Frozen vs. Fast vs. Fancy Food Taste Test

Oct 7, 2020
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Today, we're trying the frozen, fast food, and fancy versions of Italian food side by side and seeing how they match up! GMM #1827
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  • "Let's Talk About That"

    Luigi Bros.Luigi Bros.2 hours ago
  • i could watch rhett fancy pants dance all day😂

    ColorMe SiennaColorMe Sienna13 hours ago
  • 15 bucks for a pizza? I get a whole one for 8 bucks with much more on and its... actually one of the best here.

    TheRoadSoFarTheRoadSoFar16 hours ago
  • No food anywhere should be more than 8.50$

  • whyyyy do Americans called spaghetti noodles???

    Grace NicholsonGrace NicholsonDay ago
  • If you’re sad. The “frozen section”cake is amazing and you put it in the fridge

    Sarry BerrySarry BerryDay ago
  • 10:49 Link kinda sus 😳

    GarrettGarrett2 days ago
  • Stop given videos the same exact title!

    Tee OhbeeTee Ohbee2 days ago
  • Y'all can catch me and Link at the window seat at Domino's

    Albino CadillacAlbino Cadillac2 days ago
  • I disagree with Rhett and link. I prefer chicken Alfredo with broccoli.

    krysa boycekrysa boyce2 days ago
  • It's amazing how in expensive stuff if in the US is, food especially and yet most of y'all seem to just complain all the time. Don't you know how good you have it. Costs like 25-30$ for a medium sized, chain brand pizza where I am plus tip lol

    cb7pwncb7pwn3 days ago
  • Olive garden desserts are TOP tier

    tori_ tatertotstori_ tatertots3 days ago
  • Man, I like broccoli in my Alfredo...

    Notsofast LNotsofast L4 days ago
  • 7:30 yes mr fancy pants 😂

    Xyan11Xyan114 days ago
  • العربي يحط لايك 702

    Othman899Othman8994 days ago
  • do you know what's so sick i knew that link was talking about dominos chicken alfredo just from the preview bc i have eaten it so many times and love it just as much

    Kim CostelloKim Costello4 days ago
  • Watched this while eating digiorno pizza

    Derek JeterDerek Jeter5 days ago
  • But y'all put California Pizza Kitchen in the same pizza taste video as Domino's and Sbarro. Should've done like a Carrabba's or Macaroni Grill with Olive Garden.

    J TEEJ TEE5 days ago
  • 6:15 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    DefiFreakyBooDefiFreakyBoo5 days ago
  • I believe rhett is far more intelligent than he let's on .

    Pyles TinPyles Tin5 days ago
  • "You know where to find me..." hahahaha. (I guess in the front window table at Dominos!)

    BlueEyes1975BlueEyes19755 days ago
  • I love this game, I want more of this please

    Lele_of Hidden_ValleyLele_of Hidden_Valley5 days ago
  • Who wants Italian now

    What you were thinkingWhat you were thinking5 days ago
  • The sauce should always be mixed in with the pasta, not plopped on it like most restaurants in the US do. It should cling on the noodle. ~an Italian that actually lives in Italy

    Silvia DucoliSilvia Ducoli5 days ago
  • Come on.. Olive gardens chicken Alfredo is arguably the best :/

    Angel CadenaAngel Cadena6 days ago
  • "NEKED" Definitely still southern boys at heart. Cali hasn't changed yall! xD

    Sydney OSydney O6 days ago
  • i'm italian... i can't watch this.. this is no italian food...

    Grifis666Grifis6666 days ago
  • Olive Garden is more expensive than I thought... I usually just go there for bread sticks and salad

    Patricia BluePatricia Blue6 days ago
  • We have a small town here called little Italy. That's as authentic as Italian can get with the restaurants there. The people are actually Italians from italy. Accent and everything. The smell is mesmerizing just walking on the streets.

    Brittany W.Brittany W.6 days ago
  • Petition: Bring back LTAT!!

    Kenan SkrobanovićKenan Skrobanović7 days ago
  • I think it’s funny how me and my sister have been watching you guys and have been eating with you guys for the past 8 years

    mythius lopezmythius lopez7 days ago
  • 10:29 'That is, still a (inaudible) pizza' To whomever makes captions, he said 'That is still a really good pizza'

    Pl PlPl Pl7 days ago
  • great vid but it would be better if they where blindfolded so they coudn't see the food.

