International School Lunch Taste Test

Sep 21, 2020
2 231 880 Views

24 days of trying to convince us to do an International School Lunch Taste Test worked. Today, we're tasting school lunches from around the world. GMM #1815
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  • OH finally ...Thank you GMM .I'm honoured

    beintbeintMonth ago
    • Congrats

      Jacob GaskellJacob GaskellDay ago
    • Lmao

      TJ StairTJ StairDay ago
    • I'm from Scotland and it's tuna mayo not salmon mayo lol

      Gail ThomsonGail Thomson3 days ago
    • Heyyy its pewds minecraft fox

      Ammar MohammedAmmar Mohammed4 days ago

      jhopesnakeujhopesnakeu7 days ago
  • Everyone complaining about "that's not what they eat in Japan, etc". I feel the need to remind you the game is "where did this dish ORIGINATE from" not what country CURRENTLY eats this school meal". Massive difference.

    DommyBoy SmithDommyBoy Smith9 hours ago
  • What about Iceland!?! Nothing ever comes to this show that’s connected to the country I am very sad now :,(

    Elísa ÁgústsdóttirElísa Ágústsdóttir11 hours ago
  • Why is Shrödingers Equation on the board?!?! ITS FOLLOWING ME EVERYWHERE

    Nicole DiazNicole Diaz15 hours ago
  • Iceland, always a choice but never the prize.

    Nootka LupineNootka Lupine15 hours ago
  • You guys should include Caribbean foods for your Caribbean viewers

    Echo MixesEcho Mixes20 hours ago
  • The fermented pudding part was the ABSOLUTE best! 😂😂😂

    B BB B21 hour ago
  • "what'd you think about that logic, pudding boy." Cracking up at 4am

    Zue SmithZue SmithDay ago
  • Its tricky and I love gmm

    Lkm 7qLkm 7qDay ago
  • Jacket potatoes were an option in Secondary school in the UK

    Aura IcarusAura IcarusDay ago
  • As always, great videos GMM... But... That's not in any way a Spanish school lunch...

    HemanpireHemanpireDay ago
  • My personal favorite segment, I wish they'd spend a liiiiitle more time on food info, it's fascinating seeing how others around the world eat

    cb7pwncb7pwn2 days ago
  • I am Japanese and I am really disgusted with your "Japanese" version. It is nothing like it and someone prepared the food with no idea of what they were doing. We have nutritionists making sure kids are getting balanced food. I am sure American schools don't care about children's diet. You are serving junk food to kids and now you have a major obesity problem.

    Tom ITom I2 days ago

    Rman NayrRman Nayr2 days ago
  • FRENCH SALMON!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr2 days ago
  • Bring back let’s talk about that please Like so the can see 👇🏻

    Benjamin RuliffsonBenjamin Ruliffson2 days ago
  • I ve seen many Japanese lunches over the internet and none looked like what they showed.

    Kenny KwongKenny Kwong2 days ago
  • smörgåsbord is Swedish :(

  • I wouldn't trust school salmon no matter what country I am in

    Autumn PeacockAutumn Peacock2 days ago
  • Was I the only one that noticed the “I will not hit Chase with a dart” written repeatedly in the bottom corner of the board? They have to remind Link to be cautious. 😅

    Noelle ❤️✨Noelle ❤️✨2 days ago
  • A hint... if you're gonna make a Brazillian school meal, it's just crackers with water. Pretty easy, thou!

    Raul Córdula NetoRaul Córdula Neto3 days ago
  • That isn’t a Japanese lunch....

    Monztahr BunnyMonztahr Bunny3 days ago
  • As an Icelander this episode made me a little mad. Showing how little you know about my country

    Moonboy StudiosMoonboy Studios3 days ago
  • nah in east canada they feed you greasy pizza

    Luna MerisLuna Meris3 days ago
  • how can people live with bread/rolls like this. this just looks sad

    SevbiSevbi3 days ago
  • Ok Dashi isn’t fermented tuna spine lol 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Laura BoraBeeLaura BoraBee3 days ago
  • And all of this food is still 100000x better than U.S. school lunch

    fizzle _fizzle _3 days ago
  • What'd you think about that logic pudding boy😏

    K a i t eK a i t e3 days ago
  • 🇫🇷 💩

    Scott908Scott9083 days ago
  • Link: that’s a thin crepe Crepes are supposed be thin :)

    Dark SharkDark Shark3 days ago
  • I have to tell this is not a french school lunch at all. School lunch is a 4 courses meal starter, main, cheese and dessert. Grapefruit is served as a starter, and please wth is that bread ? We have baguette not this...

