Cheesy Chocolate Food vs. Chocolate Cheesy Food Taste Test

Aug 3, 2020
1 874 615 Views

Cheese covered strawberries? Ham and chocolate sandwich? Today, we're swapping cheese and chocolate. GMM #1785
Special thanks to Mythical Beast Takeover winner Klara for writing on this episode of Good Mythical Morning!
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  • How did they not do chocolatey Mac and cheese

    xXContract Killer gamingXxxXContract Killer gamingXxDay ago
  • i eat fries with chocolate and/or ice cream all the time.

    Márcio BastosMárcio BastosDay ago
  • Why did this episode feel like they hated eachother?

    natalie serranonatalie serrano2 days ago
  • 6:37

    w33kdaysw33kdays5 days ago
  • I love every video they have up here on USworlds

    Faithful & Always LoyalFaithful & Always Loyal5 days ago
  • I've been watching these Amazing, fun , and funny best friends for almost a year. And I love them! I respect them and hope 🤞🏼 to meet them. Best roll model for this time and age

    Faithful & Always LoyalFaithful & Always Loyal5 days ago
  • "Let's Choc about that!"

    Yuri WoodfallYuri Woodfall6 days ago
  • My mother hasn’t given me a hug since March because of this CORONA. And Rhett over here sucking on Link’s fingers 🤣

    BuRt0nRid3RBuRt0nRid3R9 days ago
  • Some things just work, like grape jelly used as a sauce with meatballs

    tara sorrestara sorres9 days ago
  • I friggen LOVE how snarkey Josh is lol

    Matt Man 416Matt Man 41611 days ago
  • Some Cincinnati chili has chocolate in it, so that last one wasn't too much of a surprise.

    Rowan GrisezRowan Grisez11 days ago
  • What happen to the international taste test with darts.

    shanetavarezshanetavarez11 days ago
  • Please we need another Would you rather episode pleaseee

    Sky LightsSky Lights13 days ago
  • My take away from this episode is that Rhett has become the type of guy that wears a ring, other than a wedding ring, on his finger.

    Ginger HolidayGinger Holiday13 days ago
  • Damn Josh is Good!

    HelloTardisHelloTardis14 days ago
  • It should have been brocolli soup with bits of chocolate

    Juniper MillerJuniper Miller14 days ago
  • Why does GMM seem like there is so much tension lol?

    Jerry VazquezJerry Vazquez15 days ago

    Michelle LauerMichelle Lauer18 days ago
  • I just assumed every time they made food they made extra for the rest of team- I was surprised when they had to save stuff for Stevie

    AccountAccount20 days ago

    April Lexi LeeApril Lexi Lee21 day ago
  • I would've titled it 'Chocolate, Chocolate, Give me the news I've got a bad Queso loving food'

    Three Five WhoThree Five Who22 days ago
  • Chocolate broccoli is good, but not as a soup! You needed some wayyy thicker sauce on that.

    AlgernonAlgernon22 days ago
  • Ok this makes me wanna know wut goes on at rhetts house 😂😂😂

    Heavenly NocturneHeavenly Nocturne23 days ago
  • Rhett- this looks like it gonna be......da cheeze!

    Peter HarrisPeter Harris23 days ago
  • Am I doing this wright?. I'm eating cheezits and drinking chocolate milk.

    Cole HarrisCole Harris24 days ago
  • i love this 15 minute ween reference

    em bem b28 days ago
  • Link: We'll both eat this half and we'll keep the other in tact Stevie: Aw Thank You Link: If you want watch me eat it later Stevie: 👁️👄👁️

    NN29 days ago
  • the way link avidly avoids bread crusts all the time

    Ju liaaJu liaaMonth ago
  • Nothing phases their pallets anymore lol

    Sun LordSun LordMonth ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣 Josh and Link

    Awesomely HookedAwesomely HookedMonth ago
  • This show has provided me with so many cravings...🤤🤤 likewise some things I want to avoid!

    OlBoy BenOlBoy BenMonth ago
  • Rhett saying “Help! There’s something cheesy in my chocolate!” made me laugh way harder than it should have. I feel like a Rhett would never complain about that.

