We Tried EVERY Krispy Kreme Donut Flavor

Jul 10, 2020
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Hot n' ready for our MOUTH HOLES. Today, we're trying every Krispy Kreme donut flavor. GMM #1774
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  • Y don’t u feed yourselves

    James DresnerJames Dresner7 hours ago
  • If you havent done this from dunkin yet please do it

    Little One's RabitryLittle One's RabitryDay ago
  • watch 10:06 then like the video

    Quent The GamerQuent The GamerDay ago
  • "Now I call this a 'Boston Creme'. Don't @ me." I call it that too. Is there some reason we don't call them that anymore?

    YarmothYarmothDay ago
  • 10:02 uhm link kinda sus

  • I can't watch these videos. Their ratings can be so infuriating. I can't sit by and watch the injustice.

    James ParkerJames Parker2 days ago
    • @Annabelle Wheelis I'm not being literal. I'm exaggerating haha. I don't take it that seriously.

      James ParkerJames ParkerDay ago
    • Than don’t watch it instead of hating on it

      Annabelle WheelisAnnabelle WheelisDay ago
  • Netflix: ''are you still watching'' Someone's daughter: 10:05

    HkaHka2 days ago
  • There is a donut called strawberry gloss. I dint see it in the video🤔

    Adithya Sai KrishnanAdithya Sai Krishnan2 days ago
  • That was definitely not all the Krispy Kreme donuts, even on the original Menu

    David ManningDavid Manning3 days ago
  • also glazed chocolate cake is fire 🔥

    lol hilol hi3 days ago
  • b-but i love sprinkles 🥺

    lol hilol hi3 days ago
  • And the holy doughnut is a place in Portland so you might be copyrighted

    David AndersonDavid Anderson4 days ago
  • I did this in like 2015

    David AndersonDavid Anderson4 days ago
  • 10:06-10:08 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ix S n e a K IvIx S n e a K Iv4 days ago
  • I just watched the pop tart video and I'm watching the girl scout cookies video next. These made me want to eat some mashed carrots because I don't like celery. LOL

    Tyni BubblesTyni Bubbles4 days ago
  • We don't have Krispy Kreme in Minnesota anymore 😕

    Heather NguyenHeather Nguyen5 days ago
  • my crack is 11pm tomorrow your time in Australia. There's a phrase you never think you'd say.

    Peter McGuinnessPeter McGuinness5 days ago
  • I’ve always said!! Original glazed is BEST!! My hubby loves Boston kreme, they’re good but I can eat a dozen original and like 2 Boston kreme lol good work guys

    Eli GarciaEli Garcia6 days ago
  • 9:17 link with the stache

    ThatBoiiZayThatBoiiZay6 days ago
  • Good Mythical Morning! =D

    ZoanBlade90ZoanBlade906 days ago
  • im north cacalackian too!!

    Maya SandersMaya Sanders6 days ago
  • The classic one is always the best one.

    Neo SannyasinNeo Sannyasin7 days ago
  • Where’s the blueberry cake donut that’s one of my favorites

    Chase WaufordChase Wauford7 days ago
  • I swear Links scale makes no sense half the time

    RunicsRunics7 days ago
  • It's hard seeing someone living your own dream

    Slevin HSlevin H7 days ago
  • You guys are my favorite channel ever. You make me happy. Thank you .🙂

    jimgnikjimgnik7 days ago
  • Maple glazed is my fav.

    Tiny_CherriesTiny_Cherries8 days ago
  • I would wanna eat them without someone feeding them to me...

    serenababeserenababe8 days ago
  • Strawberry iced is the best doughnut at at KK

    Dylan McChesneyDylan McChesney8 days ago
  • 10:06 glizzy master😌

    Sovereign MonieSovereign Monie8 days ago
  • Can't beat the original

    MeChanMeChan8 days ago
  • A KK dream come true! I love krispy kreme!

