Can Rhett Guess Every Brand Of Bean? (Game)

Oct 9, 2020
1 179 576 Views

To celebrate Rhett's birthday, we're seeing if he can guess the name brand... of BEANS!! GMM #1829
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  • The green bean part was some great humor!!! I feel for Rhett....Nasty greens things!!!! Lookin like some kind of moldy ick!!!! I still love you green beans!!!! Sorry Rhett!!!! -Truth Seeker.

    Truth SeekerTruth Seeker8 hours ago
  • I'm Watching!!!!

    Truth SeekerTruth Seeker10 hours ago
  • I'll make Rhett even madder by saying green beans are the only kind os beans I like 😂

    World PeaceWorld Peace10 hours ago
  • I am impressed

    Liv ALLISONLiv ALLISON14 hours ago
  • You should do "making art with beans"

    itsTyTheGoatitsTyTheGoat19 hours ago
  • Why am I so emotionally invested in a middle-aged Sasquatch guessing bean brands correctly?

    Vikram KrishnanVikram Krishnan23 hours ago
  • Its a BEAN sweep!!

    brandonmthomas1994brandonmthomas1994Day ago
  • Great beans are green peas

    MangoTangoTLGMangoTangoTLGDay ago
  • 10:20 😂 subtle but potent joke

    TheIsuis1TheIsuis12 days ago
  • Rhett hurt my feelings with the green bean statements. I love regular beans and green beans and thought he was someone who loved ALL beans as much as i do.

    Haven MirousHaven Mirous2 days ago

    Haven MirousHaven Mirous2 days ago
  • Link: Which bush's is best? Rhett: "Thats for your birthday" Me: Good Lord🤣

    Rosie SymingtonRosie Symington2 days ago
  • rhett saying ow is adorable

    Sophie DeColaSophie DeCola2 days ago
  • Happy birthday rhett

    Ariel AnnaAriel Anna2 days ago
  • **Me literally hoping so bad that Rhett wins this** Rhett: **wins** Me: 😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭🤩🤩🤩😏🥳🥳 YASSSS YAYYYY RHETTT

    Sarah FieldsSarah Fields3 days ago
  • Can we just appreciate the fact that these men literally age so well

    CarsynCarsyn3 days ago
  • Can't believe they didn't call it the bean sweep!

    J SJ S3 days ago
  • I was part of the 1M+ viewers that breathed a sigh of relief when Rhett ran away with the Queen Sweep.

    scottishrob13scottishrob133 days ago
  • Rhett is a BEANIUS!

    Cody BuhlerCody Buhler3 days ago
  • We share birthdays 🥺🥺

    harley smithharley smith4 days ago
  • Rhett: I’m 43 I can do this Link:👁👄👁 Rhett:.... I’m 43... Link: 👁👄👁

    Rissy RuRissy Ru4 days ago
  • Happy Birthday!! Mine is the 10th❤🎉

    Brandy LeeBrandy Lee4 days ago
  • Happy b-day, Rhett! 🥳🥳🥳

    DefiFreakyBooDefiFreakyBoo4 days ago
  • A Queen sweep involving beans on a birthday?! A unicorn was born somewhere, LOL!!

    eric lovelesseric loveless4 days ago
  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bean gang

    LazooxxLazooxx4 days ago
  • lol tubes of sadness. we need more bean content!

    Cary WhosawhatisCary Whosawhatis4 days ago
  • Im happy fpr you Rett. Happy Bean Day.

    James BalmoresJames Balmores4 days ago
  • A bean man for sure

    L337V1D30L337V1D305 days ago
  • i kept smiling while watching this video - everything about this video is so wholesome . i appreciate link so much for being an amazing friend to rhett . this just makes me wanna cry 😭

    baebeommiebaebeommie5 days ago
  • i’ll just say that id love to make rhett some red beans!! i feel like they’d be the best you’d ever had lmfaoo (im from louisiana!)

    Rachel DunnRachel Dunn5 days ago
  • I feel like Rhett is definitely in a mid life crisis.

    Colby MarshallColby Marshall5 days ago
  • I have the same birthday as you Rhett!!

    Cora McMahonCora McMahon5 days ago
  • When you think of dominance in a chosen profession, you think Jordan, Brady, and Rhett

    BCTVBCTV5 days ago
  • Rhett! You've got the QUEEEEEN!

    Sally W.Sally W.5 days ago
  • "Not even worth a dollar. In general." I ded.

    Sudharma DwadasiSudharma Dwadasi6 days ago
  • Love how happy Link is for Rhett! 😊

    Elizabeth Michelle BilleaudeauxElizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux6 days ago
  • "Nobody clicked on this video" So explain the 1,113,098 views

    Sarah CockerSarah Cocker6 days ago
  • We have the same birthday

    Colby SpenceColby Spence6 days ago
  • You look so young I don't know how you are in your 40's

    wassap lolwassap lol6 days ago
  • I've never seen Link so happy to lose. 💜

    Amy the ChocoholicAmy the Chocoholic6 days ago

    Joshua Jane'Joshua Jane'6 days ago
  • I’ve bean waiting for this one!

    Paddy BoyPaddy Boy7 days ago
  • I have the same birthday as Rhett lol

    Nathan CastilloNathan Castillo7 days ago
  • WAIT Rhett is 43??? That’s older than my parents

    Pro Gamerz ಠ_ಠPro Gamerz ಠ_ಠ7 days ago
  • Happy belated birthday Rhett!

