Can You Taste Colors? (Test)

Jul 15, 2020
3 247 826 Views

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Today, we're asking the question... can you taste colors? GMM #1777
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  • I like how rhett accepts the fact that he looks like a lion but he doesn't change anything

    Elezebeth HillyerElezebeth HillyerDay ago
  • "to be blind folded and fed stuff..." That's what you do now lol

    J GriffinJ Griffin3 days ago
  • The headphones are actually pretty good ngl

    NE MobstersNE Mobsters5 days ago
  • What happened to the episode where they had liquid colors hooked up to their noses and tried to guess the scent?

    Leunr PhantomLeunr Phantom7 days ago
  • It’s so simple just eat a popsicle 🤨

    OwendafoxOwendafox10 days ago
  • When your watching with raycons

    Skysauce 0306Skysauce 030610 days ago
  • Hmmm link has lost his sense of taste🧐🧐🧐🧐 8:05

    sPYsPY10 days ago
  • Rhett a hippie now

    Nathan RippyNathan Rippy11 days ago
  • I would just like to say that I guessed them all right!

    Lexi ChristensenLexi Christensen11 days ago
  • Colour

    IKEA Is ClosedIKEA Is Closed11 days ago
  • Ha I'm from Knoxville Tennessee too!!! 🧡🧡🧡🧡 Go Vols!!

    Poor Mom lifePoor Mom life11 days ago
  • ur beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.14 days ago
  • Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddeeeeeeeee I tasteeee colors....

    TriplemsTriplems14 days ago
  • I spell colour colour- I am Australian🌺🦋💖

    Sofwasnotfound 10Sofwasnotfound 1014 days ago
  • Yo . .

    LDS ramonLDS ramon15 days ago
  • Just watch link’s eyebrows the whole video lmao

    Matt FolseMatt Folse16 days ago
  • Nobody: Link: love their work

    Doesn't MatterDoesn't Matter16 days ago
  • Don’t give any indication Link: 🤮

    Doesn't MatterDoesn't Matter16 days ago
  • Tell me why I think Link cheated tasting the m&ms lol.

    kingchavez152kingchavez15217 days ago
  • Why did i expect them to throw the drinks back like shots 😭

    Audi BustinzaAudi Bustinza17 days ago
  • Wake up sheeple

    john5351john535117 days ago
  • this feels like i’m watching people trip and i j can’t understand enough to make a connection

    Quin SeiffertQuin Seiffert17 days ago
  • Rhett: "super normal this whole episode" Me: ...but dats not wat u do......

    Ava CocioneAva Cocione18 days ago
  • 7:37 *Link, very Confidently* "Uh mouthwash!"

    Launi BrentLauni Brent18 days ago
  • How the heck did link do that

    terence whyteterence whyte18 days ago
  • They needed a divider between them for the actual picking ones

    Tabitha FoxTabitha Fox19 days ago
  • nobody: rhett: love her work.

    VinylBarVinylBar19 days ago
  • Link cheated... He can see through below

    Killtime SG GamingKilltime SG Gaming19 days ago
  • I think its interesting Rhett guessed the almond drink as cherry, i think the coca cola cherry soda tastes like marcipan, which is made from almonds. So its not just me who mix up those flavors. :)

    MeOhSugerMayMeOhSugerMay19 days ago
  • I could do the last test with skittles.

    Sam ElgeSam Elge20 days ago
  • Rhett and Link: We will give no indication of flavor profile Rhett: 🤨😐 Link: 😤🤮

    SkullcatgachaSkullcatgacha20 days ago
  • The lion king: Really great The live action: Pretty cool The human version: RHETT

    SkullcatgachaSkullcatgacha20 days ago
  • Wake up sheeple

    Garrett HelveyGarrett Helvey20 days ago
  • I think you were supposed to match the colors to the flavors BEFORE trying all of them... otherwise you're eliminating possible options and skewing the results

    AT D.AT D.20 days ago
  • Dude all they did was talk over and interrupt the testing lady

