We Tried EVERY Girl Scout Cookie (Taste Test)

May 25, 2020
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Today, we're tasting and ranking Girl Scout Cookies. GMM #1744

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  • I’m a Girl Scout! 😊😊😊😊

    Deidra JamriskaDeidra Jamriska2 days ago
  • I cannot believe they put do si dos over thin mints...samoas and thin mints are top two undebatable

    XB ProductionsXB Productions13 days ago
  • tagalongs & samoas & thin mints.

    cj jernigancj jernigan13 days ago
  • s’mores dosido samoa toffee tagalong lemon thin mint trefoil

    satchel rsatchel r17 days ago
  • Definitely tree-foil and I really want to know what was actually on that smores cookie.

    turdl38turdl3822 days ago
  • I had no idea they were called tagalongs in other places and not peanut butter patties

    IcemanIceman24 days ago
  • No caramel delights?

    seamus leeseamus leeMonth ago
  • as a girl scout it was a little bothersome hearing it being pronounced tray-foil instead of tree-foil

    Jane WaddellJane WaddellMonth ago
  • I don't really care for Girl Scout cookies and I never have. P.S. The Dollar Store have a mint cookie that is better than Thin Mints.

    Kevin SullivanKevin SullivanMonth ago
  • yo who discontinued the Savanah smiles

    Jillian MartinJillian MartinMonth ago
  • My rank: Thin Mints Toffee Tactic Annnnnnnnd, it ends there. I don't really like girl scout anything.

    Sarah HunterSarah HunterMonth ago
  • I love toffee tastic, but they are over priced.

    Sarah HunterSarah HunterMonth ago
  • who doesn't like a glazey bottom?

    Kana BeatsKana BeatsMonth ago
  • Samoas should be number 1 and s'mores should be number 2

    Esmee's lifeEsmee's lifeMonth ago
  • trefoils are my favorite

    Amanda SlabikAmanda SlabikMonth ago
  • the girl guide cookies are much better in the states than here in Canada. We either get a both with half chocolate and half vanilla, or the mint cookies.

    Ashley LepageAshley LepageMonth ago
  • I love ya Link but i can't really go by what u judge on regarding taste because basically u like......nothing! lolol love the show tho!

    Paulette ScottPaulette ScottMonth ago
  • Link likes absolutely nothing

    Mr SirMr SirMonth ago
  • i miss Savanah smiles ... something about that powder..

  • My all time favorite is Lemon Ups 😍💛

    Amber HerbertAmber HerbertMonth ago
  • I’ve had the lemon ones for years so they might be new in California but in Pennsylvania they’ve been a thing for years

    Eric StaurowskyEric StaurowskyMonth ago
  • my personal ranking: samoas thin mints trefoils toffee-tastic s'mores lemon-ups tagalongs do-si-dos

    Jen YeJen YeMonth ago
  • when you don't like minty things but could down a whole sleeve of thin mints in a sitting, yes Link they're that good.

    Jen YeJen YeMonth ago
  • "feel like if you dipped them in something" me: yeah tea! They're just meant to be dipped in tea, least what i do with them.

    Jen YeJen YeMonth ago
  • Samoas are my favorite

    Haley FaragalliHaley FaragalliMonth ago
  • You can get these exact cookies at Walmart or grocery store for a fraction of the price and year round.

    Sled ButternooseSled ButternooseMonth ago
  • If you don’t want more cookies donate to care to share they will be given cookies to local first responders

    Alicorns Are awesomeAlicorns Are awesomeMonth ago
  • I love thin mints so much that, Siri calls me thin mint

    Tanner CroteauTanner CroteauMonth ago
  • Not a fair judgement when link dislikes so many ingredients

    Susana AgudeloSusana Agudelo2 months ago
  • I miss the old girl scout cookie smores

    KimyonaKimyona2 months ago
  • i dont like link excluding dislikes !

    Adithya abhishekAdithya abhishek2 months ago
  • Put peanut butter on a turd and they would love it!!!!

