What Am I Inside Of? (Game)

Oct 8, 2020
942 324 Views

Today, Chase is putting a microscopic camera into things and we're trying to guess what we're inside of. GMM #1828
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    Molly WellsMolly Wells7 hours ago
  • A trollonoscopy

    Gamertag8765Gamertag876522 hours ago
  • Trollonoscopy!!

    deborah DeborahRdeborah DeborahRDay ago
  • 0:16 vid starts

    Sara RankinsSara RankinsDay ago
  • I like how Rhett just went into the circle anyways

    Budder ManiacBudder ManiacDay ago
  • I kinda wish they wouldn't tell us until the end. I wanna play too :(

    Leesianna PrunedaLeesianna Pruneda2 days ago
  • Can I just say as a theatre major I appreciate the theatre energy !! 🎭

    daveanand harackdaveanand harack2 days ago
  • Missed opportunity to say “troll-onoscopy”

    Josh MullanJosh Mullan2 days ago
  • Your mom

    Max MemestappenMax Memestappen3 days ago
  • Sea cucumber=animal. Any else’s OCD made them check? 😂

    Cameron TruongCameron Truong3 days ago
  • Bro the Papaya was so easy how’d y’all not get that

    Ramiro MarquezRamiro Marquez3 days ago
  • Link’s yell is so hilarious

    A JordanA Jordan3 days ago
  • I can just smell that oyster at the end

    Benjamin CobarruviazBenjamin Cobarruviaz4 days ago
  • Bro idk what I thought a sea cucumber was but it wasnt that.

    Stephanie BlaseStephanie Blase4 days ago
  • 13:50 Link's protecting himself from sea bears

    spidaxtremespidaxtreme4 days ago
  • Chase gave Kevin the Sea Cucumber a colonoscopy.

    Renée DubucRenée Dubuc4 days ago
  • Is that “daddy likey” from sherlock

    DerpingtunDerpingtun4 days ago
  • Can you please not spoil the answers so quickly? Half the fun of your videos is getting to play along at home!

    QuietPenguin GamingQuietPenguin Gaming5 days ago
  • Why can't we guess along with them?

    Yarek-KareyYarek-Karey5 days ago
  • They missed a SECOND opportunity to call it "show me closer tiny camera"

    Captain BirchCaptain Birch5 days ago
  • when link said cake, whats the point f being more specific lol. Hes not gonna guess cake then say vanilla or something. Its obviously chocolate lol

    SHZYSHZY5 days ago
  • 🤣 link I swear to God my dude, I can't help this video makes you funnier.

    Mikalia DavisMikalia Davis5 days ago
  • Isn't that a rice paper roll? 😂

    lordtheolordtheo5 days ago
  • Now I want a spring roll

    WhoDat KellzWhoDat Kellz6 days ago
  • idk who was complaining about the first time they played this, cause that one was better than this one. stevie’s hints were bad

    Rager CarnageRager Carnage6 days ago
  • You should get Gordon Ramsey on here for the weird stuff you guys make to eat

    Tyler BuntenTyler Bunten6 days ago
  • Papayas are bomb

    블링크원스hoho블링크원스hoho6 days ago
  • I immediately knew it was a papaya cause I just ate one xD

    honeybeahoneybea6 days ago
  • why am I watching Good Mythical Morning at 9PM eating cereals? 😂😂 also, ily guys 🥰🥰😘

    Ona AguiloOna Aguilo6 days ago
  • Me yelling "PAPAYA!" before they say papaya🙄

    Anna MelendezAnna Melendez6 days ago
  • Not sure if it’s just in Hawaii, but those are summer rolls not spring rolls

    Jacob WakamuraJacob Wakamura6 days ago
  • When’s your bday rhett

    Micheal BMicheal B7 days ago
  • Omg I would've known that troll hair IMMEDIATELY 😂

    bnenomorebnenomore7 days ago
  • "I think it's salt" Ahh yes that damn tubular shaped salt lol

    Jason RoyJason Roy7 days ago
  • When you accidentally watch the more first and know who wins. Still a fun ride even if you know the destination! Lol

    BrinnyQuinnBrinnyQuinn7 days ago
  • Still no let’s talk about that smh

    Johnnie BJohnnie B7 days ago
  • At first I missed the "the let's talk about that" but now I really like the little teasers. I hope lots of other people eventually come around to liking it as well.

    Jay W0lfJay W0lf7 days ago
  • That first fruit gone make me act up

    canofbeanscanofbeans8 days ago
  • Next time, could you not show us the item, while you're guessing? So maybe we could play along?

    Dylan DombrowskasDylan Dombrowskas8 days ago
  • Not me yelling papaya at my phone ☠️☠️

    Reptile QueenReptile Queen8 days ago
  • Happy B-day Rhett

    logan Benjaminlogan Benjamin8 days ago
  • Idk how but I immediately knew that was an oyster.

    Denise ZimmermanDenise Zimmerman9 days ago
  • Inside a Giner *pink*

    John ThomasJohn Thomas9 days ago
  • Taste and rank all 22 sauces from Chicken Guy - Guy Fieri’s chicken restaurant!!

    A BA B9 days ago
  • It was a “Trollonoscopy”

    Jim GlasgowJim Glasgow9 days ago
  • *can I put a turd in your circle*

    FormerBabyFutureCorpseFormerBabyFutureCorpse9 days ago
  • I guessed loofah the moment they showed it before they said what it was. Yay!

    Zandrea LangeZandrea Lange9 days ago
  • Isn't that a summer roll, and the fried ones spring rolls?

