Discontinued Snacks Taste Test

Aug 12, 2020
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Should we bring these old snacks back? Today, we're eating discontinued snacks! GMM #1792
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  • In UK we have the sweet heat but skittles, even the same package

    spynxspynxDay ago
  • Skittles bubble gum was soo good

    Jaila BurtonJaila BurtonDay ago
  • Bro those were the only starburst that I ate im so mad they discontinued them

    ScrimzoScrimzoDay ago
  • But but the whole "gum stays in your stomach for 7 years" is a myth

    KnightlyKnightly2 days ago
  • Him sed to the plat earth : me u are nvm

    Gummy_swirl127 it’s officialGummy_swirl127 it’s official3 days ago
  • They brought back the mtn dew spiked as mtn dew spark but it was only limited edition

    Kimberly FergusonKimberly Ferguson3 days ago
  • spiderman cereal was my favorite for the longest time

    Russell StewartRussell Stewart3 days ago
  • Awww the starburst sweet heat is discontinued? I loved those

    Anthony HorsleyAnthony Horsley4 days ago
  • Oh my lord that spider man cereal. Brings me back to my childhood.

    Meriki JiyaMeriki Jiya6 days ago
  • Absolutely the kids were swallowing that Skittles gum. And some of us still have it in there 😂

    CK AoeCK Aoe7 days ago
  • I totally forgot about the *Skittles Gum* ‼️‼️

    It’s 323It’s 3238 days ago
  • No one here is going to mention how Rhett said Ali and Foreman never crossed paths. Ever heard of Rumble in the Jungle?

    Adam ChambersAdam Chambers8 days ago
  • I'm so sad you voted no for skittles gum 😭 i need it

    Mia KlineMia Kline8 days ago
  • I totally forgot skittles gum was a thing 😂

    Sara ChuraSara Chura8 days ago
  • They need to do Oreo cakesters those were bomb

    Mal AhmMal Ahm8 days ago
  • cactus juice is an alcohol like substance

    Boom_Time _DynamiteBoom_Time _Dynamite8 days ago
  • Rhett: filetto

    JL PyrotechnicsJL Pyrotechnics9 days ago
  • I freaking LOVED Skittles gum when I was a kid and I was so mad when they stopped making them 😭

    Violet DelilahViolet Delilah10 days ago
  • The skittles spicy ones where bomb too

    malmal11 days ago
  • As for the “mountain dew spiked” they did bring it back, it’s now called “berry twist”. Look it up, it’s not too bad

    brandon wilsonbrandon wilson12 days ago
  • I remember Skittles gum and I remember loving it for some reason

    Storm LavwayStorm Lavway13 days ago
  • Holland signed to do something, like, 8 Marvel films. 5/8 are done.

    Ian LeeIan Lee14 days ago
  • The red one in Starburst sweet heat tastes like you're eating a flower.

    ashton latourashton latour15 days ago
  • I still remember going to the gas station and grabbing a mountain dew spiked, and the cashier saying I needed to show an ID to buy it

    Pierce VarneyPierce Varney15 days ago
  • Rhett would definitely be cotton candy if he was a snack

    mINi mIguELmINi mIguEL15 days ago
  • Do the “kudos bar” for the next episode, those were really good

    Joseph LisoJoseph Liso15 days ago
  • i can’t stop replaying 10:14 😂😂😂

    Aaron NazzyAaron Nazzy16 days ago
  • Cactus juice? IT’LL QUENCH YAH

    pimpcaIzzpimpcaIzz16 days ago
  • Skittles bubble gum was my childhood

    Gary RussellGary Russell18 days ago
  • God loves everyone and can help us through this tough time!

    Noah LoftonNoah Lofton18 days ago
  • I remember Mountain Dew Spiked it was pretty good 👍💯

    prod. YELLA TNTprod. YELLA TNT19 days ago
  • Liked for Link going "OOH EEE"

    Riddle Me FishRiddle Me Fish21 day ago
  • When I used to drink, one of the first drinks i tried was cactus juice tequila, ugg nooo.

    Chris HeikesChris Heikes21 day ago
  • I loved the sweet heat Starburst!! I wish they would come back as a permanent candy!!!!

    Leena DuPreLeena DuPre22 days ago
  • 1:42 😂😂

    EmptyEmpty24 days ago
  • That 215 number on the popcorn is a Philadelphia number 215 is the area code

    Yung Will 4300Yung Will 430024 days ago
  • "spiked with cactus juice-" *don't do it.*

    • Būtter.Lôrd •• Būtter.Lôrd •25 days ago
  • That gum is older than me

    Kaitlyn KeczelyKaitlyn Keczely26 days ago
  • I forgot ab the skittle gum

    mary kathrynmary kathryn26 days ago
  • I remember Skittles Bubble gum

    Twiz 1620Twiz 162027 days ago
  • Good mythical dew

    Hawkeye hawkinsHawkeye hawkins27 days ago
  • When they said 2003 was nearly 18 years ago I panicked!! I’m 17 born in 2003 I’m not readyyyy I was just a little kid when I first started watching them 😭😭😭😭

    Jaime CelenaJaime Celena27 days ago
  • I can’t BELIEVE the spicy starburst are discontinued 🥺🥺🥺

    Quiet GiantQuiet Giant28 days ago
  • 8:23 throwback fr 😂

    The_All AmericanThe_All American28 days ago

    Cam BugCam Bug29 days ago
  • Did that cactus juice do something to them hahaha

    Rhett’s Rules to Rule the RoostRhett’s Rules to Rule the Roost29 days ago
  • Remember eating the spider man cereal

