International Hot Dog Taste Test

Aug 17, 2020
2 296 580 Views

Where in the world did these international hot dogs come from?? GMM #1795
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  • Yo, close your eyes at 6:36

    Einar Blood-AxeEinar Blood-Axe7 hours ago
  • Love this video

    hammami haythemhammami haythem21 hour ago
  • I need to know where they got those butt sauce dispensers for.. personal reasons.

    Emma JonesEmma JonesDay ago
  • Idt michigan exists on their map

    Kimberly Heard - LaughryKimberly Heard - LaughryDay ago
  • i'm from the netherlands and i have never even heard of a pizza hotdog. I've heard of hotdog on a pizza but not the other way around.

    L0RVINL0RVINDay ago
  • They FINALLY got the Link dart cam!

    James KoncarJames Koncar2 days ago
  • 8:15 Rhett and Link you literally have already had this type of hotdog in your International Street Food Taste Test hahahah

    Raveneight _Raveneight _3 days ago
  • Does anyone else cover the answer and try to play along

    J deroJ dero3 days ago

    Tee YahTee Yah3 days ago
  • I’d watch a POV episode of GMM

    ThatArcticJokesterThatArcticJokester4 days ago
  • Despite that "Chernobyl Style Completo", seeing that Chile finally had an appearance on GMM, just made my day ❤️🇨🇱

    Ñancuvil F.Ñancuvil F.4 days ago
  • Something from sweden wooo 😝👏🏼

    xtratziixtratzii4 days ago
  • I am from The Netherlands but I have never seen that hotdog!!😱🤤🤭

    Indra DoggenIndra Doggen4 days ago
  • Kansas? Looks more of a nebraska hit.

    Cat Eating Chez BurgerCat Eating Chez Burger5 days ago
  • There's something lovingly infuriating about Link always deciding the "safe" bet is to just aim near Rhett's dart, even if he's already behind...

    Crona MakenshiCrona Makenshi5 days ago
  • What kind of completo is that?? Ask a chilean for a real completo if you want to get one

    Tulankamon!Tulankamon!5 days ago
  • The South Korean is really good and popular here in the eastern countries.

    June ChoiJune Choi7 days ago

    Ahmed RafiAhmed Rafi7 days ago
  • Am I the only one that thinks Chase looked more like a chili pepper?

    Stefan JentoftStefan Jentoft8 days ago
  • Im from the netherland and never seen that hotdog 🤔

    projectgamemaniaprojectgamemania9 days ago
  • Glizzy Chase

    Daniel GerassenkovDaniel Gerassenkov9 days ago
  • I think they should do a POV of what they see and do a whole video while doing their things

    Gavin AndersonGavin Anderson9 days ago
  • 11:40

    DevDev10 days ago
  • The board is way further away than i thought

    Carter ReidCarter Reid10 days ago
  • Um the Earth is round, Link was closer at the beginning. 😜 I know, just playing

    Wind WhisperWind Whisper10 days ago
  • I absolutely love how Chase has his cartographer hat on his wiener costume lol.

    Garrett CecilGarrett Cecil10 days ago
  • You guys should do a international fruit taste test. But instead of tasting the fruit by itself. Mix it into a fruit smoothie or juice.

    Michael J HambyMichael J Hamby12 days ago
    • Are you have a good day

      Haley’s UnicornsHaley’s Unicorns11 days ago
  • Seeing that south korean sausage My kpop watching ass: 👁👄👁

    Amirul AdliAmirul Adli12 days ago
  • seth meyers

    ana moreiraana moreira13 days ago
  • 13:25 How did no one comment on the fact that Stevie said the hotdog was boiled after adding pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni?? How would that even work?

    Michael JacksonMichael Jackson16 days ago
  • Not the glizzy 😧

    ttv dikestorettv dikestore17 days ago
  • Links gotta think for himself instead of just aiming for whatever Rhett picks 😒 maybe he’ll win.

    Mandy LMandy L17 days ago
  • "It's a smaller wiener. Still lots of mayo. Feels weird." - Link 2020

    Timothy AvilaTimothy Avila18 days ago
  • I can’t get enough of these international taste test videos.

    Scott GScott G19 days ago
  • 3:20 I now realize how far away the dartboard is.

    Ag JrAg Jr19 days ago
  • is it just me, or is Chase just so gosh darn good looking

    Michael J HambyMichael J Hamby19 days ago
  • I’m from the Netherlands and I have literally never seen one of those things in my life.

    Derf EdrevogDerf Edrevog20 days ago
  • Rhett: This has go to be (location). Link: It's definitely (ANY OTHER location) but I gotta go right next to Rhett if I wanna win! Answer: Links original guess

    Brandon TurnerBrandon Turner20 days ago
  • Love Rhetta

    Freddie HarjoFreddie Harjo21 day ago
  • Love Rhetta

    Freddie HarjoFreddie Harjo21 day ago
  • Rhett : The heart of America! Link : Kansas! Missouri : what am I joke to you?

    Stephen SmithStephen Smith21 day ago
  • Chase is a glizzy

    Afro JenkinsAfro Jenkins21 day ago
  • I am glad he stop doing that Toko. Yeal

    Jessie T Hood jrJessie T Hood jr21 day ago
  • he messed up that completo

    Chana Lebowitz, LMSWChana Lebowitz, LMSW22 days ago
  • The go pro is awesome with these 2😂😂😂

    Carrie AnthonyCarrie Anthony22 days ago
  • Im surprised they didn’t remember they ate the Swedish dish already in the street food epi.

