Crushing Things With A Hydraulic Press (Game)

Aug 25, 2020
1 531 408 Views

In today's game, we're seeing who can guess the item that is being crushed with a hydraulic press (in reverse)! GMM #1801
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  • "I've never tried this hard in the beginning" you guys are both parts to my whole spirit animal😂😂❤

    brittany Martinbrittany Martin6 hours ago
  • “It’s a snow globe”

    Danger GamingDanger GamingDay ago
  • Would steamed hams be an acceptable answer?

    5063635063632 days ago
  • Every time someone says Finland i cant stop imagining Patrick

    Link The FoxLink The Fox2 days ago
  • Rhett would have gone far in 1940s Russia denying the existance of Finland.

    Wet LettuceWet Lettuce2 days ago
  • Claymation as in Animation

    Timothy NelsonTimothy Nelson2 days ago
  • 4:07 Those are burgers from a finnish fastfood chain kinda like mcdonalds called Hesburger, and those burgers are called "kerroshampurilainen" cuz it's a double decker, and they're delicious!

    Mikael MäkinenMikael Mäkinen2 days ago
  • Rhett gets so mad so quick!!

    Mstr3rkMstr3rk3 days ago
  • First they are talking about Beyonce and then the first video is a beet? Bring the beat in ANYTHING FOR YOU BEYONCE

    Adalynn LoganAdalynn Logan4 days ago
  • Link has won 18% of the time since the beginning. At least he is consistent.

    Danica TannerDanica Tanner5 days ago
  • I like this guy a lot should I tell him if this get 100 likes I will unless I shouldn’t

    Shania WahlerShania Wahler6 days ago
  • Alternate universe KFC compressed Chicken meal. A six piece Chick strip meal is put in the worlds most powerful hydraulic press to make a thin patty and put in a french fry bun like a potato cake.

    travis mooretravis moore6 days ago
  • Colander in Italian is scolapasta.

    Kris M.Kris M.7 days ago
  • Colander???? I call that a strainer 🤣🤣🤣

    Katelyn NicoleeKatelyn Nicolee7 days ago
  • like your guys shirts haha lol

    Batman FehrBatman Fehr13 days ago
  • hey

    PopcoolboiPopcoolboi17 days ago
  • Tenet

    Bailey JorgensenBailey Jorgensen17 days ago
  • i'm so friggen good at this game wow i'm a genius

    Patsy KiniryPatsy Kiniry18 days ago
  • I thought the actual bowl part of the colander was a part of the hydraulic press for some reason 🤦‍♂️

    Sunwardmean516 1Sunwardmean516 119 days ago
  • 4:47

    Kennedy LongworthKennedy Longworth19 days ago
  • What does Rhett have against Finland?

    Rebekah DuvallRebekah Duvall19 days ago

    Sid BraySid Bray19 days ago
  • urbeautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.20 days ago
  • Rhett, how do think a strainer/colander is a snow globe?

    DnDoodlesDnDoodles21 day ago
  • Hydraulic presses are used for metal work mostly.

    DnDoodlesDnDoodles21 day ago
  • Haayyyiahhhh!!! No colander!!!

    Melon MasterMelon Master23 days ago
  • Good nocturnal night :)

    Melina MMelina M23 days ago
  • Rhett is such a nice best friend

    Elle EffElle Eff24 days ago
  • *im gonna be honest i thought the colander was part of the machine and i also thought it was a snowglobe.*

    • Būtter.Lôrd •• Būtter.Lôrd •24 days ago
  • Wholesome dads

    samantha darbonsamantha darbon25 days ago
  • They're letting link win lmao

    Justin SantiagoJustin Santiago26 days ago
  • berd

    Alex HalpernAlex Halpern26 days ago
  • Link asked what a hydraulic press is for Me: it is for fabrication

    Audra ScrimshireAudra Scrimshire28 days ago
  • Should only give them 3 seconds after they buzz into answer

    eng1twreng1twrMonth ago
  • It's not the same without hearing "annnd here vee go"... and "vut da furk"

    Glock232Glock232Month ago
  • I've seen Randlers fly around my Loch lately. I think they've moved to Scotland now.

    Just Some Nessie With Internet AccessJust Some Nessie With Internet AccessMonth ago
  • I'm so unimPRESSED

    James ShafferJames ShafferMonth ago
  • I can REALLY appreciate the USworlds collaboration of sorts!!!!!!!

    Dwayne PoffDwayne PoffMonth ago
  • Listen, the man knows his colanders.

    AstrobellaAstrobellaMonth ago
  • I dont think Finland exists me who lives in Finland: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    ElemuElemuMonth ago
  • Oh yes. Our dear friends Loori and Aani 😂

    Fast PackFast PackMonth ago
  • rhett read my mind when he said “why don’t they call it claymotion” i was thinking the exact same thing

    JessJessMonth ago
  • Uncle Roger would be so happy to see that colander get wrecked.

    JCWJCWMonth ago
  • It means clay animation

    dylan mooredylan mooreMonth ago
  • 7:36 onwards is just so funny

    Tori LougherTori LougherMonth ago
  • Was it me or did I see someone’s finger behind Link at 12:20 0-0

    Nazareth ChaosNazareth ChaosMonth ago
  • I love Thomas

    b sb sMonth ago
  • PERKELE!!!

