Is Anything Better Than Butter on Popcorn? (Taste Test)

Aug 14, 2020
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What's better than butter on popcorn? Today, we're figuring out the next best popcorn coating. GMM #1794
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  • I really love sesame seed !! Its like a natural savoury powder(butter is also savoury right) with natural taste and texture

    1DA17CS184_V.Vanlalchhanhima1DA17CS184_V.Vanlalchhanhima12 hours ago
  • I miss when Rhett and Link had "let's play" where they played video games.

    Whoa TittiesWhoa TittiesDay ago
  • 3:21 a distinct lack of "not a sponsor" while you hold a dedicated camera on the maple syrup organic bottle...

    SiLenT366SiLenT3664 days ago
  • “Let’s talk about that, and eat it, a lot of it, many types of it, mostly eat it, we not gonna talk it about we just gonna eat it man”

    Better Than YouBetter Than You7 days ago
  • Rhett and Link: I like that the container is 100% recycled plastic Also Rhett and Link 10 seconds later: *buy our plastic*

    ArcheanArchean7 days ago
  • they should do pigs blood next xD

    StardustGamerStardustGamer10 days ago
  • Rhett and Link. What if you dehydrated pickle juice and turned it into pickle seasoning.

    Lil BeastyLil Beasty12 days ago
  • Rhett: Canadians are so nice! Me after coming home from school where we learned Canadian history: 😐

    Phantom CatPhantom Cat12 days ago
  • this was actually educational episode. is pickle powder a thing :O

    Edgy KoalaEdgy Koala13 days ago
  • DirtyCorn 2020 🇺🇸

    Lindsay HislopLindsay Hislop13 days ago
  • as a southerner, rhett and link's occasional nods to the south (like their old lady impressions) really hit :')

    Lindsay HislopLindsay Hislop13 days ago
  • why would you make popcorn unhealthy. Just season them with your favorit saltless spice.

    PoifixPoifix14 days ago
  • Thanks for making these videos boys!

    ScratchScratch14 days ago
  • My popcorn is gone before the movie

    This is SamThis is Sam16 days ago
  • Sorry Rhett.

    TheAsianVillainTheAsianVillain18 days ago
  • Also while your thinking A-1 sauce I was thinking Heinz57

    Grady HarperGrady Harper18 days ago
  • Yo dried seaweed rice seasoning on popcorn is just OUUU so good. so good.

    megino._megino._19 days ago
  • You can buy pop corn and condensed milk on the streets of Lima-Perú. and it's topped with sprinkles.

    Romina 10Romina 1020 days ago
  • You should have used Dukes Mayo btw. It shouldn’t count

    Chris NevilleChris Neville20 days ago
  • i used to eat popcorn with syrup bc someone did on drake and josh lol

    Stella LucianoStella Luciano20 days ago
  • urbeautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.21 day ago
  • Mayo and popcorn? 🤢 Wait! Picke juice?!?!?! ⚰

    J TJ T21 day ago
  • Furikake and arare is good on popcorn

    Ikeagamer A1Ikeagamer A123 days ago
  • 1:40 I think what you MEANT to say was, "Can we do *butter?"*

    Whitney L.Whitney L.24 days ago
    • Thank you Whitney, very cool!

      ghostghost23 days ago
  • I want to see you eat Tabasco popcorn and try some with Old Bay on it.

    Wayfaring StrangerWayfaring Stranger25 days ago
  • Cinco's spanish...

    Vi JayVi Jay25 days ago
  • “You making bad steaks?” 🤣

    Shelby FountainShelby Fountain26 days ago
  • Nacho cheese

    G_J_C 95G_J_C 9526 days ago
  • When you said Canada I was thinking gravy on popcorn?

    astronautman12astronautman1226 days ago
  • May I just say: Mexican street corn flavored popcorn? It is delicious and does have mayo. You just dumped some mayo on your popcorn.

