Is That A Cake? Challenge

Sep 4, 2020
3 159 947 Views

In today's game, we're seeing if we can guess which object shaped cake has the nasty ingredient inside. GMM #1809
Thanks to Lacy Rygg for all the amazing cakes! Check her out at
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  • H

    CryptoCrypto40 minutes ago
  • I love it when Rhett looses to link hahahaha it looks like it hurts him hahahah

    AlecKetchupdudeAlecKetchupdudeHour ago
  • It wouldn't be a GMM video without some internal organs making an appearance

    Lizandra ModoliLizandra Modoli9 hours ago
  • I can appreciate the way these folk go about it. They dont tell you to vote for x or y, but to educate yourself and vote for who you yourself want to win. Keep on keeping on, hoss.

    The Car GuyThe Car Guy19 hours ago
  • yooo im from fort worth tx

    David MontelongoDavid Montelongo19 hours ago
  • "Let's talk about that" :(

    ImpulseImpulseDay ago
  • Rhett every episode : let’s talk about that

    James MartinezJames MartinezDay ago
  • Is it a coincidence that I’m eating cake rn?

    CroissantCroissantDay ago
  • John wayne chasy is awesome

    BigRigDriverBigRigDriverDay ago
  • So Rhett basically wished to be Bayonetta.

    Hebert-Eduardo DiazHebert-Eduardo DiazDay ago
  • It would be awesome if you did a soda-cake taste test!!

    ZebramedSZebramedS2 days ago
  • The fact that they were both cake idk what to believe anymore

    Casey PrasitsakCasey Prasitsak2 days ago
  • Just imagine how encouraging it would be if they endorsed Biden. We need all the help we can get

    Irene SuhwonIrene Suhwon2 days ago
  • doesnt link always need his barf bucket during food games

    Marian WilkinsonMarian Wilkinson2 days ago
  • from 2008 till 2020, salute to you rhet & link, gmm is awesome, was awesome will be awesome,luv u guys forever❤️♾

    09. Dixit Arnav Shriram09. Dixit Arnav Shriram3 days ago
  • We need more of Clown Chase

    Galantine MadiveGalantine Madive3 days ago
  • Omg i just realized that links hair used to go down and rhetts used to go up but now rhetts hair goes down and links goes up😂😂😂😂😂

    Adilynn AldridgeAdilynn Aldridge3 days ago
  • "It's just a regular stapler"

    jan avigojan avigo4 days ago
  • Why does Rhett look like a pothead

    Connor JaynesConnor Jaynes4 days ago
  • They even help educate voters I’ll never stop loving these two

    ken kappleken kapple4 days ago
  • Don’t take that wish from us we need to see that lol

    Challenge CrushersChallenge Crushers5 days ago

    Nathan RippyNathan Rippy5 days ago
  • Yolanda Gampp is just going "uh this is what I've been making for years"

    maplelumpmaplelump7 days ago
  • When I saw the actual food cakes, I thought the challenge was easy, but then I saw the Liver and Brain

    McKay MartinMcKay Martin7 days ago
  • its cake... ITS ALL CAKEEEEE

    DragontrapDragontrap8 days ago
  • Oh how they’ve grown....

    Jacob DominguezJacob Dominguez8 days ago
  • Absolutely loving Chase in this episode! :D

    BlueMasteress2012BlueMasteress20129 days ago
  • Thought they would put down that the other person’s wish does comes true like a reverse uno card, so now Link’s wish won’t come true

    sandrakim9sandrakim99 days ago
  • The liver is anatomically backwards.

    Rkaos45Rkaos459 days ago
  • me guessing who’s cake is good: points: 1 well I did bad

    paperbag _writingpaperbag _writing9 days ago
  • I'm gonna let fate decide... Actually, no.

    Bunny BoiBunny Boi9 days ago
  • These cakes are amazing

    E CE C10 days ago
  • Do more

    Ethan BurtonEthan Burton10 days ago
  • I love this channel so much

    daniel danieldaniel daniel10 days ago
  • Why is nobody talking about how good the cakes look

    SekamekSekamek10 days ago
  • If u look at it logically how are they gonna get a brain other than going on the dark web

    Jdog2325Jdog232510 days ago
  • Rhett is gettin finer with all that hair 🥵

    Taylor BellTaylor Bell11 days ago
  • The final "lets talk about that"

    Talking With OurselvesTalking With Ourselves11 days ago

    MehMeh11 days ago
  • Link is so cute

    Jade Malone-TaylorJade Malone-Taylor11 days ago
  • They have a net worth of $21 million

    DraGun_ DuhDraGun_ Duh11 days ago
  • i wonder who their voting for

    Isabella AmazingIsabella Amazing11 days ago
  • The jesters face is like the portrait of the clown in gravity falls.

    Thomas CooperThomas Cooper11 days ago
  • The other guys face when he said an intimate wish. So Fricking funny. 2:54

    Thomas CooperThomas Cooper11 days ago
  • I knew the brain was real cake cuz brains actually can cause a lot of disease when you eat then

    Andora of AvalinAndora of Avalin11 days ago
  • I can see people commenting in 2023: tHiS wAs ThE lAsT Lets Talk About That just like they do now with Smosh’s ShUT UP

    MaxMax12 days ago
  • I was just full blown laughing at the wish 😂

    Kamala SudheerKamala Sudheer12 days ago
  • Link actually won this time

    Toy Robot ArmyToy Robot Army12 days ago
  • 5:34 haha

    Skittles but with chocolate insideSkittles but with chocolate inside12 days ago
  • Now I want cake 🥺 And not just any cake, but cakes made by Lacy. It looks bomb

    Abigail RemondeAbigail Remonde12 days ago
  • Why would I like the pepto even if if it was the real one ?

