International Cookies Taste Test

Jun 8, 2020
2 792 629 Views

Today, we're tasting cookies from AROUND THE WORLD! GMM #1750
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  • What fun it is to see these guys, their friendship and their ability to act like 12 year olds!!

    Brenda BaumBrenda Baum16 hours ago
  • "No where but India" We don't even have marshmallows here that much.... due to the gelatin in it that may contain beef which we don't eat.

    Pratham BhisePratham Bhise19 hours ago
  • what are the chances of both of us hitting the sam.... oh

    ProabisHDProabisHD2 days ago
  • My favorite cookie in the world is those hippo cookies...

    Peachy CreamPeachy Cream2 days ago
  • hippos are the besssstttt

    Random PersonRandom Person2 days ago
  • I love the hippos racked up in UAE very addicting ! 😭

    Ja’KhiJa’Khi3 days ago
  • I can always tell how new these videos are by the status of Rhetts Geico caveman hair

    Aa RrAa Rr3 days ago
  • yeah. kinder is the italian word for children...

    SiddichSiddich3 days ago
  • Happy Hippos are the best 😍

    SloMoe OfficialSloMoe Official4 days ago
  • judge judy

    Don RoaDon Roa4 days ago
  • I love Kinder so much, especially those hazelnut-cream filled treats!!!!

    Princess YuBeacePrincess YuBeace4 days ago
  • If you do one of these again, we have this cookiebrand called Ballerina in Sweden. They're really popular here.

    nelliethesleepingbeautynelliethesleepingbeauty4 days ago
  • As a german I am pretty upset that Happy Hippo is concidered an Italien thing.

    ChesterChester4 days ago
  • You get the hippos in Scotland

    matthew4863matthew48634 days ago
  • I'm surprised that americans haven't ate happy hippos they are amazing.

    SkyBloxerSkyBloxer5 days ago
  • Me, a Spaniard: Is thAt a HapPy hiPPO?!? The cookie: *appears as an Italian cookie* Me: wait- The Kinder brand is actually pretty famous in Europe :p

    Sly BlueSly Blue6 days ago
  • Make that merch and id proudly wear that

    Topaz_The _GamerTopaz_The _Gamer6 days ago
  • the hippo thing is german too :( isnt kinder a german brand too??

    Little Lost LiaLittle Lost Lia7 days ago
  • I thought everyone knew the first ones where from Mexico. 🤷‍♂️

    Trenton JonesTrenton Jones8 days ago
  • I've been watching Rhett and LinK for 6 years now and I still think they have the best friendship anyone could ever have !

    Imaan RafeeqImaan Rafeeq8 days ago
  • *I'm sorry Link, we Canadians would never do that to you..not that teenie tiny ice cream cone* 💕

    RaeRae8 days ago
  • *Links locks are looking extra mad scientisty today 🙏😂😏*

    RaeRae8 days ago
  • Oh boy... Let's see who link stabs today.

    Knife FlavoredKnife Flavored9 days ago
  • Lol the cone cookie is not from korea lol there’s japanese written on the package

    Haelee ChangHaelee Chang10 days ago
  • I love Hippos I’m girlfriend lived in Germany for 4 years n hippos definitely was our go to

    Kenny MulaKenny Mula10 days ago
  • What! The hippo cookies are a very popular snack in the UK

    Hey AdoraHey Adora10 days ago
  • The international taste tests are my favourite episodes

    Esme FaloolaEsme Faloola10 days ago
  • Yeah please make a I'm a professional loser t-shirt

    Franklin FrancisFranklin Francis10 days ago
  • Those hippo cookies are so cute

    sarah williamsonsarah williamson11 days ago
    • indeed

      WOLFDawg 606WOLFDawg 60610 days ago
  • That kinder hippo used to be available in mexico too, many years ago

    Sol DíazSol Díaz11 days ago
  • Hearing The camera woman say rainbow in Spanish made my day.

    poop manpoop man12 days ago
  • Okay the happy hippos we also have in Germany where lots of the Kinder stuff comes from

    Nicolas SchultzNicolas Schultz12 days ago
  • The hippos reminded me of Ferrero Rochers, which would have had me thinking Italy. PS. THAT HORSIE IS SOOO CUTE!!

    aewtxaewtx12 days ago
  • bro why does Rhett throw the darts so hard 😂😂

    rcktrckt12 days ago
  • Link: There are no zoos in Australia. The Irwins: Excuse us, but we literally own the Australia Zoo :)

    Hannah LarsonHannah Larson12 days ago
  • 'I'm a professional loser'... This should be a quote 😂😂

    Kamala SudheerKamala Sudheer13 days ago
  • the bing bing box had japanese on it

    PagerplierPagerplier14 days ago
  • I'm surprised they measure it in cms as its America

    SyfyholicSyfyholic14 days ago
  • Living in Arizona, I see those first cookies all the time. The fact that they haven't seen those living in Cali is surprising

    Dwayne JonesDwayne Jones14 days ago
  • Australia briefly had the hippos and I miss them so much. They're my favourite.