    Johannes corolus silvesterJohannes corolus silvester7 days ago
  • Link got that nice shirt

    Frank BagsFrank Bags8 days ago
  • Link is my favorite.

    Rebecca KnaffRebecca Knaff8 days ago
  • now i want olive gardens lemon creme cake ;/ They do have some nice deserts

    husher5142husher51428 days ago
  • The person on the right must know my people! “I” talian.

    E WoodE Wood8 days ago
  • How did they manage to not include even one italian dish on this ? Doesn’t matter still loved it tho :))

    mois naomimois naomi8 days ago
  • Olive garden and we have. A few places that have greta pasta as well lol

    Martina Lola fraserMartina Lola fraser8 days ago
  • I like thick pasta sauce little to lots

    Martina Lola fraserMartina Lola fraser8 days ago
  • Quit slurping link

    David WillbornDavid Willborn9 days ago
  • I guess everyone already knows, but Italian people, living in Italy, don't eat like that: no Alfredo, no spaghetti and meatballs...:-)

    Paola VillaPaola Villa9 days ago
    • Speak for yourself as an Italian I'll eat spaghetti, alfredo and pizza all day girl

      Eric HuffEric Huff8 days ago
  • You shouldn't watch this on an empty stomach

    cool usernamecool username9 days ago
  • Pause it right at 2:06 and just see the difference between Rhett and Link

    Ella EdwardsElla Edwards9 days ago
  • I want to see an unedited gmm :) that would be so funny

    Ella EdwardsElla Edwards9 days ago
  • This is the most American "Italian food" ever

    Simon WalkenhorstSimon Walkenhorst9 days ago
  • I love how the first Italian dish is the least Italian dish ever.

    Andrea QuesadaAndrea Quesada9 days ago
  • I love they keep themselves southern!! So funny but charming at the same time..

    Kassy GtzKassy Gtz9 days ago
  • The cockatrice is evolving either every season.

    NoxustNoxust9 days ago
  • I secretly wish the spaghetti and meatballs was Chef Boyardee XD

    Lauren MontgomeryLauren Montgomery10 days ago
  • The pizza was easy, look at the coloring and nice charring on #2

    Ozan AkyıldızOzan Akyıldız10 days ago
  • Link needs to learn how to eat spaghetti lol

    Low BrozLow Broz10 days ago
  • as an italian: WFT even is chichen alfredo ?

    Alex TAlex T10 days ago
    • Lol tru

      Ana VeronikaAna Veronika9 days ago
  • These are some of the better episodes you guys do

    Donutboy 420Donutboy 42010 days ago
  • Oh my lord. When did they change the intro? I remember when it was the eggs and bacon. Their intro is always so iconic it's crazy when it changes.

    Alex RizvanovAlex Rizvanov10 days ago
  • This cheered me up after a bad day

    christianchristian11 days ago
  • Am i the only one to gag at link slurping like a goat ?

    Aaron DunnAaron Dunn11 days ago
  • This is hands down one of my favorite vids 🤣 rhetts dancing, links commentary, everything in general :)

    sam 001sam 00111 days ago
  • Link’s love for the Dominos pasta was adorable.

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide11 days ago
  • rhett's fancy pants dancing is freaking hilarious

    Cheryl BergCheryl Berg11 days ago
  • Link is a simple man with simple pleasures. I can appreciate that.

    WackywartortleWackywartortle11 days ago
  • .

    Alex SweeneyAlex Sweeney11 days ago
  • why make this video??? would result do you expect

    Papa BrownPapa Brown11 days ago
    • Link looks great in those colors 💚💜

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide11 days ago
  • It's ironic that your first meal is spaghetti and meatballs considering that's not an Italian dish... then chicken alfredo which is also not Italian.

    Jules WinnfieldJules Winnfield11 days ago
  • Y'all are paying $20 for a plate of alfredo at Olive Garden in LA? You people don't know the value of a dollar 😂

    Pyroguy096Pyroguy09611 days ago
  • as an italian this video hurts.

    FedePerniFedePerni11 days ago
  • “Bull shnips” cause we gotta save any last chance of this show being PG lol

    Usama ChaudhriUsama Chaudhri12 days ago
  • I recognized most of the Olive Garden dishes before the captions went up. The last round especially was the easiest-if you’ve ever looked at their dessert menu, that dessert and variations of it have been on the menu for ages.

