Can We Guess What's More Popular? (Game)

May 6, 2020
1 193 428 Views

Today, we're going online to play a game guessing which item is more popular based on Google Trends! GMM #1736
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  • Everyone ..Google Link ! Hes not a loser...he wins with us!!

    Linda DorseyLinda DorseyDay ago
  • You mention North Carolina and Link turns more southern on a dime.

    ZombieGoddessxiZombieGoddessxi6 days ago
  • I'm in north Carolina!!!

    zina Warrior21zina Warrior2115 days ago
  • See we the people of Alabama know what human rights are, do we don't need to Google them. Be kind and treat people the way you want to be treated.

    afield 2212afield 221217 days ago
  • The answer would have been step-mom tingles if it was the state of Alabama

    Fried Oompa-LoompaFried Oompa-LoompaMonth ago
  • so who would win if you did it today and added your crew into it

    kyle hallkyle hallMonth ago
  • I was like please no Arkansas 😂 thank gosh

    Josey ThompsonJosey ThompsonMonth ago
  • As a missourian with no friends I can confirm Missouri is not the friendship state

    Parker MankeyParker MankeyMonth ago
  • 7:27 D is surely right

    quamnequamneMonth ago
  • haha I love how links word mistake “loof starts reeking” turns into a real life lesson

    Breya BurgessBreya BurgessMonth ago
  • There was a moment when Link's earbuds looked like earrings.

    Rebekah DuvallRebekah DuvallMonth ago
  • Im confused....what do taquitos have to do with flex seal?

    DubahUDubahUMonth ago
  • Rhett: says east coast Link: says Michigan Me, a michigander: WHAT?!?

    MaryannMaryannMonth ago
  • Rhett: “it’s on the East coast” Link: “Michigan” Me: 😂

    Jay JonesJay Jones2 months ago
  • Why doesn't the Alabama one surprise me...?

    Mr. JellysquidMr. Jellysquid2 months ago
  • 4:42 Cape Fear River in North Carolina?

    foxbasealphafoxbasealpha2 months ago
  • was that music from the sims in the intro??? anyone else???

    MissHanakeMissHanake2 months ago
    • Not that I noticed, just royalty free

      Payton LarsonPayton LarsonMonth ago
  • I'm from Alabama and I'm not surprised at all.

    Hunter StewartHunter Stewart2 months ago
  • Rhett: A state on the east coast Nobody: Not a soul: Link: Michigan

    Chris HayesChris Hayes2 months ago
  • FYI "plastic bags" has been trending in Connecticut because a plastic bag tax took effect in the past year. Plastic bags are now 10¢ each at the grocery store. Next year, they'll be banned entirely. Link was on point thinking it was related to legislation.

    Chris HayesChris Hayes2 months ago
  • So wait, what you’re telling me is that in Nevada, Nick Cage HAS NOT been searched more than “How to tell my stepmom that she makes me feel all tingly.”

    Graham DGraham D2 months ago
  • Alabama hotpocket? No one brought that up? Wtf

    Deth EagleDeth Eagle2 months ago
  • Lol Missouri is the Show Me State...whatever that means.

    Stacey SturgillStacey Sturgill2 months ago
  • So you’re telling me people search more for step mom tingles than Nicolas cage

    Nicholas JohnstonNicholas Johnston2 months ago
  • Is it just me or did Link’s southern accent really hit hard a few times in the episode?

    Alyssa StickelsAlyssa Stickels2 months ago
  • “Don’t laugh at that stevey”😬

    u can call me pablou can call me pablo2 months ago
  • Hello from Connecticut, it’s most searched because they passed a law putting a tax on plastic bags

    HeyItsRyanHeyItsRyan2 months ago
  • Idk why but IMMEDIATELY I thought “Alabama” before he even said it lmaooo

    シAvocadoシシAvocadoシ3 months ago
  • “Step mom tingles” I really thought that was it 😭

    シAvocadoシシAvocadoシ3 months ago
  • Lol

    Profit Trump protégéProfit Trump protégé3 months ago
  • Link talking about detroit 🥺🥰✨

    jahrethhjahrethh3 months ago
  • Rhett was really ahead of the curve here with Flavortown, USA

    Tess OlssonTess Olsson4 months ago
  • Come on y’all. Potato salad is for picnics, and ain’t no one having a picnic in Nevada.

