Nasty Beer Pong (Game)

May 1, 2020
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Today, we're playing beer pong virtually on Zoom and instead of drinking beer, we're drinking nasty food and drink combinations from the kitchen. GMM #1734
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  • So nobody seen dudes head at the side of the screen at 3:00

    noobhunter empirenoobhunter empireMonth ago
  • Its just....not the same!!!! PHUCK YOU COVID!!!!!! 😭😭😭

    adrianne roddyadrianne roddyMonth ago

    flip a dipflip a dipMonth ago
  • More beer pong please

    flip a dipflip a dipMonth ago
  • It look like chocolate milk but it taste like rancid cow 😂😂😂😂

    Danasiah NayDanasiah Nay2 months ago
  • I wanted Link to win so bad! He was doing so good

    Hannah HartungHannah Hartung2 months ago
  • 8:41 😂😂😂

    Halle SklivasHalle Sklivas2 months ago
  • I love A1 sauce, I even dip my garlic bread in it which is normally what I have with steak.

    RobotWillieRobotWillie2 months ago
  • that's not a sweet tomato that's a pervert tomato lol

    Kana BeatsKana Beats2 months ago
  • I want a Wooly Willy contest, where viewers get to decide the head and facial hair of both men once they're allowed to have haircuts.

    SJActressSJActress2 months ago
  • "Stop being surprised when i deliver!" -Link 😂

    graveside_glitzgraveside_glitz3 months ago
  • Rhetts literally turning into Damnyell

    Nazzy HaydeNazzy Hayde3 months ago
  • 12:25 that wasn’t mumble. He said “in more”. 13:00 not mumble, it’s “of mythicality”. Please Mythical, get someone who’s familiar with GMM to write captions. Those random guessed captions aren’t great for people of hard hearing!, and for us people who’s English is 2nd. :(

    Hebah KhalidHebah Khalid4 months ago
    • All the respect to the mythical crew and their efforts to bring us GMM episodes❤️

      Hebah KhalidHebah Khalid2 months ago
  • Remember when Rhett's hair went up and Link's hair went down?

    Mal MMal M4 months ago
  • As someone who loves A1, I feel attacked.

    DarthZ01DarthZ014 months ago
  • Guys, as youve probably heard by now, It's pronounced Wooster (as in wooster sauce)

    Francis WatersFrancis Waters4 months ago
  • I don't understand how Link eats/drinks nasty food and then starts coughing. I would throw up after doing that

    falling9998falling99984 months ago
  • Like if those cups aint 2ft away from dem 🤦‍♀️

    Strip4AceStrip4Ace4 months ago
  • They manage to still be one of the most entertaining channels at home love em

    thatkidcgonzo _15thatkidcgonzo _154 months ago
  • 30kth like!!!

    Brad FredBrad Fred4 months ago
  • Compared to Link, Rhett went easy on his punishment drinks 😂

    MichaelMichael4 months ago
  • "that's salty and sweet and i feel like i need to play Football"

    רפאל כהןרפאל כהן4 months ago
  • thanks for the quarantine gmm! you are very appreciated :)

    sleepyheadvinylsleepyheadvinyl5 months ago

    Ryder NiggaRyder Nigga5 months ago
  • Before: Rhett's hair goes up, Link's hair goes down Now: Link's hair goes up, Rhett's hair goes everywhere

    KayagorzanKayagorzan5 months ago
  • BEER PONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr5 months ago

    Rman NayrRman Nayr5 months ago
  • As Link runs to the bathroom to upchuck.

    Lita WellsLita Wells5 months ago
  • Tangy burns and soggy ‘maters

    Addy EmoreAddy Emore5 months ago
  • Salty and sweet = football ???

    Chris ChenChris Chen5 months ago
  • When I was little my grandma made chocolate milk with A1 suave so it was A1 milk and I was like ewww

    Gunther StottlemyerGunther Stottlemyer5 months ago
  • Bounce is two cups fellas

    P CassP Cass5 months ago
  • 0:00 lmao when doesn’t Beer Pong ever get weird

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson5 months ago
  • we need a food pong where the loser has to eat the nasty like usual, but the winner gets a Good food

    Pure EpicPure Epic5 months ago
  • "Stop being surprised when I deliver" - Fastway Couriers

    Shane TurraShane Turra5 months ago
  • Links hair is slowly turning into his old style *I’m here for it*

    Jen Is WeirdJen Is Weird5 months ago
  • Awesome

    Kimberley WKimberley W5 months ago

    Cherry RageCherry Rage5 months ago
  • Is it Landos head 1:47 ¿

    bintloodabintlooda5 months ago
  • Rhett is officially tarzan

  • Rhett didn't product his beard

    the prince that wasn't promisedthe prince that wasn't promised5 months ago
  • 😊😜❤️

    Jennifer GrahamJennifer Graham5 months ago
  • 😊😜❤️

    Jennifer GrahamJennifer Graham5 months ago
  • Shoulda namedit weird pong

    MarcoskrasMarcoskras5 months ago
  • When is Soggy(Sweet) Maters and Tangy Burns the animated series starting?

    CABLE 715CABLE 7155 months ago
  • They should have let their kids pick the combinations 👀🤣🤣

    Hunter ArnoldHunter Arnold5 months ago
  • Soggy 'maters. The G.W. Bush if Drinks. I'm afraid I'd still go with Tangy Burns.

    Sandra WhitlockSandra Whitlock5 months ago
  • Where was the redemption shot?!

    Haley GatesHaley Gates5 months ago

    Zach CalderonZach Calderon5 months ago
  • Can we get a T-Shirt that says "Tangy Burns and Soggy 'mattters" on it lol

    xTugxTug5 months ago
  • I was Sooooo waiting for Rhett to down that tequila-ranch monstrosity - oh, the disappointment...