    Cheyenna DCCheyenna DC21 day ago
  • "dont indicate the taste" link: *takes a bite and goes through all the stages of grief*

    Mute violenceMute violence21 day ago
  • You guys were saying Vote like a Beast so May I ask who’s side are you on? You don’t have to answer I was just wondering

    Lilli OakesLilli Oakes21 day ago
  • Rhett.. I.. I went away for about a year and I’m guessing you’ve not had a haircut since then?! 😂 it blends with his beard looking like a lionnnnn bruh. I can’t say I don’t dig it 🤙🏻🤷🏻

    Kaiden BraisbyKaiden Braisby21 day ago
  • Ploopus

    Alex HatchAlex Hatch21 day ago
  • 8:10 link has covid

    Noah BelcherNoah Belcher23 days ago
  • 1:55 - to start the tasting

    Brandon ValenciaBrandon Valencia23 days ago
  • Quit school, it's bad for you

    Diana DuranDiana Duran23 days ago
  • Quit school, it's bad for you

    Diana DuranDiana Duran23 days ago
  • Quit school, it's bad for you

    Diana DuranDiana Duran23 days ago
  • quarantine's doing link good hahaha he really be winning plenty of games this season XD

    M ZM Z23 days ago
  • I haven't seen them in years. I forgot how much I loved this show!!

    Stones PebblesStones Pebbles24 days ago
  • I have synesthesia, so I would kinda be cheating

    waffl3_ir0nwaffl3_ir0n24 days ago
    • @Jae it's when two or more senses are linked together. This can happen due to a lack of sensory barriers during brain development, or sensory boundary deterioration. It's not dangerous or cause for concern, it's really cool to have

      waffl3_ir0nwaffl3_ir0n24 days ago
    • What is that?

      JaeJae24 days ago
  • This was so interesting to me!! Would definitely love more content of this!!!!

    It’s LexIt’s Lex24 days ago
  • Link shut up

    V's WorldV's World25 days ago
    • ....?

      JaeJae24 days ago
  • I made the exact same guesses as Rhett. Damn.

    Faith FudgeFaith Fudge25 days ago
  • How did he guess those MMs 😂😂😂

    Dylan MDylan M26 days ago
  • Remember when GMM wasn’t just about food ...

    Monica SchwartzMonica Schwartz26 days ago
  • I can’t be the only one who prefers Rhett with short hair

    Jesse HensleyJesse HensleyMonth ago
  • Thought they were going to munch the raw beef

    Nathan MurrayNathan MurrayMonth ago
  • I imagine that green would taste sour

    Daniel CutterDaniel CutterMonth ago
  • I taste colours 🙃🤯👽

    Haven WoodHaven WoodMonth ago
  • *laughs in achromatopsia*

    4-Bit Charlie4-Bit CharlieMonth ago
    • What's that?

      JaeJae24 days ago
  • stevie: don't give any indication of what the flavor profile is link: 😧😰😖

    dudebrodudebroMonth ago
  • The redder it is the more dye they used

    selena st-coeurselena st-coeurMonth ago
  • yall can taste me :)

    BlueBlueMonth ago
  • I’m using this idea for my science fair project lol

    Maggie RamseyMaggie RamseyMonth ago
  • I know y'all don't care.. But im posting my fight with depression. This is weirdly the only thing that makes me smile

    831 blacksheep831 blacksheepMonth ago
  • Link has got a super power!

    Lingquan LiLingquan LiMonth ago
  • Is no one going to talk about they way he said Mclaughlan???😂😂

    Rachael MclaughlanRachael MclaughlanMonth ago
    • Like, Mclofflin? That's how it's pronounced.