    Nicolas BazzanoNicolas Bazzano4 months ago
  • Cape Fear is in North Carolina

    GulchGulch4 months ago
  • 😔I missed them Buh I have come back 😌

    T O M A T OT O M A T O4 months ago
  • Hey I’m from Alabama!😂

    The B.O. showThe B.O. show4 months ago
  • The reason why CT searched plastic bags more than Danny DeVito is because in August 2019 we began the charge of 10 cents per single use plastic bag to encourage people to use reusable bags. As a cashier at the time, customers HATED the "communist tax"..

    Nick DidatoNick Didato4 months ago
  • Link is being searched for all them gag compilations

    IrishmanIrishman4 months ago
  • Plastic bags in CT because over the past year we have had a new plastic bag tax. They wanted us to bring reusable bags up until quarantine started and they got rid of the 10 cent plastic bag tax.

    123 ZombieCat123 ZombieCat4 months ago
  • We like throwing Michigan under the bus

    georgiabullrentalcomgeorgiabullrentalcom4 months ago
  • I wish google would get sued for billions and Susan wojcicki would lose her job

    Danny MckenzieDanny Mckenzie4 months ago
  • When I first heard Alabama as an option I knew it was the answer

    Jon5 Ch1mp02Jon5 Ch1mp024 months ago
  • Btw from Connecticut it's plastic bags because here we aren't allowed to have plastic bags anymore. They charge us 10cents but since Corona they brought the bags back. Was a very big thing here lol

    Brittany MorinBrittany Morin4 months ago
  • Great episode! I seriously hope they make an official coin of Mythicality because they really need to.

    Steven LoutonSteven Louton4 months ago
  • Bruh we're the Show Me State, not the Friendship State. That's Texas... smh

    Drew ComparatoDrew Comparato4 months ago
  • Title card music sounded like Sims 2 decor mode music and now I want to build a house.

    00athry0000athry004 months ago
  • Rhett carries Link - it is true.

    BasLindoBasLindo4 months ago
  • Michigan accepts your apology, link. This time...

    Quixotic ParodyQuixotic Parody4 months ago
  • These are my favorite boomers ❤️

    GG5 months ago
  • Are they Canadians living in Los Angeles

    Stop stalking meStop stalking me5 months ago
  • I live in Connecticut and it is plastic bags because plastic bags were banned in CT before corona.

    Jessica GagneJessica Gagne5 months ago
  • Rhett looks like he has been deeply questioning life lately. 😂

    William ThompsonWilliam Thompson5 months ago
  • Me as a floridian holding my breath on the human rights question, praying my state isn't one of the choices

    SigmaSigma5 months ago
  • Engineering degree hard at work there 😆I laugh but it's working so 👏

    Tiffany SimmonsTiffany Simmons5 months ago
  • Finally using their degrees 🤣🤣

    Ashley SwartAshley Swart5 months ago
  • There was a plastic bag ban recently in CT. That's why.

    scbbc81scbbc815 months ago
  • You should test what paper towel brand is actually the best

    Hallie BlondiauHallie Blondiau5 months ago

    DasVERMiTDasVERMiT5 months ago
  • Connecticut passed a plastic bag tax this year so that's why

    Pretzels Haha funnyPretzels Haha funny5 months ago
  • Well isn’t wonderful, Link has more google searches

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson5 months ago
  • Hold up. I know y'all were trying to be funny with the D option, but you just implicated that "How I tell my step-mom I have tingly feelings for her" has been searched for more times in Nevada than Nicholas Cage. Someone tell me if that's true.

    MattChatsMattChats5 months ago
  • 1:38 when link did that face and said oh yeah of course, that was total Dana Carvey vibes lol

    allison greenallison green5 months ago
  • I’m from Alabama

    Cole TynerCole Tyner5 months ago
  • Rhett looks like the unabomber.