    Sage RodriguezSage RodriguezMonth ago
  • NATURE! 😂 8:40

    Abigail DownsAbigail DownsMonth ago
  • I’m surprised you haven’t gotten food poisoning yet

    Jaden DoddJaden DoddMonth ago
  • oh man you need to hunt down some 3D Doritos and some PB Crisps

    Nick SerianniNick SerianniMonth ago
  • I completely forgot about the skittles gum! I used to get it all the time and I would basically just eat them like regular skittles 😂

    NeptuneChildASMRNeptuneChildASMRMonth ago
  • Call it Mountain Dew Cactus Splash

    jim Lee Gamingjim Lee GamingMonth ago
  • I loved skittles gum

    Ryan WRyan WMonth ago
  • I’ve had the starbursts and there surprisingly good.

    rex petersonrex petersonMonth ago
  • Link's Spider-Man opinions strike true with my own heart. And Rhett, let Tom Holland make as many Spider-Man movies as he wants (tell me you wouldn't go watch them in theaters).

    Mikaela SettleMikaela SettleMonth ago
  • That’s my birthday July 27

    GGH 2KGGH 2KMonth ago
  • I remember buying the Skittles gum back in the day and loved it. Same situation y’all experienced! Should’ve dissolved away, but was gum!

    onlylaneonlylaneMonth ago
  • Love me some skittles gum!

    katie garciakatie garciaMonth ago
  • i wonder how many items on this show have been brought back

  • I Remember getting the spicy starbursts on Christmas and almost throwing up from the pineapple one

    Michael ZarradMichael ZarradMonth ago
  • My friend put some of thoes starburst in there candy bowl and everyone was confused.

    Nicholas WengerdNicholas WengerdMonth ago
  • Ew

    Makenzi E.Makenzi E.Month ago
  • I forgot thay skittles gum existed and now I really want it. I used to love that

    KrazyKrazyMonth ago
  • Skittles gum was so so good 👍

    Sonny DSonny DMonth ago
  • Mountain Dew spike is the quenchiest

    Sam SSam SMonth ago

    cloivacloivaMonth ago
  • Bubblegum staying in your digestive system for seven years is actually a myth. XD While it is true your body cannot fully break it down, it will simply run through your system. x)

    Lucrass KelvacLucrass KelvacMonth ago
  • damn i loved that gum! i use to buy a box a day lol

    Danasiah NayDanasiah NayMonth ago
  • Rhett, I love the way that you think I wish it was spiked with peyote they should definitely bring it back if they do that.. and twizzlers are my favorite candy.

    Ashley DawnAshley DawnMonth ago
  • That lady at the end just loving life was amazing

    Kevin EmpsonKevin EmpsonMonth ago
  • Mt. Dew spiked. Because cacti.

    Hank HillHank HillMonth ago
  • Does anyone else remember the chocolate skittles?

    Zach NasonZach NasonMonth ago
  • To be fair if ur going to eat 18 year old cereal u gotta have 18 year old milk with it.....

    Mouhammad MajedMouhammad MajedMonth ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Yes

  • Gum doesn't stay inside you for 7 years. It takes 7 years to fully digest. The gum goes through you just as fast as regular food it just isn't digested all the way

    Ghost HxerGhost HxerMonth ago
  • 9:44 is link woo walking?? Iykyk

    Nick BeachNick BeachMonth ago
  • I remember the Skittles gum... and I loved it. I was 14 when they discontinued.

    AilieenAilieenMonth ago
  • La beast

    Will FarrisWill FarrisMonth ago
  • I love how this comment section is filled with Q U E N C H I E S T

    OmAeOmAeMonth ago
  • That spiderman cereal was just as bad back then believe me. Ps. I agree with Rhett that Toby was the best lol

    Dick Van DraemanDick Van DraemanMonth ago
  • I remember eating skittles gum as a kid and now hearing they been gone for 13 years is mind blowing considering i forgot all about those until now..

    Paul RegimbalPaul RegimbalMonth ago
  • 7up cherry if anyone has had it

    Nico McNaughtNico McNaughtMonth ago
  • Who has been here since like day one

    Haidyn LobatoHaidyn LobatoMonth ago
  • Gumb

    DiamondEndermenDiamondEndermenMonth ago
  • I would be a kit Kat

    Anita StrohAnita StrohMonth ago
  • Rhett James McLaughlin, how dare you say we don't need more Spider-Man movies?? Did you not see Far From Home?? I need follow-up! lol

    AwesomeCat2012AwesomeCat2012Month ago
  • Lmao I used to love that gum😂

    batmanszebrasbatmanszebrasMonth ago
  • I never even heard of Spiked MD 😕

    AmbblyPuffAmbblyPuffMonth ago
  • you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰!

    sofia.sofia.Month ago
  • Just casually eating expired foods

    DeadEnigma LLDeadEnigma LLMonth ago
  • I had that Spiderman cereal when I was a kid and I loved it! Totally forgot about it until i saw it on this video

    SpenceLoverBoySpenceLoverBoyMonth ago
  • The gum thing is a myth, we should bring skittles gum back

    Hunter HallHunter HallMonth ago
  • Did Rhett just knock the homie Spider-Man?

    7yes77yes7Month ago
  • When i was little i loved this episode. Now im 21

    REDER 2045REDER 2045Month ago
  • You should try the original Mario and Zelda cereal

    Ez VREz VRMonth ago

    Rman NayrRman NayrMonth ago

    Rman NayrRman NayrMonth ago
  • I agree bring back the Sweet Heat Starburst and The Skittles Sweet Heat! They're good! 😋

    Michelle MuellerMichelle MuellerMonth ago
  • I distinctly remember spiderman cereal but I'm only 18. Did it ever come back?

    FaithIsHereFaithIsHereMonth ago