Leaving Things In Red Bull For 3 Months (Experiment)

Jun 9, 2020
1 838 946 Views

Today, we're seeing what happens when we leave things in Red Bull for 3 months. GMM #1751
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  • Mamhmer what’s that word Heh margarita

    Mia DoveMia Dove4 days ago
  • Can I leave my wifi in Red Bull for a month 🙄

    TTV.VarrariaTTV.Varraria6 days ago
  • Плдтанз

    RogerRoger16 days ago
  • I won't be eating watermelon any time soon...

    Jordan BaileyJordan Bailey17 days ago
  • *rhett bull*

    Bom BagelBom Bagel21 day ago
  • You know link looks like a actual scientist.

    Arisa BaysArisa Bays24 days ago
  • Hey

    ItsNotDonItsNotDon26 days ago
  • Haven’t watched these guys in a while and it’s nice to see they havent changed a bit. Keep up the good work!

    dersidmdersidmMonth ago
  • i let this video sit unplayed for 3 months

    BuhmarifyBuhmarifyMonth ago
  • Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Derek: *BACKFLIP*

    Ryan AfRyan AfMonth ago
  • "Tell me what yer thinkin about penetration."🤣

    GameyScorpioGameyScorpioMonth ago
  • 10:14 who the eff gave link something sharp? 😆

    fox wrightfox wrightMonth ago
  • Anyone realize they are reading from scripts behind the camera

    Owen CypretOwen CypretMonth ago
  • Tyler tube?

    NicksingssNicksingssMonth ago
  • i always hated uncrustables

    Shady KittyShady KittyMonth ago
  • Link writes the way I do! Half-print, half-cursive.

    mikeysrosemikeysroseMonth ago
  • Do one with lemon juice

    xxmclaren2004xxmclaren2004Month ago
  • Do one with dry ice

    xxmclaren2004xxmclaren2004Month ago
  • that watermelon for real looks like something that could be used in hollywood special effects horror movies

    Dallas WoodDallas Wood2 months ago
  • So fun fact: redbull doesn't expire for like 6 to 9 months, so there's a chance that redbull in those jars is still good to drink (minus all the "extra" stuff in them)

    Uke_ItUke_It2 months ago
  • I get nervous when they put links glasses in the liquid they used. I dont feel like he should be putting some of that stuff near his eyes, like bleach or Windex. Idk if it's just me

    Caitlynne HaworthCaitlynne Haworth2 months ago
  • 11:32.2

    Jeh FlipsJeh Flips2 months ago
  • I didn't know Red Bull was Austrian, explains why it's so popular and branded everywhere here

    Mae NorMae Nor2 months ago
  • You have a misguided notion of how much red bull actually ends up going through college dorms during exam week...

    Abomination25 !Abomination25 !2 months ago
  • *Kyle's enter the chat*

    Wyatt FisherWyatt Fisher2 months ago
  • Thoughts?

    Ryan DennisRyan Dennis2 months ago
  • Dancing to that intro

    Zap FilmsZap Films2 months ago
  • Do yall have a podcast

    Michael NelmsMichael Nelms2 months ago
  • 3:59 smeellaaaatHat

    zane truesdalezane truesdale2 months ago
  • There is a guy who has a whole channel dedicated to doing stuff like this. Find him and get him on your show.

    Joseph CottierJoseph Cottier2 months ago
  • Have they done hotdog water

    karugankarugan2 months ago
  • leave things in urine for a month oh my god i dont think you have yet

    Sterling uwuSterling uwu2 months ago
  • I like when they used to make their own jokes instead of just awkwardly reading them

    Sharose hSharose h2 months ago
  • WHY?

    Vinicius MirandaVinicius Miranda2 months ago
  • The reason the egg shell dissolved because carbonation dissolves any thing with calcium in it

    Noah KrygierNoah Krygier2 months ago
  • Yay!