    GrabAndGoAdviceGrabAndGoAdvice8 days ago
  • AYY YOO @10:06

    FLAXKOFLAXKO9 days ago
  • Cake batter is my favorite soooooooooo yah

    SG_strange YTSG_strange YT9 days ago
  • Guess my top 8 - 10 dudes (2 - 4 of them are not in this video)!

    superdavidbrotherssuperdavidbrothers9 days ago
  • Glizzy gobler link 😳

    jjrnaruto 6jjrnaruto 69 days ago
  • 10:05 Pause

    BarneyBarney9 days ago
  • Links ratings gives me anxiety.

    Søren Sloth NielsenSøren Sloth Nielsen10 days ago
  • 10:04 what’s the point of going that far down to take a small bite😂😂😳

    SkatrboinotcoolSkatrboinotcool10 days ago
  • Why do people love glazed so much? It is not the best doughnut!

    Dock_ 94Dock_ 9410 days ago
    • In your opinion it’s not, I like it because of how simple it is

      Annabelle WheelisAnnabelle WheelisDay ago
  • custard.............ew

    WilsenWilsen10 days ago
  • No blueberry cake???

    Idin KainIdin Kain10 days ago
  • We are gonna ignore link deep throating the chocolate bar ?

    Ian ThomasIan Thomas10 days ago
  • Boston Creme/Kreme has always been my favorite donut so I’m glad it’s second

    999 Rip999 Rip10 days ago
  • First like gagged the chocolate bar, then was upset there was no creme at the end, then spat afterwards. Is my mind super in the gutter or is Link a walking breathing innuendo?

    blankenator62blankenator6210 days ago
    • Everything is better with holes

      Ragy DRagy D10 days ago
  • Well we all know what we thought when Link had that bar😂😂😂

    ZapTic- OrioNZapTic- OrioN10 days ago
  • Ho my friking god i can't believe that link went to Panama Im from Panama ho my god 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    Kristha LamastusKristha Lamastus11 days ago
    • @Ragy D ya but i never see the day when he would come to my country 😅😅😅😁😁😁

      Kristha LamastusKristha Lamastus9 days ago
    • Well he is rich af lol he's probably visited a few places.

      Ragy DRagy D10 days ago

    Kiersten MunterKiersten Munter11 days ago
    • lmao

      Kittensniper -_-Kittensniper -_-Day ago
  • "Things are better with holes" ~ Link 2020 I'm going to use this quote

    Dr. Shrimp Puerto RicoDr. Shrimp Puerto Rico11 days ago
  • is anyone else concerned by the size of Rhett's bites?

    Rébekka BeauchampRébekka Beauchamp11 days ago
  • cake batter is amazing smh

    Nana 5757Nana 575711 days ago

    Yoitsjoe16Yoitsjoe1612 days ago
  • The result for #1 is correct.

    Pink CupcakePink Cupcake12 days ago
  • 10:04 umm ok link

    SpaxxSpaxx12 days ago
  • Blueberry cake donut (must be regional?) is the tops for me, but I agree with them without one available.

    Jesse JalapeñoJesse Jalapeño12 days ago
  • Like these typed of vids

    Jaxon DoyleJaxon Doyle12 days ago
  • 5:52 Link takes a liking to the icing

    KlaasKlaas12 days ago
  • My favorite has always been Boston cream, it deserves its spot in the top four.

    Cs, FaintlyFashionableArtistCs, FaintlyFashionableArtist12 days ago
  • 12:50 “but we picked NO peanut butter donuts” *that’s because there weren’t any*

    AfterHourAndrewAfterHourAndrew12 days ago
  • Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 10:06

    Marco GuffantiMarco Guffanti13 days ago
    • 😂😂😂

      Ix S n e a K IvIx S n e a K Iv4 days ago
  • So what you're saying is you didn't taste every donut flavor that Krispy Kreme makes.

    scottemblerscottembler13 days ago
  • Imagine living next to a Krispy Kreme.Never had it before looks goood

    Outdoor CobraOutdoor Cobra13 days ago
  • Original glaze for me

    Ashlee HawkeAshlee Hawke13 days ago
  • Can I take Links place in rating food?? goodness....

