Is White Claw The Best Hard Seltzer? (Taste Test)

Jul 31, 2020
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White Claw? Truly? Today, we're ranking the most popular hard seltzers in the game. GMM #1784
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  • truly lemonade’s are the best

    jen with luvjen with luv2 hours ago
  • All the flavors should’ve been the same for a fair fight

    Adam100AAdam100A5 hours ago
  • They all should have been the same flavor...

    Kate SheldonKate Sheldon2 days ago
  • Drinking on the job

    Hotpoket And teaHotpoket And tea2 days ago
  • The non-food grade fittings and tubing in the delivery system hit my OCD so bad.

    Kevin BrownKevin Brown2 days ago
  • how does a seltzer have 100 calories?

    Raideur NgRaideur Ng2 days ago
  • i cant believe the prices of these in the us crazyy

    Bot VirgBot Virg3 days ago
  • Are Hard Seltzers the same as Alco-pops?

    SyfyholicSyfyholic5 days ago
  • Lmao. That is a hard job!!

    Kelsey MessnerKelsey Messner5 days ago

    Tristan McCoyTristan McCoy5 days ago
  • Truley lemonades are the best , then I like the bud

    Jenny DeanJenny Dean6 days ago
  • rj

    Echo2sEcho2s8 days ago
  • Vizzy is better.

    JargonJargon8 days ago
  • A whole dollar and 67 cents? wow, cheapest I've seen here in my country is around 3,5 dollars

    Anders LarsenAnders Larsen9 days ago
  • I just had my first hard seltzer and decided to give this a rewatch.

    jekanyikajekanyika9 days ago
  • Get some dragon soop

    One ChanceOne Chance11 days ago
  • Feel like they should've used the same flavor for them all because pineapple trulys are the best ones

    Hi...I'm CarmenHi...I'm Carmen12 days ago
  • Uhhhhh what's the point of the inconvenient apparatus when they know what the drink is that they're drinking...

    Turkey LegTurkey Leg13 days ago
  • Love how he saved a lil for himself lol 4:54

    RighTeous TVRighTeous TV14 days ago
  • Truly is the best

    Sascha ThesigerSascha Thesiger15 days ago
  • Bud can't make a decent beer or a decent seltzer.

    DeiviasDeivias15 days ago
  • Link did not understand lol

    JFrankJFrank17 days ago
  • I bought the coin, may I get the cloak?

    JFrankJFrank17 days ago
  • You guys have to taste the same flavor for each brand so that it's a fair taste test.

    shhh be quietshhh be quiet17 days ago
  • What do they put in this to make it taste like concrete?

    StelgaStelga19 days ago
  • Americans can’t party

    Raymond SlaterRaymond Slater20 days ago
  • Where’s the 4loko seltzer

    Katherine HagueKatherine Hague21 day ago
  • Link didn’t like that the alcohol had an alcohol taste. 😒

    HeroReevesHeroReeves21 day ago
  • but is it good if you typically dont like seltzer water?

    John BaumgartnerJohn Baumgartner21 day ago
  • Well now it looks like Rett liked a lot that hat that link gave him on the Are we shoering right episode... 😅😂 Cuz his hair now......

    brijiko kestarbrijiko kestar22 days ago
  • pleeeeaaaasse do a bourbon vs Whiskey show down, 6 vs 6 none mix bologna. Just straight. I'd love to see you're guys' facial expressions lol

    Johnny CarlsonJohnny Carlson23 days ago
  • Love seeing Chase walking away drinking the rest of the cans 😂

    chillary _chillary _23 days ago
  • Morning seltzer’s just taste better

    Rion ShellooeRion Shellooe24 days ago
  • No Kona 😢

    Chloe HalkiasChloe Halkias25 days ago
  • This is the best video by far just because of Rhett at the end of the video 🤣💀

    Tyson TuckerTyson Tucker26 days ago
  • Not even close. Crook & Marker, Willy's Superbrew are the only ones I like that are widely available.

    Scott B.Scott B.26 days ago
  • "oh gosh, that went all over the floor a little bit... and my pants" been there done that!

    BrianBrian28 days ago
  • you should do a hard kombucha taste test

    julian vargasjulian vargas29 days ago
  • I love how even Rhett, a North Carolinian uses a southern accent to convey stupidity

    Nick SelkNick SelkMonth ago
  • Truly is Superior to all of the other brands.

    Martin SzMartin SzMonth ago
  • ZIMA

    Jim PatrickJim PatrickMonth ago
  • The company party no doubt 😂😂😂

    VortexVortexMonth ago
  • Corona GUAVA is THE best hard seltzer.

    MMAJP182MMAJP182Month ago
  • seems like y’all can’t drink

    Conner LucasConner LucasMonth ago
  • The article was “BTK is arrested”

    Jessica B.Jessica B.Month ago
  • 12:50 uff

    FirsTManiaCFirsTManiaCMonth ago
  • 2 guys one funnel equivalent to 2 girls one cup. Js

    jeremiah7382jeremiah7382Month ago
  • I personally like trulys the best.

    Alexander SalamanderAlexander SalamanderMonth ago
  • imo, Truly Lemonade takes the cake

    Ab BAb BMonth ago
  • No self respecting man would drink any of those.

