Guy Fieri Product Taste Test

Jul 28, 2020
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Today, we're seeing if we can determine which name products is from the mayor of Flavortown himself. GMM #1781
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  • Baster...tingles?

    _Tony Farr__Tony Farr_Day ago
  • Guy how big do you want your brush Yes

    Fleek Da GeekFleek Da Geek3 days ago
  • These products are Guy Fieri but mostly peaceful...

    Pop FizzyPop Fizzy4 days ago
  • I clicked on this without realizing it was an old episode and got unreasonably happy when I heard "Let's talk about that"....

    Pinkie PowerPinkie Power4 days ago
  • The hotdog divot is so that you can set the thing down and the bristles won't touch the surface

    rbcarmenrbcarmen7 days ago
  • 💖💖 try food made by kids hehe

    Espe ASMREspe ASMR8 days ago
  • Taste and rank all 22 sauces from Chicken Guy - Guy Fieri’s chicken restaurant!!

    A BA B10 days ago
  • This is besides the episode, but I would love to try a meal that was made by Josh, his food making skills are amazing!

    Daymn WardDaymn Ward13 days ago
  • Rhett's so salty when talking about the "diner blend" 😂

    Philodendron14 -Philodendron14 -13 days ago
  • They’re going to break up b4 2020

    Kenny MulaKenny Mula16 days ago
  • Did he fart at 2:00

    MrGoldboy596MrGoldboy59619 days ago
  • I'm sure someone said this already but that divot is clearly for resting the brush on the rim of a bowl.

    g10118g1011821 day ago
  • ... masterbaster

    Isadora FredianoIsadora Frediano28 days ago
  • But k cups are instant coffee.....

    Sabrina KopkeSabrina KopkeMonth ago
  • "Masterbaster" lmao

    audreycade89audreycade89Month ago
  • I actually work at one of the Diners he has had on Triple D! Metro Diner for the win! Stay Mythical my friends!!

    Clint WeldonClint WeldonMonth ago
  • Masterbaster 💀

    Dan McGeeDan McGeeMonth ago

    Brandon NegusBrandon NegusMonth ago
  • Rhett, I know it probably gets aggravating but please always keep the beard and hair. Love it. Stay beautiful, you majestic mythical unicorn.

    Caleb _ belaCCaleb _ belaCMonth ago
  • Guys from Ohio. Columbus to be exact.

    PrudentAsh4788PrudentAsh4788Month ago
  • Rhett looks like the dude lmao

    Michael pugsMichael pugsMonth ago
  • Omg it took me until the last round to realize their cards werent Guy's face, it was theirs. Lmao

    Delicate DisasterDelicate DisasterMonth ago
  • How did they see comments between the rounds ?

    Quentin BadieQuentin BadieMonth ago
  • It’s BASTING....NOT foreplay.

    deborah DeborahRdeborah DeborahRMonth ago
  • Those are silicon brushes, not basters.

    The Well Hung PonyThe Well Hung PonyMonth ago
  • 😆✌️

    Jeff SipesJeff SipesMonth ago
  • Rhett said "master baster." Huh Huh

    Sloppy JoeSloppy JoeMonth ago
  • Is it just me who thought it was fiery

    Tha Balkan GuyTha Balkan GuyMonth ago

    TheRothwellx xTheRothwellx xMonth ago
  • 12:04 were my colombus oh gang

    Zayd AlhagaliZayd AlhagaliMonth ago
  • masterbaster

    John DeereJohn DeereMonth ago
  • No masterbasting in the chicken hole

  • Where can I get his products and that shirt lol, Guy is the man

  • That second baster could be used to clean cars at car washes...