    Brittany ClarkBrittany Clark2 months ago
  • amm I the only one who realized the older Rhett gets the dirtier his jokes are lol

    Elieth D.Elieth D.2 months ago
  • bruh why could i swell the mold from here

    ellell3 months ago
  • Um I’m allergic to penicillin

    walid razaqwalid razaq3 months ago
  • bruh did no one else see that at the end when the red bull dried away the chalk got more visible

    Rowan ArnoldRowan Arnold3 months ago
  • The more Red Bull in a college dorm on exam week hit close to home 😂

    Simone MarieSimone Marie3 months ago
  • 13:07 “Yeh ever heard of Penicillin bro? **clicks tongs**”

    Max KonidarisMax Konidaris3 months ago
  • Even though it’s just red bull it still makes me gag when I look at it

    leah XDleah XD3 months ago
  • I would watch good mythical morning I like the will it videos

    Candice PerryCandice Perry3 months ago
  • Make more will it videos!!! Like:will it guac,will it sauce,will it chip,will it chocolate,will it margarita,will it candy,will it chicken wing

    xhmodx7xhmodx73 months ago
  • Don’t breathe in the mold dude

    jjodoin05jjodoin053 months ago
  • Rhett&Link at its finest

    Matheus DiasMatheus Dias3 months ago
  • What about an episode where it’s filmed from Rhett and Link’s POV.

    Emily NaifehEmily Naifeh3 months ago
  • My highschool had uncrustables for breakfast in the mornings but weird whole wheat ones lol

    Nightshade KellyNightshade Kelly3 months ago
  • Ima jus say it yall are and were my childhood

    Leigh GaffneyLeigh Gaffney3 months ago
  • I never ever thought about this...but that desk needs a metal

    that one guythat one guy3 months ago
  • The Skittles shoulda been an easy guess. Tong, tong, tong, tong, tong, gone.

    OliviaOlivia3 months ago
  • Aamir Khan really let himself go

    Someone mysteriousSomeone mysterious3 months ago
  • Watching this while drinking red bull 😂😂😂😂

    Bronte Hammerton-WildingBronte Hammerton-Wilding3 months ago
  • Who has been watching them forever lol like if you agree 👇🏻

    I love ReptilesI love Reptiles3 months ago
  • 6:14 Rhett becomes Pee-Wee Herman

    Will is GoneWill is Gone3 months ago
  • F***in amateurs, I left unpacked skittles in a nut jar for a year and ate it and I got rainbow colored sh*t

    丂Ҝㄚ乇丂Ҝㄚ乇3 months ago
  • Rhett: "Shattered into a million pieces like me when I ate at a Mexican restaurant on a highway called 'El Foodo'. Oops, I'm sorry, I thought that said 'shatted.' Either way I definitely shatted. This is Stevie by the way." Stevie, c'mon.

    EvilDeathCuddlesEvilDeathCuddles3 months ago
  • They should leave a small shelf on a slighly larger shelf on "the shelf that we leave things on"

    David MDavid M3 months ago
  • Link feeds Rhett Strawberries, so it makes sense for Rhett to feed Link Hard Boiled Eggs

    James PeytonJames Peyton3 months ago
  • This is my favorite series

    Not -CDCNot -CDC3 months ago
  • Can we no glorify cruel practices such as bullrings please.

    Lea GanelleLea Ganelle3 months ago
  • Daddy likes things damp. That makes sense

    Doesn’t CareDoesn’t Care3 months ago
  • Never know with these 2, they could be pickling 10 things for like 8 months

    jeremiah healjeremiah heal3 months ago
  • Whenever you are interacting with mold you should always be wearing a mask. Not all mold is dangerous but especially ones surviving in an air tight container can be quite spooky.

    Julia SchroederJulia Schroeder3 months ago

    Elizabeth BElizabeth B3 months ago
  • God I love watching Rhett feed Link eggs!

