Unbelievable Real News Stories (GAME)

May 20, 2020
780 345 Views

In today's game, we're guessing whether a news headline is real or fake, but the loser has to bite into an onion. GMM #1742

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  • eats onion OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH spicy!!!

    James MillerJames Miller12 days ago
  • I was trying to read the paper but ya hit me with the ol lorem ipsum

    Bombskwad 92Bombskwad 9224 days ago
  • BIRD LAW!!

    MissMusicQueen101MissMusicQueen101Month ago
  • I love how Link's first instinct to sing dissonance was a perfect fifth lol

    Lindsay PetersLindsay PetersMonth ago
  • Do I sense Will it Cereal Soda edition?!

    Skeptical LibertarianSkeptical Libertarian2 months ago
  • Lets go I got all of them right. Gmm is such an awesome youtube channel.

    Zacattak 48Zacattak 483 months ago
  • One of the people in the Coin of Mythicality video was getting a Snapchat message while they were filming.

    mikeysrosemikeysrose3 months ago
  • What do the Latin articles below the headlines actually say? I translated a sentence and got: "Who recommended that pregnant basketball?" And now im super curious about the rest 🤣🤣

    Michael ColesMichael Coles3 months ago
  • Not gonna lie I have that exact same stuffed owl, my parents gave it to me when they went to Colorado

    Gage SullivanGage Sullivan3 months ago
  • Rhett definitely made these easy for Link

    The Drow DetectiveThe Drow Detective3 months ago
  • In 2020 this game is almost impossible.

    Lissa HaddockLissa Haddock3 months ago
  • I live about hours away from the people at the end😂😂😂

    AnonymousAnonymous3 months ago
  • I really loved this episode. It reminded me of the stuff GMM used to do before they started doing a ton of food stuff

    D nebsD nebs4 months ago
  • I miss when you guys did videos on more than just food!!!! Like this!!!!

    SandandSunaholicSandandSunaholic4 months ago
  • Anyone else completely cover the screen when (the loser, no spoilers) started "kissing" the onion?

    nono4 months ago
  • 1:26 joke’s on you I like raw onions

    Hannah McHannah Mc4 months ago
  • Link, you were set up with the welding one. I have been to Weld and Sip networking events here on the east coast where you make metal business card holders and such.

    Christopher FlowChristopher Flow4 months ago
  • TIL about Lorem ipsum

    Sarah BonpierreSarah Bonpierre4 months ago
  • I want that onion shaped container

    David Van WellDavid Van Well4 months ago
  • I feel obligated to say that the Vikings knocked the saints bot the rams

    JJ BullockJJ Bullock4 months ago
  • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Lexi the Slither-puffLexi the Slither-puff4 months ago
  • 1:25 Remembers the time Mark and Ethan ate an onion like an apple.

    Offstar1029Offstar10294 months ago
  • Link’s hair looks like my 18 yr old son’s; you can’t get it to lay down. I keep looking at it hoping I wake up and it’s back to pre-pandemic hair.

    sarasayshisarasayshi4 months ago
  • that onion ASMR is relaxing

    Livi LuvLivi Luv4 months ago
  • Link is slowly turning to a griffin and Rhett is turning into a Sphinx in other words both of them are turning into mythical beasts

    Football MaestroFootball Maestro4 months ago
  • You two are perfect

    GeorgiexrGeorgiexr4 months ago
  • Love thisssss

    GeorgiexrGeorgiexr4 months ago
  • 🙌🏼🙌🏼

    GeorgiexrGeorgiexr4 months ago
  • Love this video

    GeorgiexrGeorgiexr4 months ago
  • Welcome back to onion asmr with Rhett & Link

    LorxLorx4 months ago
  • You guys should do a quarantine colab with Unus Annus!

    Sloane SnowSloane Snow4 months ago
  • Onions are actually decent, biting one really isn't that far from biting an apple. Definitely an acquired taste, but not bad. The bad breath though, only reason I don't eat onions whole anymore.

