Playing Music To Our Dumbest Moments (Game)

Jun 18, 2020
851 690 Views

In today's game, we're watching Charles Cornell play piano covers of some of our iconic moments and trying to guess the clip! GMM #1758
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  • you need to make a part two of this game!! :O

    alexalex8 days ago
  • Stevie "Human chocolate fountain" Link "Oh yeah" 😂😂😂😂

    YankinANDGankinYankinANDGankin10 days ago
  • I for sure thought Link knew there’s a pickle in the middle of chocolate, and he was giving Rhett a hint at first. 😂

    Noe RamirezNoe Ramirez10 days ago
  • what a great episode!

    Anna BroomfieldAnna Broomfield14 days ago
  • Oh my gosh, that made me smile. Especially at the end.

    WreckitRafWreckitRaf15 days ago
  • Bring back this segment

    samuel deckersamuel decker16 days ago
  • I’m so happy this collab happened

    Usama ChaudhriUsama Chaudhri20 days ago
  • OMG links winning song 😂😂😂😂

    Meghan TailfeathersMeghan Tailfeathers20 days ago
  • 6:00 remained me of untitled goose game

    K BK B20 days ago
  • Great video!!

    Silvia MansoSilvia Manso20 days ago
  • 11:27 - Every time I see this part I laugh so hard I nearly give myself headache. Lol

    GroundMemoryGroundMemory21 day ago
  • Nostalgia: will it music? YES!!!

    Chaya AndersonChaya Anderson27 days ago
  • I was so excited for this episode I skipped the intro!

    AC KennAC KennMonth ago
  • This is such an awesome episode omg

    lalalalaMonth ago
  • Next time Link wins we should all throw a party.

    GameyScorpioGameyScorpioMonth ago
  • 2020: 4838

    Alexandra DelliouAlexandra DelliouMonth ago
  • this is the funniest episode i think I've seen yet

    Brianna CluffBrianna CluffMonth ago
  • Oml yes xD

    Jess Trash-CanJess Trash-CanMonth ago
  • someone vocode these please

    ectoBiologistectoBiologistMonth ago
  • imagine if link won and the reaction they'd give

    Brad NgBrad NgMonth ago
  • “igotapickleinthemiddleofaburgerthatwascoveredinchocolate” - 2016 Link

    hd h3hd h3Month ago
  • No lie. My first thought was just, why would you play a song in B minor???

    ShadowWitch12ShadowWitch12Month ago
  • Haven't been here in like a year or 2. Rhett looks like a lion now xD

    No Smack AndyNo Smack Andy2 months ago
  • i got a pickleinthemiddleofmuhburgeranditscoveredinchocolate

    SpattymcfattySpattymcfatty2 months ago
  • I just realized rhett looks exactly like Charles but with more facial hair

    Sam ChungSam Chung2 months ago
  • 6:58 Me on my period be like.

    a fox lover love.a fox lover love.2 months ago
  • Try to use food as an instrument

    HugursHugurs2 months ago
  • underrated episode. and for future episode, link will win!

    Julius FerrerJulius Ferrer2 months ago
  • awwwwww Link!!! heart 💔 break!!!! we love you 😘 months ago
  • this episode has been so underrated, it makes me cry! 🙇🏻‍♂️

    Rishabh ShahiRishabh Shahi2 months ago
  • Best episode ever!

    Rod ZapiénRod Zapién2 months ago
  • Link went from looking like a space scientist 4 years ago to a lab scientist now

    Bailey SmithBailey Smith2 months ago
  • I miss the 4:32 Rhett

    Dominic's CuriosityDominic's Curiosity2 months ago
  • This episode was so bad which I presumed it would be.

    Johan OlinJohan Olin2 months ago
  • I appreciate the creativity. Keep it up guys!

    oreasurf2000oreasurf20003 months ago
  • I almost forgot about the burger in “Will It Chocolate?” I love that one. And hey we got it turned into a song now!!

