What Am I Touching? (Challenge)

May 29, 2020
768 601 Views

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Today, we're trying to guess what we're feeling while BLINDFOLDED! GMM #1746
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  • Link’s reaction to the dust bunny!!!! LOL

    Jasmin KelleyJasmin Kelley6 days ago
  • Rhett looks like a lion.

    Chelsee EarlChelsee Earl10 days ago
  • That whale bone is so cool?????

    Vincent SmileyVincent Smiley14 days ago
  • Lol! Watching Link with the dust bunny i just laughed oreo cookies through my nose! 🤣

    ajohnhawkajohnhawk17 days ago
  • the tension when link got mad about the dust bunny was too much for me

    Ashley HansenAshley HansenMonth ago
  • Link is very underrated and underestimated 💯

    Amber HerbertAmber HerbertMonth ago
  • the bobbit joke definitely worked

    Kana BeatsKana BeatsMonth ago
  • “Dude this is something gross isnt it?” Im dying 😂

    Sharose hSharose h2 months ago
  • Link got so cheesed 🤣

    TwoReallTwoReall2 months ago
  • Link: “I see hairs of all types” Me: absolutely loses it 😂😂😂

    Mariah CarterMariah Carter2 months ago
  • Raycons cost $ 68!?!? Goooooodness

    Piper's PoliesPiper's Polies2 months ago
  • Alright boys, give each other some special things Link: I'll give Rhett a piece of clothing from when we won an award together that we were trying to win for years and a toy my son has that I used to like and have one when I was a kid Rhett: DUST AND A BONE

    StephsaguudefanStephsaguudefan2 months ago
  • I could have told that it was a bone based on its smell. Yes, I can smell bones.

    Chirag N KChirag N K2 months ago
  • Link mad at dust bunny: “IT’S NOT FUNNY!” me: *momentarily stops laughing*

    Scarlett Van MarieScarlett Van Marie2 months ago
  • im actually crying at the dust bunny

    Jack MagarelliJack Magarelli2 months ago
  • The way link said 'yeah girl' at Stevie radiates big dad energy

    Daniel YoungDaniel Young2 months ago
  • The dust bunny was not cool.

    xXDjMischiefXxxXDjMischiefXx3 months ago
  • They need a Putting Things In Things: Rock Tumbler edition

    Stanna UnruhStanna Unruh3 months ago
  • *congrats to rhett for that Lorenna joke.. I liked it*

    RaeRae3 months ago
  • *you can gice me 20 minutes to clean this all up, and you can just sit there and face the corner* 😂🙏

    RaeRae3 months ago
  • Let the tigers tiger

    Joshua PatrickJoshua Patrick3 months ago
  • Bruh Stevie laughing at link😂😂😂

    Tayton PierceTayton Pierce3 months ago
  • because of this episode, I went back to watch the Streamy's just so I could KNOW that Link was wearing those tiger underwear! lol

    S DianS Dian4 months ago
  • This was a very passive aggressive episode

    TuBeanTuBean4 months ago
  • That was so gross! It was shedding stuff onto his table im so glad he didnt smell it!

    Skyler O'TooleSkyler O'Toole4 months ago
  • Hey Kim!

    Kimberly ArmstrongKimberly Armstrong4 months ago
  • the dust bunny apocalypse. lol

    Al E GatorAl E Gator4 months ago
  • 12:06 *Link* - “your a wood lover!” *Rhett* - 👍😃👍

    Rex TRex T4 months ago
  • Every time I vacuum I’m gonna empty it into a box and ship it to someone. Lmfao

    cobrasvt347cobrasvt3474 months ago
  • Just face the corner

    k*don*k*don*4 months ago
  • sorry link, but that was hilarious!