    sailorecumesailorecume3 days ago
  • Oh wow That reserch was w o n k y

    CrimsonCrimson3 days ago
  • I live in Scotland it's tuna mayo we don't do salmon mayo lol

    Gail ThomsonGail Thomson3 days ago
  • These weren't very accurate

    Nightshade KellyNightshade Kelly4 days ago
  • You failed making the japanese lunch. I went to school in Japan and have had their school lunches lol

    Nightshade KellyNightshade Kelly4 days ago
  • My old middle School. Food was nasty prisoners food looked better

    loaded 21loaded 214 days ago
  • Does Rhett really know all of this about food?

    jsjazz12jsjazz124 days ago
  • That's not a Japanese school lunch. :(

    mediacoregroupphmediacoregroupph4 days ago
  • and then in america they give you left over food from the night before, reheat it and then call it fresh

    ch3rrygorech3rrygore4 days ago
  • You're not necessarily supposed to vote with your beliefs but rather what will benefit the country, for most people though they intertwine. Very cool website with a solid purpose

    Jack SidesJack Sides4 days ago
  • U guys care about what type of food is representing your country like what

    ItsJustAnExpressionItsJustAnExpression4 days ago
  • I wish you guys would let us guess with them instead of putting the awnser righr away. I always try to play along and cover up the country lol

    Britt GelabertBritt Gelabert4 days ago
  • In Iraq we didn't even have a cafeteria.

    NightyNighty4 days ago
  • Every Pringle’s flavor taste test

    Diego BarriosDiego Barrios4 days ago
  • "if it's 97% water, what's the other 3% that makes it so ... unpalatable"?

    PSpurgeonCubFanPSpurgeonCubFan4 days ago
  • Did he just call bakes beans chickpeas in sauce? 🤣

    chescachesca4 days ago
  • That last one most definitely isn't Scottish 🤣🤣 we have pizzas, chips, chicken and soup that's about it

    Mark P420Mark P4204 days ago
  • Why is there spinach in the hernekeitto. My life is a joke

    TimTim5 days ago
  • 10:57 the most psychological moment in GMM

    José Enrique RocaJosé Enrique Roca5 days ago
  • h20 delirious

    Angela CorreaAngela Correa5 days ago
  • Im not even from Japan and know thats not from japan

    RogrockRogrock5 days ago
  • International tea taste test

    Barbra TheunissenBarbra Theunissen5 days ago
  • 5:52 “I will not hit Chase with a dart” Nice

    GeekAce LOLGeekAce LOL5 days ago
  • toi lettu ei pannarii oo nähnykkää

    Tacos in mindTacos in mind5 days ago
  • This game is so unfair to Link...he should use his powers to change it.

    Clay3613Clay36135 days ago
  • the french school lunch was the best what is rhett talking about

    1ZR1BZ11ZR1BZ15 days ago
  • I would argue that you don’t need to put “of food” after smörgåsbord...

    Sigge AnderssonSigge Andersson5 days ago
  • Anyone laugh when they realized they measure this in centimeters because we’re measuring internationally, and they don’t use inches anywhere else than America

    Eliza CarrieEliza Carrie5 days ago
  • As a Northern English person I can't say I've heard of 'Salmon Mayonnaise' even North of the border, especially on a jacket tater... It also looks nothing like salmon. Tuna mayo is the most likely actual answer.

    Benjamin SmythBenjamin Smyth5 days ago
  • Scotland should have been stovies

    Kerr CKerr C5 days ago
  • I would love if the original intro game back from like 2017

    Alex MercerAlex Mercer6 days ago
  • ?,l

    MacKer SmacKerMacKer SmacKer6 days ago
  • Smorgosbord is actually Swedish

    ipso factoipso facto6 days ago
  • actually happened

    brittany gibsonbrittany gibson6 days ago
  • Someone should make a compilation of every single time someone says 'no' and/or 'noooooooo!'

    Emily FogertyEmily Fogerty7 days ago
  • I *JUST* noticed this... on the bottom left of the map, it says 'I will not hit Chase with a dart' over and over again. LOL 😂

    Emily FogertyEmily Fogerty7 days ago
  • oh yeah voting in aus is compulsory

    Boy DangerBoy Danger7 days ago
  • I showed my kids you guys. Years ago. Do better

    Tracy GevingTracy Geving7 days ago
  • Okay, half of these school lunches are NOT legit. I KNOW Japan's school lunch is a LOT nicer than that... GMM crew, you gotta cook these better...

