Putting Weird Things In An Ice Shaver (Test)

Jun 30, 2020
1 606 567 Views

Today, we're putting things in an ice shaver. GMM #1766
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  • the insanity began almost immediately lmao

    IsakIsak8 hours ago
  • These comedic cuts were genius hsha

    BoostianaBoostiana4 days ago
  • Omg how many went right to comments to see about elmo and cookie monster 😂

    LoVeMeNoT 82LoVeMeNoT 824 days ago
  • This may be the most insane gmm episode😂

    ShabnaShabna5 days ago
  • I know im finally watching this but when they tried to grind elmo and cookie monster i was laughing so hard

    Jon BrockJon Brock6 days ago
  • The cuts were everything😂💗

    Shania WahlerShania Wahler7 days ago
  • I thought I was watching saw for a second with how demented this got haha

    Kana BeatsKana Beats7 days ago
  • link not having stepchildren is the SOLE reason he doesn't eat his stepchildren. I have no qualms believing he otherwise would

    Anton MervinskyAnton Mervinsky9 days ago
  • This is the most disturbing thing y'all have ever done on this show...

    Taylor FryTaylor Fry10 days ago
  • We need pigs blood cubes

    the amazing gamer the 3rdthe amazing gamer the 3rd14 days ago
  • "I'm gonna send some beef your way" Rhett (2020)

    FaustaaoFaustaao14 days ago
  • I like how Rhett looks like he's slowly going insane

    CT-7567 Captain RexCT-7567 Captain Rex15 days ago
  • Parents: what did you do today Me: oh I watched to grown men shove an Elmo toy into an ice shaver

    CT-7567 Captain RexCT-7567 Captain Rex15 days ago
  • Link: “You know what would be really twisted?” Link: Proceeds to do twisted activity 😂

    David JohnsonDavid Johnson16 days ago
  • the fact that my little cousin looks at my computer and asked me "what are those two men doing with elmo"

    Aaron jamesAaron james22 days ago
  • “Oh MA lord when I smell that thang, jus smell it” 💀💀💀

    Jessica MitchellJessica Mitchell23 days ago
  • That frozen bull peener looks like drift wood you find by the river bank

    BigJake PowersBigJake Powers23 days ago
  • The Elmo bit is hilarious

    BigJake PowersBigJake Powers23 days ago
  • Technically they're breaking osha laws because they're using tools not for the intended purpose of the manufacturer in the work place 😂😂

    Connar StroudConnar Stroud26 days ago
  • If Biden wins the election, Rhett shaves his beard, like if you think that should happen

    CBYTCBYT27 days ago
  • I subscribed

    Stacey ZambranoStacey Zambrano27 days ago
  • 🤘🤘😀

    Stacey ZambranoStacey Zambrano27 days ago
  • Chaos

    meghan yorkmeghan york28 days ago
  • Them: he’s ok! Also them: * stabs his face in the crusher*

    Lattebear124Lattebear12429 days ago
  • I really just watched two grown men shred Elmo 😂😂

    Sophapia 21Sophapia 21Month ago
  • 10:23

    Ashelynn NoelleAshelynn NoelleMonth ago
  • This might be the funniest episode ever

    Drew ZimpelmanDrew ZimpelmanMonth ago
  • This video is UnHinged.

    CarmenCarmenMonth ago

    CarmenCarmenMonth ago
  • Oh my god

    Katie DarnellKatie DarnellMonth ago
  • I’m doing it. Come over lol

    The Original RageThe Original RageMonth ago
  • "I don't eat my stepchildren, because I don't have any." Well, I wouldn't want to be one of his stepchildren... O-o

    MattieMattieMonth ago
  • I hope rhett never shaves, also I love how link gets so dark so quick

    slayer 1990zslayer 1990zMonth ago
  • 10:39 is the absolute best part

    SurpluhsSurpluhsMonth ago
  • Omg what if kids watch this............kid:MUUUUUMMMMMM

    XxVibe ZonexXXxVibe ZonexXMonth ago
  • Imagine their kids walking in while they're shoving Elmo and Cookie Monster into the ice shaver😂

    Kaitlin KrausKaitlin KrausMonth ago
  • "I'm not afraid of the dark, I'm afraid of what's in the dark" What's in the dark: 13:40

    stormi stonerstormi stonerMonth ago
  • Putting weird things in a wood chipper

    NitroNitroMonth ago
  • THEYRE SO CHAOTIC I LOVE THEM (i’ve been watching for ten years :)

    Alexia JamesAlexia JamesMonth ago

    Alexia JamesAlexia JamesMonth ago
  • OK; I seriously laughed so much when you tried to shred Elmo and Cookie Monster I had to almost spit my water back into the bottle.

    Twingoal-ØTwingoal-ØMonth ago
  • Especially when you’re new, Rhett.

    ChristinaChristinaMonth ago
  • I laughed so hard I woke up the demon in my bed ( my fiancee when she's woken up)

  • This is the weirdest episode I've seen.

    Zoo BearZoo BearMonth ago
  • 4:00

    gamerboy6602gamerboy6602Month ago
  • This is basically Will It Snowcone

    Mr.Wander-manMr.Wander-manMonth ago
  • Woah Link! Shaved Ice is elite

    Riley AbercrombieRiley AbercrombieMonth ago
  • Well this show turned a little Texas Chainsaw,love it😈💀

    Adam DaichendtAdam DaichendtMonth ago
  • Chaos.... Complete chaos

    Alizae RaineAlizae RaineMonth ago
  • 1:04 the way Rhett's face changed 🤣

    Alizae RaineAlizae RaineMonth ago
  • Putting things in things episode something: torturing Elmo

    Assar RosenbladAssar RosenbladMonth ago
  • Gmm: *is marketed as a family show* Also gmm: let's SHRED ELMO AND COOKIE MONSTER to pieces!

