM DiPpAge 😏” *Me an intellectual* : “fOrK”

    Charlie JCharlie JMonth ago
  • Getter referee

    Sofxi Here!Sofxi Here!Month ago
  • You can separate the yolks with a water bottle

    Pug 46Pug 46Month ago
  • Bruh... Link is an engineer

    Forest AntemesarisForest AntemesarisMonth ago
  • I need Link to NEVER dump perfectly good watermelon again. 🤯🤦🏽‍♀️

    Bria GollidayBria GollidayMonth ago
  • I've always wanted more Stevie but please never like this again. We're not 6 years old.

    Jessica P.Jessica P.Month ago
  • I’m sorry but I do not like Stevies jokes. We do not need them.

    Maddam AloraMaddam AloraMonth ago
  • I never understood dunking cookies in milk

    EmmaEmmaMonth ago
  • Bro how did they handle all that melon and not eat it right away

    Japeth BarnettJapeth BarnettMonth ago
  • Am I the only one who actually liked the Stevie scenarios......

    Elizabeth AcevedoElizabeth AcevedoMonth ago
  • yolk pig boutta make me act up

    Nayda CarmonaNayda CarmonaMonth ago