Trying Cereal With Different Liquids (Taste Test)

Jun 10, 2020
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What's better than cereal with milk? Water? Soda? ..... Chicken stock? GMM #1752
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  • Happy 😆

  • 9:15 the look on his face lol

    blunt forceblunt force4 days ago
  • Almond milk is really good with cereal

    Marc DilorenzoMarc Dilorenzo6 days ago
  • Reminds me when vyvyan from the young ones had to use ketchup cause there was no milk lol.

    Dave MichaelDave Michael8 days ago
  • 7:49 am I trippin' or did link try blowing on his spoon to cool down his cereal for like a quick second?

    Dwayne JonesDwayne Jones8 days ago
  • I knew someone who tried various juices in his cereal when we had no milk.

    lepayenlepayen10 days ago
  • I eat cereal with nothing. Just plain cereal is perfect to me.

    Andromeda VortexAndromeda Vortex15 days ago
  • Cream soda nasty.

    1236547899874563211123654789987456321116 days ago
  • Goodness gracious, cream soda and Honey Nut Cheerios... if that isn’t (one of many strange) cannabis lover’s dreams...

    Shawn NShawn N17 days ago
  • I'm about to look weird as heck at work trying the cream soda one now

    Unwanted by SocietyUnwanted by Society17 days ago
  • We learned that they don’t like tayste

    Jesse GageJesse Gage18 days ago
  • Sometimes I have chocolate milk with cereal

    Dark SandDark Sand18 days ago
  • My husband's brother used to eat his cereal with beer. 😂😂

    Lisa OLisa O20 days ago
  • ur beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.21 day ago
  • I eat my cereal with OJ and I was hoping it would be in this :(

    Kyle TaborKyle Tabor23 days ago
  • Psychopaths eat cereal with water.

    Ranjan BiswasRanjan Biswas23 days ago
  • Yes do a taste all the cereal oh wait it’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    Brandon SchockeltBrandon Schockelt25 days ago
  • I like to eat cereal without any liquid

    moustapha hassaanmoustapha hassaan27 days ago
  • The chicken stock probably could have tasted pretty good when cooked and topped with some cheerios, sort of like crackers.

    DivionistDivionist27 days ago
  • Sweet tea and Reese‘s puffs

    Eat The Moon PodEat The Moon PodMonth ago
  • Try tasting frosty flakes with water it’s so damn gross

    Heavenly NocturneHeavenly NocturneMonth ago
  • OJ and Applejacks is Great!

    pandaman434pandaman434Month ago
  • We actually have a bar in our town in Oklahoma where you can throw axes! 😂

    Taylor BentleyTaylor BentleyMonth ago
  • I warm up my milk w cereal, try it seriously

    Poppy MillwardPoppy MillwardMonth ago
  • Try coca cola and fruit loops it's one of the best tings I've tasted XD

    Beloved GamerBeloved GamerMonth ago
  • Should've tried cold cider

    duke'M Explorerduke'M ExplorerMonth ago
  • For the first time, link and rhett had the same taste buds and both have the same opinions

    JD OnfroyJD OnfroyMonth ago
  • I think they should experiment with more beers

    Lord WillshireLord WillshireMonth ago
  • I admit I do pour coffee in my cereal and thoroughly enjoy it

    waffle gangwaffle gangMonth ago
  • Chicken stock essentially made Thanksgiving dinner for a family that isn't fond of turkey.

    mathybrain8mathybrain8Month ago
  • why did they use an ENTIRE bowl of cereal for all of them lol

    MR FarinaMR FarinaMonth ago
  • i think they completely missed the point of the post. the OP was saying that they use water over milk because milk covers the taste of the cereal and water lets you taste the actual cereal. they should have maybe tried other good tasting cereals with water or something

    MR FarinaMR FarinaMonth ago
  • Starbucks bottled frappe in cereal is delicious. It has a lot of milk in it, so it gives you the milk consistency, plus a bit of an extra punch of caffine and flavor

    DarkcloydDarkcloydMonth ago
  • at 6:05, did anyone else think the button on Link's shirt was a cheerio

    Erin EppersonErin EppersonMonth ago
  • Idk why but I think of Doc from Z Nation when I see rhett like this

    SnarlyGSnarlyGMonth ago
  • You guys should have gotten jacksepticeye's Top Of The Mornin' Coffee!!