    ReaperReaper12 days ago
  • Rhett has officially become a Lion...

    SoleLynx7227210SoleLynx722721012 days ago
  • I miss cotton candy randy

    Meow Holly MeowMeow Holly Meow12 days ago
  • I love how your encouraging voting without trying to sway people to your opinion. 👏👏👏👏👏

    99999912 days ago
  • Pepto bismal actually taste nice tbf

    Leah CoppinLeah Coppin12 days ago
  • Hi

    Doir_. kyndraDoir_. kyndra12 days ago
  • Am I the only one that likes the old intro better than the new one

    Odd_Toxic_BambyOdd_Toxic_Bamby12 days ago
  • I like yuur cat g (👋)

    NoFarr YTNoFarr YT13 days ago
  • i wish i could vote :(

    Jenna MitchellJenna Mitchell13 days ago
  • I wonder what links wish was

    Reacting RandomlyReacting Randomly13 days ago
  • Rhetts hair is so beautiful 😭

    KiyaKiya13 days ago
  • They should do this for Halloween but like organ cakes

    Lee EverettLee Everett13 days ago
  • Make online great again

    cleangen4 J35Z6cleangen4 J35Z613 days ago
  • And this right here may have been the last "Let's talk about that"

    Vi5e0 Gam3rVi5e0 Gam3r13 days ago
  • The last lets talk about that.

    Hamiz IqbalHamiz Iqbal13 days ago
  • I like the video.

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki14 days ago
  • So Rhett's wish was basically to become Cousin Itt from the Adams Family... Cool.

    SolidShinodaSolidShinoda14 days ago
  • They should totally do a video where they eat the bean boozled jelly beans 😂

    Lauren EngleLauren Engle14 days ago
  • I don’t get how people can eat that thick printed stuff that’s on cake. It’s either edible paper or super thick frosting (when made to have a picture or look like a object)

    FishyYTFishyYT14 days ago
  • im not watching this in the morning

    baked beansbaked beans14 days ago
  • The last video they said "Let's talk about that" 😭

    The Yellow IMPOSTOR for OctoberThe Yellow IMPOSTOR for October14 days ago
  • This was the last episode that has them saying "Let's talk about that" I don't like change 😭

    GelidWolfGelidWolf14 days ago
  • Lmao they purposely made sure they emptied the stapler because they knew Link would start firing it

    AT D.AT D.15 days ago
  • This viking man looks like he's about to sing something epic.

    Crunchy PotatoCrunchy Potato15 days ago
  • Link is a puss 🤣

    Adrianna ParkerAdrianna Parker15 days ago
  • _always has been_

    Vince TheLunaticVince TheLunatic15 days ago
  • I Know was in pain pulling short sticks 3 times

    John GreenJohn Green16 days ago
  • I dont get it I thought one was supposed to be real but it's all cake

    kyle flamekyle flame17 days ago
  • It’s ironic that Rhett’s nemesis is shaped like a bean.

    Vivian LVivian L19 days ago
  • Did link forget to wear pants?

    তাসফিকুল তপুতাসফিকুল তপু19 days ago
  • The cake is a lie!

    Sade SmithSade Smith19 days ago
  • I think Retton link no the most good mythical morning fans watch them for a few months and leave for like two years I bet you they say their selves they’ll be back

    The adventures Of Fred uncle Fred and juniorThe adventures Of Fred uncle Fred and junior19 days ago
  • john wayne casey lmAOOO

    Jordan WilliamsJordan Williams20 days ago
  • Am I the only who who thinks that there is no way they'll make a human brain cake? Man Link was really confused like it could

    Bin-AdwanBin-Adwan20 days ago
  • 12:24 thanks for the nightmare guys

  • Chase has been so good. He needs a raise.

    Jane DoeJane Doe21 day ago
    • Rinoa Heartilly pampkin gang forever

      Jane DoeJane Doe18 days ago
    • Jane Doe I love the pumpkin

      Rinoa HeartillyRinoa Heartilly18 days ago
  • I feel like if I where to pick one in each round it would be the one I’d rather eat if it was real.... OoF i would rather eat the brain......

    Gacha _ DollGacha _ Doll21 day ago
  • Rhett is the next aqua man

    Brynn FlakeBrynn Flake21 day ago
  • I beileve this is the final time they say "lets talk about that".

    NASCAR JoeyNASCAR Joey21 day ago
  • John Wayne Chasey is not ok.

    Ethan BrownEthan Brown21 day ago
  • love your hair Reght

  • Wow... the last let’s talk about that. Take it in folks.

    The BoxThe Box22 days ago
  • They aren't social distancing and neither will I!

    LunacyinblackLunacyinblack22 days ago
  • Wow honestly, I was just feeling really stressed like, I don’t even know where to begin the voting process.. I love you guys! Thank you for caring for your fans as much as we care abt you!! Let’s Vote 2020

    Alex GarzaAlex Garza22 days ago
  • Congratulations, this is the final "Lets talk about that"

    Andrew BrooksAndrew Brooks22 days ago
  • 2:22 I love that he called the coverings cloches

    J. S.J. S.23 days ago
  • What

    Rielyn PlummerRielyn Plummer23 days ago
  • Guys it them it’s literally them (🎵i always thought i might me bad now i now that it true🎵)

  • We got clickbaited

    Hand To Hand WoodworkingHand To Hand Woodworking23 days ago
  • Bring back Cotten candy randy !

    Alcat SmoreAlcat Smore24 days ago