    CisforCockCisforCock5 months ago
  • Link should try and recreate his old hairstyle from a few years ago

    amelie clarkeamelie clarke5 months ago
  • My pothead ass thought Links vases were 2 bongs 😂💀

    cаманта oвчинаcаманта oвчина5 months ago
  • Links Hair! Like the guy at the beginning of Escape From New York.. "If your not in the air in 30 seconds he dies"

    Fred OakesFred Oakes5 months ago

    Criz SauzaCriz Sauza5 months ago
  • Drinking cold brew while hearing “cold brew and chunky salsa” was an unpleasant experience. 😂

    Autumn BoughAutumn Bough5 months ago
  • rhett does not look like he's doing well during this quarantine

    alexandra mae !!alexandra mae !!5 months ago
  • Both of you need a haircut

    Brett_KendrickBrett_Kendrick5 months ago
  • this is stevie laughing for 13 min and 42 sec and i'm here for it

    Drew JonesDrew Jones5 months ago
  • I suddenly have a craving for salsa

    Jbot004Jbot0045 months ago

    RSH RSHRSH RSH5 months ago
  • I need a Were still good shirt :P

    KittemsKittems5 months ago
  • still waiting on that "We're still good!" shirt...

    Noah CarschNoah Carsch5 months ago
  • This Nasty Beer Pong was such a good idea!!

    JDMricistJDMricist5 months ago
  • Awesome

    Jennifer M. BeckerJennifer M. Becker5 months ago
  • Are links wings gonna come back??

    Blue GeenBlue Geen5 months ago
  • I feel like they’re trying to think of as many ways they can involve drinking alcohol into their videos lol

    Marcus SorensenMarcus Sorensen5 months ago
  • Can we acknowledge how link is starting to look like a mad scientist?! 😂

    Nerdy CollectionNerdy Collection5 months ago
  • So Rhett changed into Poseidon?

    TheMaverickTheMaverick5 months ago
  • Did Link just say something with stewed tomatoes was good? Link you starting to like tomatoes?

    Kate GunnKate Gunn5 months ago
  • what do you call a gatorade and A1 drink? A gator one with some aid

    Robby KunkelRobby Kunkel5 months ago
  • I need merch with 'tangy burns' on it

    BuffyGlamBuffyGlam5 months ago
  • ceo of great content even when they're stuck at home

    Sarah RinaldiSarah Rinaldi5 months ago
  • rhett is now 25% quarantine.

    Chunt GuntleyChunt Guntley5 months ago
  • The guy in the pool got the ducks and Dino from leslies pool supply

    The Darkest JokerThe Darkest Joker5 months ago
  • I just wanna take a moment and thank you for bringing us content during these times. ❤️❤️

    morteza parvizimorteza parvizi5 months ago
  • Why do they both have the same backs tsble

    MrPineapplezz69MrPineapplezz695 months ago
  • Links finally got his wings back

    MrPineapplezz69MrPineapplezz695 months ago
  • 6:31 The way Stevie said "what?" lmao

    UFO SpecialistUFO Specialist5 months ago
  • Link didn’t get a re-bottle/redemption :(

    K ChannelsK Channels5 months ago
  • They face in a direction and react as if they are in the same place......hmm

    Alyssa's DadAlyssa's Dad5 months ago
  • I've just come here to see if Stevie publicly apologized yet guess not, not watching

    vincent pvincent p5 months ago
  • "You know I like whiskey, ya know what Im sayin.'" -Stevie 2020

    Lord BeerusLord Beerus5 months ago
  • The suspenseful music was quite a nice touch

    greg chandlergreg chandler5 months ago
  • Links hair has become shockingly unkempt for him. Rhett's hair is about the same lol

    Laura ArnoldLaura Arnold5 months ago
  • I’m sorry but Link at 7:31 💀😂💀😂

    Caitlin SmithCaitlin Smith5 months ago
  • I think this is in my new top 3 fav gmm’s

    Sarah PalmerSarah Palmer5 months ago
  • This is creative

    thomas savagethomas savage5 months ago
  • i wonder if the worchecherstier (can’t spell) sauce with lime juice tasted like beer salt

    Garrett CarothersGarrett Carothers5 months ago
  • 0:15 “...because, as of the time of recording this, we’ll be arrested if we don’t do what Lord Governor Newsom tells us to - which is stay inside.

    Pop FizzyPop Fizzy5 months ago
  • Really really shocked they did not quarantine together so they could continue their show! Didn't question for a second they would have done that 😱

    The ChristicornThe Christicorn5 months ago
  • Rhett and link should remake the “My Hair Goes Up” song now that it’s reversed! 😂

    ReadEmReadEm5 months ago
  • For a game they should do something that involves them possibly cutting their hair.

    Leah LLeah L5 months ago
  • "Crusty Remains" was my nickname in highschool 😉

    YankinANDGankinYankinANDGankin5 months ago
  • I, too, love the A1 sauce and I do not care how good the steak is. 🤷‍♀️😂

    Carla TownsendCarla Townsend5 months ago
  • Wusstuhsheer/Wusstuhshuh. Watched something recently where someone said no-one rly knows how to pronounce it so everyone just guesses and I wasn't expecting them to be proved right so soon

    CocoCatFTW 1CocoCatFTW 15 months ago
  • Came here for a ranch and tequila review...

    Squig MeisterSquig Meister5 months ago
  • My dad just left to Tennessee but it’s weird when ever somebody travels in my family I watch you guys and it makes me feel so much better

    coffee beans pankowcoffee beans pankow5 months ago
  • Those crossed legs are awkward

    Jason PhillipsJason Phillips5 months ago
  • Is link trying to look like ace Ventura?

    Court bCourt b5 months ago