    Reddy 4playReddy 4play2 months ago
  • I had the lemon ones this year and I LOVED them they were a pleasant surprise, but nothing beats thin mints

    StephsaguudefanStephsaguudefan2 months ago
  • Big surprise peanut is at the top

    Dalton jamesDalton james2 months ago
  • Please like this video idea so I’m in the uk we have these things called pot noodles they come in loads of flavours now I’d like to challenge yiu all to blindfold them and give them a sauce packet (they are weird sometimes) from a pot noodle and they get told all the pot noodle flavours first and they have to guess what flavour pot noodle belongs to what sauce packet and also guess the actual sauce in the packet for extra points!, it should be really fun

    hall0w33nb0yhall0w33nb0y2 months ago
  • samoas are 10/10

    Black Heart MillenniumBlack Heart Millennium2 months ago
    • best cookie

      Black Heart MillenniumBlack Heart Millennium2 months ago
  • oh my god i need some thin mints

    06hatter06hatter2 months ago
  • You didn’t do the thanks a lots. Which are delicious!!

    Katherine PietrasKatherine Pietras2 months ago
  • DO SI DOS?????????? Not good just saying

    Rachel GunderRachel Gunder2 months ago
  • Thin mints were disrespected!!!

    olivia6101olivia61012 months ago
  • Toffee tastic was so smooth 6:15

    Kendell HosleyKendell Hosley2 months ago
  • Damn, S’mores is my favorite one haha

    Armed StrobberyArmed Strobbery2 months ago
  • We don't have any of these in the UK.. the closest would be Viscounts are a bit like Thin Mints.

    Poppie SearchfieldPoppie Searchfield3 months ago
  • It’s a glazey bottom........ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Tara JacobyTara Jacoby3 months ago
  • samoas is the best cookie that has ever laid on this world

    joaquin castillojoaquin castillo3 months ago
  • Next time you shouldn't include peanut butter tasting things because we all know those are the ones that are going to win in their minds 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Anahi CorralAnahi Corral3 months ago
  • THIN MINT for the WIN!

    Atticus CougarAtticus Cougar3 months ago
  • Wait...they have s’mores Girl Scout cookies?? 🤭

    IforgotmyusernameIforgotmyusername3 months ago
  • HOLD UP How do you order girl scout cookies online?!

    tahoerado 209tahoerado 2093 months ago
  • Links microphone gets me hard. Anyone else? Nope...just me :/

    Aaryan ZamanAaryan Zaman3 months ago
  • Those cookie box transitions are smooooth.

    Matthew DavisMatthew Davis3 months ago
  • There's a lot of people in Wyoming LOL

    Karen DoanKaren Doan3 months ago
  • 100% thin mints. Put them in the freezer Mmmmm good

    Jack's Blue Plate FamilyJack's Blue Plate Family3 months ago
  • Wait Link doesn't like mint But he hypes up that lip balm that I'm certain was h i s i d e a

    Alan SmitheeAlan Smithee3 months ago
  • You forgot one kind of gsc 😏

  • i didn’t realize that Rhett’s microphone was ded even after he told us

    Uli SchmidtUli Schmidt3 months ago
  • Boy! I love watching these taste tests while eating :P

    Michael ScootMichael Scoot3 months ago
  • Like for Samoas!

    UnHeardOf 23UnHeardOf 234 months ago
  • Link is not a fan of anything good

    Shreyas KomarluShreyas Komarlu4 months ago
  • Samoa’s are the best by far

    Brian StonerBrian Stoner4 months ago
  • #4 instead of I've Had Butter should've been Oreo-my god these are good or Otis Spunked all over Meyer. But this is a family friendly show so nvm.

    Steve StevensteversonSteve Stevensteverson4 months ago
  • 15:56 from left to right

    TheChosenOneTheChosenOne4 months ago
  • I’m from Wyoming and have never heard of do-si-dos 😂

    Emily HansenEmily Hansen4 months ago
  • Savanna Smiles are better than lemon-ups, fight me.