    Ellie's ReviewsEllie's ReviewsMonth ago
  • This might be my fav episode. I haven’t laughed this much while watching them. I love it!

    Andrea GorolAndrea GorolMonth ago
  • When the channel started, Rhett was well groomed and link was a mop-top... How times have changed.

    StreetPunk StreamsStreetPunk StreamsMonth ago
  • this needs more likes

    Sharlene NazariSharlene NazariMonth ago
  • I couldn't stop laughing at the Elmo part

    Raven BloodroseRaven BloodroseMonth ago
  • “Just because I didn’t know it was from McDonald’s. This seems like an unfair punishment” “Yeah that’s how this show works”

    Tessa MTessa MMonth ago
  • Pure chaos. And we’re here for it.

    Tessa MTessa MMonth ago
  • Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy, Me LOOOOOOOOVE Cook- (7:13 - 7:17)

    Danielle Robertson And Dante RobertsonDanielle Robertson And Dante RobertsonMonth ago
  • 5:13-5:43 Elmo dies

    JMN JewelriesJMN JewelriesMonth ago
  • At 11:13 Rhett becomes a cow.

    Atomic LightsAtomic LightsMonth ago
  • We like coffee and ice cream in Alaska 😘

    Jerica AndrewsJerica AndrewsMonth ago
  • why elmo and cookie monster 😭

    Gabby MetcalfeGabby MetcalfeMonth ago
  • What. The. Heck. Did. I. Just. Watch? 6:30... Save us all

    L WelchL WelchMonth ago

    emma öemma öMonth ago
  • Alot of kids will need therapy after this video. Some adults too probably...

    Ivan MIvan MMonth ago
  • what does link’s son think of link feeding elmo his and his friends flesh?

    FizzyTequilaFizzyTequilaMonth ago
  • 5:30 well this isn’t something you see everyday

    Addie ElizabethAddie ElizabethMonth ago
  • When the Cookie Monster gets in the ice shaver: “haha that tickles” 😂😂

    LIIAAM92LIIAAM92Month ago
  • “They’d never know” Rhett no 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🌮

    Chloe GrahamChloe GrahamMonth ago
  • this is stuffed toys abuse

    Jarius DeangJarius DeangMonth ago
  • Link if you had stepchildren what would you do?

    Bannana_ manBannana_ manMonth ago
  • 6:06 "Would you like to get your friend get shaved?" *bangs on table*

    Jewell LoweJewell LoweMonth ago
  • This might be hard, but maybe you could do a remote of "putting weird things through a drive thru car wash." I'd love to see things like kids toys, balloons or anything else interact with that craziness!

    Intrinsix23Intrinsix23Month ago
  • You guys okay

    Alexander BesterAlexander Bester2 months ago
  • 5:31...

    Isabel WaltmanIsabel Waltman2 months ago
  • That bull packin schmeat 😪😪😪

    Prof. esreverProf. esrever2 months ago
  • Two grown men shred tickle me Elmo and Cookie Monster

    ItsSquidItsSquid2 months ago
  • 6:43 the rainbow factory MLP fan song colorized

    AJ-n-StuffAJ-n-Stuff2 months ago
  • I was happy until you shoved Elmo in there; don't do this pls

    CelestialCelestial2 months ago
  • In elmos mind he is like haha im in danger

    Nathaniel ElanaNathaniel Elana2 months ago
  • I like how they implied that link would eat his step children if he had any

    Elizabeth MarieElizabeth Marie2 months ago
  • I love the new edits

    Павел Шияков Пр2Павел Шияков Пр22 months ago
  • everyone is talking about Elmo’s part , but can we talk about how insane the rest of the episode . 😂

    F AF A2 months ago
  • They dont know what in Alaska? This aint Rochester there beard boy 😎

    The GnomesteaderThe Gnomesteader2 months ago
  • i didnt realize until now just how badly i needed to see elmo get shredded

  • I would like to eat a scorpion btw i am not an wierdo 😅😅😅😅

    Loopy MonsterLoopy Monster2 months ago
  • When did Damiel take over full time.

    nyon _godnyon _god2 months ago
  • This might as well be a will it slushie video

    Who Ate My EggrollWho Ate My Eggroll2 months ago
  • The energy of Rhett and Link pushing Elmo and Cookie Monster into the ice shaver with sticks and then showing it to them is viscerally frightening.

    Lauren HiseyLauren Hisey2 months ago
  • This episode is so dang dark

    Michael pellerinMichael pellerin2 months ago
  • Shaved Ice?? We all know its called a Snow Cone

  • This is one of the funniest vids yet

    EaglesFury 4o4EaglesFury 4o42 months ago
  • I thought I might've been crazy and the only one laughing but I haven't laughed this hard to a YT video in a while I couldn't not wheeze at the cookie Monster and Elmo part

    Big BeanBig Bean2 months ago
  • 10:37 leaked video of the new saw movie

    Ty HshdbsTy Hshdbs2 months ago
  • Rhett you look like a lion

    Windex is A drugWindex is A drug2 months ago
  • U are actually disgusting

    Punjabi chungusPunjabi chungus2 months ago
  • oh my goood the part where they shave elmo and cookie monster then feed it to them is the BEST PARRTTT!!!!!!

    Yasaman FarrokhiYasaman Farrokhi2 months ago
  • I live this show all the cuts made just made it 10 time better😂😂😂

    LG ForwardLG Forward2 months ago
  • 😂😂😂 couldn’t stop laughing 😂

    Dakota PollockDakota Pollock2 months ago