    Caitlynne HaworthCaitlynne HaworthMonth ago
  • I want the Recipe for that Lava Cake!

    AtrayelAtrayelMonth ago
  • THE TIMING AT 6:52!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Danielle Robertson And Dante RobertsonDanielle Robertson And Dante RobertsonMonth ago
  • Everyone from Wisconsin jizzing themselves

    Trevor DenkTrevor DenkMonth ago
  • I eat chocolate candy bars (only certain ones like Crunch bars, snickers and reeses) with an american (kraft) "cheese" slice, try that one. Surprisingly SO GOOD!

    Erin ClughErin ClughMonth ago
  • try ever chees on the market

    Ryan MillsRyan MillsMonth ago
  • Malicious energy this episode. Hope Stevie got her food in the end

    Ryan SRyan SMonth ago
  • shofu

    Ron ClarkRon ClarkMonth ago
  • Remember when they ate the cheese ice cream sandwich

    crss_rdscrss_rdsMonth ago
  • The queen sweep!!

    Riddle Me FishRiddle Me FishMonth ago
  • Cheese sticks chocolate sticks how did yall miss that

    Ty CTy CMonth ago
  • klara did such a good job !!

    Via RamosVia RamosMonth ago
  • Is Link mad at Josh?

    scottlefavescottlefaveMonth ago
  • Try fair foods, like everything fried

    Daniela RamosDaniela RamosMonth ago
  • I typed in “chocolate vs cheese”. Rhet and Link saves the night

    NoLaKaziNoLaKaziMonth ago
  • Link made me think of how good a gordita crunch with mole in the middle would be 🤔

    Zulma91Zulma91Month ago
  • can we get a recipe for the cheesy lava cake?

    Houstisio McfinastoHoustisio McfinastoMonth ago
  • Link must be a joy behind the scenes.

    Katsuo FujitaKatsuo FujitaMonth ago
  • Lol

    Danielle Robertson And Dante RobertsonDanielle Robertson And Dante RobertsonMonth ago
  • Cheese with strawberries was my craving while pregnant 😂

    Jodie GilmoreJodie GilmoreMonth ago
    • @Danielle Robertson And Dante Robertson 🔫

      The Simp PoliceThe Simp PoliceMonth ago
    • Dante's Craves For Strawberries

      Danielle Robertson And Dante RobertsonDanielle Robertson And Dante RobertsonMonth ago
  • The strawberry made me snort

    Carly SimmonsCarly SimmonsMonth ago
  • I love broccoli so piss of link lol, broccoli doesn't stink

    Raven BloodroseRaven BloodroseMonth ago
  • I relate to Link so much lmao

    Elliot DaPunkElliot DaPunkMonth ago
  • This might be one of the best episodes ever. 😂😂😂

    Heather PopeHeather PopeMonth ago
  • When they added chocolate to chili they unknowingly made Cincinnati style chili.

    Kaitlynn RoseKaitlynn RoseMonth ago
  • Given the fan fiction that was written. I’m not surprised there was 4K submissions

    Anthony WozniakAnthony WozniakMonth ago
  • Rhett is turning into a literal mythical beast

    Aubrie DemlerAubrie DemlerMonth ago
  • I need that cheesy lava cake recipe

    Autumn WaltsAutumn WaltsMonth ago
  • Rhett you are my hair role model, can you do a GMM style video of your hair/beard routine ?

    The DorkThe DorkMonth ago
  • Donkey lips strike again

    Dominick SolerixDominick SolerixMonth ago
  • Rhett and Link's are inventing new products for food companies every episode.

    Onyx CoreOnyx CoreMonth ago
  • We need the Mythical Kitchen Cheesy Lava Cake episode asap.

    Stephen O'LearyStephen O'LearyMonth ago
  • This is one of the best GMM episodes 🙌 ❤

    Petar KiryakovPetar KiryakovMonth ago
  • She’s puts it in me and In her.......what?! ..... chili. Almost lost my s*** lol

    Dillon JohnsonDillon JohnsonMonth ago
  • What Happened in College?!!!!

