Cooking Rice In Different Liquids (Taste Test)

Oct 14, 2020
1 460 740 Views

What happens when you cook rice in orange juice? Today, we're cookin' rice in different liquids. GMM #1832
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  • I live in WI, i feel noticed 👌

    SnacklessKerbalSnacklessKerbalHour ago
  • “LINK NEAL!!!”

    The Tiny Dancer In Your HandThe Tiny Dancer In Your Hand10 hours ago
  • This feels like one of the earlier episodes 😻😻 love where the show is headed rn

    prljave. rukeprljave. ruke16 hours ago
  • Uncle Roger would be... "haiyah..."

    Jairus Kim CabinoJairus Kim Cabino16 hours ago
  • The beauty of GMM is that if your humor is dark enough every single thing they say is funny.

    Ranil ThilakaratneRanil Thilakaratne19 hours ago
  • "I don't like the way you penetrate your rice"...👁👄👁

    River MasonRiver Mason23 hours ago
  • Im going to need that Ranch Rice Recipe.

    Electric MonkElectric MonkDay ago

    Molly WellsMolly WellsDay ago
  • lol this might be the whitest episode they've ever done

    Esther AdebayoEsther AdebayoDay ago
  • Rhett just say ranch is a little spicy lmao

    Debb AwwaDebb AwwaDay ago
  • 0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!

    jessica neumannjessica neumannDay ago
  • Bonafide!

    Alisha SuttonAlisha SuttonDay ago
  • How’d Josh make the ranch rice?

    Jessica PerryJessica Perry2 days ago
  • Sad thing about the babysitter convo is I’m not sure Link was entirely joking...😜🤣

    Jessica PerryJessica Perry2 days ago
  • They became extra southern when they ate the ranch dressing rice! 😂😂😂

    Katie GarciaKatie Garcia2 days ago
  • This episode is just Link completely blowing it on the rules of the game that he’s played a million times

    PrismGuyPrismGuy2 days ago
  • Uncle Roger would have a heart attack if he. see this.

    Zapkin (⌐►_◄)Zapkin (⌐►_◄)2 days ago
  • ive been eating ranch on my rice for years. who needs soy sauce?

    LearningImpaledLearningImpaled2 days ago
  • I'm bout to walk into Japan like: "TEA ROOT BOBA!"

    Maio nayzMaio nayz2 days ago
  • That little stammer after Link said "we're under the teet"

    Katelynn AlexandreaKatelynn Alexandrea3 days ago
  • Ranch is spicy

    Mike NoMike No3 days ago
  • When they were trying the ranch rice and rhett said 'its a little spicy' the first thing that popped into my head was *WHY IS IT SPHISCY*

    Christina GreenlawChristina Greenlaw3 days ago
  • Wow they are getting old

    Sam SticklerSam Stickler3 days ago
  • “I love bland!” should be on a t-shirt

    Renée DubucRenée Dubuc3 days ago
  • "dip'n'trip" Edibles companies around the world - GET ME R&D ON THE PHONE RIGHT NOW

    Leonardo LemosLeonardo Lemos3 days ago
  • The Japanese in me is screaming

    •Cry••Cry•3 days ago
  • You guys are so funny hahahah

    Ben FennellBen Fennell3 days ago
  • we cook rice in chicken broth and it is delicious.

    Haven MirousHaven Mirous3 days ago
  • Okay, but does anyone else get "Goosebumps" vibes from the Transitions in this video? Is that just me?

    Michelle T.Michelle T.3 days ago
  • Can we have an “I, Love, Bland!” song?

    Cooper BooperCooper Booper3 days ago
  • Would have liked to have seen more savory stuff like beef broth or something.

    BamaShanksBamaShanks3 days ago
  • Whys everyone trying to get roasted by uncle Roger haha

    Bearded Alien FPVBearded Alien FPV3 days ago
  • The ranch dressing rice is gag-worthy.

    W BailW Bail4 days ago
  • Send this to uncle roger

    Mahdi HashemianMahdi Hashemian4 days ago
  • Gotta try that Ranch Rice one lol

    Seen SoSeen So4 days ago
  • I stayed even though Link said to leave

    Fox PostierFox Postier4 days ago
  • Gmm should bring back that land mine game back but only the nastiest food imaginable that would be hilarious

    Clayton StuartClayton Stuart4 days ago
  • Stevie just giving the answer at the end 🤣

    Luba BushuyevLuba Bushuyev4 days ago
  • Why does Stevie always give Rhett 10 chances while literally leading him into the answer? Lol

    Ashley PavligeAshley Pavlige4 days ago
  • Why not CGI something on their green screen eye holes? :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    MhatteruvisualsMhatteruvisuals4 days ago
  • Ok

    OkOk4 days ago
  • Ok

    OkOk4 days ago
  • Ok

    OkOk4 days ago
  • Do it in coconut milk it’s the best

    KadenKaden4 days ago
  • Lovely channel! Keep up the good work. should you get a sec you could go visit my account 😊✌️

    Paul's World Food ReviewsPaul's World Food Reviews4 days ago
  • They are even more funny when they can’t see!😂

    Nancy StovallNancy Stovall4 days ago
  • Italian Dressing is the best liquid!!!

    Jalesia HortonJalesia Horton4 days ago
  • Uncle Roger: Hiyaaaa

    Qilin HeQilin He4 days ago
  • Muhammad and Hussain? No one picked up on that? Cool.

