What's The Best Canned Soup? (Taste Test)

Sep 25, 2020
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Today, we're tastin some mm mm good Campbell's and determining which is the best cheesy soup. GMM #1819
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  • I love Campbell’s vegetable beef soup!

    Daniel WardwellDaniel Wardwell23 hours ago
  • The sour taste is the cheddar cheese soup they use to make it cheddar flavor

    ZcWie _57ZcWie _573 days ago
  • The way Rhett's soup splooged!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 "Mine released!!!"

    Kimberly LeisgangKimberly Leisgang3 days ago
  • Those aren't Cheese soups... They're soups with cheese in them but they're not even cheese based.

    No AkompliceNo Akomplice4 days ago
  • How do you have 3 days of soup taste tests and none of them be New England Clam Chowder?

    John McnultyJohn Mcnulty4 days ago
  • All of these fancy flavors are nice, but Campbell's classic chicken noodle will always be king.

    Clay3613Clay36135 days ago
  • When my sister was little she use to call Campbell’s soup possibilities. Lol

    KendraKendra8 days ago
  • “Well I ve never even tried to reduce sodium” 😆😆😆😆

    MoneyBoy YBMoneyBoy YB8 days ago
  • Try a blindfold next time so you have to rely on taste only, and not appearance.

    Jeff BurnhamJeff Burnham8 days ago
  • I don't get the "cya ladel" thing it's just unnecessary filling

    Slayer_ SanSlayer_ San10 days ago
  • That red pepper soup tastes like straight up vomit

    Allison MaunoAllison Mauno11 days ago
  • Some of these were closer to stews than soups... Americans are strange...

    Michael FarrellMichael Farrell12 days ago
  • Where is the progresso

    Maria RojasMaria Rojas13 days ago
  • Progresso Chicken Noodle is better than Campbell’s 🌚🌚🌚

    MurphyMurphy13 days ago
  • What about clam chowder? What about tomato soup?? 😭

    Emily OliverEmily Oliver14 days ago
  • After the apocalypse Rhett is going to be a survivor and is destined to find a food stache of literally just 2000 cans of cheddar soup. He will learn to love it.

    JacobJacob15 days ago
  • I feel like Link just doesn't care about making these videos anymore. Kinda feels like he's holding Rhett back at this point.

    AnnieAnnie15 days ago
  • That quesadilla soup is my absolute favorite soup

    Badusername2000Badusername200015 days ago
  • Got a can of that in my cupboard right now, maybe I'll eat it sometime this year.

    Mr. WhiskersMr. Whiskers15 days ago
  • With the can Opener is how Link started with the streak of winings 💥💥💥🤯

    JD TorresJD Torres15 days ago
  • Why make so much soup when they really only eat like 2 bites???

    Duffy DDDuffy DD16 days ago
  • and THAT is why Link was the scorekeeper 😉

    Tiffany LeungTiffany Leung16 days ago
  • Get hair cuts you Hippies

    Harris ProductionsHarris Productions16 days ago

    hannah whannah w16 days ago
  • Wow that intro was epic!

    Calvin LauCalvin Lau16 days ago
  • Link still has his gloves on even after they have the can opening competition

    Roy G. BivRoy G. Biv17 days ago
  • Is this an American thing I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single cheese soup in my life and we have lots of campbells soup where I live too.

    Aaron ReesAaron Rees17 days ago
    • @ghost you've never eaten broccoli cheddar soup?? Panera Bread has an awesome version of it. Cheese based soups are common all over the world. I don't know why you wouldn't have ever tried one. Wow.

      S DarbyS Darby15 days ago
    • I'm American and I've never seen cheese soup lol I don't even know what it would be used for. Maybe mixing with chili or something?

      ghostghost16 days ago
  • The chunky soup is the only way to go.

    Zachary CantrellZachary Cantrell17 days ago
  • we have none of this in Australia!!!!

    spear wolfspear wolf18 days ago
  • Cheddar cheese soup? That is gross! Only Americans would think of that.

    T LovellT Lovell18 days ago
    • They did state multiple times that its meant for cooking but some people just eat it plain

      Britney LasiewskiBritney Lasiewski16 days ago
  • All of the campbells cream based soups have that slight sour taste. I thought I was the only one.

