What's The Best Gluten Free Pizza? Taste Test

Aug 19, 2020
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Today, we're doing a blind taste test eating different gluten free pizzas! GMM #1797
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  • i really miss "let's talk about that" every beginning of the video T-T

    Peaches CreamPeaches Cream18 hours ago
  • How did these two beta males, sneak into my phone? 😆

    Zenith AstrologyZenith AstrologyDay ago
  • YEEEE Dayton Ohio! 😎💯☮️

    Kyler WorkmanKyler Workman3 days ago
  • There're other cereal types that don't have gluten why do they need to use vegetables for gluten-free pizza?

    dcbsmtdcbsmt3 days ago
  • I’m gluten free and I love pizza

    Chris TorreChris Torre7 days ago
  • Rhett is the guy you marry and link is the guy you’d do 😂

    malmal11 days ago
  • I'm really sad they didn't get the best gluten free pizza which is tapioca!! Against the grain gfree pizza would have won hands down

    Jessica KnutsonJessica Knutson12 days ago
  • Gluten free pizza=not a party

    Paul O'NealPaul O'Neal14 days ago
  • rhett and link really did the old nintedo switch at the barber shop

    rainingChocolaterainingChocolate14 days ago
  • I like against the grain or daiya gf za myself

    Ginger HolidayGinger Holiday17 days ago
  • ur beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.18 days ago

    Roi Anne AngelesRoi Anne Angeles19 days ago
  • Anthony you go girl!

    Dwiki IkhwanDwiki Ikhwan21 day ago
  • So.... no one in the comments likes Daiya? 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

    M. StroudM. Stroud22 days ago
  • FINALLY!! An episode my food allergies can tolerate! 😩🙌🏾

    M. StroudM. Stroud22 days ago
  • As someone recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance, I appreciate these "tongue in cheek" reviews from those with gluten tolerance. It helps me discover what I should buy now versus what I used to buy in the past.

    Asa OlsonAsa Olson23 days ago
  • Mmm watching this while eating gluten free pizza.

    TheEternalferretTheEternalferret25 days ago
  • Man .. the entire time I had that scene from South park in mind, where the Scientist drinks a shot of pure gluten.

    Bad Skooma DealerBad Skooma Dealer26 days ago
  • mariah carey

    Milan StojanovicMilan Stojanovic27 days ago
  • I had one of those chicken crust pizzas... and it was... meh. LOL At least in my opinion.

    AwesomeCat2012AwesomeCat201229 days ago
    • Better to make it yourself. Simon Miller has an easy recipe to follow to make it. Good for those GAINS! 🏋

      Matt BMatt B28 days ago
  • Corn meal, chicken is not in alphabetical order.

    Rebekah DuvallRebekah Duvall29 days ago
  • 13:04 Rhett’s face was priceless 😭😭😭😂

    Quilo SunflowerQuilo SunflowerMonth ago

    Rman NayrRman NayrMonth ago

    Rman NayrRman NayrMonth ago
  • I have Crohn's so I eat gluten free foods- the Real good Co and Udi's are brands I frequently have in my kitchen. The Real Good Co chicken pizza is not my favorite, but they have appetizers and snacks that are SO GOOD.

    clever. swedeclever. swedeMonth ago

    Stamps MatterStamps MatterMonth ago
  • Ah finally a video for me

    Onatasha GauthierOnatasha GauthierMonth ago
  • Gluten free really just means there is more sugar and lectin than the gluten containing product it replaced.

    Veritas FitVeritas FitMonth ago
  • Udi's crust that isn't sweet potato is actually really good! Just don't get the sweet potato variety and it's great

    MyPoochyenaMyPoochyenaMonth ago
  • Too bad u didn't try a quinoa crust really good! And easy to guess!

    Anew1008Anew1008Month ago
  • As you can see, we cant.

