McDonald's Taco Bell Mashup Menu Taste Test

Aug 21, 2020
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Ever wanted a Crunchwrap Big Mac? What would happen if McDonald's and Taco Bell combined forces? Today we're taste testing some Mickey D's and Taco B's crossovers! GMM #1799
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  • I am now craving Taco Bell...

    Ian LeeIan LeeDay ago
  • Can we go to the big mac zone

    Zane JonesZane JonesDay ago
  • sweet and sour is the best sauce

    Redesophagus PlaysRedesophagus PlaysDay ago
  • Taco bell already makes the fries. Fries supreme has been at taco bell ever since i can remember

    Dustin MDustin M2 days ago
  • 1. WTF who eats cheese on Apple Pies?!? 2. I love how the fries in Round 2 was literally just what Taco Bell already sells so it's not even really a mashup other than the fact it's using McDonald's fries instead of Taco Bell's seasoned ones. 3. I already know lots of people make their own Burger Crunchwraps, never would've thought about the hashbrown though.

    Brandon GiesingBrandon Giesing3 days ago
  • “Big Mac zone.” 😆 mam forgot what the restaurant was called

    Meriki JiyaMeriki Jiya3 days ago
  • I need that nugget hmu

    Matthew McCabeMatthew McCabe4 days ago
  • Imagine a fried mcflurry Cinnabon melt

    Jacob MooneyhamJacob Mooneyham7 days ago
  • We have Fries Supreme in Canada.

    Jason OlsonJason Olson7 days ago
  • Thank you Josh, the sweet and sour IS their most underrated sauce. And I get it every time. Great on nuggies.

    delightfullyawkwarddelightfullyawkward7 days ago
  • Did you know that they still make the taco burger on special order

    Potluck man 69Potluck man 699 days ago
  • Olfactory Seizure

    Paul O'NealPaul O'Neal10 days ago
  • I hope Link doesn't have a brain tumor.

    Paul O'NealPaul O'Neal10 days ago
  • I’ve seen a popeyes with a dunkin donuts

    MBP MayoMBP Mayo10 days ago
  • Big Mac Zone made me lol

    Jesse JalapeñoJesse Jalapeño11 days ago
  • Who ACTUALLY hates bananas!?!?!

    Norma SmithNorma Smith12 days ago
  • Australian McDonald's has loaded fries.

    1973Washu1973Washu14 days ago
  • Gods i really want that burrito and those nuggies....

    FlamingAtheistFlamingAtheist14 days ago
  • Those were just fries supreme

    Rell GreenRell Green15 days ago
  • As a pregnant woman I should not have watched this lol now I want both McDonald's and taco bell lol 😂😂 and I would much rather have the cinnamon twist mcflurry over the nacho apple pie

    Ashelyy WaltersAshelyy Walters15 days ago
  • Link dresses like he’s a model for threadless

    the complexionthe complexion15 days ago
  • “I think you have a concussion” Same

    AlexIsScaredAlexIsScared16 days ago
  • The only item I would have chosen differently for the McBell menu was the dessert. No way I would want to eat a nacho cheese apple pie.

    Shadow S. KorosuShadow S. Korosu17 days ago
  • Josh is too smart for his own good I’ve been watching mythical cooking lately and there have been some amazing and strang things he has done

    RoadkingU5BRoadkingU5B17 days ago
  • (ง'̀-'́)ง

    Sus SquidSus Squid18 days ago
  • Wtf are crunchy red strips xD

    Kieron MooreKieron Moore18 days ago
  • Big Mac zone 😂😂😂

    Lake BrecheenLake Brecheen18 days ago
  • If someone could explain how to make the Big Mac Crunchwrap it would be greatly appreciated! 😎

    Brando_b_88Brando_b_8819 days ago
  • “That’s what you get sometimes when you do a trick.”