    Tiger LilyTiger LilyMonth ago
  • Cheese goes great with wine and fruit

    Savannah ForsythSavannah ForsythMonth ago
  • and entertaining

    Vanessa MarieVanessa MarieMonth ago
  • this ep was stressful

    Vanessa MarieVanessa MarieMonth ago
  • No mac'n'choc?

    Just A GermanJust A GermanMonth ago
  • alternative dimension taco bell : choco bell where every item is candy there

    Derp IndustriesDerp IndustriesMonth ago
  • Link: “what kind of cheese is this?...” Josh: “ yes this is actually some dehydrated cheddar cheese that we actually-...” Link: “iTs VeRY cHeDdARy!!!” Josh: “...... alright.” “👀😤”

    RadStone RaeRadStone RaeMonth ago
  • does anyone knows how the mythical beasts vote for these things???

    Ghalia BaajGhalia BaajMonth ago
  • Blurb I’m a slurp derp

    gordon lingordon linMonth ago
  • You guys should have Phil Rosenthal from Somebody Feed Phil on your show.

    Elle C.Elle C.Month ago
  • The fries at the end looks like a poutine

    EagoRapsEagoRapsMonth ago
  • Hitchkock from brooklyn 99 already dipped some strawberries in nacho cheese. True legend

    mursalin hossainmursalin hossainMonth ago
  • First one I think cheesy strawberrys

    Mar LeeMar LeeMonth ago
  • I an convinced Rhett is slowly evolving into a Man-Lion

    The Great and Loveable PeridotThe Great and Loveable Peridot2 months ago
  • Cheese is eternal Chocolate is temporary

    Kenneth ManuelKenneth Manuel2 months ago
  • Thank you Claire!

    Brian MorrisseyBrian Morrissey2 months ago
  • Nice one

    Pheonix HunterPheonix Hunter2 months ago
  • You guys should do a whole episode where link acts like Rhett and Rhett acts like link. Only true friends will take the insults and bashing that is inevitably to come

    Angel PerezAngel Perez2 months ago
  • My mom puts unsweetened cocoa powder in her chili

    Big Mama HopeBig Mama Hope2 months ago
  • There already exists cheesy donuts; they are called bagel pizzas. there was no reason for Chef Josh to make a lacking one with a lesser cheese and icing for some God-forsaken reason.

    JobyOnSaturnJobyOnSaturn2 months ago
  • You can clearly tell that they understand their demographic has been getting older because they just keep getting raunchier every season haha

    Storm Chasers of OhioStorm Chasers of Ohio2 months ago
  • I need that cheesy lava cake recipe, stat!

    Mark TiongcoMark Tiongco2 months ago
  • You should do a “discontinued Taco Bell items” video!!!

    Bre DirzanowskiBre Dirzanowski2 months ago
  • Cincinnati chili (Skyline) has chocolate in it. I'm not surprised you guys enjoyed the chocolate chili fries

    Megan GuinnMegan Guinn2 months ago
  • You should rate literally every snack in the entire world!

    DR GAMERDR GAMER2 months ago
  • For me the best cheese and chocolate combo is drinking a yoohoo while eating a grilled cheese

    Ashley HallAshley Hall2 months ago
  • Rhett really enjoyed donkey lipping link back hahaha

    partymcflypartymcfly2 months ago
  • I refuse to believe these men are over the age of 40

    Redux Jay ポグRedux Jay ポグ2 months ago
  • What?! No Mac and chocolate?!

    LarryIncorporatedLarryIncorporated2 months ago
  • Kids watch these guys

    Keara MyersKeara Myers2 months ago
  • That "That's how this works" sentence and Link's look...yikes lol.

    AblagirlAblagirl2 months ago
  • Something new is up with the whole crew recently😂

    Ahmad MedanyAhmad Medany2 months ago
  • nice job Klara. This was fun to watch

    DragonBladeDragonBlade2 months ago
  • I love cheese more than chocolate 🧀💯

    Lei CaquilalaLei Caquilala2 months ago
  • Is link on his period in this episode lmao

    Andraea SchaffAndraea Schaff2 months ago