Crazy Special Effects Makeup Transformations (Game)

Jul 14, 2020
892 760 Views

In today's game, we're seeing who can guess the special effects transformation first! GMM #1776
Check out Sarah Magic Makeup!
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  • Link has a great body, love the upper muscles

    elizabeth stigallelizabeth stigall3 days ago
  • Rhett 100% gave the Pennywise guess to Link. you could see he knew what to guess but wanted to give link the first guess because he was upset about the last round. very sweet

    peekneepeeknee8 days ago
  • Rhett. It's okay if Link wins.

    Leah MooreLeah Moore10 days ago
  • ♡(ӦvӦ。)

    Jeff SipesJeff Sipes10 days ago
  • Link is fiiiiiiine.

    MaeMae19 days ago
  • I like how Rhett is slowly turning into Damiel

    Ryan PosadasRyan Posadas21 day ago
  • The fact that Link mentioned Obi Wan and the next one was C-3PO

    Lynn ArounaLynn ArounaMonth ago
  • The roles have reversed, now link’s hair goes up and Rhett’s hair goes down.

    FishygoSwishyFishygoSwishyMonth ago
  • Link : big mac face Me: bambi 😂😂

    Cece ceceCece ceceMonth ago
  • That win celebration was so satisfying

    oof publisheroof publisherMonth ago
  • Sarah was absolutely amazing, and the last one was the icing on the cake, double chefs kiss

    LefindonLefindonMonth ago
  • Congrats, Link! You finally won this game!!

    AwesomeCat2012AwesomeCat2012Month ago
  • hey everyone criticizing stevie over a game? shut up. thanks.

    topasutopasuMonth ago
  • It’s so funny how Rhett gets into Link’s head during these battle games. Telling him he has such a large lead in the game which then puts soooo much pressure on link and makes him over think things. Don’t let him into your head man. 👍🏻

    Irish PatIrish Pat2 months ago
  • what movie would Boinky the Clown be in?🤡

    DrBrennanDrBrennan2 months ago
  • His head grew three sizes that day

    Thomas StraightThomas Straight2 months ago
  • All my shirts fit like links shirt. Oh no. :c

    Tyrell TaylorTyrell Taylor2 months ago
  • I love Rhett, but he's such a sour loser and can be so condescending to Link when it comes to these games, it can really bother me sometimes

    Jacuzzi WinklesJacuzzi Winkles2 months ago
  • Can we get Link’s T-shirt from mythical?

    Reggie RigginsReggie Riggins2 months ago
  • The fact that she gave Spock a red shirt though. 🤦‍♂️🖖

    KaneAmoraKaneAmora2 months ago
  • Oh man, the part where he molds the face shirtless is just basically that one scene with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost.

    Ryan FirsterRyan Firster2 months ago
  • Link: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA **spirit bomb has entered the server**

    We’reHereForTheSameReasonBudWe’reHereForTheSameReasonBud2 months ago
  • "Act like you've been there before" 🤣🤣🤣

    pinkham4corgispinkham4corgis2 months ago
  • Damn this video really under preformed compared to their regular view content

    Elizabeth BElizabeth B2 months ago
  • Other channel’s criticism: “you guys are scamming children” GMM’s criticism: “Stevie is too harsh on Rhett and Link”

    Benjamin PerryBenjamin Perry2 months ago
  • can we please talk about the fact that link called Pennywise “Boinky” 💀💀

    fauna mariefauna marie2 months ago
  • i love these two too much

    Hattie Thavary Keene-ReinhardHattie Thavary Keene-Reinhard2 months ago
  • So the day they are starting the summer is my birthday 😁

    Nicole beep boopNicole beep boop2 months ago
  • You’ll float too

    Sebastian LandaSebastian Landa2 months ago
  • I think you look great in that shirt link :)

    Yoon MinYoon Min2 months ago
  • Big mac got burger face

    BlackSheep I.F.I.BlackSheep I.F.I.2 months ago
  • I’m such a Link and seeing Link finally win made me so happy😂😂🥺🥺🥺

    CulturedCarrottCulturedCarrott2 months ago
  • Yay Link!!

    Debbie KnollhoffDebbie Knollhoff2 months ago
  • I think you are supposed to be 6 feet apart not 6 inches😤🤣

    BOXER boiBOXER boi2 months ago
    • They are podding thier families together. Everyone one wears masks at the studio.

      Stanna UnruhStanna Unruh2 months ago
  • Rhett is so sour to lose like this :D

    Boris ChervenkovBoris Chervenkov2 months ago
  • When was the last time they didn’t eat food or play a game on this show

    MalarkeyManMalarkeyMan2 months ago
  • 10:35 wtf

    Devin LeiDevin Lei2 months ago
  • Bonki

    Infernal chaosInfernal chaos2 months ago
  • I see no professional loser, I see King Link.

    Michael WilliamsonMichael Williamson3 months ago
  • bro Rhett just let link win for once...

    Jasmine ElbirJasmine Elbir3 months ago
  • wow. The amount of work these two guys and their team put into this show is so impressive! Thank you for all the hard work and for making me laugh so many times! I love this channel!

    Paradigm357Paradigm3573 months ago
  • I’m so happy for him

    Christopher ScroggsChristopher Scroggs3 months ago
  • My guess at 4:58 was h20 delirious 😂

    SupremeJuniorSupremeJunior3 months ago
  • Dude looking like aqua man

    ツRaZzWillツRaZzWill3 months ago
  • Love these guys, genuine youtubers

    Adam HutchersonAdam Hutcherson3 months ago
  • I thought the Eggs and bacon face was the Bird from Neverending story two LOL

    Southee SaysSouthee Says3 months ago
  • Mr oyster head is a real thing though.

