Putting Weird Things In A Hot Glue Gun (Test)

Jun 3, 2020
2 594 321 Views

Today, we're seeing what we can make putting weird things through a hot glue gun! GMM #1748
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  • This is content?

    Blake HolderBlake Holder9 hours ago
  • @Good Mythical Morning

    Logan MilancewichLogan Milancewich17 hours ago
  • Never in my life would i have thought I'd be watching a caveman and a random dad fight over a barbie

    Elezebeth HillyerElezebeth HillyerDay ago
  • Is no one gonna talk about that 80 + 10 doesn’t equal 100

    C B MC B MDay ago
  • Dang🥺 ive watched yall for 6 years yalls hair has changed so much its been 4 years since ive watched yall

    VaporCatVaporCatDay ago
  • She's got good joints

    mike baublitzmike baublitzDay ago
  • Link giving mad scientist vibes

    Daniel CadenaDaniel Cadena2 days ago
  • 7:52 facts 😂

    LolLol3 days ago
  • Can we talk about how much Rhett and Link have changed since the old days

    Bloodday 554Bloodday 5543 days ago
  • “I’ll ram any rod u got”

    Preston ShackelfordPreston Shackelford4 days ago
  • If you're a fan of Toy Story this becomes very disturbing.

    Ariel CoffinAriel Coffin5 days ago
  • 4:38 80%+5%+5%=90% not 100%

    VanDeBoom 15VanDeBoom 156 days ago
  • Why is no one talking about the best superhero ever. RAM ROD RHETT HE WILL RAM ANY ROD HE IS GIVEN

    TheShieldGeneratorTheShieldGenerator7 days ago
  • Mommy

    Christianna RodriguezChristianna Rodriguez7 days ago
  • 7:37 - Good mythical morning without context

    logan Benjaminlogan Benjamin7 days ago
  • Lol testicular pain

    Maurice CriderMaurice Crider8 days ago
  • 6:54 that's pure torture

    PTX NyroxPTX Nyrox8 days ago
  • This was a mess, but I loved every second of it!!

    Palomino and PintoPalomino and Pinto8 days ago
  • This is my favorite video of there’s in awhile. I laughed so hard. They were so unprepared 🤣 and it was just like watching two best friends have fun. Keep this vibe PLEASE!!

    Kyle BaumhowerKyle Baumhower11 days ago
  • Me when my crush brushes my arm: 5:44

    NapalmRussian _MGO8NapalmRussian _MGO812 days ago
  • Netflix: Are you still watching? Somebody's daughter: 5:18

    NapalmRussian _MGO8NapalmRussian _MGO812 days ago
  • Ram Rod Rhett

    Megan MMegan M12 days ago
  • sum 41

    Miranda TicknerMiranda Tickner12 days ago
  • Why do i feel like they spent half the video trying to break down barbie Like 'she's got good joints'

    Kamala SudheerKamala Sudheer13 days ago
  • Your both syd

    Titus WrightTitus Wright15 days ago
  • 80+5+5=90😂😂😂

    Jacob VanzantJacob Vanzant16 days ago
  • 7:35

    Lexi MaliLexi Mali17 days ago
  • When’s the Rhett haircut episode?

    Travis BerenyiTravis Berenyi17 days ago
  • We're the 2 best friends that anybody could have... the 2 best friends that anybody could have

    RJ LongRJ Long18 days ago
  • Push that cheese in friend

    RJ LongRJ Long18 days ago
  • These guys are funny, are they a couple? Does anyone know

    Luis garciaLuis garcia18 days ago
  • I cooked cheerios cereal on a heat lamp at like 6 or 7 ,I am 17 will be 18 in 3 months 23 days

    Kiah HillKiah Hill19 days ago
  • Says do not attempt at home, most people attempt at home☺️☺️😂🤣

    Kiah HillKiah Hill19 days ago
  • ur beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.19 days ago
  • lol these guys are just great

    RubyLeveledUpRubyLeveledUp19 days ago
  • Rhett’s hair is 👌 in this video. I want to touch it!

    Kelly RickenKelly Ricken21 day ago
  • Press "B" to blow

    Tyler HouseTyler House21 day ago
  • That Barbie one is basically what 3D printing IS

    ZilverArrows BurningQuiversZilverArrows BurningQuivers21 day ago
  • CakeBalls , I love It ... Cake Boss

    Make America Great Again NunyeahMake America Great Again Nunyeah21 day ago
  • 😂 this is so funny, I needed this video today. Thank you

    Amber DyeAmber Dye22 days ago
  • It is so much funnier to watch just the two of them fumble through the experiment instead of it being perfectly set up.

    Anthony ComerAnthony Comer24 days ago
  • Listen to the cheese part without looking

    Karla FerreyraKarla Ferreyra25 days ago
  • Was this a episode or a bloopers reel🤣

    Dakota WilliamsonDakota Williamson25 days ago
  • i love this episode soo much it made me cry from laughing soo muchh

    Aloon AlchoumAloon Alchoum26 days ago
  • Rhett is jamming a metal rod into an electronic device. Let’s all learn from Rhett.