    Dylan WatersDylan Waters19 days ago
  • "mcdonalds doesn't do fries with stuff on them" come to canada and get mcdonalds poutine!

    honeydewmuffinhoneydewmuffin21 day ago
  • Pizza Hut and kfc

    Jordan CoxJordan Cox21 day ago
  • I love how no matter what there’s a dink 😂 link was distracted by a tomato and Rhett made sure this was a dink

    Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton21 day ago
  • Man they should really do a restaurant with all this stuff!!!!

    francisco floresfrancisco flores23 days ago
  • Are we just not gonna talk about how taco bell has had nacho fries before

    FaseANDRIOD 96FaseANDRIOD 9623 days ago
  • McDonald's used to have a "BigMac snack wrap" so its kinda the same thing as the crunchwrap supreme Big Mac thing. And I wish it would come back.

    Alex KjeldgaardAlex Kjeldgaard23 days ago
  • Speaking of fries, go to Canada, get McDonald's poutine.

    Gordon PettenGordon Petten24 days ago

    MaFiAGHOSTMaFiAGHOST24 days ago
  • Wait America doesn't have fry supreme

    Marco AgostaMarco Agosta24 days ago
  • I want to try all of it

    Melissa Lawson ParkerMelissa Lawson Parker24 days ago
  • I need to know where Rhett got that shirt. Please.

    Bryan CableBryan Cable24 days ago
  • Videos like this are entertaining but I always find myself distracted by my hatred for taco bell. Once you work at taco bell, the stress of it sticks with you forever

    MyPoochyenaMyPoochyena25 days ago
  • I love how excited rhett always gets about anything big mac

    Nicky WhiskyNicky Whisky25 days ago
  • I’d rather have Wendy’s or bk fries over McDonald’s fries

    Nathan HovanecNathan Hovanec26 days ago
  • GLOBAL knives are cheffy and really good..but you need to sharpen them Josh!

    ViewTwoViewTwo26 days ago
  • you guys need to do a Secret menu taste test! every fast food restaurant has one look into it!

    Matthew SawyerMatthew Sawyer26 days ago
  • Omg your hairs

    Farid KawasmiFarid Kawasmi26 days ago
  • mcclubarches .com mcdonalds blogs and Achers Collection shop

    McClub Arches Merchandise ShopMcClub Arches Merchandise Shop26 days ago
  • McDonald’s sauce-ah

    Zack MayZack May27 days ago
  • Link will eat scorpions, congealed blood, and peppermint ramen. Don’t you dare give him pico de gallo

    Josiah GorgasJosiah Gorgas27 days ago
  • The loaded fries are actually part of Taco Bell menu in Dominican Republic, where they serve fries as part of their combos, by the way those are even better than Mcdonald's ones.

    Jenny Reyes OviedoJenny Reyes Oviedo28 days ago
  • I want to eat all 8 of these things.

    IlljwamhIlljwamh28 days ago
  • It’s cronchy

    Kaitlyn SmithKaitlyn Smith28 days ago
  • “Big Mac zone”

    Ali AAli A28 days ago
  • Nice

  • Okay but do you think that it McDonald’s and Tacobell actually combined it would not be as good as what josh makes

    Alyse RichinsAlyse RichinsMonth ago
  • When you have covid and want a crunch wrap after watching this but can't go anywhere

    Tanner HeathTanner HeathMonth ago
  • We have the fries supreme in Canada at taco bell

    Lev PollockLev PollockMonth ago
  • Rhett needs a food compilation with his beard and all.

    Rachel JacksonRachel JacksonMonth ago
  • Recipe?

    DeantolDeantolMonth ago
  • please start a mythical restaurant so I can come visit you guys!

    CruzpkkCruzpkkMonth ago
  • Sharpen your knives 🔪

    nantwonnantwonMonth ago
  • They should replace Link with a trained monkey for a day and see how that goes. I'm thinking it would be the same.

    Fister MantasticFister MantasticMonth ago
  • Cool

    Kolton BeasleyKolton BeasleyMonth ago
  • We had butterfinger mcflurries back in 1999-2001 at our mcdonalds in our small town ❤️ that was my fav mcflurry.