    Marc RoverMarc RoverMonth ago
  • guy fieri is from , Columbus, OH

    Xavier Graves-HawkinsXavier Graves-HawkinsMonth ago
  • Also ..... this video is erotic

    Ellie CopelandEllie CopelandMonth ago
  • @Rhett the way you pronounce"Fieri" reminds me of The Last Podcast On The Left and now I realize how imperative it is, that you listen to that podcast, specifically starting with, perhaps, Jodia arias parts 1 and 2, and I hope (and suspect, deep down in my universal soul, that you will love it

    Ellie CopelandEllie CopelandMonth ago
  • “This is a master baster” -Rhett

    AJ KeyAJ KeyMonth ago
  • Can you guys please do more Dollar General product taste tests?! I would love to see Rhett & Link's reactions to them!! Lol

    jazmun waterjazmun waterMonth ago
  • Rhett you are my hair role model, can you do a GMM style video of your hair/beard routine ?

    The DorkThe DorkMonth ago
  • Guy Fieri says its pronounced "feeyare", I say it's pronounced "douchbag"

    Ask MelaterAsk MelaterMonth ago
  • Ha master baster

    alpq comalpq comMonth ago
  • Kansas city bbq sauce reigns supreme!!!

    BeWellBeWell2 months ago
  • this is such a look for rhett, the hair really completes the flame shirt

    Ariel ThrasherAriel Thrasher2 months ago
  • Thank you Rhett you correcting link made my day, and that’s pretty easy because I might have corona now so :/

    zach hiyajnehzach hiyajneh2 months ago
  • 8:23 8:30 Over there

    Manu HakalaManu Hakala2 months ago
  • Idk if you guys have tried Kroger brand Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but it’s nastyyyy

    julia Webbjulia Webb2 months ago
  • Link's crooked-ass thumbs... Let's talk about THAT

    Jade FischerJade Fischer2 months ago
  • 6:53🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣

    vrtx gagigum 767vrtx gagigum 7672 months ago
  • Here I thought that the things on brushes were bristles! Good thing they set me straight!😂

    Laurie OwenLaurie Owen2 months ago
  • You could say he's a...Fieri Guy

    RedEyesTopsRedEyesTops2 months ago
    • HA

      vrtx gagigum 767vrtx gagigum 7672 months ago
  • Idea : put Gordon Ramsey on a will it

    Tyler AkersTyler Akers2 months ago
    • Will it gordan Ramsey

      vrtx gagigum 767vrtx gagigum 7672 months ago
  • Imagine being Rhett’s kids getting yelled at at home then seeing him talk about master basters on the internet for millions of people

    Seth DriscollSeth Driscoll2 months ago
  • 4:53 😂

    The 44KThe 44K2 months ago
  • when rhett sticks in the masterbaster but it doesnt have a blond tip

    kenankenan2 months ago
  • My god those innuendos 🤣

    PotatoHasAimPotatoHasAim2 months ago
  • So if u take the ace baster and turn it on the side with the bend down it will prevent the bristles from touching any surface......the more you know.......

    Brad MausBrad Maus2 months ago
  • My slow ass just noticed that tablecloth decoration😂😂😂

    adrianne roddyadrianne roddy2 months ago
  • “This is a master baster”

    Eric SEric S2 months ago
  • Anyone else feel like if you show up at his door Guy will endorse you?

    JeffJeff2 months ago
  • Imma get that leg with this one 😂

    Scott RowneyScott Rowney2 months ago
  • Nobody made a joke when Rhett said "Master Baster"

    Shin MoizShin Moiz2 months ago
  • Fun fact: I was actually related to Guy Fieri but I’m not anymore. I guess he was like idk a cousin I’m not super sure what he was to me but I never met him, he was just some how related to me by marriage

    Victoria GraceVictoria Grace2 months ago
  • IDEA: taste test the new Heinz mixes like the honey-racha and the other ones

    Madelynn LadnerMadelynn Ladner2 months ago
  • Do a bbq sauce march madness thing. Theres so many big brands and so many upstart or small time brands. Put bbq sauce on everything. That would be aweosme to me

    st0rts .97st0rts .972 months ago
  • 5:36 😂

    Not Reggie PittsNot Reggie Pitts2 months ago
  • I've been wondering if anyone from State College would be the fan saying "You know what time it is!" since I started watching GMM several years ago. It's my hometown!

    DNTVDNTV2 months ago
  • I haven't watched GMM in a while, and I've apparently missed Rhett turning into a werewolf.