    Whitney VeihlWhitney Veihl3 months ago
  • Go Link, bout time 🙏 I think you have a new lucky shirt... 💜 Queen of elves

    Elf selfElf self3 months ago
  • Im highly suspicious that Link may have looked through Sarah Magic Makeup's channel before this episode!

    Michael ScanlonMichael Scanlon3 months ago
  • 13:15 when you finally get your first chest hair

    NEV EntertainmentNEV Entertainment3 months ago
  • Link looks like a “relaxed Adam Sandler fit” with that shirt ☠️

    Edwin ValdiviaEdwin Valdivia3 months ago
  • Come on davin 😑

    dresdens Animationsdresdens Animations3 months ago
  • Way to go Link!

    Bennett HastyBennett Hasty3 months ago
  • They are tired of each other

    DelosleoDelosleo3 months ago
  • I'm so excited for Link!

    Chloe RandolphChloe Randolph3 months ago
  • Somehow that shirt has given Link crazy abilities and he must wear it every time you guys play some game . Atta boy Link

    Dave PantanoDave Pantano3 months ago
  • Stevie wtf you know not to listen to Davin he knows nothing

    My True Love is My FR-SMy True Love is My FR-S3 months ago
  • Link, sore son

    Pesky MediaPesky Media3 months ago
  • Good judgment calls from daven

    8-Bit Ardmore8-Bit Ardmore3 months ago
  • 14:10 - 14:20 is how I will introduce everyone to GMM from now on hahahaha

    Katie ShuberKatie Shuber3 months ago
  • You two (Rhett and Link) should watch Gravity Falls

    Hassan RazviHassan Razvi3 months ago
  • Link: (all determined) Ok im going to keep trying ! I thought thats what I was always doing but ok 😂

    Sharose hSharose h3 months ago
  • I need Link's shirt because same🤣😁

    MegaroniMegsterMegaroniMegster3 months ago
  • My heart grew 3 times this day haha

    High RoadHigh Road3 months ago
  • Yeeaaaay congrats Link!

    Levi with VLevi with V3 months ago
  • I really love how they've been featuring and promoting so many awesome USworldsr's lately! Between GMM and Unus Annus, I've been subscribing to so many new people!

    Blackfire PhoenixBlackfire Phoenix3 months ago
  • Whoa been here since 2015

    bigpp clanbigpp clan3 months ago
  • YAY!!!! GO LINK!!!!!

    Mini GMini G3 months ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    BkbadguyBkbadguy3 months ago
  • link is a sore loser even when he’s winning haha

    celina acelina a3 months ago
  • I'm gonna be honest, link is doing well but it's more of Rhett doing very poorly

    Katie SchumanKatie Schuman3 months ago
  • you did it LINK!!!!!!!!!!!! this is history!!!!!

    Eduardo PadillaEduardo Padilla3 months ago
  • Your the kings of youtube

    neon wolfyneon wolfy3 months ago

    Monique NeptuneMonique Neptune3 months ago
  • Link has the hottest dad bod in the universe!

    CityKaninCityKanin3 months ago
  • YAY LINK!!

    CernunnasCernunnas3 months ago
  • When u realise there’s a new video 4 days after they actually made it (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`) (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    Lydia NOLLLydia NOLL3 months ago
  • Link is a sweaty loser

    Crispy 867Crispy 8673 months ago
  • Omg link has arms of a bronzed god!

    Sonia OlsonSonia Olson3 months ago

    Czarina EspirituCzarina Espiritu3 months ago

    Alyse_Liotti_0609Alyse_Liotti_06093 months ago
  • Yaaaaaay!!! They’re hosting good mythical summer!!! Now I can watch!!! So excited!!

    EternallyGods86EternallyGods863 months ago
  • Okay, after seeing Link's reaction to winning... I never want him to win again.

    BastianAndTheBearBastianAndTheBear3 months ago
  • No America episode for episode 1776. 0/10 bad mythical morning.

    TheDimensionistTheDimensionist3 months ago
  • He said Boinky

    James WilliamsJames Williams3 months ago
  • link is sexy!

    Brianna ArnoldBrianna Arnold3 months ago
  • I feel like they let link win this times like rhett wasnt even trying . Just me?

    GiokyoGiokyo3 months ago

    Alia RobiAlia Robi3 months ago
  • This was good

    Pheonix HunterPheonix Hunter3 months ago
  • We need too ask her if she can make link look actually good

    JZ TVJZ TV3 months ago
  • 13:33 I actually have silly putty in my hands lol

    Elvis longoElvis longo3 months ago
  • 13:20 when you.... (finish sentence in replies)

    Kirito Loves PizzaKirito Loves Pizza3 months ago
  • Anyone else find it fishy link made a Star Wars reference and then the next video is c3po little weird.....

    Cable McCartyCable McCarty3 months ago
  • when rhett wasn’t trying i was getting more and more mad

    jaijai3 months ago
  • he did it.

    FawazFawaz3 months ago
  • How dare you people take a break when you provided us constant videos through covid lol

    Paige ShawPaige Shaw3 months ago
  • It finally happened

    Bryan BBryan B3 months ago
  • "Fake-Up" is a much more accurate term, I'm gonna use that from now on

    James ParkerJames Parker3 months ago
  • Get rid of Stevie. Jk.

    Alexander MorrisonAlexander Morrison3 months ago
  • Calling ALL KY viewers!

    Leslie ByersLeslie Byers3 months ago