    Kristin WrightKristin Wright28 days ago
  • I put condensed milk on corn curls/cheese puffs, it's soooo yummy

    KC-ArikKC-Arik28 days ago
  • intro: GOOD MYTHICAL MORNINGGGGGGGGGGG me watching at 2 am: I wonder about that

    GamingForLightYearsGamingForLightYears28 days ago
  • I love A1!!! And i like my steaks bloody and i make the best steak but the A1 gives it that tang!

    mandie galmandie gal29 days ago
  • Try old bay spice mix on pop corn it makes it a little bit spicy

    Out of ContextOut of Context29 days ago
  • i’ve been eating popcorn with mayo forever and it’s really good

    ok didn’t askok didn’t ask29 days ago
  • 10:57 thats what she said

    the film gurusthe film gurus29 days ago
  • 8:00 黒ごまって書いてあるけど日本産かな

    音log音log29 days ago
  • Sweet or Toffee popcorn is hands down better than buttered popcorn

    Tori LougherTori Lougher29 days ago
  • 5:33 Link almost ended the world right there.

    JazzyBoy Em7b5JazzyBoy Em7b5Month ago
  • My favorite sundae is vanilla ice cream, topped with sweetened condensed milk and fruity pebbles

    Ashley ReedAshley ReedMonth ago
  • Noooooo... not condensed milk!!! 😅😂

    Laura KLaura KMonth ago
  • It’s better when you cook the condensed milk.. like take a can of condensed milk and boil it. We put it on cakes ☺️

    Jasmine BensonJasmine BensonMonth ago
  • I'm from Brazil and I love eating popcorn with condensed milk

    Flávia BelesFlávia BelesMonth ago
  • I really have to stop watching this show while eating....

    The.Girl.Who.WaitedThe.Girl.Who.WaitedMonth ago
  • This is silly - each of you should just pick your favorite.

    Festerbestertester6Festerbestertester6Month ago
  • actually mayo is pretty common on popcorn. when you go to the toppings section at the movie theater, where you prepare your hotdog, they got mustard, catchup, jalapeno, mayo and butter, and a lot of people put mayo on their popcorn. I don't do that tho. It's gross, mayo its gross unless on some very specific settings.

    Admiral FurrPawsAdmiral FurrPawsMonth ago
  • Butter goes best with Whiskey...

    Elim Garak 007Elim Garak 007Month ago
  • Would've been nice to get the full recipe for that sesame powder stuff!

    SovietGrazzSovietGrazzMonth ago
  • You (know) no (Nada) nothing.

    Adam BeesAdam BeesMonth ago
  • 4:56 Looks like they stuff the bottom of the popcorn containers to absorb some of the liquid and also make it seem like theirs more in there then their really is.

    Fister MantasticFister MantasticMonth ago
  • When I watch GMM I always wonder how they come up with all of these weird things that are really cool

    Blue FoxBlue FoxMonth ago
  • Ramen season packets

    Snow AngellSnow AngellMonth ago
  • Man each show gets harder to watch with Link, he just seems to get more childish

    Geek Vibes PodcastGeek Vibes PodcastMonth ago
  • As a Canadian, I don't trust that maple syrup

    Casey KiddCasey KiddMonth ago
  • salt lemon and valentina sauce 🇲🇽

    Alejandra GuerreroAlejandra GuerreroMonth ago
  • Link is a big kid at heart 🤣🤣🤣 lol 🖤🖤🖤

    BCMloverBCMloverMonth ago
  • o

    KoaGoSickoModeKoaGoSickoModeMonth ago
  • For some reason I really want popcorn now 😋

    Ashley BlueAshley BlueMonth ago
  • ok hold on.. no. pickle juice is better than butter on popcorn! change my mind

    Ice GamesIce GamesMonth ago
  • I live in the netherkands and I never had buttered popcorn... Only sweet or salty and I've had caramel and diy chocolate

    Kayleigh MiguelKayleigh MiguelMonth ago
  • Old bay!

    Im_luketzIm_luketzMonth ago
    • Same

      F6yd9 bxhlxF6yd9 bxhlxMonth ago
  • 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

    meeprificmeeprificMonth ago
  • Wait, did Link just drink the pickle juice or did he switch cups between takes?

