Extreme Two Truths And A Lie (Game)

Oct 1, 2020
996 160 Views

In today's game, whoever guesses the lie incorrectly gets punished. GMM #1823
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  • "It's my belly button"

    The CookielingThe Cookieling6 hours ago
  • yet again Stevie is being the mother and telling the boys to stop fighting.

    Haven MirousHaven Mirous2 days ago
  • The only one I 100% knew the answer to was the Sony & Marvel / Back to the future / Shazam! one because those are all subjects that I know way too much about.

    RaddAgainstTheUniverseRaddAgainstTheUniverse4 days ago
  • I think the foot stabbing fact was determined from acupuncture

    Lu ChengLu Cheng4 days ago
  • Mama Stevie :)

    Karen Loves LAGPRKaren Loves LAGPR4 days ago
  • I knew better then wear ear phones while watching this show.

    Don AtelloDon Atello5 days ago
  • This episode was funny

    Bignash83Bignash835 days ago

    Baby GothBaby Goth6 days ago
  • Rhett whatches idubbzzz

    Justin TylerJustin Tyler7 days ago
  • UUUU Michał, Polska w internecie !

    Jasiu654Jasiu6548 days ago
  • Where’s Rhett’s shirt from though? 😍

    Lacy SaundersLacy Saunders8 days ago
  • For some reason I heard “magician” instead of musician and I thought they were going to tell me Celine Dion used to do magic tricks in her youth 😂

    Tay & Gabby WTay & Gabby W9 days ago
  • I wish I had a friendship like yours

    Riv OrmsbyRiv Ormsby9 days ago
  • I've said "If it's exposed, it's nosed." Dogs love sniffing butt. 🦨 🐕

    Amanda Morgan JonesAmanda Morgan Jones9 days ago
  • TIL what TIL stands for

    ane molleane molle9 days ago
  • U guys gotta try that sour asian plum again

    Soy SaucingSoy Saucing10 days ago
  • why did you guys stop vlogging :(

    Blaire CollinsBlaire Collins10 days ago
  • Omg what, I literally just watched the candy apple one before this haha

    Christopher ScottChristopher Scott10 days ago
  • Rhett’s Scream Queen audition is amazing. Get him in a horror film!

    WarpFactorFiveWarpFactorFive10 days ago
  • Why are all of the punishments just Stevie fetishes

    Skin ThingsSkin Things10 days ago
  • Elvis Presley is my cousin and my grandmother was great friends with his mom and they where in the radio.

    Patrick HudginsPatrick Hudgins11 days ago
  • This guy looks good, I hope to see more of him in gmm

    Cheddar ChezCheddar Chez11 days ago
  • Queen Sweep for Link!!

    Sally W.Sally W.11 days ago
  • 3:45 why where we punished too.

    jason shearierjason shearier12 days ago
  • Yes Link finally wins a game!!!

    Operation MegMarOperation MegMar12 days ago
  • Can you guys do a tin foil/ aluminum wrap feel test

    Aaron ReedAaron Reed12 days ago
  • 4:15 that little eye contact my heart skipped beat ...

    _ddare naa_ddare naa12 days ago

    Eric GrzywaEric Grzywa14 days ago
  • who else loves the new chicken

    chicken nuggschicken nuggs14 days ago
  • Rhett’s bellow button is quite hollow. I’ve never seen a belly button so .... smooth

    Southernmost BiscuitSouthernmost Biscuit14 days ago
  • The Masters Degree dude stole the show, and that is not a lie.

    David HallDavid Hall15 days ago
  • Rhett just proved a very popular Mandela effect theory with him confusing Kazam with Shazam

    BOSHA'BOSHA'16 days ago
  • Stevie is basically their mom

    Connor WConnor W16 days ago
  • Aww, I loved the wheel announcement

    Renee LaurentRenee Laurent16 days ago
  • Rhett looked like the colonel on Jumanji when he was getting dragged by the boat

    KibaboyismeKibaboyisme16 days ago
  • Me looking for the comments the 100th time this year

  • Is it just me or does Stevie acts like she is the boss and it's her show?