    Anubea WaldronAnubea WaldronMonth ago
  • As a person with celiac disease, I can verify that gluten free

    Purple KhajiitPurple KhajiitMonth ago
  • As someone with a gluten intolerance good fluffy pizza crust is something I miss a lot

    strange.happeningsstrange.happeningsMonth ago
  • Anthony, you go girl. 🤣

    meeprificmeeprificMonth ago

    Ale CuevasAle CuevasMonth ago
  • Chicargo lol

    Robin JohnssonRobin JohnssonMonth ago
  • Absolutely cannot stand cauliflower crust. No no nopity nope.

    Sharon HutchinsSharon HutchinsMonth ago
  • Ok so can someone tell me when rhett got glorious hair? i went away for a bit so i need to know this is very important

    ToastToastMonth ago
  • I have celiac and I would never in my life eat half of these lol also it's hard to find a good cauliflower crust. CPK has the best one I've tried

    AltAltMonth ago
  • Rhett bringing Anthony (you go girl!) back at the end made me laugh until I cried.

    FamilyWilkinFamilyWilkinMonth ago
  • I worked at subway and would make “chicken pizza” where I would take a chicken patty and put marinara sauce on it and then put cheese on. It’s was pretty good actually

    arzu karimovaarzu karimovaMonth ago
  • "That's going to give me an advantage if he dies" lmao

    BB ChildBB ChildMonth ago
  • “That’s gonna give me an advantage if he dies” -Link, 2020

    Ollivander45Ollivander45Month ago
    • i had to scroll far down to find this comment

      SiennaSiennaMonth ago
  • I am gluten free 😭😭😭😭😭

    Stacy O'CarrollStacy O'CarrollMonth ago
  • As a gluten intolerant...the answer is none are good

    Megan BainMegan BainMonth ago
  • I love Links oblivious personality

    Mary MinerviniMary MinerviniMonth ago
  • ''As you can see, we can't.''

    Luko RadulicLuko RadulicMonth ago
  • Ew Link eating again. I need to like put a piece of paper over the right side of the screen

    SerasSerasMonth ago
  • As someone with celiacs disease in so thankful you guys made this video. There’s so many people struggling with this disease and you guys brought a positive atmosphere to it

    XeckyXeckyMonth ago
  • Thank you for making gluten-free vids!!!

    Michelle LMichelle LMonth ago
  • Why didn't people call Rhett pepperoni forward in highschool?

    Patrick LaceyPatrick LaceyMonth ago
  • i love how link still says "as you can see we cant"

    paco :3paco :3Month ago
  • So, they may have had a bad cauliflower crust pizza, but the one you can buy at Costco is so good. I actually prefer it to many other frozen pizzas. It has a very crispy crust that I love.

    TomAKAVetoTomAKAVetoMonth ago
  • Anyone knows where to get that shirt that Link is wearing?

    Sebastiaan LaufferSebastiaan LaufferMonth ago
  • Someone needs a new chair lol

    Zee KZee KMonth ago
  • So that didnt eat the actual crust part of the pizza? I feel like that would've been better for taste testing....

    Mike DubMike DubMonth ago
  • Rhett you are my hair role model, can you do a GMM style video of your hair/beard routine ?

    The DorkThe DorkMonth ago
  • Astounding

  • all the chicken one was chicken parm guys come on smh smh

    Estebaliz RodriguezEstebaliz RodriguezMonth ago
  • Just got diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I’m doing my best to control it with diet only and to avoid insulin. Thank you for this episode!

    Megan ClarkeMegan ClarkeMonth ago
  • Has anyone else tried to call the number at 1:38 ?

    D AcostaD AcostaMonth ago
  • I only have cauliflower crust

    Tristan Mae GammillTristan Mae GammillMonth ago
  • The “As you can see, we can’t” never gets old

    Krishna PatelKrishna PatelMonth ago
  • Can you do a gluten free bread taste test? Please?

    leticia willcocksonleticia willcocksonMonth ago
  • Josh!!!! If only you had put sauce, cheese and pepperoni on that....they would’ve tried it!!!!

    deborah DeborahRdeborah DeborahRMonth ago
  • Remember when Rhett and Link ate human flesh?