    James GunningJames GunningMonth ago
  • Rhett cunningly getting hammered 😂

    MaenadMaenadMonth ago
  • Also gotta love chase 🤣🤣

    matt Lillmatt LillMonth ago
  • Low key with the accent Rhett 🤣

    Gabe GonzalezGabe GonzalezMonth ago
  • Truly is the best

    dillon thompsondillon thompsonMonth ago
  • I feel like this should have been a blind test.

    Quack Quack Beats #HHBMV Hip Hop Beat Music VideosQuack Quack Beats #HHBMV Hip Hop Beat Music VideosMonth ago
  • I swear these men have lost their tastebuds

    Tactical CowboyTactical CowboyMonth ago
  • Why do they need the helmets?? xD lol

    omar riosomar riosMonth ago
  • Just give me a 40 of king cobra and I'm good to go

    Brandon AndersonBrandon AndersonMonth ago
  • Strong zero!!!

    Yudhistira LaksonoYudhistira LaksonoMonth ago
  • I drink the corona seltezrs cuz they have 0 carbs

    AlexAlexMonth ago
  • This had me giggly the whole time. Wonder how buzzed they got haha

    Laura AthmejvarLaura AthmejvarMonth ago
  • Opposite of sparkly is flat 🤣. Rhett is flat haha

    Alex MaritzAlex MaritzMonth ago
  • 100% agree with this ranking loved it

    Lucy FisherLucy FisherMonth ago
  • Can we all take a second and literally appreciate these guys have been on USworlds since the start of it all

    LaktdLaktdMonth ago
  • Ok folks, who is in agreement that Truly Lemonade seltzer is the bomb?

    Muchacho SauceMuchacho SauceMonth ago
  • Stevie is the highlight of this show🤣

    Edwin QuirozEdwin QuirozMonth ago
  • Truly Lemonade is way better then normal truly. PSA

    kas8970kas8970Month ago
  • Vizzy seltzer’s are the best

    Chase BurgessChase BurgessMonth ago
  • Wow this show grew up with us🤣😅

    Addie EmilyAddie EmilyMonth ago
  • Corona sales went down 40% because of corona virus

    Tara KellyTara KellyMonth ago
  • They should’ve thrown in the truly lemonade ones, they are by far the best

    SGTrollinskiSGTrollinskiMonth ago
  • Corona spent 40mil on marketing and this is the first time ive heard of it lol

    ZidaanZidaanMonth ago
  • Dude. No truly lemonades are where it's at.

    lexylexyMonth ago
  • One of the best episodes that made me laugh thank you

    Torp SteFnTorp SteFnMonth ago
  • Who else wants to see an uncensored / unadulterated Rhett and Link?

    LiftOrGTFOLiftOrGTFOMonth ago
  • Rhett you are my hair role model, can you do a GMM style video of your hair/beard routine ?

    The DorkThe DorkMonth ago
  • Get it together Stevie

    Taylor WilliamsTaylor WilliamsMonth ago
  • i love how theres no need for them to be using the whole drinking contraption but they do it anyways its great

    Jacqui LittleJacqui LittleMonth ago
  • Sorry but all seltzers are gross. Their facial expressions tell you all you need to know.

    EeejayEeejayMonth ago
  • man im really getting "honey i shrunk the kids" vibes on this episode guys lol link looks like the Dad

    Hannah MarieHannah MarieMonth ago
  • I find any of the seltzers with lime flavoring don't have a very good flavor.

    Cheyenne DCheyenne DMonth ago
  • Hello there I haven’t been here since 2018 and dear god wtf happen lol

    Fernando CruzFernando CruzMonth ago
  • holy wow, ECU gang!

    Jhf 330Jhf 330Month ago
  • I like trulys the best but don’t mind the others, besides mango

    Jacob BurnsJacob BurnsMonth ago
  • Truly’s blueberry flavor tastes like children’s chewable grape Tylenol to me lmfao

    peachepandapeachepandaMonth ago
  • Truly lemonade seltzer’s are the best thing ever

    Logan EarlyLogan EarlyMonth ago
  • As someone from southern Mississippi, it's painful but entirely accurate that when Rhett started to speak as one of the idiots who would connect Coronavirus with Corona alcohol, he immediately switched to a southern accent.

    Melanie DernMelanie DernMonth ago
    • Florida here... Too true.

      Michele LoudenbackMichele Loudenback26 days ago
  • Best episode ever

    Eli CampbellEli CampbellMonth ago

    D y l a n ?D y l a n ?Month ago
  • 8:00 no its free marketing

    doomstar9093doomstar9093Month ago
  • “I don’t know man there MAY be a connection” 😂

    Kellie RingKellie RingMonth ago

    itchyrichitchyrichMonth ago
  • I'm not complaining but... Isn't this a kids show?

    Amber RagainsAmber RagainsMonth ago
  • I thought this was for all ages?

    Solomon HanksSolomon HanksMonth ago
  • Lmao that drink

    Bk R10Bk R10Month ago
  • Wouldn’t it make more sense to try the same flavor?

    Manny FrogsplashManny FrogsplashMonth ago
  • I’ve gone from watching them taste test water to now taste testing alcohol

    KDKiDKDKiDMonth ago
  • Nothing can make me enjoy any seltzer... Unless it's strong enough lol

    Felicia LynnFelicia LynnMonth ago
  • I love that chase drank the seltzer as he walked away.

    RileyGeeklyRileyGeeklyMonth ago
  • Who else thinks they should've did all the same flavor?!?

    Jay BenzalierJay BenzalierMonth ago