Blind Exotic Sugar Taste Test

May 18, 2020
1 393 216 Views

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Today, we're eating some sugar BLINDFOLDED! GMM #1741
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  • The real maple sugar didn't taste as 'mapely' because they had just eaten a spoon of maple-tasting suger. Their senses were used to the flavor as opposed to tasting it for the first time.

    Lu ChengLu Cheng2 days ago

    unikitten3684unikitten36848 days ago
  • What is going on with their hair in this episode 🤣🤣🤣

    Rochelle ReidRochelle Reid10 days ago
  • Watching this 4 months later during the pandemic Find it quite wierd how we adapted on how we deal with things from then and now...

    Ryan StonedOnCanadianGamingRyan StonedOnCanadianGaming17 days ago
  • Imagine they had cannasugar

    Jasmine HJasmine H24 days ago
  • *9:52** Bee legs* 😭🙏

    RaeRaeMonth ago
  • Rhett is definitely better at this, but both are hilarious

    W WW WMonth ago
  • That spicey granulated honey taste comes from the fact its actual honey comb, the spice comes from actual honey comb. Rhett would love some honey come style candy

    JordanJordanMonth ago
  • Yesss Demerara Gold!!!

    Yoshni LochanYoshni LochanMonth ago
  • Me: maple sugar isn’t exotic *remembers im canadian*

    MaddieMaddieMonth ago
  • Im from Sweden and I miss that they didnt get sugar from sugar beets which is most common here and I also wanted them to test a non sugar like stevia.

    Jayamila PerssonJayamila PerssonMonth ago
  • I love how they turn to talk to each other as if they were in person. They just know what side they'd usually be on.

    neshapink17neshapink17Month ago
  • At first I thought the person feeding Rhett was his son

    Jose PalaciosJose PalaciosMonth ago
  • Maple suger mixed with cinnamon is the best pie topping

    PotatoHasAimPotatoHasAimMonth ago
  • I love it when Link says Maple sugar does not taste "maplely".

    AdinkydudeAdinkydude2 months ago
  • Where's my beet sugar? I speak for the UK as a whole when I say we feel unappreciated 🇬🇧😂

    Dale HoweyDale Howey2 months ago
  • candy crush is back? this year is so weird lol

    Kana BeatsKana Beats2 months ago
  • the two of them....the hair gene is so strong and they deserve it

    MiwaMiwa2 months ago
  • They didn't like date sugar so much that both got it right.😂🤣😂

    Ai TaiyoAi Taiyo2 months ago
  • Oh man I thought the sugar was gonna be blind

    Michael SilvaMichael Silva2 months ago
  • rhett and link have the most luscious hair. lol im kinda jealous

    Jaclyn LauJaclyn Lau2 months ago
  • Link is starting to look like a mad scientist smh

    COVIDCOVID2 months ago
  • Lmao I'm wondering what they bribed their kids to get them to spoon feed them lol or if they just told them they would get grounded if they didn't spoon feed them

    Brittany ClarkBrittany Clark2 months ago
  • Honey isn’t sugar 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

    Hannah LouiseHannah Louise2 months ago
  • candy crush is so fun! thanks guys i appreciate it!

    iMatt LoLiMatt LoL2 months ago
  • My dad tests sugar on the internet for a living.

    foxbasealphafoxbasealpha3 months ago
  • wait, is cane exotic? is not it what common sugar is always made from?

    Natalia TrejoNatalia Trejo3 months ago
  • Sugar daddy pls don't leave us uwu .

    TapuTapu3 months ago
  • Awww your doggy gave you a kiss Link hahaha

    lin90210lin902103 months ago
  • TKOR

    Waxsoda61774308Waxsoda617743083 months ago
  • Been here since 4th grade and now im going to 8th.Let's face it...Rhett and Link are a daily part of most of our lives now

    HollowNiteHollowNite3 months ago
  • I haven’t watched GMM in 2 years, and all I can say HOLY HECC WHAT IS RHETTS HAIR

    Christian McKeeChristian McKee3 months ago
  • This is a nightmare to listen to in headphones lol

    Mac DietzMac Dietz3 months ago
  • No sugar beets?