    Jess MaskellJess Maskell14 days ago
  • Bon bon directly translates to good good but indirectly translates as goodies

    Kelon WatersKelon Waters15 days ago
  • You know what would be funny; if they used the other version of the world I just want know if it'll trip them up....lmao

    Amateur PixieAmateur Pixie16 days ago

    21:2121:2116 days ago
  • I love how unintentionally bad Link is at this game. When he hit Canada (while aiming for Brazil) with the correct answer being South Korea, I sprayed coffee all over my computer.

    Give Me FiveGive Me Five16 days ago
  • "There's chocolate, all the way down!" I was waiting for Link to say, "Go all the way down"

    Give Me FiveGive Me Five16 days ago
  • Me waiting for Anzac biscuits lol

    _BOOGY__BOOGY_17 days ago
  • The fact that I knew the first cookie because I eat them ALL the time. So good.

    thebxsketcxsethebxsketcxse17 days ago
  • Anyone watching from the UK knows happy hippos are in every single corner shop, and kinder is a German brand 😭

    Izzy TurnerIzzy Turner17 days ago
    • Kinder is actually Italian.

      Dr. Tanya JayDr. Tanya Jay15 days ago
  • Rachel Maddow needs to work oh her dart throwing skill.... oh wait thats Link

    JBlazeJBlaze17 days ago
  • We have the hippos in poland

    Lg the GamerLg the Gamer17 days ago
  • First one made me feel cultured. Even tho im not cultured at all.

    Squidaddy99 !Squidaddy99 !18 days ago
  • I'm glad whoever folded Chase's apron up understands that that's what we want to see. Thank you

    Anna BroomfieldAnna Broomfield19 days ago
  • wait why isn't turkey on the board?

    CharmsCharms20 days ago
  • Link: “Peanut Butter Cup without the Peanut Butter.” i love cup flavor

    Cookie ProductionsCookie Productions20 days ago
    • there’s the new instant ramen flavor. there’s Chicken Flavor, Beef Flavor, Chili Flavor, and my favorite, Cup Flavor.

      marmar14 days ago
  • those hippo cookies are so good

    Cookie ProductionsCookie Productions20 days ago
  • I love arcoiris! Pretty much any Mexican snack.

    A AdamsA Adams20 days ago

    Haydn GeddesHaydn Geddes21 day ago
  • They really just didn’t get sponch

    JmperelloJmperello22 days ago
  • We have similar coconut marshmallow cookies in Canada

    Tracy MainwaringTracy Mainwaring24 days ago
  • That horse 🐴 had some definite goat 🐐 eyes

    Brandon SchockeltBrandon Schockelt25 days ago
  • As someone who is Italian, shops at a Korean grocery, subscribes to a Japanese snack box, and took a semester of Swedish language and culture, I would've crushed this game

    raindropknowledgeraindropknowledge25 days ago
  • When Link Bonk Bonk them Bing Bings. I felt that.

    WildmanWildman26 days ago
  • And again no netherlands even though the Stroopwafel would be such a good choise. Or like roze koek or something. Come on yall! I haven't seen my country in ages and yet there's countries repeating every other episode or so. It's too bad cus it limits the variety. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see other countries represented more. Italy, france, Japan, canada and USA are a BIT overused

    Kay VolkeringKay Volkering26 days ago
    • I don't think I've seen Britain in a while either.

      Long_Term_KarmaLong_Term_Karma20 days ago
  • 我也不会喜欢

    Lucky LlamaLucky Llama27 days ago
  • Can someone explain to me why Rhett has to yell What if someone says Tokyo?

    Eternally AngelicEternally Angelic27 days ago
  • Turkey was not an option on the board btw

    SS WAYSSS WAYS28 days ago
  • I saw that hippo cookie I HAD TO CLICK I'm a fan of them in the uk

    Juice WrldJuice Wrld28 days ago
  • Happy Hippo is also available in the UK

    Sha MuSha Mu28 days ago
  • International Tast Tests is my favorite GMM series

    Jacob HatfieldJacob Hatfield28 days ago
  • kinder happy hippo is my favourite childhood snacc.