    Arianna MyrieArianna MyrieMonth ago
  • My younger son, when he was 2, wanted cereal but we had no milk. He wanted water, so I added his cocoa puffs. Then he decided to mix his yogurt with ketchup. And he liked all of it! My older son gagged throughout breakfast lol

    M MatsonM MatsonMonth ago
  • Rhett’s chicken stock joke was underrated

    Kellie RingKellie RingMonth ago
  • Guinness outside of Ireland does not taste like Guinness...just saying!

    Gareth KeaneGareth KeaneMonth ago
  • I LOVE cream soda!!

    mikeysrosemikeysroseMonth ago
  • 10:57 was the perfect time to make a fowl joke

    A. ThibodeauxA. ThibodeauxMonth ago
  • I will say I've tried a salted caramel Frappuccino in some vanilla cluster cereal and I have never tasted anything as exquisitely beautiful since.

    Joran MooreJoran MooreMonth ago
  • i feel like the viscosity of milk is what makes it the premium pairing, i think soy milk is like the closest consistency for anyone veg

    Ana BakerAna BakerMonth ago
  • At a school I dipped Oreos in water once and it was really good

    Chytah _ GamesChytah _ GamesMonth ago
  • Hey I eat apple Jack's with apple juice.

    Your Name HereYour Name HereMonth ago
  • P

    Trevor GoodchildTrevor GoodchildMonth ago
  • I actually tried all of this

    soobyxzsoobyxzMonth ago
  • Should tried Gatorade it’s actually not that bad.

    Dylan MartinoDylan MartinoMonth ago
  • try putting apple cider powder on dry cherios and adding cold milk

    Ellie KladarEllie KladarMonth ago
  • 4:33 4:34 Over there

    Manu HakalaManu HakalaMonth ago
  • Im telling ya now that, sweet tea and cinnamon toast crunch is where its at.

    Bryson TuckerBryson TuckerMonth ago
  • My mom calls me and goes “Those weird guys from USworlds are on Live with Kelly and Ryan!”

    Maddy MMaddy MMonth ago
  • chocolate pudding and pea s

    Mackenna ChatwinMackenna ChatwinMonth ago
  • We never had milk in the house when I was a kid so I always ate my Cheerios with apple juice

    nezquicknezquick2 months ago
  • I feel nauseous watching this!!!

    Toritos DToritos D2 months ago
  • i use cold coffee all the time in my cereal, you just have to pair the cereal with the starbucks/monster/dunkin/whatever coffee you get

    Chicken LickerChicken Licker2 months ago
  • I don’t trust people who eat water with cereal

    TheDeathflowsTheDeathflows2 months ago
  • Next time Try it with Redbull!!!!!!!

    High imKushHigh imKush2 months ago
  • was that cumberland farms milk?

    Kyle HarringtonKyle Harrington2 months ago
  • Hands down milo the best with everything

    Howard TBHoward TB2 months ago
  • will it Cereal

    Stuart NicholsStuart Nichols2 months ago
  • its almost as if SUGAR ON SUGAR IS GOOD..

    Clayton WrightClayton Wright2 months ago
  • they said “cream” so many times and i hated every second of it. such a gross word!

    Taylor DoomTaylor Doom2 months ago
  • Sweet tea with Cheerios is actually really good

    GDmITE ,GDmITE ,2 months ago
  • "Why did you pee in my cheerios?" - Link , 2020

    youtube chickenyoutube chicken2 months ago
  • Is the cereal in the milk or the milk in the cereal ? 🙃

    Taylor DawsonTaylor Dawson2 months ago
  • 5:35 who pissed in your cereal.