    Sarah MastersSarah Masters5 months ago
  • Missouri is far from the friendship state 😂 11:48 put that on a t-shirt

    AxleyAxley5 months ago
  • Thank you guys for what you do. I'm in the hospital recovering from an appendectomy & watching GMM is putting me in a good mood. 😊

    Erica MiskelErica Miskel5 months ago
  • As an Arkansan, I breathed a sigh of relief when the answer was Alabama. 😶

    Rebecca GreenwayRebecca Greenway5 months ago
  • 11:04 “You got that last one right” Mhm sure he did.

    Usual KhaOSUsual KhaOS5 months ago
  • This set up brings me back to good morning chia lincoln 🥺

    Gillian TackettGillian Tackett5 months ago
  • With the (patented) AirPods™, Link looks like a mid-life lesbian. (And a good one.)

    SticklebrickkSticklebrickk5 months ago
  • Was that Sims 2 music?

    cantproducemyownnickcantproducemyownnick5 months ago
  • We're the Show Me State. Texas is the Friendship State.

    Misty CockroachMisty Cockroach5 months ago
  • 5-1. I only missed potato salad.

    qrthrse1qrthrse15 months ago

    okogaookogao5 months ago
  • Who else is ready for good mythical summer

    Zaylee AveyZaylee Avey5 months ago
  • Funhaus??

    Abtin Shadab farAbtin Shadab far5 months ago
  • You guys look like cryptids

    nerdymormon7nerdymormon75 months ago
  • Oml 🤣😂Links hair. Someone get this guy a haircut

    Haneen TwaitiHaneen Twaiti5 months ago
  • swamp rat?

    Make it like HaileyMake it like Hailey5 months ago
  • Most of the stinking trends now is about the virus!

    FaytFayt5 months ago
  • I appreciate that Link mentioned some good news and John Krasinski in the same breathe

    Jennifer GonetJennifer Gonet5 months ago
  • Who else thought Link has a burp rag on his shoulder😅

    Morgan RMorgan R5 months ago
  • It's ok Michigan still loves you. Now have Josh make you a pasty and love michigan again

    Kevin AndersonKevin Anderson5 months ago
  • Im from Connecticut and i agree with Rhett wtf CT Danny Devito is so much more interesting

    Jessica WolfJessica Wolf5 months ago
  • Cause it seems like you are

    Mason GamezMason Gamez5 months ago
  • Are you guys dating?

    Mason GamezMason Gamez5 months ago
  • On the 5th question, I expected the answer to be Florida, because of Florida man

    Sofia YousufSofia Yousuf5 months ago
  • Why's link wearing a toga

    ipso factoipso facto5 months ago
  • Guys, have you done Chris Eden-Green on USworlds (you've done Laurence, so do Chris!)

    Robert WilloughbyRobert Willoughby5 months ago
  • North Carolina googled Fear, as in Cape Fear. Duh.

    Phillip HiltPhillip Hilt5 months ago
  • literally no one should be surprised by that Alabama one 😂

    Kendal WarrenKendal Warren5 months ago
  • Link be saying why "huuwaay" 🤣🤣🤣

    Chiara MacamChiara Macam5 months ago
  • Missouri is the show me state, nothing to do w friendship

    tim dtim d5 months ago
  • There a particular term called alabama hotpocket (super gross) I feel like this wasnt vetted enough lol

    MoneyMagerMoneyMager5 months ago
  • Great episode! I'm inspired to look at some trends.

    Valerie HValerie H5 months ago
  • as a Michigander I wow man Lmao

    Abigail ChubbAbigail Chubb5 months ago
  • You two should get green screens and put the GMM set behind you so it’ll look like one video behind the desk

    Maurice LigonMaurice Ligon5 months ago
  • as a person from Connecticut the reason why plastic bags searched more often is because the state recently change the law so that there is a charge for the plastic bags in an attempt to better the environment

    Nick JanericoNick Janerico5 months ago
  • Haha ”north carolina” ”Do we know qwhhy?” -straight into his accent

    Luc LafondLuc Lafond5 months ago
  • Rhett looks like he's given up in lockdown 🤣 He looks like he's just woken up and has no fks to give 🤣

    SilverArrow GamingSilverArrow Gaming5 months ago