    Chris HayesChris Hayes4 months ago
  • NOTE: Its pretty clear to see that link is a distant relative of Dana Carvey down to the mannerisms. We need Link dressed as Garth from Wayne's World on GMM!

    Alex StewartAlex Stewart4 months ago
  • Link looks fabulous with that hair

    Nicole P.LNicole P.L4 months ago
  • Link looks like he's turning into a mad scientist.

    Donna BDonna B4 months ago
  • What happened to the wheel of mythicality?

    cedric dickcedric dick4 months ago
  • Wait. You said it wasn’t fake but then you quoted CNN. Which is it, truthful or CNN

    Jake VoteJake Vote4 months ago
  • That's some good Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet

    PoisonpinballPoisonpinball4 months ago
  • They should try the Babylon bee

    Mk 15Mk 154 months ago
  • This episode gave me flashbacks to Mark & Ethan eating nothing but onions for a day.

    Cup of JoeCup of Joe4 months ago
  • Rhett is looking like Qui-gon-gin

    Tj SmithsonTj Smithson4 months ago
  • "That glorious publication of fake news articles..." I was really hoping he'd jokingly say "Fox News", tbh.

    beresheethtrackberesheethtrack4 months ago
  • How is Link’s hair not a wig? Too perfect man

    Tiya’s Glam LoungeTiya’s Glam Lounge4 months ago
  • E

    JOEY partJOEY part4 months ago
  • Rita Headline. Lol

    bob loblawbob loblaw4 months ago
  • The stay at home order was uplifted in my state

    Josh GravesJosh Graves4 months ago
  • Just here to let everyone know that the original title used to be “Guess that Fake News Game”. Bet you can guess why they had to change it.

    klgonzklgonz4 months ago
  • I got all 6 of those right! I WIN!

    Liz BlueLiz Blue4 months ago
  • Why are their news articles (or rather one article, as it was the same words each time) in Latin? 😐

    Michelle Arlene CimoMichelle Arlene Cimo4 months ago
  • Peanut butter fanfic walked so onion frenching could run 😅

    IncrediBelleJessiIncrediBelleJessi4 months ago
  • link looks so old

    bengemationsbengemations4 months ago
  • Rita Headline lmao

    SonnySonny4 months ago
  • Raven Elyse sent me

    Melo KebeniMelo Kebeni4 months ago
  • Australia’s former PM did exactly that..eat an onion raw just like an apple 🙃🍎🧅

    Mel AgsMel Ags4 months ago
  • “Too many pickles in my sandwiches is what i usually say at a crowded sauna”🤣

    S_ROD__S_ROD__4 months ago
  • Are they still doing the vlogs?

    Alison PostmaAlison Postma4 months ago
  • "So lit mobile just sent me this wireless fast charging pad"

    JamesJames4 months ago
  • I think link has has fake nose

    a_mantis shrimpa_mantis shrimp4 months ago
  • rhett shave~~

    jim bradfordjim bradford4 months ago
  • Rhett is a wizard confirmed!

    ctse26ctse265 months ago
  • As a Floridian i loved how link addressed Florida headlines haha

    Pedro MateoPedro Mateo5 months ago
  • I’m upset with the lack of bird law and Charlie kelly comments XD

    New creation KoiNew creation Koi5 months ago
  • Wait lol so who has been to Aspen?

    KabblooieKabblooie5 months ago
  • Has Link just given up caring about life?