      JaeJae24 days ago
  • colour

    XeneonnXeneonnMonth ago
  • the woman who voices over should do same or something

    louis hunterlouis hunterMonth ago
  • Round 2, this is what I came for

    Miguel GironMiguel GironMonth ago
  • My favorite unproblematic USworldsrs

    Never Not WeirdNever Not WeirdMonth ago
  • Damnn rett looks like cave man 🤣🤣😅

    Lord Dark ReaperLord Dark ReaperMonth ago
  • I laughed so hard 😂

    saintsone saintsonesaintsone saintsoneMonth ago
  • They aren't entertainers. They're scientists.

    Tye dye pandas!Tye dye pandas!Month ago
  • they really went from "my hair goes up, my hair goes down" to "my hair goes down, my hair goes up"

    KinkajouLuver 18KinkajouLuver 18Month ago
  • "Don't give any indication as to what the flavor profile is" Link: *makes faces, wants to discuss the thought processes and ask why rhett picked what he picked *

    Jehna LualhatiJehna LualhatiMonth ago
  • i completely forgot about this channel just got on my recommended glad to be back!

    scoobs v2scoobs v2Month ago
  • Omg loved it lol special power for sure lol

    Shel BuckleyShel BuckleyMonth ago
  • Does Link have a type of Synesthesia, or has he just eaten a ton of M&Ms lol

    Kitsune FyoraKitsune FyoraMonth ago
    • He was simply seeing th m&ms through the gap at the bottom of his mask. You can tell.

      Celnocks _Celnocks _13 days ago
  • why is rhett lowkey fine 😏

    Pagina lmaoPagina lmaoMonth ago
  • Link what kind of gel do you use?? 😆😆

    TGX 1TGX 1Month ago
  • Mmmmm yes tastes like CHLOROPHYLL.

    Digicraftmon the Crystal GemDigicraftmon the Crystal GemMonth ago
  • Smd ray j

    SwornWordsWornswordsSwornWordsWornswordsMonth ago
  • I want to rick roll link

    Tyler EntrocasoTyler EntrocasoMonth ago
  • Rhett is so savage at this

    Joey BienJoey BienMonth ago
  • Can you taste colors? *vsauce intro plays*

    Armand SingletonArmand SingletonMonth ago
  • I’m watching this with raycon e25 earbuds

    Silas PensylSilas PensylMonth ago
  • Me waiting for the red pudding to be spicy: 👁👄👁

    Queen BeezQueen BeezMonth ago
  • Link can definitely see the m n ms

    GhostGhostMonth ago
  • raycons are ass but ok LMAO

    LilyLilyMonth ago
  • I spell colour with a u and autocorrect always tells me otherwise

    I am JoyI am JoyMonth ago
  • They do this in my BSHRM collage when we study flavors.

    Jonalyn BaldozaJonalyn BaldozaMonth ago
  • I was gone for a year or two and Rhett looks like one of my buddies now lol

    Daniel KitchkaDaniel KitchkaMonth ago
  • I agreed with Rhett the whole pudding test

    Madyson ReedMadyson ReedMonth ago
  • "do i get payed in dollars or euros?"

    Abbigail BrownAbbigail BrownMonth ago
  • ohhhhh these guys are from the ocd song!

    Abbigail BrownAbbigail BrownMonth ago
  • are these gues for serious? lol cool

    Abbigail BrownAbbigail BrownMonth ago
  • You should do “will it sand”

    Preston SimonPreston SimonMonth ago
  • Didn’t know they replaced Rhett with Daniel Bryan lol

    zaccwigginszaccwigginsMonth ago
  • my mom bought me some expensive vitamins and it has this special things that makes you taste colors

    TsukiTsukiMonth ago
    • No they don’t lol pretty sure she just wants to you eat them shisksgwhkddhsg

      Rosalie WalfordRosalie Walford17 days ago
  • Americans spell colour without a u and yet pronounce it with one it just doesn't make sense

    TimeseerTimeseerMonth ago
  • Link is that one guy that gets 99% on a test where the class average is 75% and he's like "Aw damn it I wish I got 100%, I didn't do that well".

    Kian BeydemuellerKian BeydemuellerMonth ago
  • I didn’t get any of the puddings right😂

    WolfieWolfieMonth ago