Choose The Wrong Answer, Eat The Mystery Beef (Game)

Jul 16, 2020
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In today's game, if Link answers the question about celebrity drama incorrectly, he has to eat the mystery beef. If not, then Rhett does. This may or may not start some beef between them. GMM #1778
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  • 7:22 Rhetts face...

    MonsterUpTheStairs7MonsterUpTheStairs73 days ago
  • ;ink has greater probability of tasting the beef

    Keith KenneyKeith Kenney4 days ago
  • “Every time I do it makes me queef“ Is Link not the most innocent person on the Internet?! LMAO 😂

    coMITCH ArtcoMITCH Art4 days ago
  • Getting a permanent ban on Twitter is easy just make fun of AOC a handful of times and you're gone. Speaking from experience.

    Brendan JakausBrendan Jakaus6 days ago
  • I dont get it why Rhett always do this disgusting things to Link???!!!

    Nazzy HaydeNazzy Hayde6 days ago
  • Martha is 1000000000 times better than that evil human Oprah, so is GP actually.

    Poor Man's PreparingPoor Man's Preparing14 days ago
  • Climate change is real. Global warming is a fallacy.

    Ian LeeIan Lee17 days ago
  • 7:20

    iSUK iStraightUpKilliSUK iStraightUpKill17 days ago
  • where did Rhett get his shirt? anyone know?? want it.

    SeriouslyVeganSeriouslyVegan22 days ago
  • I just can’t stop laughing at Rhett’s flabbergasted look after that queef lyric.

    Ginger HolidayGinger Holiday22 days ago
  • Does link know what a “queef” is? Lmfaooo😂😂

    MahdeeMahdee25 days ago
  • I feel like Rhetts shirt is that reflective material that shines when you take a pic with flash

    Brandon SchockeltBrandon Schockelt25 days ago
  • The look on Link's face when Rhett pulled that beef outta his sock😂

    brittany Martinbrittany MartinMonth ago
  • “Talking some strasssshhh” is big key and Peele energy 2:28

    Tarantula PalpTarantula PalpMonth ago
  • I knew they were gonna mention jake. Clearly y’all don’t like him lol

    Riley AbercrombieRiley AbercrombieMonth ago
  • “Look at the mouthwash beef. Every time I do it makes me queef.”

    Angela BrownAngela BrownMonth ago
  • You can Say Rhett "squashed" that beef

    Pyro Gaming HoundPyro Gaming HoundMonth ago
  • LINK YOU CAN’T SAY THAT. ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️😂😂😭

    ChristinaChristinaMonth ago
  • 7:25 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Aley Ahmed NaqviAley Ahmed NaqviMonth ago
  • This man really said queef XD. I replayed it 6 times and laughed even harder each time lmaoooo

    Kiwichu _uwuKiwichu _uwuMonth ago
  • Do you know what beef is? Does Link know what queef is?

    BradleybusBradleybusMonth ago
  • This is something pledges would eat

    UlraldUlraldMonth ago
  • Lmao 7:19

    Ultimate GalekUltimate GalekMonth ago
  • OMG this was too much. Foot beef and queef.

    LefindonLefindonMonth ago
  • “Oh right she was in prison, she knows how to go for the jugular.”

    Kellie RingKellie RingMonth ago
  • I had to explain what queef meant to my mother in her 70's🤦🏼‍♀️ We were playing Scrabble and I said "I could spell queef, but I don't think it's in the official Scrabble dictionary. " My mom: "What's a queef? " Me: " A lady-part fart." Mom: 😑

    Some Random LadySome Random LadyMonth ago
  • i shouldn't have taken a bite of yogurt right as link said "queef" because now there's yogurt in my lungs

    prince joopieprince joopieMonth ago
  • Rhett in this shirt though. Serious Daddy vibes. 😍😂😂

    Nicole SoviaNicole SoviaMonth ago
  • Even though you guys are internet celebrities I would be more excited to meet yall than most "normal" celebrities

    Brennen QueenBrennen Queen2 months ago
  • Makes me queef😂

    mike honchomike honcho2 months ago
  • 7:23 made me choke 🤣

    Mr. MayonnaiseMr. Mayonnaise2 months ago
  • LMFAO Rhett's face after link says queef is priceless!!!