    Aaron LuoAaron Luo10 days ago
  • 10:05 -2 plus 2 isn’t 1, it’s zero

    King WallaceKing Wallace10 days ago
  • At least that uses the older style troll dolls instead of the newer DreamWorks variety.

    Enrique RamirezEnrique Ramirez10 days ago
  • XD

    Anthony PiwkoAnthony Piwko10 days ago
  • The papaya was soooooo easy

    Jaqueline Sánchez GutiérrezJaqueline Sánchez Gutiérrez10 days ago
  • Rhett, we have the same Birthday

    TheZephinatorTheZephinator10 days ago
  • (♡ω♡ ) ~♪

    Jeff SipesJeff Sipes10 days ago
  • Since y’all don’t say it anymore I’ll do it. Can we guess what we’re inside of let’s talk about that

    Andrew Bosten PowersAndrew Bosten Powers10 days ago
  • Every time Rhett says “what in the world”... I automatically here “Where In The World Do These International Foods Come From!” ..... ANYONE ELSE...??? Lol

    herb romeroherb romero11 days ago
  • Wait what do y'all call fried spring rolls,,, we call the fresh ones rice rolls and the fried ones spring rolls

    Lizzie DavisLizzie Davis11 days ago
  • 8:24 That's called a Trollonoscopy, Link

    CynicalCynical11 days ago
  • You guys have grown so much!

    Ash Draws StuffAsh Draws Stuff11 days ago
  • Chase made me laugh so much this episode, from the belly button lint to the cake almost falling.

    Brice ChartrandBrice Chartrand11 days ago
  • Hi 👋

    the kingthe king11 days ago

    Ariel AchrakAriel Achrak11 days ago
  • omg Chase is wearing a large shirt

    ArisaArisa11 days ago
  • So what did you do at work today? Gave a troll a colonoscopy.

    baileya82baileya8211 days ago

    JoshuaJoshua12 days ago
  • Title: Not a girl that's for sure FeelsBadMan

    KroneexeKroneexe12 days ago
  • Is it me or does everything look gross upclose😱

    xbloo93xbloo9312 days ago
  • I really wish they wouldn’t give the answer. Just wait till one of them gets it right. I would like to play along too. Same with all the other guessing games they do.... or even just give a warning that the answer will be displayed so people who don’t want to know yet can close their eyes.

    Tangy ThangTangy Thang12 days ago

    shmeeeeeeeeeeeshmeeeeeeeeeee12 days ago
    • Bahaha! It should! 😂😂

      cannedcatfoodcannedcatfood12 days ago
  • Whatever happened to let's talk about that?

    The conspiracy theory smart dudeThe conspiracy theory smart dude12 days ago
  • I miss Rhetts short hair 😭😨

    Free from BoredomFree from Boredom12 days ago
  • Bring back the weekend adventures on the Rhett & Link channel

    Jen BrownJen Brown12 days ago
  • Interesting

    tara lynntara lynn12 days ago
  • Truly love this show /channel

    Help HelpHelp Help12 days ago
  • Plot twist : it’s a bunch of colonoscopies of random people

    Pablo HoneyyyPablo Honeyyy12 days ago
  • I was the 26th thousand like lol

    Chugs06 on TwitchChugs06 on Twitch12 days ago
  • Huntington university I saw my friend in there. I'll be going there next year

    wishkid gamingwishkid gaming12 days ago
  • a FlOPPy FrEAKin TurD

    Faith BFaith B12 days ago

    -Joker- UwU-Joker- UwU12 days ago
  • Wish they'd save the answer til the end of the round. I like guessing with my kid. Same with the shuffleboard game.

    Skeetn HSkeetn H12 days ago
  • I bet the clown Rhett stole that shirt from is pissed.

    bengalblitzbengalblitz12 days ago
  • Random but I really like Link's shirt. V handsome.

    Sarah CuppSarah Cupp12 days ago
  • I can't believe I actually got some of these right😂

    Shelby MasonShelby Mason12 days ago
  • Link: Spring rolls...? Rhetts face: What the heck is a spring roll?

    Atria WulfAtria Wulf12 days ago
  • I love Chase, so much. My birthday is in 14th.

    RockismyAirRockismyAir13 days ago
  • @9:38 Chase saying "... I do" is the cutest thing ever.

    Dyllen RedmanDyllen Redman13 days ago
  • My birthday is october 31

    GearBeasTGearBeasT13 days ago
  • why .didint. they.say.lets.talk.about.that?someone.help.me.im.panicking.

    Adelyn JAdelyn J13 days ago
  • i love both of y'all's shirts in this episode!

    elisabethLRelisabethLR13 days ago
  • You gave a troll a colonoscopy? Lol

    Shaun MosesShaun Moses13 days ago
  • Triphophobia is kicking in 😷

    Casey EichCasey Eich13 days ago
  • I never watch this channel in the morning

    cbt8cbt813 days ago
  • i think theyre in joe...

    AK97AK9713 days ago
  • Ew he has a bunch of lint in his belly button

    mythius lopezmythius lopez13 days ago
  • I wish you guys would make versions of videos that don't show us the answers so we can play along

    Amzie fAmzie f13 days ago
  • I guested oyster straight away cause I like them

    Reecicle0208Reecicle020813 days ago
  • Stop showing the answer please!!!!

    Nick JonesNick Jones13 days ago
  • A sea cucumber: NOT a vegetable NOT an animal but a little bit of both. -*Rhett 2020*

    Inas HamzehInas Hamzeh13 days ago
  • No one: Chase: a papaya :3

    SaigeSaige13 days ago
  • That papaya was looking pretty nice 😫🤤🥴

    Oh Yeah yeahOh Yeah yeah13 days ago