    Tay KatooTay KatooMonth ago
  • im seeing these way before them

    Ben BennettBen BennettMonth ago
  • all i want to say is im-press-ive

    babadayatbabadayatMonth ago
  • I are ready knew it was a controller in the beginning

    Nathan YuNathan YuMonth ago
  • Awesome video

    Morgan BurgosMorgan BurgosMonth ago
  • Yay!!! Fellow Calgarians!!!

    Dana NicoleDana NicoleMonth ago
  • Can you please crush a hydraulic press with a hydraulic press?

    Daniel SotoDaniel SotoMonth ago
  • “Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet” - Rhett

    Emily FaeEmily FaeMonth ago
  • For real? U dont know what do they press with the press machine?

    X_OARTX_OARTMonth ago
  • Rhett answered Snow globe so confident aswell i love it

    ChiHDChiHDMonth ago
  • Rhett: "This is two losers goin at it real hard" Me when frisk goes genocide: Been there, done that.

    Sans UndertaleSans UndertaleMonth ago
  • You guys should react to the waterjet channel

    Connor CDLConnor CDLMonth ago
  • We wanna see the the press too!!! C'mon

    Sofie MaiSofie MaiMonth ago
  • Wheres kokichi?

    Heather Nicole CombsHeather Nicole CombsMonth ago
  • Where’s kokichi

    Kaede AkamatsuKaede AkamatsuMonth ago
  • A colander? I thought it was a strainer

    readyrmcareadyrmcaMonth ago
  • hahahha when rhett has an engineer degree but guessed snow globe to a colander.... hahahahah

    nilo danilonilo daniloMonth ago
  • when rhett said "fictitious country of Finland" all i remember was when joey said to the dutch girl that netherlands is a fiction country where peter pan belongs hahahahhaha

    nilo danilonilo daniloMonth ago
  • Suomi

    SipsiSipsiMonth ago
  • Nice monty python reference

    Ashley FletcherAshley FletcherMonth ago
  • a snowglobe-

    inéssainéssaMonth ago
  • 13:00 where are Link’s eyebrows

    SilSilMonth ago
  • Burger burger burger 🤣

    Chris StorerChris StorerMonth ago
  • *him saying xbox controller, disappointment*

    W o l v E S t o n EW o l v E S t o n EMonth ago
  • smashburgers

    ScottScottMonth ago
  • I would have nailed this game

    Margreet HeithuisMargreet HeithuisMonth ago
  • Link looks like a Kennedy without his glasses

    Stalin's MoustacheStalin's MoustacheMonth ago
  • where's kokichi in this

    Oddball MerilixOddball MerilixMonth ago
  • a degree in industrial engineering and asks " what is a hydraulic press for" ?

    Laurence GagliardiLaurence GagliardiMonth ago
  • such a missed opportunity to make a de-pressed pun

    RyzeRyzeMonth ago
  • Rhett in the outro: society society society

    RageflarevisiousRageflarevisiousMonth ago
  • Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

    Jimmy CookJimmy CookMonth ago
  • Clay + animation = claymation

    Edgar LopezEdgar LopezMonth ago
  • Starting to think the Finland thing isn’t a joke 😦

    Some PersonSome PersonMonth ago
  • gmm isnt the same anymore

    James CurtisJames CurtisMonth ago
  • Please don't ever let Rhett forget that he thought a colander was a snow globe. 😂

    Ellen MedleyEllen MedleyMonth ago
  • Today we learned Rhett needs glasses.

    Milady MaladyMilady MaladyMonth ago
  • I knew all of these instantly

    Drake MathesonDrake MathesonMonth ago
  • theyve always been so funny, gotta love Rhett and Link

    Lo LoLo LoMonth ago
  • Wow this is a really dePRESSING video

    lahna bostonlahna bostonMonth ago
  • It was not 3 Big Macs. It was 3 Kerroshampurilaisia

    Matt LaineMatt LaineMonth ago
  • Lol Beyoncé only 3 years younger than y’all Rhett

    NajuanNMANajuanNMAMonth ago
  • thomas da train engine

    fangirlingfailurefangirlingfailureMonth ago
  • It's sad to see that Link doesn't know the difference between a xbox and a playstation controller

    MitchMitchMonth ago
  • So is colander like a normal word for other states because I’m from Texas and we call that a strainer. I actually had to look up what a colander was because I hadn’t really heard that word before

    Brooke MorrisBrooke MorrisMonth ago
  • claymation= animation fyi

    Breya BurgessBreya BurgessMonth ago
  • Bring the beat in! Anything for you Beyoncé!

    Cody DuplechainCody DuplechainMonth ago
  • No one : Absolutely no one: Rhett: thomas the trian engine

    thomas mcayeetthomas mcayeetMonth ago
  • I saw the "XbOx CoNtRoLlEr" bit coming, other than that, great video

    HoldenPlayzHoldenPlayzMonth ago
  • I love the hydraulic press channel and their others!

  • I dont know if Rhett actually doesn’t believe Finland is real or made a joke with it

    TheSlime Assassin32TheSlime Assassin32Month ago
  • Can we not see they object while link was trying to guess, welcome to producing and directing.

    hugo brutushugo brutusMonth ago
  • Coconuts migrate.

    Ben NesbittBen NesbittMonth ago