Shocking Food Pairings Taste Test

Sep 16, 2020
1 472 431 Views

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Today, we're trying complementary food flavor matches as declared by SCIENCE! GMM #1812
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  • Just saying.. pineapple on pizza have a hint 😂 yum

    Danielle SnowDanielle Snow2 days ago
  • i’m v upset you took away that ltat... ok.

    sammi uahoesammi uahoe2 days ago
  • Rhett is looking more and more like a lion every day

    The Amazing AlexThe Amazing Alex2 days ago
  • You have asparagus with potatoes and you get cheese with pineapples so its not that shocking

    Ray WalkerRay Walker3 days ago
  • Just looking at olives with the watermelon made me gag lol but I despise olives. The only food I cannot eat

    Jilayne MiceliJilayne Miceli4 days ago

    Kim CostelloKim Costello5 days ago
  • Has nobody had cheese and pinapple cubes on sticks at parties or cheese and pickled onion or cheese and grape

    Caitlin PCaitlin P5 days ago
  • And that's why they put pineapple on pizza.

    Dave MichaelDave Michael6 days ago
  • Doesn't everyone have cubes of cheese and pineapple on cocktail sticks at parties? Just a UK thing then.

    Emma GoudieEmma Goudie7 days ago
  • every mention of crispee towne makes me so happy

    chloe the big gaychloe the big gay8 days ago
  • Bring back “lets talk about that!!!”

    Dank Engine MemesDank Engine Memes8 days ago
    • Why did they get rid of it?!

      Ashley MarcyAshley MarcyDay ago
  • Rhett tries to be funny is not funny, he’s funny when he’s not being funny

    Nazzy HaydeNazzy Hayde9 days ago
  • the science major in me is screaming at the pronunciations lmao

    2divadillydalliez2divadillydalliez9 days ago
  • I just wanna make something clear, i know yall mad about the "lets take abot that" thing, i am too, but, its not your show and its not choice. You can be sad and mad but things can change if they want it to. Please understand that its not your choice.

    Livia WagnerLivia Wagner10 days ago
  • Y'all have to try watermellon with feta cheese

    ВАнеr FачеzВАнеr Fачеz12 days ago
  • Yeah it’s like someone stuck their foot in my peanut butter jar 😂😂😂 I'm not sure why you have such a specific description but you do you 😂

    Gabriella WilliamsGabriella Williams12 days ago
  • can y’all do cream cheese , takis and jalapeño

    Venevibes BonillaVenevibes Bonilla14 days ago
  • You guys don't taste your pee?

    keegkrinokeegkrino15 days ago
  • Link likes beets but hates soooo many normal things?! lol what

    TJTroubleMakerTJTroubleMaker15 days ago
  • Get hair cuts you Hippies

    Harris ProductionsHarris Productions16 days ago
  • I really wanna say on the oysters its pepperoni. It's got the saltiness of a saltine or more. And with it being pepperoni it has some spice.

    FallenEvangel46FallenEvangel4616 days ago
  • Video Idea: Rhett and Link rank the concoctions that Josh makes in the mythical kitchen and posts on tiktok

    Henry CrockerHenry Crocker16 days ago
  • And that's why you put pineapple on pizza! Yes I said it!!!

    Amateur PixieAmateur Pixie17 days ago
  • I love them

    Echo AllyEcho Ally18 days ago
  • Stevie talks too much. Let the boys be.

    youtubeuser 1101youtubeuser 110118 days ago
  • Man they sure made you guys say a lot of stuff about constant contact. I hope you got them to pay by the word.

    DoctorDistractoDoctorDistracto20 days ago
  • But why ? Why did they take away " let's talk about that " 🤔😢 like when I clicked on the video I thought it started already so I tried to rewind it back but it was the intro 😂😢 it sort of spoils the video and doesn't catch my attention as much 😭 bring it baccckkkk please 😢

    Amia LeeAmia Lee21 day ago
  • Can we just talk about how stevie right in the beginning said put the main ingredient BEHIND ur guess and link just put his on top of his guess everytime!! 😂

    Aaron BurnsAaron Burns21 day ago
  • When Link talked about somebody sticking their foot in a peanut butter jar, I got war flashbacks...XD

    Amanda RomigAmanda Romig22 days ago
  • I appreciate the change with the LTAT. Everyone is so focused on everything staying the same. Let them stretch their legs ffs.

