Leaving Things In Coffee For 2 Months (Experiment)

Sep 15, 2020
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What happens when you leave donuts in coffee for 2 months? GMM #1811
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  • pain.

    Splat BooSplat Boo9 hours ago
  • That Quibi joke didn’t age well

    KE FisherKE FisherDay ago
  • I know this episode is over a month old, but: Link. Looks. SO. Good.

    scottemblerscottembler3 days ago
  • I don’t like seeing a spotlight moment in the episode right in the beginning

    Mal AhmMal Ahm3 days ago
  • Coffee has oils in it that will go rancid. Thus the smells

    Lauren MackLauren Mack5 days ago
  • You guys forgot about Windex 🤓

    Staria DawnStaria Dawn7 days ago
  • You need to do this with Silk Soy Milk 👀😳👀😳👀😳👀😳👀

    Joslin RoseJoslin Rose9 days ago
  • We don't need spoilers. We need to talk about that.

    Jake LovecchioJake Lovecchio9 days ago

    Luke RichardsonLuke Richardson11 days ago
  • Not a fan of the spoiler, miss the joke and then “Let’s Talk About That”. If you’re getting rid of the saying, at least bring back LTAT show 🧐🤨

    MissRachieHMissRachieH11 days ago
  • Its almost like they forget leather is cured cowhide lol

    Brendan JakausBrendan Jakaus12 days ago
  • Please bring back let’s talk about that it’s just such a fundamental thing I’ve been here since the first year y’all came to USworlds the change is too much :000

    Synergy SenpaiSynergy Senpai12 days ago
  • ok the leaving links glasses gag.... is really starting to get old AF

    Liz BlueLiz Blue15 days ago
  • i like the new intro

    Why Not MNWhy Not MN17 days ago
  • Get hair cuts you Hippies

    Harris ProductionsHarris Productions17 days ago
  • I don't think this was the right video to watch while eating

    Maggie Herreria-KeepingMaggie Herreria-Keeping17 days ago
  • I still say leave things in club soda: the universal cleaning agent

    Jon PJon P17 days ago
  • LTAT

    Esquire PlaysEsquire Plays18 days ago
  • leaving things in chicken broth for a month?

    hazel hhazel h18 days ago

    Josiah HarrisJosiah Harris20 days ago
  • Idk i rly like the new intro

    Iris McHughIris McHugh20 days ago
  • Thanks! I've been struggling to quit drinking coffee, but I think after this video it'd be a struggle to ever drink coffee again (I also work at Dunkin' as one of the donut makers and... yeah...)

    Cassie M.Cassie M.20 days ago
  • Can you do will it hotdog please

    James UseltonJames Uselton21 day ago
  • What happens when you replace your unique intro with a more cliche one? Let's talk about that.

    Katherine HallingKatherine Halling23 days ago
  • i-

    Annie S!Annie S!23 days ago
  • Bring back let’s talk about that! That’s my morning phrase mannnn

    Megan HarperMegan Harper23 days ago
  • GMM got tired of writing episode specific puns/blurbs, let’s talk about that.

    L H FL H F23 days ago
  • Deez nutz are hella salty

    Danny MckenzieDanny Mckenzie23 days ago
  • Very poopish 😂😂😂😂😂

    iwanabeapirateariwanabeapiratear23 days ago
  • I don't mind the lack of LTAT too much. What i DO mind is having part of the show spoiled ahead of time

    Scarlett EdmundsScarlett Edmunds23 days ago
  • That potato one made me laugh XD And not a fan of the sneak-peek. Please go back to "let's talk about that."

    HortiCache GrowingHortiCache Growing23 days ago
  • "Its fits in the cup holder in your car". My cup holders a frickin square though. Arent I SOL.

    Alec HeiserAlec Heiser24 days ago
  • "Let's talk about that."

    SD CustomsSD Customs26 days ago
  • I wish they would talk about it

    Chase TreeshChase Treesh27 days ago
  • I forget about links glasses everytime!! One time I'll be expecting it and they wont freaken remember.

    Chris HeikesChris Heikes27 days ago
  • Bring back “let’s talk about that.” Idk why but I miss saying that at the same time as Rhett.

    Braxter LemonsBraxter Lemons27 days ago
  • Why is Link not allowed knives. I've always wondered this and I'm relatively new to GMM. Has he got priors??

    SJ KSJ K27 days ago
  • 1:14 🤣🤣🤣 oh have you link

    YK SULLYYK SULLY28 days ago
  • Baseball is leather made from cow that’s why it smelled

    Zoe RankinZoe Rankin28 days ago
  • I'd hope it comes empty.

    OliviaOlivia28 days ago
  • LETS TALK ABOUT THAT ?????? (!)

    PatrilicusPatrilicus28 days ago
  • Rhetts scream:🐆 links scream:🐈

    HotReddemon 12HotReddemon 1228 days ago
  • No one: Joey Diaz: 1:15

    Josh BrunoJosh Bruno28 days ago
  • Why did rhett feed link an egg in the middle of the episode 😂😂😂

    ALIZIUM VlogsALIZIUM Vlogs28 days ago
  • i like the new intro but pls talk abt that :(

    DinrBlasterDinrBlaster28 days ago
  • i left for a chunk of the year and come back to see Rehtt with a man bun and a beard that cavemen would be jelous of... WHAT DID I MISS!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Sebastian FritzSebastian Fritz28 days ago
  • why are people so distraught over the no "lets talk about that" ??? not to dismiss anyones feelings but i feel like the new intro works just as well

    fishtouchfishtouch29 days ago
  • Links reaction is so funny

    Queen RosieQueen Rosie29 days ago
  • How Rhett put on gloves but feeds Link an egg with the same gloves.