    Angel M. RodriguezAngel M. Rodriguez4 days ago
  • Rhett: “I’ve done it in water” Me: 😈😈😈😈 you freaky caveman, you

    440hz440hz4 days ago
  • The genuine happiness Stevie and Link shared after guessing OJ correctly is all i want in life

    HeggHegg4 days ago
  • Asian people wants to know your location

    johnny joestarjohnny joestar4 days ago
  • I accidently bought 24 cans of low sodium V8 juice online. They're nasty as a drink. But excellent for making soups and... cooking rice in!

    WysperfaunaWysperfauna5 days ago
  • "Dip and trip" 😂😂

    HowBout DatHowBout Dat5 days ago
  • I can't believe they didn't use soy sauce

    Aman GhumanAman Ghuman5 days ago
  • What’s up with the scoring on this one? Why did Rhett get 0-2-5?

    LukeE94LukeE945 days ago
  • I just realized how hairy Links’s arm’s are.

    James BauerJames Bauer5 days ago
  • 8:23 Hearing ranch be called "spicy" is the whitest thing I've ever heard 🤣🤣🤣

    Toora Loora LaddyToora Loora Laddy5 days ago
  • I don't like it when it is escalating points. If there were 6 questions, you can lose the first 4, get the last two right, and still win 11 pts to 10 pts.

    chenf983ablechenf983able5 days ago
  • Who else has been watching since 2014

    GamingDemon300GamingDemon3005 days ago
  • 11:59 “cereal milk” Me- *eating cereal*😳

    Sarah McClellanSarah McClellan5 days ago
  • Rhett with a necklace and button down and bun!!!!!!!!

    ClaudiaClaudia5 days ago
  • I used to lovvve rice and mayo all mixed up

    chescachesca5 days ago
  • Rhett doesn’t like the way that Link penetrates his rice...

    Melissa AtlasMelissa Atlas5 days ago
  • The ranch is spicy ?!🤣😅

    Evan LaughnerEvan Laughner5 days ago
  • Moister than an oyster

    Mike WarnerMike Warner5 days ago
  • The hints were basically giving the answer away, not fair to link

    Fe CuFe Cu5 days ago
  • Chicken broth would be good

    AtaraxicalAtaraxical5 days ago
  • we can. lol when we make jambalaya, we cook it in stock (typically chicken for me)

    Polk - E - DotPolk - E - Dot5 days ago
  • As an Asian... this hurt a bit too close to home

    Just Here ExistingJust Here Existing5 days ago
  • I keep getting hints of the Mythical mom's here!!! I truly truly hope that the Mythical mom's do a Halloween episode!!!

    Holly PierceHolly Pierce5 days ago
  • Any Uncle Roger fans here?

    Zeny RentoZeny Rento6 days ago
  • Uhh what the heck is an otter pop?😅

    MahdeeMahdee6 days ago
  • These guys make videos on things that I think about when I’m on the toilet. Like rice in juice.

    Theo IrvingTheo Irving6 days ago
  • Link should have won.

    Tyler RasmussenTyler Rasmussen6 days ago
  • I'd love to see Rhett & Link try to guess the scents of scented cosmetics.

    RachelB _SewsRachelB _Sews6 days ago
  • Excuse me but they're pop ice!

    JJ6 days ago
  • ok but when I first tried taro milk tea I said it tasted like cereal milk lmao

    FrenchToasties123FrenchToasties1236 days ago
  • l i s t e r i n e r i c e

    Martin PanevMartin Panev6 days ago
  • I voted by mail today. Gimme my sticker!

    Timothy StearnsTimothy Stearns6 days ago
  • Wait I live in Wisconsin why are we congratulating Wisconsin lol

    Lissy NosserLissy Nosser6 days ago
  • Can we please get the ranch rice recipe 😭❤️

    Roxana SaenzRoxana Saenz6 days ago
  • I don’t understand why they’re getting points for getting the answer right after they were basically given the answer

    Tyler BarnettTyler Barnett6 days ago
  • 8:18 Ozempic!

    Sofia schislerSofia schisler6 days ago
    • 😂

      PfryPfry6 days ago
  • s p a g h e t t i s a u c e

    Rae CooperRae Cooper6 days ago
  • Ice cream rice

    Living Louder21Living Louder216 days ago
  • As a wise man once said: what was now inviting, has now taken a dark turn. Me: *cracking up*

    Kody BarfieldKody Barfield6 days ago
  • Those accents are strong today! :P

    honeybee476honeybee4766 days ago
  • another spoiler intro

    TheDiscardedFootTheDiscardedFoot6 days ago
  • the squishing of the rice be like macaroni in a pot 👀

    Alawnah NawAlawnah Naw6 days ago
  • What's with Link's scissor fingers? 🤣

    Paul SamsonPaul Samson6 days ago
  • no we haven't seen two midrolls because we have adblock on

    HellSpartan ZHellSpartan Z6 days ago
  • Reht gets handicaps with all her hints but link is like fending for himself

    TheNinthGate bb91TheNinthGate bb917 days ago
  • Been putting ranch on rice since I can remember 😋

    RexEqualskingRexEqualsking7 days ago
  • Kangeroo milk 😂😂😂😂

    Pako ValentinoPako Valentino7 days ago
  • hahahah i love this video

    Bailey BillingsleyBailey Billingsley7 days ago
  • Love ranch and rice moved together.😋😋😋😋

    melanie zirixamelanie zirixa7 days ago
  • Reht - love that shirt, snazzy!

    qdmc12qdmc127 days ago
  • Cooking rice in bone broth is healthier and more delicious.

    jzizzlesjzizzles7 days ago
  • I was hoping for Broth on the first round, but I forgot this is GMM

    BooDeeBuddyBooDeeBuddy7 days ago