    Ren HavenRen Haven22 days ago
  • Of course Stevie loves oysters lol.

    Doom84Doom8423 days ago
  • I know they are at a beach but isn’t it still unsafe to have bonfires in California?

    jennybobeenyjennybobeeny23 days ago
  • Bring 'lets talk about that' back!!!

    ev4i20ev4i2023 days ago
  • I think there should be a cook book that includes all of the foods that you guys create and love!!! PLEASE

    Kim FernandezKim Fernandez23 days ago
  • I think the trick with this game is you choose the most "natural" (non-processed) food 🤔

    theEmpress13theEmpress1323 days ago
  • Loves these new episodes 💕

    AMMLAMML24 days ago
  • Did anyone else's brain connect Constant Contact with the old Julia Roberts movie America's Sweethearts?

    Leah ViethLeah Vieth24 days ago

    Darien RosaDarien Rosa24 days ago
  • I guess pictures like that get clicks.

    Aya A.Aya A.25 days ago
  • S H O C K I N G

    SpookyLlama15SpookyLlama1525 days ago
  • I wish there was another host.

    Aya A.Aya A.25 days ago
  • Y’all gotta stop talking about “Let’s talking about that”.

    TylerwithaKTylerwithaK25 days ago
  • All the comment sections this season are trying to tell yall something. Dont ignore your audience

    saikanonojutsusaikanonojutsu25 days ago
  • Rhett trying to talk with the ribbon, made my day. XD

    PizzagulperPizzagulper25 days ago
  • How about salt and vinegar chips.. with sour cream???

    J WJ W26 days ago
  • I feel that the olive-watermelon round was obvious for anyone who has made or eaten some amount of tapas

    horisontialhorisontial26 days ago
  • Lets Go Becky represent heaven on Earth Bakersfield California!👏🏾🔥

    EpicTeddyBearEpicTeddyBear26 days ago
  • Put there foot in my peanut butter jar🤣🤣

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAMDr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM26 days ago
  • Oh yes! CrispyTown 🤣🤣 my favorite episode.

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAMDr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM26 days ago
  • Link says: Rhett before i get started here, i have here my favorite honey mustard. I gotta be prepared for flavors i dont like, honey mustard you save me every time.

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAMDr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM26 days ago
  • rhetts hair is lookin lush

    mojomojo26 days ago
  • It's funny Link likes beets, and they are so bland a food lol. Really continues show how his sense of taste is lol

    Shaun MShaun M26 days ago
  • idk about anyone else from the uk but any party I've been to has pineapple and cheese snacks and they're AMAZING

    Shuriken BladeShuriken Blade27 days ago
  • Chips with yogurt is amazing! In particular I like plain potato chips, like Ruffles, dipped in fruit flavored yogurt. 🤗

    Severina WehrSeverina Wehr27 days ago
  • Pizza with Pineapple. Science approved

    Earl of the SeaEarl of the Sea27 days ago
  • Me a biochemist weirdly understanding everything their saying

    Shithead DaehtihsShithead Daehtihs28 days ago
  • Can we have a "weird peanut butter pairings" version of this? I had this thought as I was smearing PB onto my toast this morning. I, too, am a PB fanatic like Link.

    Brianna PBrianna P28 days ago
  • Cheese and pineapple sticks are already a massive thing in the UK. They'll be at most birthday parties

    Corban WoodCorban Wood28 days ago
  • This show has lost its charm

    Cody StubblefieldCody Stubblefield28 days ago
  • It blows my mind that link likes beets.

    Jordan LewisJordan LewisMonth ago
  • You can tell it's been a while (or never) since they've taken organic chemistry lol

    Daniel BagbyDaniel BagbyMonth ago
  • Us British eating cheese and pineapple at every event or party

    BethBethMonth ago
  • Day 1 of asking Rhett and Link to bring back “let’s talk about that”

    Jupiter_likes_to_drawJupiter_likes_to_drawMonth ago
  • Link is such a wuss with food lol

    Bernie LockardBernie LockardMonth ago
  • Anyone interested in buying the 2019 mythical society signed collection? That was only available to 3rd tier members.