    Keith SchuKeith Schu2 months ago
  • They cooked the beef right because it doesn’t look like it.

    Maniac MattManiac Matt2 months ago
  • Foot lettuce... Now foot beef?!

    Odd Stories Wrapped in PlasticOdd Stories Wrapped in Plastic2 months ago
  • Reminds me of the old *boopity boop boop research* days

    Audrey BiggsAudrey Biggs2 months ago
  • Oh link, never change 🤣🤣

    KikonKikon2 months ago
  • One of the only times he wins and there’s not even a prize for him 😂

    Mal AhmMal Ahm2 months ago
  • So they don’t dare each food that may have touched each other’s spit, BUT they’ll eat beef that was in each other’s shoe. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Fancy StormFancy Storm2 months ago
  • those 700 dislikes are vegan

    KeenSightKeenSight2 months ago
  • Links a haggard fan? I wouldn’t peg him that type of music fan

    Dabsx4xdays 4realDabsx4xdays 4real2 months ago
  • very nice shirt Rhett

    wheredidmyfriendsgowheredidmyfriendsgo2 months ago
  • I honestly miss this type of video, this game show type of game goes way back in gmm and i miss it

    Santos AguilarSantos Aguilar2 months ago
  • apparently nickleback is coming back this year lol

    Gavlin The EnchanimatorGavlin The Enchanimator2 months ago
  • I can’t 😂🤣😂 queef 😂🤣😂 link I love you so much! 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

    Nikolett KaposvariNikolett Kaposvari2 months ago
  • I want rhetts shirt. Anyone have a link for the shirt. Pun not intended.

    Cameron DeLongCameron DeLong2 months ago
  • Has Covid made them more childish 😂

    DevonDevon2 months ago
  • 😂😂 Links funny man

    1k Subs before my first vid Please1k Subs before my first vid Please2 months ago
  • Rhetts shirt is goals

    Jem AdamsonJem Adamson2 months ago
  • Lmfao link you be queefin ?! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    dreamsofintrodreamsofintro2 months ago
  • Rhett looks like robin williams in jumanji

    Ethan TenBrinkEthan TenBrink2 months ago
  • Link has queefs

    Whoa TittiesWhoa Titties2 months ago
  • Oh wow I laughed so hard I literally cried when he said "QUEEF". I had to rewind it twice just to make sure.

    afield 2212afield 22122 months ago
  • I literally started gagging when he ate the foot beef. 🤢🤢🤢

    Alicia BasfordAlicia Basford2 months ago
  • Roast beef in cake frosting🤣 Reminds me of that GMM episode, Rhett said absorb, absorb.🤣 Link said: Absorb what?

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAMDr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM2 months ago
  • Who else felt bad for link on that last one

    Alex PlayzAlex Playz2 months ago
  • Look at this Covid Graph!

    Will PlattWill Platt2 months ago
  • Why does vodka beef... look like chicken? I call BS!

    Creature CollectorCreature Collector2 months ago
  • 7:20 one of my favorite moments of GMM history

    Charlie ImlerCharlie Imler2 months ago
  • I kept rewinding it back just to see Rhett's face! Link was so innocently clueless! Lmao! Queef!! 💨

    Apryl MarieApryl Marie2 months ago
  • Oh my god I stop watching gmm for four months and come back to find Rhett turned into a caveman....