    JxCJxC3 months ago
  • Swell and crack like octo mom 😂💀

    Elliot coyneElliot coyne3 months ago
  • I don’t know why but Link’s song “tong tong tong tong gone” made me laugh so hard!

    Ceecee pgCeecee pg3 months ago
  • As successful as red bull thought sponsoring this would be... all this does is ensure the fact I will never drink red bull or any energy drink ever again 😂

    Logan MacGregorLogan MacGregor3 months ago
  • Good Mythical Moldy Melon!

    N64 SlayerN64 Slayer3 months ago
  • I'm surprised you guys haven't done milk or coffee or Hershey's chocolate (or strawberry) syrup yet. Have you guys done soy sauce?

    Chromatic VanityChromatic Vanity3 months ago
  • American eggs look so gross and clinical :0

    FReviewsFReviews3 months ago
  • I wish they had an actual prize or punishment to up the stakes

    Lily GrayLily Gray3 months ago
  • The watermelon looks like an alien egg, like you’d expect a face hugger to come jumping from it.

    VGamingJunkieVGamingJunkie3 months ago
  • I grew up watching y’all! You have gotten so much older and like wise for me! Great to see you guys still uploading

    hehehehe 2hehehehe 23 months ago
  • nasty, this is why i dont drink this junk lol

    John Steel IVJohn Steel IV3 months ago
  • Must’ve been weird to come back to the studio after quarantine and realize, “wait a minute. We’ve left a whole bunch of stuff in Redbull for 3 months.”

    BlueDawgoBlueDawgo3 months ago
  • Leave things in WD-40 for a month!!!

    TheReal LJBTheReal LJB3 months ago
  • First

    Cameron WCameron W3 months ago
  • Why is it that "gaur" is pronounced guar and not like it is in german, where it's pronounced like "gower"?

    IdontknowIdontknow3 months ago
  • 9:32 The solution to your problems

    Axé JohnsonAxé Johnson3 months ago
  • You shouldn't be breathing in mould

    TronciTronci3 months ago
  • watch my new video bc why not its funny

    daily hellodaily hello3 months ago
  • I’m drinking Red Bull rn

    H 42H 423 months ago
  • Tong tong tong gone

    Lamarr OtemsLamarr Otems3 months ago
  • Link: You know how this goes! *proceeds to explain the whole process in its entirety*

    KingXDragoonKingXDragoon3 months ago
  • No one: Rhett: "Oh, sorry, I thought it said shatted, now I see it says shattered." Me: You said shattered when you read it... :v

    Gianfranco TapiaGianfranco Tapia3 months ago
  • The watermelon looks like a scab surrounded by maggots

    Dionne WilsonDionne Wilson3 months ago
  • Remember when they did will it videos

    Vangang 3211Vangang 32113 months ago
  • The melon rind looked like a pickle...

    ThatOneSealThatCanFlyThatOneSealThatCanFly3 months ago
  • where covid really came from

    Joe BlowJoe Blow3 months ago
  • have'nt watched this channel for ages, Rhett looks so weird

    no copyrightno copyright3 months ago
  • I am not squeamish when it comes to gross things but mold... I don’t like that

    Gretchen FriesenGretchen Friesen3 months ago
  • ngl i nearly threw up seeing that melon, i can handle gore but a moldy melon. NOPE

    Gem StyGem Sty3 months ago
  • omg im Austria

    Jarrett HindereggerJarrett Hinderegger3 months ago
  • Link has good handwriting

    PinkDolphin 65PinkDolphin 653 months ago
  • “The Red Bull gave my glasses wings”

    Josyah ThomasJosyah Thomas3 months ago
  • 🤣😂😆😁😄😃😀🙂😐😕🙁🙁☹️😣😖😥😢😰😭

    Roman CapuleRoman Capule3 months ago
  • That’s where those have been

    MEME GAMERZ 2.0MEME GAMERZ 2.03 months ago