    Delightra CardeanneDelightra Cardeanne7 days ago
    • japan doesn't have public school lunch. Parents make their own kid's lunch

      oussema trabelsioussema trabelsi5 days ago
  • i will not hit chase with a dart i will not hit chase with a dart i will not hit chase with a dart i will not hit chase with a dart

    Cactus 822Cactus 8227 days ago
  • Umm I don't think Japanese school lunch looks like that...

    June ChoiJune Choi7 days ago
  • dont hink so hen never seen that shite in any school

    FFFF7 days ago
  • Scotland’s lunch is fishfingers 😂😂

    Lewis HuttLewis Hutt7 days ago
  • Once more showing that those in USA are completely oblivious to the rest of the world.

    Señor Tequila PurrSeñor Tequila Purr7 days ago
  • There reaction to french lunch is quiet funny because, school food in France is actually very notorious for being disgusting even though France is known for its food

    clement etevenardclement etevenard7 days ago
  • “I’m sure the children who enjoy this... enjoy this.” You don’t say? Lol

    yeahfei84yeahfei848 days ago
  • International cereal taste test

    rafael raposorafael raposo8 days ago
  • where in da world is carmen san diego

    Charlotte FottrellCharlotte Fottrell8 days ago
  • Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm japan and France were definitely not accurate. The comments are saying other countries also weren’t. Did you just take one news paper article about about how bad the food was instead for actually looking into actual research? I’ve literally seen a video complimenting Japanese school lunches.

    A Jumble Of MadnessA Jumble Of Madness8 days ago
  • Oh my god, I’ve met Tiffany!

    Camryn HollandCamryn Holland8 days ago
  • I bet none of these school lunches are accurate based on the comments here. I am from Finland and i have never had a school lunch like that. . .

    AuntieAuntie8 days ago
  • Lunch Lady Cartographer Chase will haunt my nightmares.

    SomeRawMeatSomeRawMeat8 days ago
  • I have never seen slices of square bread or donuts at any of my school meals. We eat real bread guys 🥖 :) A french guy.

    L'ours floralL'ours floral8 days ago
  • Shouldn't it be "I had yogurt, and it turned into pudding"? Hahha

    Delusional FanDelusional Fan9 days ago
  • Chase needs to start wearing shirts his size. No one wants to see his stomach or back every time he lifts his arms up bc the shirt is way too short.

    JosephJoseph9 days ago
  • The ‘pudding’ made me cry 😂😂😂

    Nap PrincessNap Princess9 days ago
  • Day 1: Will it Casserole? (My favorite casserole is Oyster)

    SpiritvsRobotSpiritvsRobot9 days ago
  • You had yogurt that turned into pudding.....yudding. Tah dah...

    Lauren WortmanLauren Wortman9 days ago
  • Where's the "let's talk about that"?? I always jump when I'm listening and there's no usual warning the intro is coming :( very sad

    Ella BeeElla Bee9 days ago

    Juho KarjalainenJuho Karjalainen9 days ago
  • Been on school for most of my life in finland and never has "hernekeitto" seemed so unapeticing

    Jere LeinoJere Leino9 days ago
  • I wonder how they get their information of school lunches

    Aa RrAa Rr9 days ago
  • Salmon mayonnaise haha it’s tuna mayo ya nuggets

    W BW B9 days ago
  • Wait French schools get doughnuts for lunch!?

    Daisy Da BossDaisy Da Boss10 days ago
  • As a non American, I feel like it's disturbing to see that the situation is so bad your favorite entertainers are actively pushing their viewers into politics... I don't think it's a bad thing to do, it's just, special.

    Josh the HumanJosh the Human10 days ago
  • I never had that lunch in school when I lived in Japan.

    APM IRLAPM IRL10 days ago
  • We don't even do school lunches in Australia. Everyone brings something from home, and maybe buys something from the canteen once a week maybe. Most kids will bring a sandwich, a piece of fruit and something snacky (or at elast thats what everyone did when I was at school). Vegemite & cheese was always the popular choice for sandwich fillings with most I knew.

    ElleElle11 days ago
  • Finland's schoollunch was so close, yet so far

    EmelyEmely11 days ago
  • Scotland

    Xavierthe_elf EduardoXavierthe_elf Eduardo11 days ago
  • I’m ngl am scottish n Ive never had a belter potato on a school dinner ?

    Kyle Mccluskey7Kyle Mccluskey711 days ago
    • i’ve personally never had but the schools i’ve been to sells them however never seen them with salmon!

      naomi mnaomi m10 days ago