    Laney SharpLaney SharpMonth ago
  • We used to melt a can of vanilla icing and pour that on top of the popcorn

    Lacey RoberdsLacey RoberdsMonth ago
  • Cheese-flavored popcorn is the most common and popular flavor in our country

    Her Royal AwkwardnessHer Royal AwkwardnessMonth ago
  • Jest wondering,, how many years have yall bien making vids??🤔

    corn concorn conMonth ago
    • Booper thanks for telling me

      corn concorn conMonth ago
    • 11 years

      BooperBooperMonth ago
  • I have bien watching yore vids for years and I ❤️ them

    corn concorn conMonth ago
  • This video really makes me with I was going to the movies and getting a pickle to eat with my bucket of popcorn

    Meagan RamosMeagan RamosMonth ago
  • My good times were when I still go to movie theaters more often take me back listen to the rock music band like the A Fire Inside/Delta Parole/A Fire Inside/Pearl Jam makes me have good feelings even when down.

    walkerwherewalkerwhereMonth ago
  • My dad was really into mixing some maple syrup with butter and tossing the popcorn in it. It isn't bad, but i got real tired of it. The pickle juice should be sprayed on. I bet if it is aerosolized, you'd lose the soggy popcorn but keep the nice pickle flavor

    Jared SawtelleJared SawtelleMonth ago
  • I like seasoned salt or creole seasoning on my popcorn, if not cheese!

    Anna Rei MyersAnna Rei MyersMonth ago
  • I don’t eat popcorn without a healthy dose of green Tabasco-or-cholula sauce.

    MetalBrent124MetalBrent124Month ago
  • The only reason the sesame seeds won is because he put honey in it so technically honey won

    Tee ShmurdaTee ShmurdaMonth ago
  • Not just sesame seed tho. It has honey! Don’t forget the honey! 🍯

    Shalini PehrinparajShalini PehrinparajMonth ago
  • There is a reason why mindless action movies like Fast and Furious or Marvel films are called Popcorn Movies.

    Koushik VemuriKoushik VemuriMonth ago
  • I remember when i commented this idea like 6 years ago :)

    TatsumakiTatsumakiMonth ago
  • Aw he could've said "can we do butter?"

    Kaylee LaneKaylee LaneMonth ago
  • Dang. Could have called it “is there anything butter than butter”

    Musical BeachesMusical BeachesMonth ago
  • I highly respect these men but I think chocolate syrup is a better sweet option.

    Lillie GardLillie GardMonth ago
  • R2e22tw ACA lp 8 il you P.o

    Johan SajousJohan SajousMonth ago
  • you gotta keep your blood pressure up these days

    John DeereJohn DeereMonth ago
  • Liquid aminos is what i put on my popcorn, it’s basically like a soy sauce substitute and tbh its better than butter, highly recommended

    shaneshaneMonth ago
  • Vegemite popcorn!

    Cash DailyCash DailyMonth ago
  • Awww, why didn't Rhett want to play with Link? He was kind of an a-hole in that moment for whatever reason.

    Pl PlPl PlMonth ago
  • rhett’s hair is so amazing and curly in this episode, it’s not fair

    Mags GMags GMonth ago
  • Poppy seeds is a cheater!! There was cooking and added ingredients that not other topping got! Disqualified!

    Steve PolhillSteve PolhillMonth ago
  • It's called tahini

    Kyle KisnerKyle KisnerMonth ago
  • Is it weird that I’ve put pickle juice on my popcorn before lmao?

    Lil YompLil YompMonth ago
  • I feel like popcorn would be good with chipotle mayo

    SJ LangSJ LangMonth ago
  • 9:55 no one catches link drooling XD

    Anthony JenningsAnthony JenningsMonth ago
  • Real maple syrup on every snack or confection Next question

    scottscottMonth ago
  • How Rhett has put up with childish Link his whole life is beyond me. XD

    Travis MarusterTravis MarusterMonth ago
  • I'm surprised they didn't do this back in 2015

    DillxterDillxterMonth ago
  • 9:19 neeuuuu

    Maeghan OrmanMaeghan OrmanMonth ago
  • It doesn’t matter what genre of movie I’m watching, I’ll finish my popcorn before the previews are over

    Emma GraceEmma GraceMonth ago
  • Nice

    FalkrimFalkrimMonth ago
  • The fact that Texas is the only state that eats pickles with popcorn still amazes me.

    Josh CJosh CMonth ago
  • Or as Denmark, salt and nothing else

    MalikMalikMonth ago
  • Had to stop and make a bag of popcorn to eat while I watched this lol

    Joshua OasterJoshua OasterMonth ago
  • Next best thing to butter on popcorn is yum yum sauce

    Joshua OasterJoshua OasterMonth ago