    Markus LennartMarkus Lennart28 days ago
  • 7:49 that was my nickname in highschool

    ひろかいりゅざきひろかいりゅざき28 days ago
  • yall are hilarious! watching this at 6am lol

    Tx DoxieTx DoxieMonth ago
  • Why didn't they make gummy glue sticks

    LloydLloydMonth ago
  • if u say there problematic, ✨ no u didn’t ✨

    BabyHarlo7BabyHarlo7Month ago
  • Lol

    Kailey WilliamsKailey WilliamsMonth ago
  • This is probably the most chaotic video I've ever watched and I love it 😂😂

    Sofia-Rose GionomoSofia-Rose GionomoMonth ago
  • Ok but I would like an asmr video from Rhett and link

    iKON RETURN ♥️ EileeniKON RETURN ♥️ EileenMonth ago
  • Ive never laughed at a melted barbie arm so hard in my life..no bone structure lmak

    itsyaboy archieitsyaboy archieMonth ago
  • I did not expect to laugh so hard over two middle aged men playing accidental tug of war with a Barbie but here I am 😂😂

    Karson DollKarson DollMonth ago
  • 4:16 look down at the eggs and the syringe

    Emiliano OchoaEmiliano OchoaMonth ago
  • I got a syd from toy story vibe when they were melting barbies arm back on her. So freaking funny.

    stumpalumpagusstumpalumpagusMonth ago
  • New movie coming 2034: Rhett and Link vs. 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖁𝖆𝖗𝖛𝖎𝖊

    Lauren KocherLauren KocherMonth ago
  • *pulls arm of a barbie* Link "screams in alpha"

    mini ulchmini ulchMonth ago
  • When there are no chicken nuggets. 7:39

    Nelson GayNelson GayMonth ago
  • What's the other 10%?

    Red Fish Blue FishRed Fish Blue FishMonth ago
  • You wanna double team the eggs first I wonder how much times that's been said in the world

    ARARMonth ago
  • I can't believe the barbie arm worked so well lol

    Kana BeatsKana BeatsMonth ago
  • this looks like a food por no

    DonutSenpaiDonutSenpaiMonth ago
  • This is my favourite episode so far

    Peppermint TaePeppermint TaeMonth ago
  • quarantine got me watchin two men play tug of war with a barbie

    flo : dereignflo : dereignMonth ago
  • 5:42 😳😳😳

    _JMNLThat__JMNLThat_Month ago
  • I feel bad for the gummy bears

    Luc ParrottLuc ParrottMonth ago
  • It looks like someone blew link with a leaf blower

    Travel with ETravel with EMonth ago
  • For a second I thought link had a bunch of raw egg on his shirt

    Gallium GGallium GMonth ago
  • Barbie arm gave me harry potter without bones in his arm vibes 100%

    Crawling TopiaryCrawling TopiaryMonth ago
  • 11:35 Is that you DrDisrespect!👀

    C Å V ØC Å V ØMonth ago
  • The amount of time spent on the gummy bears had me laughing until I stopped laughing and just started crying it was so freakin hilarious!

    Jojo LoveJojo LoveMonth ago
  • What even is this episode??? Even the jump cuts are awkward and uncalled for.

    Jack of Some TradeJack of Some TradeMonth ago

    Suhuki ShindenSuhuki ShindenMonth ago
  • Ramrod Rhett

    oof publisheroof publisherMonth ago
  • Link looked like a mad scientist making a Frankenstein barbie XDD

    Avocato _Avocato _Month ago
  • They built the Barbie dolls so well now so little kids don’t fight over them and break them.

    кобƐкобƐMonth ago
  • This entire video could be a blooper comp

    Jackson HeinigerJackson HeinigerMonth ago
  • grown ups can't break a toy but kids break it easy

    Tshepang MotsapiTshepang MotsapiMonth ago
  • Uh oh rhetts in blow mode

    cicada igcicada igMonth ago
  • Link has Ace Ventura hair here

    Chris CunninghamChris CunninghamMonth ago
  • When link said let's talk about that I was terrified

    ibraibraMonth ago
  • Thought he was gonna say residual whiteness

    Emerald RoseEmerald RoseMonth ago
  • Rhett looks like that man meme

    Silas McNoodlesSilas McNoodlesMonth ago
  • Anyone else think the bear reincarnation thing was kinda sweet😂😂

    naomi nathannaomi nathanMonth ago
  • I love how dolls usually don't end up well on GMM

    Shaun YoongShaun YoongMonth ago
  • Rhett looks like a caveman :o 💚

    Rudy_RG _Gonzalez_Rudy_RG _Gonzalez_2 months ago
  • “Are you still watching Netflix?” Somebody’s Daughter: 5:19

    ZyvksZyvks2 months ago
  • “Good Mythical Morning” Me who is watching this before I go to sleep: “Morning to you to”

    RafaBeeRafaBee2 months ago
    • Same

      frans verhoevenfrans verhoevenMonth ago
  • we gonna ignore the fact link was extremely entertained moving that dolls position

    CutieysツStonedツCutieysツStonedツ2 months ago
  • this whole episode was worth it for the barbie segment

    topasutopasu2 months ago
  • I love the Technical Difficulty Pauses and beeps! Makes me laugh so much 🤣🤣

    ClericMageClericMage2 months ago
  • Kate moss?

    Kyle HarvelKyle Harvel2 months ago
  • 7:36

    Trashy PriestTrashy Priest2 months ago
  • The oh before the technical difficaulties has me wheezing.

    DuhItzSarah7DuhItzSarah72 months ago
  • I’m supposed to be doing homework

    Emmy RoseEmmy Rose2 months ago
  • Don’t listen to this with headphones and not watching the video. 😂 Watch as you do tho...

    Wolf AsesinaWolf Asesina2 months ago
  • How do you both have great hair all the time. I feel like there’s something going on. Hair gel, great genes, or does your hair feel the need to accentuate your awesomeness.

    R.R. GamingR.R. Gaming2 months ago
  • Didnt they already do this?

    ShaiTheGuyShaiTheGuy2 months ago
  • 6:57 Toy Story The Adventures of Sid.

    Dantethegrey 621Dantethegrey 6212 months ago