    Kyle LangtonKyle Langton3 months ago
  • I can’t be the only one that didn’t know there were this many types of sugar

    Kemauri BlaylockKemauri Blaylock3 months ago
  • It’s funny how they both look in their direction even though they’re not with each other

    Ethan Tyler1Ethan Tyler14 months ago
  • Rhetts hair is gorgeous messy

    Dmitry BahrtDmitry Bahrt4 months ago
  • You heard it here first folks! Maple sugar is not nearly as mapley as coconut sugar

    delightfullyawkwarddelightfullyawkward4 months ago
  • Now I have had granulated honey and it just tastes exactly like honey.

    cole williamscole williams4 months ago
  • Prime quarantine hair for both of them 🤣

    Corissa HowingtonCorissa Howington4 months ago
  • I’m so tired Rhett has to heads

    The random Question markThe random Question mark4 months ago
  • Yeah but why does link have an abstract peter Griffin painting behind him

    tobi collentobi collen4 months ago
  • It's hard to beat cane sugar

    Nightshade KellyNightshade Kelly4 months ago
  • Well of ya guess honey that many times Rhett your bound to get it once XD

    Nightshade KellyNightshade Kelly4 months ago
  • Your kids do a better job then your staff

    Nightshade KellyNightshade Kelly4 months ago
  • I think sugar cane is delicious

    Mr GonzalezMr Gonzalez4 months ago
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍

    jotaro 666jotaro 6664 months ago
  • so glad rhett guessed honey three times

    CupEffectCupEffect4 months ago
  • I’m so glad y’all aren’t diabetic, because I went into a sugar coma just watching it 🤣

    TK TellezTK Tellez4 months ago
  • Love how stevie is just there laughing and we cant even see her. Like she is just there.Just like when there at the studio.

    GabbyTheWerido945GabbyTheWerido9454 months ago
  • Love this one ! Now I know more cool sugars to try in my tea 🍵

    Jordan LivelyJordan Lively4 months ago
  • Is anyone going to mention how Rhett voted for honey 3 times?

    C. MooreC. Moore4 months ago
  • Sugar Beets are used for some northern sugar

    Bruce McBruce Mc4 months ago
  • This was a sweet episode!😜

    Laurie OwenLaurie Owen4 months ago
  • “Dudnt” Rhett-2020

    「Ace_Nexro」「Ace_Nexro」4 months ago
  • Sugar daddy Brian would also work

    Kylee123Kylee1234 months ago
  • I think honey tasted like it did because a metal spoon was used 😬 using a wooden spoon for honey would keep the original taste of the honey

    Rachel TanRachel Tan4 months ago
  • Does anyone else feel like there is tension between them lately?

    Jordyn KelleyJordyn Kelley4 months ago
  • yalls hair is getting crazy.

    OrcehOrceh4 months ago
  • Link's hair is starting to get closer and closer to that hairstyle he had I think as a teen where it was all poofy

    Aleks ColemanAleks Coleman4 months ago
  • When kids feed dad's sugar I feel I fell into a parallel universe

    Not SpecifiedNot Specified4 months ago
  • Ooh yum

    Jeff BentzJeff Bentz4 months ago
  • I did NOTHING but play Candy Crush Saga for 4 years of my life... I do not reccomend you start playing if you are at all depressed.

    Poppie SearchfieldPoppie Searchfield4 months ago
  • You're tasting sugar... You do not rate from 1 to 10, you rate from 9.8 to 10

    TheSeranathTheSeranath4 months ago
  • Even though they are in quarantine they still make us quality videos

    soupsoup4 months ago
  • Why not sugar Brian? Lol

    horizon319horizon3194 months ago
  • Y A L I K E J A Z Z

    TrashThugThree !TrashThugThree !4 months ago
  • Shoulda started with a normal spoonful of sugar to compare them all too

    Emperor EhrynEmperor Ehryn4 months ago
  • Wow if you think they have financial need to do it and they are desperate , you don't have a clue.