    LunamSolLunamSol13 days ago
  • A Boston Cream? My friend, you are in Canada. Welcome to Tim Hortons 🇨🇦

    CelestialSeaWitchCelestialSeaWitch13 days ago
  • Wow some yummy donuts hope you give some to me hahaha sorry i was joking

    Lineta LafaeleLineta Lafaele14 days ago
  • Iced Blueberry Cake donut for the win!!


    castiel novakcastiel novak14 days ago
  • “What are your intentions with my daughter?” 10:06

    8MSquared8MSquared14 days ago
  • America has so many more options 😶😯 we don’t have most of these ones. My go to is always the glazed raspberry 😋🍩💞 xx

    gemma nicole howardgemma nicole howard15 days ago
  • America has so many more options 😶😯 we don’t have most of these ones. My go to is always the glazed raspberry 😋🍩💞 xx

    gemma nicole howardgemma nicole howard15 days ago
  • America has so many more options 😶😯 we don’t have most of these ones. My go to is always the glazed raspberry 😋🍩💞 xx

    gemma nicole howardgemma nicole howard15 days ago
  • I wanna see them try all the donuts from voodoo donuts.

    MkonianMkonian15 days ago
  • 5:52 yore welküm

    Rion ShellooeRion Shellooe15 days ago
  • They missed blueberry cake! That would’ve been up there.

    FoxHound SFFoxHound SF15 days ago
  • the best is vanilla filled regular glazed

    Oh She ThriftsOh She Thrifts15 days ago
  • Link: "Don't @ me." Lmfao im weak 😂💀

    Shania EdwardsShania Edwards15 days ago
  • In mexico where i live is a good mitical morning

    Adrian ZambranoAdrian Zambrano15 days ago
  • Nobody is gonna talk bout how link took down that donut😳

    MrLighting360MrLighting36015 days ago
  • You guys are crazy to pick the original as the best! Come on guys! Clearly the chocolate caked iced or glazed is the best!

    chris taylorchris taylor16 days ago
  • 10:06 goddamnit Link XD

    Rylan RootRylan Root16 days ago
  • Strawberry iced is one of my favorites 😂.

    MissSiedahMissSiedah16 days ago
  • Just deep-throated the donut 😂

    YoBoiiJaayyYoBoiiJaayy16 days ago
  • I'm actually getting upset that I can't go and eat all of them donuts

    Neto Htc A9sNeto Htc A9s16 days ago
  • Back at it again at Krispy Kreme

    rustyowl19rustyowl1916 days ago
  • 10:06 omfg

    Ryan SetzerRyan Setzer17 days ago
  • 7:32 Priceless

    Ryan SetzerRyan Setzer17 days ago
  • 6:42 Also nice

    Ryan SetzerRyan Setzer17 days ago
  • 5:22 Nice

    Ryan SetzerRyan Setzer17 days ago
  • No one: Link: deeeeeepthroats donut bar Me:ok link u got skilzz😂

    RoyalFijiRoyalFiji17 days ago
  • They said they didn't pick a peanutbutter flavor this time but...there wasn't one as an option lol 😂😂

    Holly RoxyHolly Roxy17 days ago
  • rasberry filled and lemon filled are my favorite also if they have powdered sugar is good and the strawberry filled to

    Amiyah JacksonAmiyah Jackson17 days ago
  • Don't go to school. It's bad for you

    Diana DuranDiana Duran18 days ago
  • Good Diabetical Morning!!!

    NoobSaberNoobSaber18 days ago
  • 10:06

    Justin McCarthyJustin McCarthy18 days ago
  • My fav is lemon filled.

    Jeni MarieJeni Marie18 days ago
  • “Look at that pile of icing lemme get to that-“ *proceeds to bury his face in the fritter

    FLaSHy_ pAiNTFLaSHy_ pAiNT18 days ago
  • Dunkin

    Legend's GamingLegend's Gaming18 days ago
  • Dublin donuts is better

    Legend's GamingLegend's Gaming18 days ago
  • 9:38

    Dylan LFYDylan LFY18 days ago
    • Dylan LFY ?

      You're DumbYou're Dumb18 days ago