Guess That Crazy Wikihow (Game)

May 15, 2020
833 294 Views

In today's game, we're trying to guess the WikiHow article based on just the pictures. GMM #1740

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  • People who like abdl: 👁💧👄💧👁 I’m not addicted to wearing diapers-

    XxsolarixxXXxsolarixxX3 days ago
  • I Laughed so hard at this episode

    Hannah JoyHannah JoyMonth ago
  • Rhett is starting to look like a caveman lmao

    GamingTvGamingTv2 months ago
  • I lost it when link shouted "who is this!"

    Armando SorianoArmando Soriano2 months ago
  • wikihow is just troom troom in picture form

    Kana BeatsKana Beats2 months ago
  • Number 1 is so easy

    ig: htxnathenig: htxnathen2 months ago
  • Please do this again.

    Garden LoverGarden Lover2 months ago
  • You guys gotta do this again. This was hilarious.

    nicole leosnicole leos2 months ago
  • Why do I keep hearing a childish laugh in the backround

    :B:B3 months ago
  • The one girl definitely has a crush on Rhett. Don't blame her

    JESSIEJESSIE3 months ago
  • I laughed so hard I cried. Especially at the cat one. I haven't laughed that hard in ages!

    c argylec argyle3 months ago
  • That cat! Omg I'm dying!

    Luca BeardLuca Beard3 months ago
  • Ha, the Great Indoors...

    Tyrel HansenTyrel Hansen3 months ago
  • Please play this game again. Its hilarious 🤣

    Monique KloppersMonique Kloppers3 months ago
  • it's "Lukman" not lokman, and it's "spaghetti" not specialty

    roseline natasyaroseline natasya3 months ago
  • Stevie hasn’t even said anything. She’s just laughing lol

    Drew GarberDrew Garber3 months ago
  • There are actually no nerve endings in the brain, so not so painful i guess

    Kanker NegerKanker Neger4 months ago

    Phoenix WrightPhoenix Wright4 months ago
  • God I love Rhett's "caveman look"

    OlafttheGreat1998OlafttheGreat19984 months ago
  • is it just me, or do those sculptures in Link's house look like they're moving so really fast side to side...?

    MrTinglesMrTingles4 months ago
  • I cannot stop laughing at this episode! 😅😅🤣🤣

    Megan DrianisMegan Drianis4 months ago
  • Rhett with the sunglasses looked like Howard Hesseman from WKRP in Cincinnati xD

    BB ChildBB Child4 months ago
  • Sharting while swiftering 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    LuvMagic77LuvMagic774 months ago
  • Rhett: words Stevie: heaheaheaheheheahhae

    Taco MillTaco Mill4 months ago
  • the CURLY oh my god

    Brooklynn SkyeBrooklynn Skye4 months ago
  • Ive not watched this channel in a year HOLY F*CK RHETT LOOKS LIKE A WOOKIE

    PerkinatorPerkinator4 months ago
  • Rhett's hair reminds me of Medusa

    alfie balfie b4 months ago
  • I love this

    GeorgiexrGeorgiexr4 months ago
  • 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    GeorgiexrGeorgiexr4 months ago
  • Love this

    GeorgiexrGeorgiexr4 months ago
  • You two are so funny

    GeorgiexrGeorgiexr4 months ago
  • I love this video

    GeorgiexrGeorgiexr4 months ago
  • You should do will it steak

    Aspen RoseAspen Rose4 months ago
  • Rhett with the glasses looks like he's going to fix a roof

    löaflöaf4 months ago
  • That wink at the end tho 😂

    Yulisa RodriguezYulisa Rodriguez5 months ago
  • The guy looking at the cat looks like Snape so my guess was "How to shave Professor McGonagall when she's sleeping".

    Nathan HaimsonNathan Haimson5 months ago
  • Who in the world is addicted to wearing a diaper??

    ForgottenSolesForgottenSoles5 months ago
  • *abdl community has left the chat*

    Pup GrievancePup Grievance5 months ago
    • I think, they're still lurking 😏

      Fabs G.Fabs G.Month ago
  • Y'all are great thanks for continuing to post. It's become the only stable part of my life.

    Patrick ConradPatrick Conrad5 months ago
  • ❤️V

    Your Tuesday DarlingYour Tuesday Darling5 months ago
  • Link's hair goes up and Rhetts goes down now. How the turn tables!

    Andrea DedrickAndrea Dedrick5 months ago
  • Please do more of these!!!!

    Angela PerezAngela Perez5 months ago
  • I have been watching gmm for quite a while...and have not been subscribed. But when Link says, thanks for subscribing and clicking that bell...I immediately was pressured into clicking SUBSCRIBING

    Biza MiddletonBiza Middleton5 months ago
  • Now link's hair's going up and rhett's hair's going down

    Aarohee GondkarAarohee Gondkar5 months ago
    • RoastedRainbow can u believe it. I think we are the only ones who know that song...they should TOTALLY do more fun songs!

      Biza MiddletonBiza Middleton5 months ago
  • dont know why but when i saw feeding america i saw feedin gamer ica xD

    Evan CranerEvan Craner5 months ago
  • Rhett now looks like a insane guy on criminal minds!

    Cecilia CooperCecilia Cooper5 months ago
  • fun video

    Neon RobinNeon Robin5 months ago
  • Slowly, but surely, Rhett is turning into a Sasquatch. That hair be wild!

    Iyana JeanIyana Jean5 months ago
  • why do adults need to wear diapers anyway?

    Young CompetitiveYoung Competitive5 months ago
  • Did Link say "stumping" his toe instead of "stubbing"? His brain must be a fascinating place.