    Alexis HallAlexis Hall3 months ago
  • Charles looks like Rhett

    Kamsi IkonneKamsi Ikonne3 months ago
  • The correct answer is yaybahar :) But Charles is awesome!

    Elizabeth Anne FadelElizabeth Anne Fadel3 months ago
  • Link:wait if Cornell always believed that Rhett would win why would he make me one Also Link when Cornell didn't make him a song:*am angwy*

    MR_DOGGO PHMR_DOGGO PH3 months ago
  • One of my favourite episodes!! Re-watching it in their break :)

    Maram HMaram H3 months ago
  • They’ve obviously never heard of Daniel thrasher

    Jeffy BoyJeffy Boy3 months ago
  • I was just watching Charles Cornell lmao

    mrowomimrowomi3 months ago
  • 14:14.

    Haruki ShirotaHaruki Shirota3 months ago
  • 9:47, 11:46.

    Haruki ShirotaHaruki Shirota3 months ago
  • this remimded me of Malcolm in the Middle episode where a guy keeps adding a piano backtrack to all of Francis' movements

    Crys PardoCrys Pardo3 months ago
  • Oh there's a Pickle in there I Gotta Pickle in a Burger That's Covered in Chocolate - New Rhett and Link song 2020

    dc74156dc741563 months ago
  • Why haven’t more people watched this!? It’s freaking hilarious

    Sarah MakoSarah Mako3 months ago
  • Yea that guy charles is the perfect collaboration for you guys really is

    King KongKing Kong3 months ago
  • Lynk is sooo cute at th end I love him love from Asia

    SHEZY GSHEZY G3 months ago
    • Um its Link

      MR_DOGGO PHMR_DOGGO PH3 months ago

    Lucky DucksLucky Ducks3 months ago
  • I KNEW that one was the pickle in the middle of his burger covered in chocolate song.

    Donkey JuiceDonkey Juice3 months ago
  • The fact that Charles actually lowkey predicted the results is amazing! Such a great episode!

    MrSF247MrSF2473 months ago
  • 13:52 Rhett: Where would we be!?? Link: wHerE WaBEe???

    ZoovaZoova3 months ago
  • Dude looking like warden blackwall in Dragon age inquisition

    jyden shermanjyden sherman3 months ago
  • Haven’t watch good mythical morning since 2014 & I’m glad I found them again 😂😂🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    MyronTheBeastMyronTheBeast3 months ago
  • For the last round the wax could’ve been him sweeping the piano when he says FWOOOOOOO

    Carrus Brick ProductionsCarrus Brick Productions3 months ago
  • I was hoping Rhetts booty knot song was going to be one of them lol

    rhs010rhs0103 months ago
  • I am dying at the winner songs lol HE IS AWESOME!!

    Blackfire PhoenixBlackfire Phoenix3 months ago
  • Why is gmm’s videos posted after 9pm? Probably cause I’m in Australia lol

    Randomised000Randomised0003 months ago
  • 0:15 Does a synthesizer count or is that cheating?

    Riley MillsapRiley Millsap3 months ago
  • So, Lockdown Rhett is basically Damnyell... right?

    H MarieH Marie3 months ago
  • Rhett: "Wouldnt you like to see Every Episode Ever?" Smosh: "Write that down"

    Louis DiamseLouis Diamse3 months ago
  • That was f#@& up at the end when he played Links winning song. Only for it to be a song for Rhett winning then turn around and acted surprised that Link actually me crying laughing. The look on Links😆 🤣

    Omegus primeOmegus prime3 months ago
  • You guys need to do a part 2 I laughed so hard at these 😂

    Nicolas LaheyNicolas Lahey3 months ago
  • internet: exists link:wherwuwebee

    planet nerdplanet nerd3 months ago
  • 3:20 Link calling Cardi B good company? She puts beer bottles up her ladyparts on stage....

    AnonymouseAnonymouse3 months ago
  • Man, I immediately realized “I got a pickle in the middle of burger covered in chocolate.”