    B BlkwdrB Blkwdr18 days ago
  • The Campbell’s instant Kcup soup was pretty okay. I had it when I was stuck in the hospital for a while and like needed something to eat the nurses got me the soup a few times

    Tabitha FoxTabitha Fox18 days ago
  • Looks setup.. how come in the other video the last toss made it into the ladle, and in this one the last one makes it in also.

    ChungKingCanSuckItChungKingCanSuckIt18 days ago
  • Beer cheese soup is abhorrent.

    Velma WhiteVelma White19 days ago
  • who does all the dishes?

    KuroKuro19 days ago
  • HELLO 👌 learning new soups ???WHAT THANKS 4 sharing 💘

    mariesella Millermariesella Miller20 days ago
  • Mythical winter gloves 🧤for the shop just an idea 💡💛👋✌️🙏💗

    Austin UnreinAustin Unrein20 days ago
  • Link is drinking soup as his coffee mug take a look at 11:36 and pause

    RadaЯRadaЯ20 days ago
  • I cannot believe that there's a spicy chicken quesadilla soup

    Pat SatjiPat Satji20 days ago
  • Im still convinced to this day. Rhett had some point has sung in a metal band. His lung capacity and low tones are immaculate.

    bryson davisbryson davis20 days ago
  • Today I did not even care about the soups, I just enjoyed watching the process.😂

    Laurie OwenLaurie Owen21 day ago
  • Yeah my favorite soup is broccoli cheddar soup but I ate that creamy broccoli cheddar bisque the same one you guys just tried and yeah link it’s not good lol

    Lumpiest of ColesLumpiest of Coles21 day ago
  • The pot pie soup in the chunky Campbell’s is mad fire you guys would love it

    Lumpiest of ColesLumpiest of Coles21 day ago
  • I had some broccoli cheddar bisque the other day and I don’t like it very much the normal broccoli cheddar soup not the bisque but that’s just me lol

    Lumpiest of ColesLumpiest of Coles21 day ago
  • I now feel quite justified in always buying the Spicy Chicken Quesadilla soup!

    Edwardlewis18Edwardlewis1821 day ago
  • People care way too much about a ten second opening.

    lilmisssydnis1lilmisssydnis122 days ago

    Tim GillamTim Gillam22 days ago
  • I'm allergic to cheese... :(

    GreenGreen22 days ago
  • Love GMM.. ᕙ (° ~͜ʖ~ °) ᕗ

    Jeff SipesJeff Sipes22 days ago
  • These guys have eaten more soy than the entire western world.

    blperocblperoc22 days ago
  • Wait, in America is just a tomato soup not popular? I would say here in the UK it's the most common and popular.

    cotch85cotch8522 days ago
    • @S Darby how come none featured in the best canned soup?

      cotch85cotch8515 days ago
    • Tomato soup is very popular here too.

      S DarbyS Darby15 days ago
  • My favorite brand of soup is Progresso. Can you taste test Progresso soups please?

    Emma GeretyEmma Gerety23 days ago
  • Oh too much to your right and you hit a couple of things. Like the filing cabinet.

    JohnJohn23 days ago
  • Why is Link the golden retriever of people? Asking for a friend...

    Anna TiptonAnna Tipton23 days ago
  • Not sure how US and UK Campbell's may differ but I have never liked any Campbell's that I've tried. Heinz makes awesome tinned soups but Campbell's had always been very blegh to me

    R B93R B9323 days ago
  • ♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕

    AMMLAMML24 days ago
  • Wow, Americans really love cheese hey...

    LukeTheJokerLukeTheJoker24 days ago
    • All of western civilization likes cheese hey...

      S DarbyS Darby15 days ago
  • They should do can beans

    sly matesly mate24 days ago
  • shoulda kept the beer soup

    Inman GammonInman Gammon24 days ago
  • You guys should see who has the best sweet and sour sauce!

    Streetcone 666Streetcone 66624 days ago
  • You have excellent taste in can openers.

    Kevin SullivanKevin Sullivan24 days ago
  • So when PB isn't an option, they'll go with beans. Good to know

    Zachary CarvalhoZachary Carvalho24 days ago
  • Far too many cheesy soups. Good old cream of tomato mmmmmmm

    n30ktbn30ktb24 days ago
  • I'm surprised at how much choice Americans have when it comes to soup

    EvansEvans24 days ago
  • When Rhett becomes Carl azuz before the episode

    braeden shillingbraeden shilling24 days ago
  • Am i the only one who like the cheesburger chunky soup.. wish they had it in this

    Big N Small CatchesBig N Small Catches24 days ago
  • 8:25 gave me Hub vibes ;/

    Andrew 815Andrew 81524 days ago
  • And this is one of the many reasons why obesity is such a huge issue for you Americans. I can't even comprehend these soups

    Lauma VilciņaLauma Vilciņa24 days ago
  • Ugh, none of those soups look good at all.