    Art RejectArt Reject4 months ago
  • CARMEL DELIGHTS Are the best don’t @ me

    Jonathan HernandezJonathan Hernandez4 months ago
  • Rhett: yeah there’s a lot of people in Wyoming. Me, sitting in my home in Wyoming: 👁👄👁

    Destiny VogtDestiny Vogt4 months ago
  • I would watch good mythical morning I like will it candy

    Candice PerryCandice Perry4 months ago
  • Yes, the Tagalongs are very good cookies, they have a really smooth chocolate on them but it’s unfair judging you (almost) always get peanut butter dlest

    QuartzCatzQuartzCatz4 months ago
  • They have rated gs before would b a coincidence if they rated it exactly to the old vid (same flavours and same brands )

    Danica DsouzaDanica Dsouza4 months ago
  • Fact: Samoas are the best

    En meiEn mei4 months ago
  • Thin mints are the best Girl Scout cookies, change my mind

    Roy GutierrezRoy Gutierrez4 months ago
  • Toffee Tastic isn't the only Gluten free Girl Scout cookie, before they were discontinued, there was Trios, now there is the Caramel chocolate chip, we don't have Toffee Tastic here in Missouri, so that make up for it, but there are a couple of cookies you missed, there are two other lemon cookies and there is another Smore's cookie and you also forgot the Thanks-A-Lot

    Madison CarpenterMadison Carpenter4 months ago
    • In my area we have Trios but no Toffee Tastic.

      Madge JepsonMadge Jepson4 months ago
  • Aldi sells the exact copy of the peanut butter patties. .98 a box. No need to buy the overpriced ones. Youre welcome

    cbmbdbcbmbdb4 months ago
  • Thin mints are my fav therms are so good

    Aqua VortexAqua Vortex4 months ago
  • As someone who hates coconut, I think it says something that samoas are my favorite girl scout cookie.

    Nia's BaeNia's Bae4 months ago
    • It's the same for me.

      Freedom AndersonFreedom Anderson4 months ago
  • 6:16 who else was really impressed

    ShilezShilez4 months ago
  • Gonna make a wild early guess that the Peanut butter ones end up being the best Update: *Pikachu shocked face* Thin mints are by far the best and trefoils second

    TJTroubleMakerTJTroubleMaker4 months ago
  • Glaze-y bottom 😂

    Stephanie KellumStephanie Kellum4 months ago
  • In my part of Canada we only have peppermint Patty's and the plain chocolate and vanilla box

    melissa lucasmelissa lucas4 months ago
  • Imo Samoas are VASTLY superior to all cookies, similar to the glorious Soviet Union. Heil Mother Russia

    JDizzle The WeirdoJDizzle The Weirdo4 months ago
  • the chocolate covered s’more ones are better

    Grace FerreeGrace Ferree4 months ago
  • 10:09 13:42 09:48

    Kayla GillmanKayla Gillman4 months ago
  • it’s these kind of videos that make me sad to be british

    Poppy MillwardPoppy Millward4 months ago
  • Samoa’s will always be #1

    Gabbi BigosGabbi Bigos4 months ago
  • Thin mints and Samoa’s are my favorite😂

    Bleep BloopBleep Bloop4 months ago
  • You need to try warming up the s'mores in the microwave for 10 seconds. Its a game changer

    Laura JonesLaura Jones4 months ago
  • The passing of the toffee ones was super impressive

    Maya RuffinMaya Ruffin4 months ago
  • Rhett’s laugh at 2:55 😂

    Maya RuffinMaya Ruffin4 months ago
  • I dont even like coconut but I love samoas

    Jackson TheilJackson Theil4 months ago
  • Tref-oil not tree foil

    Christina ElChristina El4 months ago
  • I don't like shredded coconut (whether it's toasted or not) on stuff either Link, but I'll be damned if the Samoas aren't THE BEST GIRL SCOUT COOKIE. ;) How did u miss the taste of the caramel on them?

    Tyffanee LavelyTyffanee Lavely4 months ago
  • Where I’m from “lemon ups” are called “lemonades” and look like a sliced lemon. And are a LOT bigger then theirs

    mariemarie4 months ago
  • *lets all just be honest for a moment the thin mints are the best*

    Endy WorldEndy World4 months ago
  • Rest In Peace savanna smiles

    Trash ManTrash Man4 months ago
  • Thin mints are the best!

    H BH B4 months ago
  • whats the microphone they use in this??

    DuramaxDuramax4 months ago
  • Could not tell the difference in Rhetts mics lmaoo

    Elyse valoppiElyse valoppi4 months ago
  • they should’ve put the thin mints higher! :(

    Josiah CarderJosiah Carder4 months ago
  • Thin Mints > All other cookies

    Game InfiniteGame Infinite4 months ago
  • Great episode! I said it before on these home episodes and I’ll say it again, they really need to make a coin of Mythicality for fosho!

    Steven LoutonSteven Louton4 months ago