    Boggle 100Boggle 10028 days ago
  • The hippos aren’t just in italy, they are also in Europe.

    ፕዘቿ ዘዐረሃ ፕልርዐፕዘቿ ዘዐረሃ ፕልርዐMonth ago
    • @Nikos Ntousikos are you forgetting we are in the middle of a pandemic? Maybe you should go to your school

      ፕዘቿ ዘዐረሃ ፕልርዐፕዘቿ ዘዐረሃ ፕልርዐ7 days ago
    • Go to your school pls

      Nikos NtousikosNikos Ntousikos7 days ago
    • Hippos where first in germany but are from a italian company

      FeynexFeynex14 days ago
    • Most kinder products are available all across Europe.

      Hello GeeklingsHello Geeklings18 days ago
    • They're available in the UK too, they have been for years

      Kat GreenwoodKat Greenwood19 days ago
  • HAPPY HIPPO is from Germany just wanted to say

    R3d_KuSH002R3d_KuSH002Month ago
  • Every Friday I start my morning with cold coffee and a happy hippo.

    Nineteen CarsNineteen CarsMonth ago
  • those hippos were my childhood

    HlosaloHlosaloMonth ago
  • I wanted to cry because I’m mexican

    David SaldañaDavid SaldañaMonth ago
  • Kinder hippos are so Peng

    Tia SmithTia SmithMonth ago
  • Eti Cin are the bomb. What are they talking about?

    Edward SawyerEdward SawyerMonth ago
  • Somebody should buy chase a bigger shirt...

    Donnie BoughtonDonnie BoughtonMonth ago
  • the only cheat that saves link is the literal bowl of liquid lol

    Kana BeatsKana BeatsMonth ago
  • You guys should do an international coffee taste test

    Connor CourtneyConnor CourtneyMonth ago
  • Happy hippos are from Germany 🇩🇪. Italy 🇮🇹????

    Jim LarensJim LarensMonth ago
  • ur beautiful!

    sofia.sofia.Month ago
  • anybody get a rush of seratonin however u spell it when link said “happy cone snAck” i love it

    Dani PooleDani PooleMonth ago
  • 1st cookie I’m like that’s my fav cookie Mexico 🇲🇽 love being Mexican

    Alopez2007 ForeverAlopez2007 ForeverMonth ago
  • I don't like that they show the country of origin to us at the start, I like to play along too

    Bombskwad 92Bombskwad 92Month ago
  • I saw the hippo and thought "yeii finally germany".. i saw the map .. wtf?!?!

    Leonie KppLeonie KppMonth ago
  • Sry but "Kinder" is german.. its even a german word lol

    Leonie KppLeonie KppMonth ago
    • The word might be German, but the brand isn't. It's a brand of Ferrero, which is an Italian company. The brand was first introduced in Italia and Germany, not just Germany. Also Happy Hippos are produced in Italy and Germany

      JimiPainJimiPainMonth ago
  • Flat earthers ?

    Victoria SanchezVictoria SanchezMonth ago
  • Link the advantage of going second is to make your guess around rhetts dart to minimize the damage

    Dylan MillerDylan MillerMonth ago
  • The fart is not an advantage

    Dylan MillerDylan MillerMonth ago
  • I always hope link will do better then he guesses Brazil, he always guessing Brazil but it never does anything for him.

    Dylan MillerDylan MillerMonth ago


    Hip poHip poMonth ago
  • buff Link please

    Enrique CuellarEnrique CuellarMonth ago
  • I have those hippo cookies and I'm from Puerto Rico xD

    Gadiel TosadoGadiel TosadoMonth ago
  • I’m from Texas, that first cookie I can get down the street at my grocery store lol I was surprised they didn’t know what it was! I guess we got a big Mexican influence down here lol.

    Megan VillarrealMegan VillarrealMonth ago
  • That cookie looked like a joint from cheech and Chong

    Chris ManningChris ManningMonth ago
  • Is it just me or does anyone else think Rhett and Link could reenact two and a half men with Chase

    Silas DiehlSilas DiehlMonth ago
  • You should do International Shots!!!

    Jennifer McGowanJennifer McGowanMonth ago
  • “There are no zoos in Australia!” Australia Zoo: Am I a joke to you?

    Maggie DresslerMaggie DresslerMonth ago