    Vampire FnafVampire Fnaf2 months ago
  • 3:00 Thought I was watching Joe Biden for a sec Nope just link

    jon dabronjon dabron2 months ago
    • Underrated comment

      Meagen KaseyMeagen Kasey21 day ago
  • from the second rhett said he was irish i couldn’t stop imagining what gmm would be like if his ancestors hadn’t moved and he had an Irish accent

    花すき花すき2 months ago
  • I'm one minute in.... All I can do right now is pause the video, not read comments, and hope to all that is..... Please let there be a squid ink round. :D

    mdmd2 months ago
  • rhett should get a mullet

    reese hunleyreese hunley2 months ago
  • I asked for this years ago. Look up love potion episode. Read comments.

  • 5:50 i did apple juice as a kid 👌👌

    DekzDekz2 months ago
  • Seeing this video just now but my mom will eat cereal with water when theres no milk and my vegan teacher in highschool told us to try apple juice in our cereal.

    jongup guppiejongup guppie2 months ago
  • They should have tried tide

    will mesterwill mester2 months ago
  • Me watching who just never ate cereal 😅

    MH RatulMH Ratul2 months ago
  • Shows link doesnt know what hes talking about when hes talking about because milk n cereal is usually over 10 grams of protein and 50 grams is 100% of your recommended value

    HeresToUsTXHeresToUsTX2 months ago
  • Portland has a bar you throw axes in...

    Patrick SmithPatrick Smith2 months ago
  • A&W stands for Allen & Wright

    james timmonsjames timmons2 months ago
  • Beerios an unhealthy breakfast habit? What about regularly using rum chata as a coffee creamer? Asking for a friend

    45 Days45 Days2 months ago

    BassFartzBassFartz2 months ago

    BassFartzBassFartz2 months ago
  • I feel like cereal with Eggnog would be interesting

    SpahgettySpahgetty2 months ago
  • Regular coffee with cream and sugar in cereal is actually pretty good

    Kvd LeeKvd Lee2 months ago
  • I am from a country where eating cereal with milk is extremely weird, we eat cereal with simply yoghurt

    Martin CisternasMartin Cisternas2 months ago
  • Pepsi and apple jacks is surprisingly good

    William McAntireWilliam McAntire2 months ago
  • Apple juice.

    Steve BrettellSteve Brettell2 months ago
  • Cream soda is green.

    Anjulie JonesAnjulie Jones2 months ago
  • Cereal was invented to taste GOOD with milk.💁‍♀️

    Ahlam OmarAhlam Omar2 months ago
  • you didnt ate guiness with cereal. you ate guiness foam with cereal, thas why it was bitter.

    pendeyopendeyo2 months ago
  • Ok so I didn’t have milk and I Accually used water and it was a lil bit bitter and like milk is thicker so it was a weird feelings when I ate it but it taste over all good

    H3ll BøyH3ll Bøy2 months ago
  • Rhett and link getting hammered in the morning

    ShadowChance217ShadowChance2172 months ago
  • Anybody remember how San from ICarly would eat cereal with root beer? They shoulda just started with that.

    Devin GentryDevin Gentry3 months ago
  • They’re going heavy with these liquids lol

    Ben NewtonBen Newton3 months ago
  • So I've actually had iced coffee in cereal before (chocolate cheerios w/cookies n cream iced coffee) and it wasn't that bad.

    Loki DokiLoki Doki3 months ago
  • A & W stands for “Amburgers and Woot beer”.

    David DonaghyDavid Donaghy3 months ago
    • woot beew uwu

      LycanduskLycandusk18 days ago
    • no please don't

      nikita lvovnikita lvov3 months ago
  • sometimes i forget these two are grown ups 😂

    CindyCindy3 months ago
  • D only valid milk alternativ is yogurt

    н е б о л а ј ан е б о л а ј а3 months ago
  • I don't like Cream soda but I kinda wanna try it with the Cheerios!

    MegaroniMegsterMegaroniMegster3 months ago
  • How about with Egg nog mmmmmmmmm

    Caitlyn NicoleCaitlyn Nicole3 months ago