    FaiFai7 days ago
  • Now I want some beans

    MrStaakesMrStaakes7 days ago
  • It's hard to believe this guy is older than my dad 😂

    Abby ThompsonAbby Thompson7 days ago
  • 6:28 you can immediately see the disgust in his face

    burningphoenix36burningphoenix368 days ago
  • I was definitely thinking they gave Rhett the answers 😂

    Matt MaerowitzMatt Maerowitz8 days ago
  • Link, I very much did click on this video

    Bekah MastrellaBekah Mastrella8 days ago
  • the look on rehhts face when he saw the green beans🔪🚬🔪🔪🔪

    Katherine StevensKatherine Stevens8 days ago
  • Man I sure am glad that the green bean part was spoiled to me with the intro, not like I was going to watch it anyways.

    NurdNurd8 days ago
  • Of course he does the Q-sweep on the beanes ~

    AuntieAuntie8 days ago
  • They didn't do jelly beans :'( Hienz never appeared as a famous brand. I call fake lol 😆

    BLACK!!STARBLACK!!STAR8 days ago
  • That was so freaking stressful!!! Who knew?!?

    Mariah EubankMariah Eubank8 days ago
  • Bruh, you guys did a Bean video and no freaking GOYA!

    Will GWill G8 days ago
  • I think Rhett doesn't like green beans

    Frank TedderFrank Tedder8 days ago
  • True friendship goals!

    Kaylor And KhaosKaylor And Khaos8 days ago
  • Missed opportunity for “bean sweep”

    That1guyZer0That1guyZer08 days ago
  • Rhett is the nugget king and now the Bean king.

    Adam RutkowskiAdam Rutkowski9 days ago
  • 0:54 fanfic people going to have some fun with that

    mathusanmathusan9 days ago
  • this is such a wholesome ending. they’re both so excited

    grace goldergrace golder9 days ago
  • Bean sweep for Rhett

    Stephen CromptonStephen Crompton9 days ago
  • Is it just me or did they have to insert “flipping” into “motherflipping” , his lips seemed to say something else

    AdInfinitumSperoAdInfinitumSpero9 days ago

    Andrew HenryAndrew Henry9 days ago
  • Hey! my 30th birthday was the 10th. Happy birthday Rhett

    Pasture BillyPasture Billy9 days ago
  • "This is like a green tube of disgrace"

    Samantha WorthenSamantha Worthen9 days ago
  • Hi 👋

    the kingthe king9 days ago
  • 13:32 Missed opportunity to say been sweep.

    EnchantedGamer9EnchantedGamer99 days ago
  • I feel you Rhet with the green bean!!

    Cristina TudoseCristina Tudose9 days ago
  • this was low key exciting to watch Rhett get a perfect score on beans lmao

    TimbOh TVTimbOh TV10 days ago
  • It’s a bean sweep

    Jonathan McGrathJonathan McGrath10 days ago
  • Where are Goya beans? I feel like, setting politics aside, this brand should've been part of this test

    Kriscia FloresKriscia Flores10 days ago
  • Hope you had a great birthday Rhett! Here's to leveling up! lol

    Rogue WilsonRogue Wilson10 days ago
  • I officially declare Rhett as the Bean Man

    Miss RarityMiss Rarity10 days ago
  • Paqui one chip challenge

    Scott WesierskiScott Wesierski10 days ago
  • The bean sweep.

    Link106Link10610 days ago
  • i'm 41

    Tashiro SatoTashiro Sato10 days ago
  • LMAOOOO Link during the green beans round

    Amber BrownAmber Brown10 days ago
  • We celebrated our birthday...on the same day... Happy belated Birthday!!! You are 43 and I turned 73... How about that...

    Barbara-Winston CorfieldBarbara-Winston Corfield10 days ago
  • Yes!

    BEANZBEANZ10 days ago
  • I'm with you Rhett! Greens beans aint no real bean!

    Magnus MarklundMagnus Marklund10 days ago
  • Way to go Bean King!

    Whats-My-FandomWhats-My-Fandom10 days ago
  • This should have been called 2 guys one bowl

    Beau SimmonsBeau Simmons10 days ago
  • it’s not a queen sweep, it’s a bean sweep😂

    Cierra TalmadgeCierra Talmadge10 days ago
  • If you're tasting the pod, you're not tasting the bean.

    xxDrainxxDrain10 days ago
  • rhett has birthday face

    zachonthiszachonthis10 days ago
  • What Rhett wants to do on his birthday “I wanna pin you down and spit on you”...........uhhhh

    TheGrreatLakeTheGrreatLake10 days ago
  • Which bush is best 😂😂😂

    bnenomorebnenomore10 days ago
  • so frikin setup

    Casey MichelCasey Michel10 days ago
  • Rhetts little explosion was planned wasnt it guys? Hahaha

    Tilghman BoothTilghman Booth10 days ago
  • Honestly neither looks their age they both look younger 🧐

    Jackcat20Jackcat2010 days ago
  • 5:14 A million ppl clicked for Rhett 😁

    Megan L.Megan L.10 days ago
  • 🤣🤣 He said "I'm calm now. I meditated. "

    lilmisssydnis1lilmisssydnis110 days ago
  • I have never and will never say canned refried beans are good.

    D SubieD Subie10 days ago
  • Mother flipping green beans 😂

    Kitana MarieKitana Marie11 days ago
  • Rhetts hair.

    Spencer BerkeSpencer Berke11 days ago
  • It was awkward but funny when link was left sitting alone 🤣

    Yulisa RodriguezYulisa Rodriguez11 days ago
  • The 595 dislikes are just bean haters and we don’t welcome those kind around these parts😂 especially on the bean kings birthday episode!

    Gerald HerringGerald Herring11 days ago
  • i wish i was half as passionate about something as Rhett is passionate about disliking green beans

    kat-theekat-thee11 days ago