    Spookay T'is MeSpookay T'is Me5 months ago
  • I would watch good mythical morning I like will it candy

    Candice PerryCandice Perry5 months ago
  • Dissonant jazz musicians everywhere are crying and it's your fault, good going guys 😂

    • Also REP GA LET'S GOOO

  • Link looks like he slept in those big old curlers😁🦱

    they are not our dogs they are our familythey are not our dogs they are our family5 months ago
  • "Smooth jazz is too smooth for my Disposition, I like my jazz to be confusing and dissonant"

    KyoheitowleKyoheitowle5 months ago
  • Rhett's face on the "I'm on Vacation" album is his "COTTON CANDY RANDY" face

    Miss Chanandler BongMiss Chanandler Bong5 months ago
  • IT'S TRUE LINK! IT'S TRUE! YES! sorry got carried away there.

    SkittlechuteSkittlechute5 months ago
  • Amazing that you’re donating to partners in health! Thank you for drawing awareness!!

    Jessica KeeganJessica Keegan5 months ago
  • “Next up welcome to the stage: Rita headline”

    Mckayla ShermanMckayla Sherman5 months ago
  • Haha I live in aspen

    Wyllie BurrowsWyllie Burrows5 months ago
  • Nice content..

    Fidelis ObiajuruFidelis Obiajuru5 months ago
  • theoretically, there's a multiverse where they do in fact listen to dissonant jazz.

    cometcomet5 months ago
  • Came down here to hide from Rhett frenching that onion... Help

  • Finally, this episode was great, had some GMM first few season vibes to it. Back to their roots.

    Joe NJoe N5 months ago
  • I knew the welding one was false, people who weld don't drink wine.

    coyote13131313coyote131313135 months ago
  • can u do an episode in japanese

    Safa MalikSafa Malik5 months ago
  • aqueel kapadia sent me here.

    Safa MalikSafa Malik5 months ago
  • Whoever does/fills Rhett and Links eyebrows must have lost their job😬 looks like they been trying to do them themselves

    Addi NickoleAddi Nickole5 months ago
  • Stevie is just enjoying watching Rhett and Link eating raw onions

    sapphirewyren02sapphirewyren025 months ago
  • Rita Headline, head anchor of KTLA News.

    Zachary JarrellsZachary Jarrells5 months ago
  • I love raw onions!

    sapphirewyren02sapphirewyren025 months ago
  • Links hair looks like Joe's from After Prison Show lol

    666 666666 6665 months ago
  • this is the supernote liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive

    Rafael Delalibera de ToledoRafael Delalibera de Toledo5 months ago
  • One thing that Rhett can eat that I can't is a raw onion.

    David HoladayDavid Holaday5 months ago
  • Look at their quarantine hairs, they REALLY need to get a haircut.

    RinkuNoOtakuRinkuNoOtaku5 months ago
  • Link is an "Onion half empty" kind of guy

    BoBuBoBu5 months ago
  • :O

    Lazershark 4everLazershark 4ever5 months ago
  • I justed watched there first vid on this channel

    Gavin ElliottGavin Elliott5 months ago
  • _Lorem ipsum_ for the win! And, Rhett? If it's Date Night, just eat some actual dates to quell the onion hell~

    J.R. CaldoonJ.R. Caldoon5 months ago
  • The saints one happened two years ago

    Carter ReidCarter Reid5 months ago
  • I’ve watched gmm since around 2014 and until a few years ago I never realized that Link looks like Garth from Wayne’s world.

    Zach HillZach Hill5 months ago
  • These guys really need a haircut.

    InsectagonInsectagon5 months ago
  • Link, you would never beat Tony Abbott at eating an onion like an apple.

    iMeMyselfiMeMyself5 months ago
  • rhett’s hair is now going down, link’s is going up. oh how the tables have turned

    LKLK5 months ago
  • The next time you do let’s talk about that, do this intro: Hi, I’m Stevie, and there are endangered turtles in the world.

    Peyton KontnyPeyton Kontny5 months ago
  • Anybody remember the song they did, "my hair goes up, my hair goes down"? They need to redo the song since the roles have been swiched!

    Allyssa StoneAllyssa Stone5 months ago
  • I just started watching again

    Astah and Lizzie FilmsAstah and Lizzie Films5 months ago