    Sensei_JacSensei_Jac4 months ago
  • 666K views O.O

    SVNNXSVNNX4 months ago
  • Link: today we touch each other's things. Rhett: let's talk about that. Me: *let's not.*

    han jisquishhan jisquish4 months ago
  • That's a nasty, why would you give that man dust especially in a time of this pandemic

    justforthetvjustforthetv4 months ago
  • What happened to the strange addiction episode

    ッAzubi_Meatball4349ッッAzubi_Meatball4349ッ4 months ago
  • Link: Today we touch each other’s things. Me: Uhh... what things?

    It's CarterIt's Carter4 months ago
  • Link looks exactly like his dad whes yelling angrily with a mask pulling his hair back

    Danny MckenzieDanny Mckenzie4 months ago
  • I really want a whale vertebrae

    Joe WatersJoe Waters4 months ago
  • tf is a rock tumbler?

    Joe WatersJoe Waters4 months ago
  • They both have beautiful houses, I wish we could get tours of both!

    Daniel WardwellDaniel Wardwell4 months ago
  • Anyone else noticed the painting on Link's wall changed?

    WolfGrrlWolfGrrl4 months ago
  • You should really continue to do gmm this way a few days a week while there are still a lot of people in quarantine. It is so much nicer feeling like y’all are at home with us on a zoom call. It’s makes this still feel more normal.

    Brandi MunguiaBrandi Munguia4 months ago
  • I empathize with Rhett, as a guy with small ears.

    Benjamin AltomonteBenjamin Altomonte4 months ago
  • Link is such a drama queen 😂 I love him though

    Kathleen FehnerKathleen Fehner4 months ago
  • Link: “to somebody it’s funny “ Rhett:👁👄👁

    Des :]Des :]4 months ago
  • Link has bongs behind him 😂

    Blob Smoker GamingBlob Smoker Gaming4 months ago
  • Where did he get the whale vertebra?

    GoddessLove RemediesGoddessLove Remedies4 months ago
  • If they were closer pretty sure Link would have laid some hurt on Rhett after that dust bunny! 🐰🐇

    Laurie OwenLaurie Owen4 months ago
  • Can you guys do a ‘will it sandwich?’ Episode with the whale bone? Asking for a friend.

    M BM B4 months ago
  • “Antique peanut brittle” ~ Link 2020

    Reilly DollerReilly Doller4 months ago
  • Lol Dust Bunny hater 😂🤣

    Hunter IveyHunter Ivey4 months ago
  • Link was cranky

    Lasgna PizzaLasgna Pizza4 months ago
  • Yeah!! Mythical beats from Brazil!

    Lyn NakazatoLyn Nakazato4 months ago
  • Tiny lol

    Alana BockheimAlana Bockheim4 months ago
  • Rhett probably keeps a bunch of random items in his hair

    IcywhatyoudidthereIcywhatyoudidthere4 months ago
  • Good thing their hair is in quarantine, I wouldn't want to see those on the street.

    Neai TuppiNeai Tuppi4 months ago
  • Corona still exists right? why theres no more cuarentine? I don't know what's happening, I don't live there

    Abril PérezAbril Pérez4 months ago
  • Awwwww Link :( As a fellow germophobe I understand ur feelings! Probably need a month supply of free cereal & peanut butter to compensate 😂

    Veronica ChowVeronica Chow4 months ago
  • Link: Sends normal items that normal people use. Rhett: *DUST AND BONES*

    C. MooreC. Moore4 months ago
  • Keep in mind that the ladies are going to see those tiger underwear

    Juliette ShulerJuliette Shuler4 months ago
  • Rhett ' s dying inside laughing while Link says it is not funny about the Rhett s best friend the dust bunny

    Juliette ShulerJuliette Shuler4 months ago

    KarinaturtlesKarinaturtles4 months ago
  • Antique peanut brittle😂

    sstbmadsensstbmadsen4 months ago
  • Why..... why does Rhett have a whale vertebrae?? And why do I sorta want it?!