    Alexis HallAlexis Hall12 days ago
  • GMM can we have a collab with DaymDrops?!

    Jose SantiagoJose Santiago12 days ago
  • I always watch gmm before going to bed instead of in the morning lol

    bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu12 days ago
    • I always go through certain months where i binge gmm for a few weeks and every time i come back to catch up on what i missed the intro changes

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu11 days ago
  • Why did Rhett change his hair 😭😭😭

    GuffGuff12 days ago
    • Curious on where Link got that shirt?!? 🔥🔥

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu11 days ago
  • he asks Link to click the top every time but he never does...

    RamenShamanRamenShaman12 days ago
  • Cool, however those aren't italian dishes at all

    Enrico M.G.Enrico M.G.12 days ago
  • Dominoes chicken Alfredo is amazing. Especially when you get the 2 items for $5.99 each deal!

    S7VAN Gaming And UnboxingS7VAN Gaming And Unboxing12 days ago
    • I can’t explain how much I love the fancy pants dances

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu12 days ago
  • How are you not going to include Dominos Lava Cakes...

    Johnny DeCesareJohnny DeCesare12 days ago
  • OOH! Instead of 2 fancy restaurants you should do homemade.

    Kiera KKiera K13 days ago
  • "Are they fancy, or are they just little and curled??" 😂😂

    cannedcatfoodcannedcatfood13 days ago
  • Link looks great in those colors 💚💜

    cannedcatfoodcannedcatfood13 days ago
  • cool vidoe .!

    Justin DonesJustin Dones13 days ago
  • When they love all pizza it shows that they haven’t tasted CT pizza

    Mike DarcangeloMike Darcangelo13 days ago
  • Jeez those pants are so fancy

    Mike DarcangeloMike Darcangelo13 days ago
  • 4godsake..fortunately pasta with chicken is never ever been an Italian dish...I'm Italian

    Fight Business ItaliaFight Business Italia13 days ago
  • No Cheesecake Factory???

    LovinMommyLifeLovinMommyLife13 days ago
  • Italian food.. Non of these dishes are italian. Alfredo is originally italian, but its basically just pasta with butter. They used to eat it when they were sick. This stuff you guys are eating, is american food.

    Simon Skibdal RasmussenSimon Skibdal Rasmussen13 days ago
  • Curious on where Link got that shirt?!? 🔥🔥

    Kate ImhofKate Imhof13 days ago
  • I always go through certain months where i binge gmm for a few weeks and every time i come back to catch up on what i missed the intro changes

    Alyssa GubernickAlyssa Gubernick13 days ago
  • Only Link would say that Dominos Pizza is spicy. 😂

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss13 days ago
  • I can’t explain how much I love the fancy pants dances

    tylerdumasofficialtylerdumasofficial13 days ago
  • so to eat actual italian food you gotta be a fancy pants?

    Derp ManDerp Man13 days ago
  • Thanks for the laughs! I think I need to incorporate a fancy pants dance into my repertoire.

    the Psycho Supermanthe Psycho Superman13 days ago
  • Why do they keep calling the spaghetti "noodles"? It's literally in the title of the dish "Spaghetti & Meatballs" /facepalm

    David BruunDavid Bruun13 days ago
    • "HEY! LET'S MAKE AN ITALIAN EPISODE!!!" Every dish: Not italian

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss13 days ago
  • Dominos chicken alfredo is the best ugh I’m craving it now

    Phantom VIP GamingPhantom VIP Gaming13 days ago
  • Too much nudity for me

    Solial 666Solial 66613 days ago
  • Meetbaöl

    orran animatesorran animates13 days ago
  • i CRIED laughing when link said “I think the crust is the star of this one” and then it processed to crunch and break like a chip 😂

    The Lauren AveryThe Lauren Avery13 days ago
    • Some people like that.

      madestmadhattermadestmadhatter11 days ago
  • Link was extra funny today lol

    ChaoticMattersChaoticMatters13 days ago
  • Them are fightin words 😠

    Mint BerryMint Berry14 days ago
  • Only Link would say that Dominos Pizza is spicy. 😂

    dueeh nyyudueeh nyyu14 days ago
  • Link is looking more and more like a dad everyday

    The_soap_lordThe_soap_lord14 days ago
  • Dominos is the best alfredo with a bread bowl

    Cody HargisCody Hargis14 days ago