    TiberiasTank GamingTiberiasTank GamingMonth ago
  • Looks like Steamy Nix have hard time reading simple words? ketone? really?

    Ellie GEllie GMonth ago
  • 10:15 Josh, I need a recipe for this. NOW

    Viewer.H. 1230Viewer.H. 1230Month ago
  • 11:43 I agree Link

    Krystal CuoreKrystal CuoreMonth ago

    TopWaterTremorsTopWaterTremorsMonth ago
  • why does science have to be a mister???

    SquishiopeiaSquishiopeiaMonth ago
  • I literally have missed the “beebebebbeboboboboop, research” sooo much

    Kathryn HockenburyKathryn HockenburyMonth ago
  • Banana and Crisps (chips) sandwiches are a childhood classic in the UK

    Pomo the Promo PossumPomo the Promo PossumMonth ago
  • We aren't "talkin about that anymore???" But....I miss our odd foodie chats

    Yoder023Yoder023Month ago
  • In England we have cheese and pineapple at parties

    Phoebe BurbridgePhoebe BurbridgeMonth ago
  • The intro and preview change is too much all at once!!

    Beezus BeezBeezus BeezMonth ago
  • I put salt on my watermelon so the olives just made sense 🤤

    Jordan AmethystJordan AmethystMonth ago
  • People who wants let’s talk about that back... the only thing permanent in life is change. It’s okay to change and grow. It’s literally just a phrase. Let them grow...

    Krisandra GreenoughKrisandra GreenoughMonth ago
  • I wanna know who. I wanna know who sat there and thought “let’s get rid of the line let’s talk about that”. Are they happy in life?

    AG KairiAG KairiMonth ago
  • Bring the old intro back :-/

    Wendy QiuWendy QiuMonth ago
  • I'm guessing someone other than Rhett and Link made the intro? 😫😤🤢

    Sheldon BaumbergerSheldon BaumbergerMonth ago
  • Today I learned that Link doesnt know what behind means

    Delicate DisasterDelicate DisasterMonth ago
  • "Peer a zine" not "Pyre a zine"

    Colin KnappColin KnappMonth ago
  • 9:58 PINEAPPLE PIZZA! 🙄😌😛

    random personrandom personMonth ago
  • Link setting the bowl on top instead of behind is the best summary of my personality I've ever seen 🤣

    Natalie AlemanNatalie AlemanMonth ago
  • JOSH please link that pineapple burger recipe

    The Colorful GeckoThe Colorful GeckoMonth ago
  • Soy sauce on cheese cake. Not too much, don't let it soak into the crust

    John EarnhardtJohn EarnhardtMonth ago
  • Diggin the new intro

    Justin DavisJustin DavisMonth ago
  • Don't know how I feel about the little blooper take from the episode at the beginning

    Shift One PhotoShift One PhotoMonth ago

    Elsa StarlightElsa StarlightMonth ago
  • The BEST weird food combo is nacho cheese Doritos mixed with peanut butter

    Autumn The AussieAutumn The AussieMonth ago
  • This is the 18th season. "Let's talk about that" is how most MB know GMM.

    Long ChuLong ChuMonth ago
  • Don’t be fooled Bakersfield has no beaches, just has really bad air

    Matty_Icee15Matty_Icee15Month ago
  • I could eat oysters all day man .

    Taver NelloTaver NelloMonth ago
  • Is Rhett slowly becoming Damule?

    Joshua WaltersJoshua WaltersMonth ago
  • Bring back the let's talk about that intro

    alt0198alt0198Month ago
  • watermelon and cream cheese is so good together suprised they didnt put that there

    absurdabsurdMonth ago
  • If youre not commenting go back to “LETS TALK ABOUT THAT” then dont comment!

    Big N Small CatchesBig N Small CatchesMonth ago
  • Will say cheese and pineapple is such a well known flavor combo how was that round hard at all?

    Nadroj31Nadroj31Month ago
  • Cheese and pinapple is common in the uk for party food

    iIlluminumoo confirmediIlluminumoo confirmedMonth ago
  • you know why pineapple and cheese is good? because pineapple belong in a pizza

    Irfan IsmailIrfan IsmailMonth ago