    Demetrius PaschalidesDemetrius Paschalides4 months ago
  • I love maple sugar 🍁

    big boibig boi4 months ago
  • 1:00 "and granulated honey, honey" *fanfics intensify*

    Chris HayesChris Hayes4 months ago
  • I hope you have a good quarantine

    ikmwrime29sorry airaikmwrime29sorry aira4 months ago
  • I love sugarcane juice with lemon!

    NasruddinNasruddin4 months ago
  • Link rating cane sugar the highest is a prime example of how much of a picky eater he is! 🙈

    Tanvi KumarTanvi Kumar5 months ago
  • I suppose they are not on keto

    Anton EgoAnton Ego5 months ago
  • Next time on GMM, how many cavities can we have before diabetes.

    Tj SmithsonTj Smithson5 months ago
  • They both need to wear baseball hats 🤣😂🤣😂 that hair 🤣😂🤣

    Living LifeLiving Life5 months ago
  • why there be no sugar beet sugar

    burning firesburning fires5 months ago
  • Call her sugar daddy

    DreamWeaverDreamWeaver5 months ago
  • Take a drink every time they say sugar in this episode 😂

    Hannah Margaret LeavittHannah Margaret Leavitt5 months ago
  • I want to do this challenge and taste all the sugars too😍😋🍯🥥🍁...I bet I will more points than both u🥴😋😍...loljk😂🤣

    Brandy GarciaBrandy Garcia5 months ago
  • Most of the consumer and commercially available sugar is produced by sugar beets, which are a hilarious concept

    mister cleanmister clean5 months ago
  • Lando's lil bracelet im- hes the cutest

    Leah GiardinaLeah Giardina5 months ago
  • What the what? New blindfolds?!

    BenneLukeBenneLuke5 months ago
  • Bro someone tell me why I thought the cover art was marshmallows

    Goofy GooberGoofy Goober5 months ago
  • In 90 years we will all live in bunkers 100 yards under ground Let’s talk about that

    TigerJack 177TigerJack 1775 months ago
  • I’m 1000% sure I would have got all of these correct...what a crazy tasting episode. V. Interesting.

    Amber EdwardsAmber Edwards5 months ago
  • I get link is one of the semi hairy guys but who’s the other? I just see a semi hairy guy and a ware wolf

    NK ProductionsNK Productions5 months ago
  • Y’all are great

    Just another AccountJust another Account5 months ago
  • I love playing candy crush saga while I take a massive dump.

    C IC I5 months ago

    Christine GrandyChristine Grandy5 months ago
  • They look like parrots

    ZeidGhoZeidGho5 months ago
  • Soon as he said "it's like eating gravel!" I was like, yep. Demerara. Surprised they didn't toss beet sugar into the mix-- that's a popular one in Europe. Curious to know how it stacks up.

    glossaria2glossaria25 months ago
  • mmmmmmm maple suger

    Cody DanielsenCody Danielsen5 months ago
  • Beets

    Laurence GagliardiLaurence Gagliardi5 months ago
  • Anyone else find it funny that now his hair goes up and his goes down. I saw them preform it live and they had to use wigs if there "iconic" looks

    FR33F4LL XDFR33F4LL XD5 months ago
  • don't feed your wookie sugar make some crazy

    WB BushWB Bush5 months ago
  • Missed opportunity. Introducing date sugar. Also known as first base

    Joey RiveraJoey Rivera5 months ago
  • I like to play on the toilet, that's my only free time.

    Sydney Does RobloxSydney Does Roblox5 months ago
  • Beet sugar gang.

    Modulor ManModulor Man5 months ago