    SodapopSodapop2 months ago
  • can i just say that I am loving rhett's luxurious hair? rhett needs to keep the hair, lose the beard, and the n link should grow the... curly moustache!

    amishrobotsamishrobots2 months ago
  • Does Link remind you of Monroe?

    TheJonathandinkinsTheJonathandinkins2 months ago
  • Josh’s food creations compared to other brands, and they guess which is his & also score/rate them to determine what they liked the most !

    alliemaru naraalliemaru nara2 months ago
  • The gentle baster connection... Link is the man...

    Corey CovingtonCorey Covington2 months ago
  • Wait, how are they reading comment during the recording???

    MSTMST2 months ago
  • How did you not use his Root Beer BBQ... it's quintessentially Guy Fieri-esque

    Jared BrennanJared Brennan2 months ago
  • The baster banter gave me some good chuckles

    Hevvy RhythmHevvy Rhythm2 months ago
  • rhettism: basting is bonding

    Cheryl BergCheryl Berg2 months ago
  • okay which one of you farted at 2:01

    TDKGaming98TDKGaming982 months ago
  • I really enjoy the “Baster Tingles”

    Lazy Panda ProductionsLazy Panda Productions2 months ago
  • When are you guys finally gonna stop showing us the brands so we can play along with Rhett and link?

    Steven HainesSteven Haines2 months ago
  • For the BBQ sauce round, I would have gone with Guy's diner-style Root Beer BBQ Sauce myself. I was never a fan of his until well after I tried the sauce, and I tell you, that sauce is the definition of Flavortown.

    OmegA's Gaming Channel #SaveTheOAOmegA's Gaming Channel #SaveTheOA2 months ago
  • "Masterbaster"

    Carlos QuintanaCarlos Quintana2 months ago
  • Is.... is the desk guys hair?????????????

    Maddie Walker!Maddie Walker!2 months ago
  • This is what I do everytime I click a video.(mobile) I click the video read the one comment that is shown under the recommendations. Then I watch the video until they start to spin the wheel. I never watch the wheel.

    Whoa TittiesWhoa Titties2 months ago
  • master baster he says ummm phrasing XD

    EnderBornEnderBorn2 months ago
  • 6:48 is when this video gets demonetized😂😂

    Sounded BucketSounded Bucket2 months ago
  • It Rhett slowly turning into a lion?

    Russ McCollumRuss McCollum2 months ago
  • Believe it or not, my dad actually went to middle school with the guy, and told me that at 13 years old, he's the same person then as he is now, minus the Hawaiian shirts, and tips.

    Caleb BacciCaleb Bacci2 months ago
  • It's not worth paying more for brands if they taste (food) or look (merchandise) about the same as any other item. There is no significance to them.

    James RiveraJames Rivera2 months ago
  • 2 layers of dilly dallys Shortest baster-tingles 😅

    Elya HartleyElya Hartley2 months ago
  • They need guy on the show

    Erin CastoErin Casto2 months ago
  • Guy fieri is stuck in 98.

    Bang ChungBang Chung2 months ago
  • Come in with a master baster! Oh these guys crack me up!

    Jessica WrightJessica Wright2 months ago
  • This is a director's game

    F.B.IF.B.I2 months ago
  • Who is basting a chicken with a brush? I use a turkey baster with the bulb n the tube.

    Elizabeth MayerElizabeth Mayer2 months ago
  • Nothing to see here just two Master Basters masterbasting and "bonding".

    Lightborn GamesLightborn Games2 months ago
  • This is epic

    Solomon KorteSolomon Korte2 months ago
  • Why does Rhett actually look good in that shirt?

    Skooter571Skooter5712 months ago
  • Master baster 😂

    Brittany FooteBrittany Foote2 months ago
  • Is Guy Fieri a chef? Other than Donkey Sauce, what has he cooked?

    Quantum MagnusQuantum Magnus2 months ago
  • I feel like Rhett was especially calm when he guessed his answers right👀

    cameron humphreycameron humphrey2 months ago