    S. AlbertsenS. Albertsen2 months ago
  • Can we talk about how link is getting better at these games?!?!

    Le SerotonineLe Serotonine2 months ago
  • Yall aren’t even trying to be family friendly anymore lmao

    Anna NimmousAnna Nimmous2 months ago
  • Wait is it raw

    Samuel CordellSamuel Cordell2 months ago
  • At 7:22 Rhett looks so disrespected 😐

    Sophia 127Sophia 1272 months ago
  • Oh my god. I've never laughed harder at a single comment on this show.

    Average Joe's GamingAverage Joe's Gaming2 months ago
  • Rhett's face tho 😂😂😂

    JadeybugzJadeybugz2 months ago
  • The look on Rhett’s face at 7:46 is perfect

    DC ShockleyDC Shockley2 months ago
    • Correction 7:26

      DC ShockleyDC Shockley2 months ago
  • Everytime it makes me queeffff

    Austin.DenneAustin.Denne2 months ago
  • Omg I found this channel again ahhhhhh I am so happy to find this channel again. They still do all the fun stuff like before I love it, my childhood of watching them is still the same ♥️♥️♥️

    Mac BanakiezMac Banakiez2 months ago
  • Can we talk about how link said everytime I do it makes me queef

    Lil YumYumLil YumYum2 months ago
  • 1:33 oof

    utkarsh Tyagiutkarsh Tyagi2 months ago
  • Who is Gigi Hadid?

    J HuntJ Hunt3 months ago
  • I'd be careful about saying nice things about Oprah. You'll see soon.

    Chase RayChase Ray3 months ago
  • I can’t get away from any of the boys from one direction smh il zayn

    Nichole HudginsNichole Hudgins3 months ago
  • I haven’t been here for a while. What the heck is up with rhetts hair? Is it a joke or does he actually think it looks good lol

    Ya GirlYa Girl3 months ago
  • @7:23 that look LMAO

    Deloss92Deloss923 months ago
  • 7:25 I can't stop laughing at this oh link

    Jessica CarterJessica Carter3 months ago
  • I like rhetts shirt,

    Lydia VaughanLydia Vaughan3 months ago
  • 7:20 *SIR???*

    MommaMomma3 months ago
  • Yo where do you get Rhetts shirt

    Ren The RengendRen The Rengend3 months ago
  • GMM + Beatles = 🙌

    Apple2Apple23 months ago
  • I like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Candles

    Aden MoederAden Moeder3 months ago
  • Rhett's hair never ceases to amaze me

    L EmanL Eman3 months ago

    Noah SmithNoah Smith3 months ago

    J HJ H3 months ago
  • First i tought they were gonna eat there foot

    GTX ghostdrossGTX ghostdross3 months ago
  • Is no one talking about the decline of this channel like lmao

    Famous RobotFamous Robot3 months ago
  • 🍔 Mmm so beefy!

    PixelFoundryPixelFoundry3 months ago
  • straight to the comments lol right after 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 his face was priceless.

    Sir dubie S.d.tSir dubie S.d.t3 months ago

    Soap_hyenaSoap_hyena3 months ago

    maggie ksmaggie ks3 months ago
  • A. Was pretty good. Did he say quief?

    OliviaOlivia3 months ago
  • So like, I haven’t watched GMM in forever. And I come back, AND RHETT HAS A FULL HEAD OF HAIR-!?

  • This was probably the funniest episode I have ever seen

    Slimey IncSlimey Inc3 months ago
  • Why does rhett hair and facial hair looks like cavrman(no offenses)

    Projekt ReyProjekt Rey3 months ago
  • how about we go back to NOT swearing. ... thank you.

    Larissa DawnLarissa Dawn3 months ago
  • Link turned the first beef into a roast beef.

    Larissa DawnLarissa Dawn3 months ago
  • The look on rhetts face

    Robo__Dog__4000 __2Robo__Dog__4000 __23 months ago
  • Anyone laugh when Rhett stared at link after he said queef

    Katherine TurnerKatherine Turner3 months ago
  • I can tell it took everything in Rhett to not respond to Link’s queef comment

    Madison OstermeierMadison Ostermeier3 months ago