    QueenofwheelsQueenofwheels17 days ago
  • How did I miss this?

    QueenofwheelsQueenofwheels17 days ago
  • Hearing Rhett acknowledge Tana felt like my two personalities colliding

    Sam WhippenSam Whippen17 days ago
  • 6:00 gif incoming.

    Сэйрас АвалонСэйрас Авалон17 days ago
  • I wish Rhett had said he thought he was more popular than Link.

    ronnoc245ronnoc24517 days ago
  • Damnnnnnn Rhett’s abs are toned af

    ElyssaJMElyssaJM17 days ago
  • "Honestly Honesty Means that much to me, much to me." -Just being honest

    J and C StudiosJ and C Studios17 days ago
  • clarinets do not have spit valves lol

    annabelle woodannabelle wood17 days ago
  • Lmao Rhett is definitely more famous than Bella Thorne.

    lalalala17 days ago
    • Don't know who that is so I can personally confirm lol

      Christina LinadingdongChristina Linadingdong17 days ago
  • Rhett- ooh spicy wings, also rhet after consuming one and realizing that there not spicy but sweet and also boneless. 13:56

    MagicmanMagicman17 days ago
  • Lmao the master’s degree got me 🤣🤣🤣

    E GE G17 days ago
  • Can relate with the wheel guy, except I got a bachelor's. Good to know having a Masters still leaves you miserable

    Jamie ZammitJamie Zammit18 days ago
  • Rhetts scream with effing hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sara VoakesSara Voakes18 days ago
  • that scream i say BRAVO

    DraceiVoloDraceiVolo18 days ago
  • Remember back when Cotton Candy Randy was on and he said, “I’ve been doing some soul searching and I don’t think monogamy is for me.”? Rhett felt that.

    Heather LeslieHeather Leslie18 days ago
  • 7:18

    ChalsChals18 days ago
  • Link: "It had a peanut in it!"

    Stefan DozierStefan Dozier18 days ago
  • Sorry, I think preview clips of later scenes are kind of messy. I don’t like those type of videos. The “let’s talk about that” you used to say always pulled me in to watch. It’s basically like reading an article or something. “Let’s talk about that” is like a hook in an article that pulls the reader in. It just seems more neat, and especially since it is an iconic saying, I’m even more upset. :(

    Computer BagsComputer Bags18 days ago
  • the hole at the start....."Guys guys"

    The JuggernautThe Juggernaut18 days ago
  • "My life is built on lies" Casual

    Kinch KinskiKinch Kinski18 days ago
  • I love rhetts hair

    Money StarMoney Star19 days ago
  • rhett did such a good scream! even if he sounded a lil bit like a yelling goat

    ohwhatmaohwhatma19 days ago
  • paused to research and comment, I thought Shazam always had an exclamation at the end so I checked and it did, there is a video of the 1972 T.V show Shazam and the title has a lightning bolt-shaped exclamation point. now to continue the video and see what Rhetts answer it.

    Theresa TTheresa T19 days ago
  • "Let's talk about that"

    Luigi Bros.Luigi Bros.19 days ago
  • Was Rhett talking about Bella Thorne when he was saying who his is more famous than

    Wacky WonderlandWacky Wonderland19 days ago
  • That scream will be with me for ever lmfao 🤣 😂 😂 🤣

    Seth SullivanSeth Sullivan19 days ago
  • Why do you think we want a close up on a belly button? I'm trying to eat breakfast here.

    High RoadHigh Road19 days ago
  • I miss “let’s talk about that”

    Jericho KaneJericho Kane19 days ago
  • Rhett needs a haircut

    Jackson HigbeeJackson Higbee19 days ago
  • At 13:57 is me when I stub my toe 😂

    Assassin InitiateAssassin Initiate19 days ago
  • i love that rhett said bella thorne😭

    KenzKenz19 days ago
  • Rhett screaming looks like the old guy screaming in A Quiet Place.

    HelplmAliveHelplmAlive20 days ago
  • Is no one gonna talk about Link stating "My life is built on lies" and how sad he looked immediately after???