    KzCreationz & MoreKzCreationz & More4 months ago
  • The dust bunny made me laugh almost as much as when they did the chlorine bomb while camping :P

    DennanXDennanX4 months ago
  • 6:00

    Pyro GorillaPyro Gorilla4 months ago
  • hearing stevie's repulsed "oh god" was perfection

    flamshizflamshiz4 months ago
  • Rhett looks like a caveman now.

    Lila Del BeatoLila Del Beato4 months ago
  • 0:00 the rhink shippers: 👀

    •Sid•The•Serotonin•Kid••Sid•The•Serotonin•Kid•4 months ago
  • Boy link was fr mad 😂😂

    Strip4AceStrip4Ace4 months ago
  • That’s actually pretty messed up that Rhett did that to him, knowing how Link is

    Dragon ChasmDragon Chasm4 months ago
  • Is it only me that has never heard of a rock tumbler???

    Bevy SmithBevy Smith4 months ago
  • This could be your best video yet, the dust bunny actually made me laugh so hard it hurt! I love how salty Linc got, sorry man.

    Ash NaderhoffAsh Naderhoff4 months ago
  • That dust bunny definitely had radon radiation so technically he miceo poisoned link

    TheMangledTriangleTheMangledTriangle4 months ago
  • Why is this video so wild but so cool

    Sanchez JamalSanchez Jamal4 months ago
  • "today we touch each other's things"... Yeah, let's talk about THAT... 😉 😋

    NinisNinis4 months ago
  • Man never seen link like this 🙄🙄🙄

    Sanat KapurSanat Kapur4 months ago
  • just had to search who lorena bobbit is; boy am i glad i did

    breezie babiebreezie babie4 months ago
  • At the end of the underwear segment when Stevie is just saying "Oh God....Oh God" lololololololol

    Bri7498Bri74984 months ago
  • I love this show, but 4(!) adbreaks?

    ElaEla4 months ago
  • Hearing Stevie laugh made this episode even brtter

    pp doo doopp doo doo4 months ago
  • Everyday Rhetts hair gets more and more glorious

    Kristen LittletonKristen Littleton4 months ago
  • Hearing Link say Homie gives me life

    Jaden PageJaden Page4 months ago
  • I want that whale vertebra, so cool looking.

    Moar Of WoWMoar Of WoW4 months ago
  • I can not believe I have never heard of rock tumbling before. Time for a new hobby.

    Lee GalbavyLee Galbavy4 months ago
  • You can tell the friendship that goes beyond the call of duty as an employee between Link & Rhett, and Stevie. It's nice :)

    JamesJames4 months ago
  • The painting behind Link keeps changing

    BadAtShootersBadAtShooters4 months ago
  • Why isn't Stevie more involved in these episodes? like giving the hints, judging etc.?

    אורי אלוניאורי אלוני4 months ago
  • Stevie be like OH GOD

    GhostRider2224GhostRider22244 months ago
  • Btw this is a quality QUALITY episode

    Maggie PoynterMaggie Poynter4 months ago
  • I am so sorry Stevie

    Alex MichnowiczAlex Michnowicz4 months ago
  • Is no one else completely baffled that Link guessed “whale vertebrate” so fast?!?

    heyitsautumn19heyitsautumn194 months ago
  • “Keep it together bro!” 😂😂😂

    MsShades707MsShades7074 months ago
  • Im tired of stevie

    Marcello TMarcello T4 months ago
  • @1:33 Nope still quarantined

    Connor GraceConnor Grace4 months ago
  • what the heck is a rock tumbler?

    a i h p o sa i h p o s4 months ago
  • I am screaming at the dust bunny oh my god RHETT

    ShannonShannon4 months ago

      ShannonShannon4 months ago
  • Rhett is slowly becoming a dandelion with that hair

  • Why does Rhett have a lions mane

    Nathan DonaldsonNathan Donaldson4 months ago
  • *gives Link dust bunny* link: DHKHKBJSYD6JGJCV HOW COULD YOU DO THIS *proceeds to give Rhett his underwear*

    #relatable#relatable4 months ago