    Andrea RaeAndrea Rae22 days ago

    Francisca JerezFrancisca Jerez23 days ago
  • that's the messiest Completo i've ever seen

    natalia anatalia a23 days ago

    Don't hug me, I'm scaredDon't hug me, I'm scared24 days ago
  • "Tonnbradsarulla" lmao

    Marcus SarandopoulosMarcus Sarandopoulos24 days ago
  • Rhett is really good at global locations I’m impressed lol

    Anthony TorresAnthony Torres25 days ago
  • i actually like the gopro 😂

    Blood GamingBlood Gaming26 days ago
  • You should do an International Wendy's items taste test.

    Greyson SmithGreyson Smith26 days ago

    Farris GhannamFarris Ghannam26 days ago
  • I’m form the Netherlands and I have never seen that in my life

    IlanIlan26 days ago
  • What is a ”tunnbrödsarulle”?? XDD the thing we eat in Sweden is called a Tunnbrödsrulle and they already had that in the international street food.. The thing they eat here is just a fancy tunnbrödsrulle

    Ville LöfvingVille Löfving27 days ago
  • International glizzy

    JadeSmilesJadeSmiles27 days ago
  • POV: you're a parrot on Link's shoulder.

    lailinshalelailinshale27 days ago
  • Glizzy guzzlers😭😂

    Makiya AnaMakiya Ana28 days ago
  • should have gone for norway with a hotdog in a waffel... would have thrown them for a real loop

    Gerald KramerGerald Kramer28 days ago
  • I miss Ltat.

    Bluearn1972Bluearn197228 days ago
  • you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.28 days ago
  • watching a video about hotdogs while eating corndogs at 3:54 am, life is good.

    FatDrizzyFatDrizzy29 days ago
  • “Kansas where you at “ -link I’m right here I’m from Kansas 😭

    Sebastian BallinSebastian Ballin29 days ago
  • Is it just me or does link just follow whatever rhett's guess was. I feel like he could actually win if he made his own guesses 🤔🤔

    SabSab29 days ago
  • big ol glizzy

    Donovan -Donovan -29 days ago
  • still waiting for norway to be a part of the map xD

    FuzzahFuzzahMonth ago
  • Glizzy gobblers

    Vortek SniperVortek SniperMonth ago
  • does... does link think... does he think we live in hobbit holes

    evanevanMonth ago
  • Just realised you guys are using CMs for this game. I'm really proud of you for that, well done. Also Love watching Link lose ALL these games. His frustration and childish tantrums really give the public a window into his home life.

    robspunkrobspunkMonth ago
  • 2:47 you got a Kansan right here 785!!! Where y’all at!!

    Alaneon FordAlaneon FordMonth ago
  • glizzy

    holly callanderholly callanderMonth ago
  • But link was closer to south korea. The earth is round, you know.

    Attican TraverseAttican TraverseMonth ago
  • Let’s talk about it 😔

    Konrad PKonrad PMonth ago
  • The first one was so obvious I couldn’t believe they s chose the west coast lol ..Canada lmao

    MakeoutHill •MakeoutHill •Month ago
  • I am from the Netherlands and i've never seen that kind of hotdog.

    Geert VisGeert VisMonth ago
  • Even though I watch u guys at midnight y’all make my day

    野蛮人_香蕉808野蛮人_香蕉808Month ago
  • Link, I applaud you for taking that big risk with New Zealand... but you shouldn't have done it twice. LOL

    AwesomeCat2012AwesomeCat2012Month ago
  • The one time Russia is on the board, none of them were from it.

    sweet taste of tidepodssweet taste of tidepodsMonth ago
  • Didn’t they make something like the Colombian hotdog

    Abraham EnglandAbraham EnglandMonth ago
  • instead of giving link these food throws, you should just let him place the dart on any 1 round. if that isn't good enough, then on that round you should count rhett's points as double if link is correct (double for that round, not overall)

    Scarlett Van MarieScarlett Van MarieMonth ago
  • I want to try every one of those dogs.😋

    Villainous VexVillainous VexMonth ago
  • I am from the Netherlands, and I have never heard of it in my life!

    Jolijn van de KarJolijn van de KarMonth ago
  • The first one was so easy I actually got mad at Rhet 😹😹😹😹😹

    cutelena13cutelena13Month ago
  • But where is Carmen Sandiego

    Immersed UniverseImmersed UniverseMonth ago
  • No

    Joe SanJoe SanMonth ago
  • Mayo on it? Must be swedish

    Johannes BammerJohannes BammerMonth ago
  • I always forgot how mad link makes me with his guesses

    Elizabeth PetrilloElizabeth PetrilloMonth ago
  • The tantrum hole... this is my favorite so far after so many years... Stevie’s sigh... I felt that

    Nichole MurrayNichole MurrayMonth ago
  • Poland is east of Germany -.-

    Timothy WalczykTimothy WalczykMonth ago
  • Link really missed an opportunity by not calling chase the hotdographer

    ColonelSkinfluteColonelSkinfluteMonth ago
  • How about a international street food (food truck) come from? 🤔

    Alejandro RomeroAlejandro RomeroMonth ago
  • Sir Perc-e 🥴

    IMBentley TMIMBentley TMMonth ago
  • lovelies

    dfsaf fsadfsafddfsaf fsadfsafdMonth ago
  • “Is that what a kiwi is?” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Clara AndersonClara AndersonMonth ago
  • Do you honestly.think we in Italy would eat that thing? Come on...

    liprandiliprandiMonth ago
  • Link is sooo beautiful!

    Kimia BaratiKimia BaratiMonth ago
  • French canadians also put mayo on our fries

    FoolishlyFoolishFoolFoolishlyFoolishFoolMonth ago
  • Colombia made it on the map! Yes!!

    Karen SchneiderKaren SchneiderMonth ago
  • I knew where most of them came from because I love street food videos plus emmymadeinjapan made a couple of them

    Rashida Red21Rashida Red21Month ago