    Alysa SorrellAlysa Sorrell20 days ago
  • I kinda want to have an episode of them trying curly hair products on rhetts hair

    Danielle TopolinskyDanielle Topolinsky20 days ago
  • It would be cool to see them play this game with there own lives since they know each other so well

    Will Peters-SeymourWill Peters-Seymour20 days ago
  • That SCREAM yo lolololol amazing man

    zachary quinoneszachary quinones20 days ago
  • been a while since they played that game where link wins $1 or the box, to gues the price of things

    IvoryTranceIvoryTrance20 days ago
  • Liked for that scream XD

    Matt CrownMatt Crown20 days ago
  • I missed these kind if episodes

    sofia salumsofia salum20 days ago
  • Cold Sores (HSV-1) is more contagious when they're present. (obviously) but can still be passed through sharing drinks and food when not. so, yeah, Rhett, you ~might~ have it.

    SgtKatesSgtKates20 days ago
  • 4:00 "...clarinet valve" 🤔

    Nicolas LofgrenNicolas Lofgren20 days ago
  • 'i'm still miserable but now i have a document to prove it' is how i felt when graduating this spring

    JuliaJulia20 days ago
  • Anyone ever thought about how “my hair goes up, my hair goes down” is reversed now I always thought about this....just never commented

    Creative SparksCreative Sparks20 days ago
    • they made an ig video a while back with the lyrics reversed

      seeingyouaroundseeingyouaround4 days ago
  • This felt like an older episode, and I love it!

    Tonio DivichiTonio Divichi20 days ago
  • 0:39 "I'm a freak, uh, I'm a frequent..." Nice save, Link, but the comments are consistently outing your pain fetish.

    NoumenineNoumenine20 days ago
  • It’s like the Game Grumps all over again!

    relserrelser20 days ago
  • They should have called this the "among us" episode

    Jaisanth PremJaisanth Prem20 days ago
  • When Rhett thinks he’s more famous than Bella Thorne, who was a Disney star 😳

    Kris c:Kris c:20 days ago
  • If you say the right words then people will reply to your comments all of a sudden, but most of the time peoples comments go unnoticed. For example some comments have up to 2,000 likes and some 0.

    cocococo20 days ago

    James LionheartJames Lionheart20 days ago
  • 😂 that scream! I can’t stop laughing 😂

    Zandrea LangeZandrea Lange21 day ago

    Aws Aws Samer JarbouhAws Aws Samer Jarbouh21 day ago
  • are we just going to ignore the fact Rhett doesn’t know who Bella Thorne is? 😂 ....that’s my childhood 🥺

    Jessica CloreJessica Clore21 day ago
  • Thats super weird how they mention Shazam, cus I was reading about that whole Mandela effect thing the other day involving the mythical Shazam movie

    finalbreath15finalbreath1521 day ago
  • Dang, Rhett sent it on that scream

    Abram ClementsAbram Clements21 day ago
  • Are we just gonna ignore how Link literally said “my life is built on lies”?

    Nana- ASMR BoatengNana- ASMR Boateng21 day ago
  • Let’s talk about how Rhett is a whole ass meal lol

    Kt QtKt Qt21 day ago
  • do not wear headphones I learned the bad way

    gryphon pottergryphon potter21 day ago
  • I actually thought the bottom of the foot stab might be true. I had to get 4 stitches on the bottom of my foot after stepping on glass once, and it was the most painful experience of my entire life. And I have has my appendix rupture. But then again, I have more sensitive feet than most people I think. If anyone lays a single finger onto my feet, they are getting kicked IMMEDIATELY

    アレックスAlexanderアレックスAlexander21 day ago
  • KISS is one of my favorite bands

    Maddy HoverterMaddy Hoverter21 day ago
  • 00:30 Just Chuck Testa

    Tim GillamTim Gillam21 day ago

    Tim GillamTim Gillam21 day ago
  • Link this year be like "up down up down left right left right B A B A start select."

    win2008workstationwin2008workstation21 day ago
  • Rhett idk if ur more famous than Bella Thorne ahaha

    Haley WoodHaley Wood21 day ago