  • Rhett: "it reminds me im doing something interesting with my life" Damn you didn't need to flex on us like that man

    ThatotherflywhiteguyThatotherflywhiteguy25 days ago
  • Where is the chef boy ardee tournament

    Dakota CompitoDakota Compito25 days ago
  • why didn’t y’all j share a bowl lol

    Carlos PermitoCarlos Permito25 days ago
  • Cheese shouldn’t be in soup only chilli

    Brielle 420Brielle 42025 days ago
  • Just want to say thank you Rhett and Link for making Good Mythical Morning still. I've been a fan since 2013.

    PixelFoundryPixelFoundry25 days ago
  • I can't believe I watched 15 minutes of grown men eating soup....and enjoyed it.

    Katie McNallyKatie McNally25 days ago
  • Rhett Cracked His Apple Watch. Let's talk about that!

    Zach TownsendZach Townsend25 days ago
  • they should not be given bean related products

    Saad SalmanSaad Salman25 days ago
  • They should do a what’s the best soda

    Savanna PriceSavanna Price25 days ago
  • Meteor

    Danny MckenzieDanny Mckenzie26 days ago
  • I never comment.. but I need to join the voices here. Bring back "Lets talk about that"

    Liam PLiam P26 days ago
  • Excellent Choice!!!

    Keenon MyersKeenon Myers26 days ago
  • lets talk about that!!

    Cameron YartzCameron Yartz26 days ago
  • I'm from El Salvador, and the only thing that I can say is this channel always sorprise me, as a latina those type of food are really rare hahaha but I hope that one day I could try it, but please try to taste typical food of central America.🥺 ¡Que vivan las pupusas!

    Darlin Alejandra Monterrosa BonillaDarlin Alejandra Monterrosa Bonilla26 days ago
  • I'm sad that chicken broccoli and potato didn't make it but at least it was the closest to finals 😔 that's always my go to soup

    Doot Doot GutsuDoot Doot Gutsu26 days ago
  • Soup for my family

    Michael bMichael b26 days ago
  • Me taking notes on what soups to buy bc I've recently gotten into canned soup lol

    rem skatarem skata26 days ago
  • Was this a sponsor or something? WHy such a weird, limited soup choice?

    Casy LaBrashCasy LaBrash26 days ago
    • Right where’s the famous chicken noodle soup.

      Mendoza JavierMendoza Javier20 days ago
  • "You won't even fit through your door so you'll have to bring it through the garage!" I feel that every day 😂

    Elijah BrownElijah Brown26 days ago
  • bring back the dink it and sink it

    King TezKing Tez26 days ago
  • Cheesy soup? Eugh. American food is so weird.

    Connor AgnewConnor Agnew26 days ago
  • I think the secret is Rhett not saying “see ya ladle” when he throws - he made those!

    Erin AltmanErin Altman26 days ago
  • Link always cheats on countdowns. He starts before the countdown is finished!

    Deone PriceDeone Price26 days ago
  • I think progresso chicken and corn chowder Is the only edible can soup..

    Nora WilsonNora Wilson26 days ago
  • Does Link know the bowl he is throwing in, is on his side? not directly behind him

    N3TBUGN3TBUG26 days ago
  • Soup for ma family 😂

    K DanK Dan26 days ago
  • So give her the chunk, i agree: Link 2020

    SightedMoth2526SightedMoth252626 days ago
  • Garages have the same sized door to go through, Rhett. Gosh.

    Kevin FagerKevin Fager26 days ago
  • I remember the k cup soup pods! I made it once and for the rest of the week my coffee smelled and tasted like chicken broth. 🤮🤮

    Emily GheartEmily Gheart26 days ago
  • rhett's "can" is a premature releaser 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    joshua leejoshua lee26 days ago
  • You guys should try the yes tomato and basil soup by Campbell's

    shannond witherspoonshannond witherspoon26 days ago