    Elizabeth CedilloElizabeth Cedillo29 days ago
  • Bring back the lets talk about that😫

    sketchysketchy29 days ago
  • "Its somewhat poopish" lmfao

    Mitchell NormanMitchell Norman29 days ago
  • You guys should leave things in beer for a month next

    Lauraelizabeth CohenLauraelizabeth Cohen29 days ago
  • Im sorry but I miss the old intro :(

    Smiley SingsSmiley SingsMonth ago
  • I've never been more thankful that we don't have smell-o-vision right now...

    SixOneSixZEROSixOneSixZEROMonth ago
  • I've been cursed with fever like symptoms and I'm happily surprised this made me laugh thank you guys

    Jeffery pooJeffery pooMonth ago
  • “Waft it, man, you’re a scientist” hahaha awesome

    JoshuaJoshuaMonth ago
  • USworlds audiences are always great examples to show how resistant to change people are.

    Alina StarAlina StarMonth ago
  • I still miss the “let’s talk about that” intro. I really hope y’all bring it back eventually.

    Rosebud GirlRosebud GirlMonth ago
  • new intro?!!?!?!?

    Ishotubro973Ishotubro973Month ago
  • idk why but 10:33 cracked me up

    Szilard Vig-KissSzilard Vig-KissMonth ago
  • “We also left links glasses in ________” “Oh so that’s where they were” (Fill in the blank)

    Harrison RitzHarrison RitzMonth ago
  • Please bring back the “let’s talk about that” and fun titles for everything! where we leave things on a shelf coffee edition just doesn’t have the same ring to it as some of the hilarious things you’ve come up with over the years

    JikiJikiMonth ago
  • What was that egg for???

    Lexi's wayLexi's wayMonth ago
  • No body... absolutely no one ever.... Rhett... *mAnBuNTiMe*

    Blake BirchfieldBlake BirchfieldMonth ago
  • should leave something in coffee for a year

    TheGloominingTheGloominingMonth ago
  • *bring back let's talk about that!!!*

    Julianna.Julianna.Month ago
  • A

    Benito RamosBenito RamosMonth ago
  • Getting tired of all the 'lets talk about that' comments. Yes, it was a trademark opening, but they've already said they're not bringing it back so why keep talking about it?

    Jamie ZammitJamie ZammitMonth ago
  • Left in flex seal for a month

    TopWaterTremorsTopWaterTremorsMonth ago
  • Links reaction to the potato sent me

    Naomi LewisNaomi LewisMonth ago
  • I love the new intro because it catches people’s eye faster and people watch it curious on what the video is but lets talk about that

    Sevanna DavidsonSevanna DavidsonMonth ago
  • I don’t want to drink coffee anymore after this video.

    Cuthulu GoldblumCuthulu GoldblumMonth ago
  • 1 month later... Scientists are calling it the Babe Ruth virus...

    Art VeinArt VeinMonth ago
  • How about leaving things in MILK or ENERGY DRINKS (redbull or monster)

    Josh WhiteJosh WhiteMonth ago
  • I’m glad Rhett got the knife away from Link before anything happened. Especially since he tried to STAB A KNIFE INTO A SPHERE. NEVER. DO. THAT. GRAVITY AND PHYSICS *WILL* WIN. AND YOUR FINGERS WILL LOSE.

    PennywiseknowsyouaregaePennywiseknowsyouaregaeMonth ago
  • Click this for enjoyment 6:11

    thegamerkid 345thegamerkid 345Month ago

    Elsa StarlightElsa StarlightMonth ago
  • Please bring back the let's talk about that 😭😭😭😭

    Bree McCraneyBree McCraneyMonth ago
  • It's very poopish. Lol!

    Review Your Own AdventureReview Your Own AdventureMonth ago
  • 11:02 thats because it litteraly is

    no cringingno cringingMonth ago
  • wait what are we talking about

    Cookie ProductionsCookie ProductionsMonth ago
  • I shouldn’t watch these kinds of episodes while I’m eating 🤢

    ifollowriversifollowriversMonth ago
  • are they ok?

    alex torchiaalex torchiaMonth ago
  • I thought he said he left a cat in coffee for 2 months a I think I got a heart attack.

    Divya ADivya AMonth ago
  • "ha!"

    L GL GMonth ago
  • I swear to God I think these two guys have a cigarette bromance going on that we all know exist. Sort of reminds me of Turk and JD from Scrubs

    TarrabyteTarrabyteMonth ago
  • What about Left On A Shelf: Shampoo/Conditioner?

    theotherleonaygirltheotherleonaygirlMonth ago
  • Leaving stuff in honey would be cool

    QR PastelQR PastelMonth ago
  • Just feels like they didn't want to film intros anymore 😂😂😂😂

    Carolyn BestCarolyn BestMonth ago
  • 😱😂the potato reaction

    Daisy PDaisy PMonth ago
  • Leaving things in protein shake

    anshul goyalanshul goyalMonth ago
  • That donut part had alot of joke potential

    Z CarpZ CarpMonth ago
  • Ummm are we gonna talk about that or what 🤔😢

    Iss KarmaIss KarmaMonth ago
  • Can we do acetone next so link has to buy new glasses?

    Ryan AndersonRyan AndersonMonth ago
  • Every comment is about how bad the new spoiler opening is... LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT

    BB ChildBB ChildMonth ago
  • I like let’s talk about that better😕

    Joseph PaulJoseph PaulMonth ago
  • let’s talk about that?

    casper runcasper runMonth ago

    casper runcasper runMonth ago
  • Link: “You just left something in coffee for 2 whole months. What happened to it?” Rhett: “Let’s talk about that.”

    Miguel SanchezMiguel SanchezMonth ago
  • “Very poopish”

    Abi EshlemanAbi EshlemanMonth ago