    Mickey DelanoMickey DelanoMonth ago
  • The Milton brand cauliflower crust pizza w/ veggies from Costco is the only gluten free pizza I actually really like! I don't even keep a gluten free diet, but will get it everytime I go there, because it's really good!!

    violinplayer101violinplayer101Month ago
  • gluten free pizza is a crime.

    OlenholOlenholMonth ago
  • Rookie scores

    chrisnwessonchrisnwesson2 months ago
  • I actually love cappello’s😭😭

    Alyssa PunyaAlyssa Punya2 months ago
  • Link with a sudden genuine nod to his staff for all their hard work 13:27. And then the appreciative "awwe".

    Cam D.Cam D.2 months ago
  • I love Pizza

    Alan CalvilloAlan Calvillo2 months ago
  • when would GMM go 4k?

    Leonard C.Leonard C.2 months ago
  • @3:18, 💖👈, Link!! & Rhett, Stevie, 🌈, Lolz

    Wes OerlyWes Oerly2 months ago
  • Literally trying to taste the crust without eating the crust 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Wild DindoWild Dindo2 months ago
  • “it’ll give me an advantage if he dies”

    kookielover 23kookielover 232 months ago
  • This video was surprisingly interesting

    OnionWarriorOnionWarrior2 months ago
  • Multiverse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BU StudiosBU Studios2 months ago
  • Multi verse !!!!!!!!

    BU StudiosBU Studios2 months ago
  • " it looks like cardboard" lol

    Ryan KoplienRyan Koplien2 months ago
  • They didn't try the best (in my opinion) gluten free pizza *Sabatasso's Gluten-Free Pizza*. It is chewy and crispy and has delicious sauce and the perfect amount of savory mozzarella cheese shredded on top. You can buy it in packs of three at Costco.

    Velma WhiteVelma White2 months ago
  • The company I work for makes the chicken Parm pizza crust for the Real Good Food pizza 😊 kind of cool to see on here since it comes from a small town!

    Destinee MieureDestinee Mieure2 months ago
  • y’all don’t know about that cauliflower pizza from Costco though👀👀

    Ron FelicitasRon Felicitas2 months ago
  • "What is this, what, what is this. Hold on. What is this?"😂😂 >, "why? Whyyyy?? WHYY???"

    Brizzy.6Brizzy.62 months ago
  • "you find BBQ chicken aromatic"

    M.G. SimpsonM.G. Simpson2 months ago
  • did anyone else call the number

    Kristina GoodnightKristina Goodnight2 months ago
  • Person, man, woman, camera, television lolol

    AdamAdam2 months ago

    void lightvoid light2 months ago
  • person, woman, man, camera, tv

    Dan BDan B2 months ago
  • This episode is approved by moi, a person with coeliac disease who cannot eat gluten!

    Sia RiversSia Rivers2 months ago
  • Thanks I am gluten free

    DUCKYS28DUCKYS282 months ago
  • such beautiful hair man

    Valerie SheppardValerie Sheppard2 months ago
  • LOOK AT THAT HAIR! you remind me of hercules, omg

    Valerie SheppardValerie Sheppard2 months ago
  • “It looks like cardboard” - Link looking at the bottom of the pizza

    J AJ A2 months ago
  • as someone who can't eat gluten... can CONFIRM most gluten free pizza options taste exactly like cardboard

    Kayla HovisKayla Hovis2 months ago
  • As someone with a celiac in my family I loved this video

    Sam heffSam heff2 months ago
  • Rhett's hair is beginning to resemble a Georgian wig...

    DevilboyScoobyDevilboyScooby2 months ago
  • "That's gonna give me an advantage if he dies" That's how you know a true friend XD

    stecky87stecky872 months ago
  • " that's got a bad scent,but it tastes pretty good " Another glowing endorsement from our good buddy Link

    deloreanfan81deloreanfan812 months ago
  • For the cauliflower pizza you guys should have tried CAULIPOWER they are by far the best, even better than most gluten pizzas!

    Eli MillerEli Miller2 months ago