    Jessica AdamsJessica AdamsMonth ago
  • Who came here after they taco bell is getting rid of their pizzas

    brifrankensteinbrifrankensteinMonth ago
  • McDonald’s sweet and sour is the best sauce they have

    999FlyHigh _999FlyHigh _Month ago
  • God my fatass REALLY wants to try that Cruchwrap Bigmac

    Brex 10Brex 10Month ago
  • someone please tell me I can eat these somewhere. I need this

    ChristianChristianMonth ago
  • there was time when we didn't see Link's ears but Rhett's and now it's otherwise

    surprise finsurprise finMonth ago
  • How are these guys not 1000 pounds

    AkAaronAkAaronMonth ago
  • "Sweet and Sour sauce the most under rated sauce on the game" Josh YAAASSSSS McDonald's sweet and sour sauce is amazing!!!!

    smrttgrlsmrttgrlMonth ago
  • In Benidorm they have McDonald’s fries with toppings on but I can’t remember what toppings

    Georgia TremlettGeorgia TremlettMonth ago
  • Yess! McDonald’s sweet n sour is soooo underrated and it’s sooooo good!🔥

    Payton LawrencePayton LawrenceMonth ago
  • Dang I so badly want to stuff really exist it looks so yummy

    Corrine MillsCorrine MillsMonth ago
  • There is a 0% chance that pie is better than the Mcflurry .....

    Jonathan TorbensonJonathan TorbensonMonth ago
  • Yes the sweet and sour sauce

    Brayden CapeBrayden CapeMonth ago
  • Link always announces that he is avoiding tomato. He doesn’t need to lol

    carlos victorcarlos victorMonth ago
  • Lol @ big Mac zone

    Christian WoodsChristian WoodsMonth ago
  • I have bought a Big Mac and Crunch wrap supreme and put them together before. Lol. Was amazing lol

    Nightshade KellyNightshade KellyMonth ago
  • Canada has McDonald’s poutine!

    forallsensesforallsensesMonth ago
  • Is it just me or is Rhett The Cowardly Lion!

    bk Dreherbk DreherMonth ago
  • Rhetts hair tho

    TheNobleNinjaTheNobleNinjaMonth ago
  • Damn, I need to go to Big Mac Zone.

    Garrett ReymanGarrett ReymanMonth ago
  • After this video im going into the kitchen what a great video keep it up Rhett and link 😁😁🍽🍽

    jake playsjake playsMonth ago
  • You dont have stuff on your Mc fries in the states? We have stuff loaded fries here in Sweden and in Spain they are even more crazy with multiple options!

    Kos PwKos PwMonth ago
  • Link “you don’t taste banana?” Josh, “I think you have a concussion”

    ethan davisethan davisMonth ago
  • Definitely do that McGriddle breakfast burrito!!!!!!

    Arika ArikaArika ArikaMonth ago
  • Those supreme fries look bomb 😂

    Seahawk FanSeahawk FanMonth ago
  • can we go to big mac zone

    chocolatepainchocolatepainMonth ago
  • “New Gen Z generation” *been around for 20 years* 😂

    JonJonMonth ago
  • Dude, “sometimes wierder tastes good” should be the motto of Cotton Candy Randy

    MirandaMirandaMonth ago
  • I want a Taco bell and McDonald's mashup restaurant to exist now. I didn't think that was a desire that I was ever going to have.

    link5205link5205Month ago
  • A-dick-did

    sinistersinisterMonth ago
  • The loaded fries are been there done that for sure since taco bell has them here in Canada just called a fry supreme instead

    Naomi TomlinsonNaomi TomlinsonMonth ago
  • I'll say it McDonald's fries are bland

    thakid *thakid *Month ago
  • Nacho Supreme Fries exist already. They have them in Puerto Rico.

    Lego Obi-Wan KenobiLego Obi-Wan KenobiMonth ago
  • You need to come to NM and get Green Chile Cheese Fries

    NewMexicanGunGuyNewMexicanGunGuyMonth ago
  • So tacobell has this nifty thing called a nacho fry supreme... it’s a seasonal item but it’s really good

    Rebeckah SechlerRebeckah SechlerMonth ago
  • Can I be probably the only one to say this in the comments... I never had Taco Bell before.

    Kayley's GalleryKayley's GalleryMonth ago
    • I haven't either and I never will lmao

      Mina GalvanMina GalvanMonth ago
  • Josh is my new favorite youtuber, sweet and sour sauce is the BEST sauce at mcdonalds and no one ever gets it.

    mikemikeMonth ago