    Dharmesh MistryDharmesh Mistry3 months ago
  • Oh, Its so good

    Adrienne AidanAdrienne Aidan3 months ago
  • I got the pickle in the middle of my burger right away 😂

    just musicjust music3 months ago
  • I immediately knew the pickle in the middle of a burger covered in chocolate one

    Sky KingSky King3 months ago
  • We need a part 2 if only for the great smell/tasting "Octopus" moment and all of "Will it Cookie."

    A. GloryA. Glory3 months ago
  • I knew that first one was a Rhett rant lol. What a cool video! Has no idea about Charles till today. Thank you! ;p

    chachaluv7chachaluv73 months ago
  • The backlot chemical camp fire explosion would have been a good one too

    Nina DeesNina Dees3 months ago
  • Woooh is it just me or Josh has changed :O

    Gabriel NormandGabriel Normand3 months ago
  • I can watch this 10 times and laugh everytime omfg. Yall should collab with this guy again

    Lucy TranLucy Tran3 months ago
  • Are Rhett and link like the only youtubers that’ve never had drama 😂

    Simon ElliottSimon Elliott3 months ago
  • I really like this!! Wouldn’t mind seeing another one! 😄

    neversaygoodbyeneversaygoodbye4 months ago
  • This is hands down one of the greatest games gmm has came up with

    Mauricio MaravillaMauricio Maravilla4 months ago
  • My aunt used to live in Downingtown so that's cool. It's a nice place!

    MegaroniMegsterMegaroniMegster4 months ago
  • In the mama bird one, Rhett looks like my neighbor 😂

    MegaroniMegsterMegaroniMegster4 months ago
  • Never heard of the guy but this is SO COOL

    Queen JanewayQueen Janeway4 months ago
  • This MADE MY DAY. As a professional musician, I freakin' love Charles. And GMM has a special place in my heart, so the two combined is just so perfect. Bravo!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    violista.gwendolynviolista.gwendolyn4 months ago
  • Ho Ho Ho Cooley

    Keisha BullockKeisha Bullock4 months ago
  • Seen about 90 gmm contests. Link has won twice so far😄 4-5 times the end result was even👍🏻

    Rex ThrasherRex Thrasher4 months ago
  • Anybody who didn't know Charles well before watching this, Give his album "Tales" a listen. It's incredible.

    Kyle SnowdenKyle Snowden4 months ago
  • i knew it was the pickle one before they even said it

    HeroLlamasHeroLlamas4 months ago
  • Probably the dopest ending of an episode I've seen on GMM (the YoYo guy).

    Kevin JazyKevin Jazy4 months ago
  • Ha ha Rhett in that awkward in between phase of hair growth. Hang in there.

    Jon Vanden PlasJon Vanden Plas4 months ago
  • I'm gonna say it here first: Charles was kombucha girl before kombucha girl was kombucha girl.

    Mackenzie BuchterMackenzie Buchter4 months ago
  • Is no one gonna talk about how good that yo-yo dude at the end was?!

    MagdaleneMagdalene4 months ago
  • this is such a good episode! charles’ content fits right in with y’all’s vibe.

    Carli VinciguerraCarli Vinciguerra4 months ago
  • I'm not sure this premise exactly worked... still entertaining though

    Andrew The YouTube NoobAndrew The YouTube Noob4 months ago
  • This episode is greatt

    Hannah RitchieHannah Ritchie4 months ago
  • link's looking like perry the platypus in that teal shirt

    aoife oofaoife oof4 months ago
  • Love this episode. I had tears from laughing!!

    anettie76anettie764 months ago
  • really cool idea

    Klara SternKlara Stern4 months ago
  • Pure gold!!! I too wanna see him score every episode like this🤣

    Katy DixonKaty Dixon4 months ago

    Emeli HarringtonEmeli Harrington4 months ago
  • I’m a huge fan of both channels, and the collaboration is phenomenal!

    Genevieve RuhlandGenevieve Ruhland4 months ago
  • Ayyy this was uploaded on my birthday! iconic moments are my fave to watch lmaoo

    SjwtdSjwtd4 months ago