    TheMowensTheMowens5 months ago
  • Home alone

    Hardy McknightHardy Mcknight5 months ago
  • Rhetts hair goes down. Links hair goes up. Times are changing

    Rebecca FultzRebecca Fultz5 months ago
  • We need more of this wiki how game 😂

    Joey TeterJoey Teter5 months ago
  • You should play VRchat together so you can see each other. Kinda. It can be played on VR or a computer, and ITS FREE

    Ashton _ AnimatedAshton _ Animated5 months ago
  • What recording program do you use

    Tyler WalterTyler Walter5 months ago
  • I got the first one when I looked at the second picture , how to butterfly kiss

    Caleb KinneyCaleb Kinney5 months ago
  • Has anybody never realised how big links hands are XD Like,his thumbs look like sausages

    Rose RelayRose Relay5 months ago
  • It may be time for an updated version of "My hair goes up, my hair goes down"

    Das HexxchenDas Hexxchen5 months ago
  • Soy la única que habla español y los extraña mucho, vuelvan a Buenos y míticos diás. Los veía cuando tenia 9 años, me encantaban sus videos y lo sigo asiendo. Vuelvan por Favor :"(

    Milu OuOMilu OuO5 months ago
  • Who was laughing the whole time besides me

    Beating EpisodesBeating Episodes5 months ago
  • Rhett u need haircut

    SømSøm5 months ago
  • 0:42 They think a lot of thoughts about a lot of things

    Alexis MannAlexis Mann5 months ago
  • why is there no new video on Saturday? why Rhett and link? (their own channel)

    Dana SmithDana Smith5 months ago
  • LMBO! 💀 This topic deserves a part 2.

    달킨티아달킨티아5 months ago
  • Rhett looks like he just woke up

    willsans the skeletonwillsans the skeleton5 months ago
  • 😆why does the guy with the knife look so beat😂

    Reilly DollerReilly Doller5 months ago
  • "How to think through diapers"

    Sarah W.Sarah W.5 months ago
  • Rhett channeled his inner cotton candy randy when he introduced that game

    TheBuckeyeTyTheBuckeyeTy5 months ago
  • Are you guys not allowed to get together?

    Natty DreadbwoyNatty Dreadbwoy5 months ago
    • No

      Calvin PaceCalvin Pace5 months ago
  • 8:32 How to be Dio 9:20 How to be Dio

    ArcherPharisArcherPharis5 months ago
  • *me being from arkansas* omg how to call the hogs

    mckenzie pillstrommckenzie pillstrom5 months ago
    • woooo pigggg sooieeee

      marygracemarygrace5 months ago
  • No one: Link: let’s talk about that

    Crisyboi BoiCrisyboi Boi5 months ago
  • Does anyone think it’s weird how in season 9 i think link busted his lip and was wearing a mask? LINK PREDICTED CORANAVIRUS

    Calvin PaceCalvin Pace5 months ago
    • Also Rhett says you never know what’s going around NOSTRADAMUS 2.0

      Calvin PaceCalvin Pace5 months ago
  • Who else eats breakfast and watches them

    Cheetahgirl27Cheetahgirl275 months ago
  • A “Dino cat”

    Skeptic MafiaSkeptic Mafia5 months ago
  • As an abdl the diaper part was super awkward but really funny.

    Dearly BelovedDearly Beloved5 months ago
  • 11:12 not the first one link has sad "ass-phalt" 😂

    Michelle LinMichelle Lin5 months ago
  • Love how you made Stevie record herself laughing.

    MysteriouslyMythicalMysteriouslyMythical5 months ago
  • Stevie is just laughing through the video but it still makes the video better

    Beatriz M. B.Beatriz M. B.5 months ago
  • Thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Rhett's commentary got me crying... One legged cat! 😂 And love that Stevie's there laughing with them.

    Cara LiuCara Liu5 months ago
  • 13:33 Big Lebowski? Is that you

    Emperor ZucccEmperor Zuccc5 months ago
  • SO FUNNY omg i was dying laughing

    Anik TaborAnik Tabor5 months ago
  • Stevie's adorable giggles throughout the whole thing is just the best part of life, period.

    Jay_Jay_5 months ago
  • OMG...i could listen to Stevie's laugh for HOURS! 🥰❤️❤️🥰

    7kacigo7kacigo5 months ago
  • I love this game, y'all have to do this again lol

    zz5 months ago
  • Both of their hair has gone a little crazy and I'm living for it

    LucyLucy5 months ago
  • Can't wait for this virus to be over... new videos in the studio!!

    Dr SonicDr Sonic5 months ago
  • Link has never looked better in his entire life than he does here.

    MikoSquizMikoSquiz5 months ago
  • How to really think through diapers 😆

    O NegativeO Negative5 months ago
  • 4:42

    rae stellarae stella5 months ago
  • Rhett looks like the cover of The Big Lebowski at the end haha

    cmmcmm5 months ago
  • Okay, this game is really one of the most entertaining that GMM ever created. So fun in so many ways.

    hh1hanahh1hana5 months ago
  • I LOVE YOU, GUYS! 💜💜💜 You look.. 😄😍 fantastic!

    Inas ShInas Sh5 months ago
  • What is the point of Stevie ??

    TombGirlTombGirl5 months ago
  • One thing we didn't need in this show is that young earth bs. 😵😂

    InductionInduction5 months ago
  • Link we like your hair big. We as I and me but do it!

    Hilary LewisHilary Lewis5 months ago
  • It’s just not the same without Stevie

    Katie’s ChannelKatie’s Channel5 months ago
  • Ayyyyy Indonesia represent

    TheBigfatsomanTheBigfatsoman5 months ago
  • i love the stevie laughs lol

    zoëzoë5 months ago
  • This is a great opportunity for link to go back to his old hairstyle😁

    RaptorRaptor5 months ago