What's The Best Instant Ramen Noodle? (Taste Test)

Sep 23, 2020
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Today, we're determining which instant ramen is the best! GMM #1817
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  • Can't believe Sapporo Ichiban wasn't in the running 😤

    Kelsey SimmonsKelsey Simmons4 hours ago
  • Fun fact: "shin" means spicy. Everyone knows this in korea but to subdue spicy, you can put an egg right before the soup cooks

    Michael HwangMichael Hwang4 hours ago

    Allan AzharAllan Azhar5 hours ago
  • Had Shin Ramyeon for dinner, then saw this video in my recommended

    Cassandra ThomasCassandra Thomas5 hours ago
  • Try indomie goreng please

    fiftyeight prosefiftyeight prose7 hours ago
  • my family legit eats shin ramen everyday I came in knowing it would win

    FatekindFatekind13 hours ago
  • Here's the deal, my favorite ramen wasn't even featured here and that's Nissan's king ramen brand where they cost a dollar 64 but they are 100x better than normal ramen and apparently authentic sauces are included since they come in liquid form and the noodles aren't prefried.

    Domzy DXDomzy DX14 hours ago
    • Now I've never had Ramun Yan before so I don't know about that :/

      Domzy DXDomzy DX14 hours ago
  • Indomie original flavor, and Unif-100 spicy beef, best by far. If you want to go with maruchan, do the $1 a pack curry flavor.

    John ZomeJohn Zome14 hours ago
  • I knew Shin Ramyeon will win even before I clicked the video

    Jaya D.Jaya D.15 hours ago
  • These fools just picked the noodles with the spicier tasting soup.

    Stevie JohnsonStevie Johnson18 hours ago
  • Why don't they just put one bowl of each in front of themselves? Rather than passing them back and forth?

    Christian SullivanChristian Sullivan20 hours ago
  • Contest of Korean ramen noodles! Or best fire noodles! Yesss fire noodles

    NeverfullythereNeverfullythere22 hours ago
  • Where are the other 2 videos?

    D BoneD BoneDay ago
  • Nongshim shin ramyun is so good.

    momma wahliemomma wahlieDay ago
  • Try ramen with cheese, it's really. Good trust me 🥺🙏🥰🤤

    A gA gDay ago

    xGUDDAxxGUDDAxDay ago
  • :)

    Leslie JohnsonLeslie Johnson2 days ago
  • In second 14:03 link sounded like stampylonghead

    Mc FalafelMc Falafel2 days ago
  • Lucky Me Pancit Canton Kalamansi 🇵🇭

    Mrs. Fantinato Guidance Teacher-CounsellorMrs. Fantinato Guidance Teacher-Counsellor2 days ago
  • I know why why you guys didn't like the Nissin Cup Noodles, Coz you guys got the US version which is super bland. I bet if you try the Japanese version it'll change your mind :)

    Dayl VillalonDayl Villalon2 days ago
  • But you’re supposed to slurp it down to get the real flavor. I think this is an inaccurate review. Let’s try this one again guys

    Walter DavisWalter Davis2 days ago
  • idk how they made that ramen but godamn all those bowls except the shin looks sad

    MastyzMastyz2 days ago
  • Korea wins again

    BradBrad2 days ago
  • Why didn’t you guys put the spicy noodles against each other?

    Trey BreezyTrey Breezy2 days ago
  • Agreed

    rapture dwellerrapture dweller2 days ago
  • Happy to see Shin ramen on the board, used to eat it everyday, I wish they had cooked the noodles a bit better, those noodles look a bit sad.

    June ChoiJune Choi2 days ago
  • No Sapporo Ichiban? This contest is invalid.

    No AkompliceNo Akomplice3 days ago

    NariNari3 days ago
  • 4:03 gaaaahhhh

    Amy StgoAmy Stgo3 days ago
  • nongshim is my favorite

    Ellie Thomas-DietrichEllie Thomas-Dietrich3 days ago
  • Onching! 👍

    Bryan FabianBryan Fabian3 days ago
  • Yall had hundreds of noodle options but people still voted for Maruchan? I'm convinced the people who voted for Maruchan and cup noodles don't have taste buds.

    MyLordAlmightyMyLordAlmighty3 days ago
  • those are my go to noodles im glad they won

    daniel vdaniel v4 days ago
  • The only ramen I eat was the winner

    DADPOOLDADPOOL4 days ago
  • The tastiest instant noodle in the world is of course Indomie Mi Goreng.

    No AirNo Air4 days ago
  • Great win. The first time I discovered those Korean instant noodles, I saved the broth and added rice to it. That's how good it is. 😋

    Tyni BubblesTyni Bubbles4 days ago
  • Everyone knows you do 1 creamy chicken and 1 chili.

    Jeremy McAllisterJeremy McAllister4 days ago
  • i loveee top ramens chilli noodles but also love the shin noodles whenever i feel fancy.

    Rachel DunnRachel Dunn4 days ago
  • I love the Maruchan chicken ramen some with lime juice and Siracha. One of my favorite comfort foods.

    Hii621Hii6214 days ago
  • Is soy sauce now like the oriental flavor?? Like I can’t find oriental anymore

    Selena MartinezSelena Martinez4 days ago
  • I practically live on Nong Shim. Neoguri seafood flavor is my favorite.

    Barry O'ConnorBarry O'Connor4 days ago
  • Rhett literally just sounded like he was cutting a damn wrestling promo at the beginning lol.

    Drew GamezzzDrew Gamezzz4 days ago
  • I have a big problem with the winner.

    pastel wavespastel waves4 days ago
  • Soy is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nongshim instant tonkotsu ramen is really good

    Don PhamDon Pham5 days ago
  • Samyung.....yum

    Mark HooverMark Hoover5 days ago
  • MAMA brand noodles are my favorite, the Roasted duck flavor is *chefs kiss*

    Armando EstradaArmando Estrada5 days ago
  • In college Nong Shim was my best discovery in instant ramen. I wouldn’t buy anything else after that. Fast quick and delicious. This takes me back.

    m951topm951top5 days ago
  • I think that you guys should try a Shin Ramen challenge against Mikes Mighty Good Miso Ramen.

    AA5 days ago
  • Im made of 87% instant noodles so this is one of ny favorite episodes ever but creamy chicken wins everytime guys

    michael phelpsmichael phelps6 days ago
  • It's interesting that the two most popular instant noodles in the world are Indo Mie and Shin Ramyen.

    Steve BrettellSteve Brettell6 days ago
  • This is the first time I’ve agreed with every single decision they’ve made in one of these videos. It’s a good time

    christina woodychristina woody6 days ago
  • No Koka noodles?

    TVFlixTVFlix6 days ago
  • omg never knew Singapore would be mentioned here hurray

    Delusional FanDelusional Fan6 days ago
  • Mama noodles shrimp flavor will always be the best.

    Blake WoodBlake Wood7 days ago
  • Rhett and link need to do a taste test and rank of all of the samyang spicy fire noodles

    biggest dfn fanbiggest dfn fan7 days ago
  • ellenshow

    Bell GracieBell Gracie7 days ago
  • But where is the Maggi Curry?

    Nabila ZNabila Z7 days ago
  • Liking this purely for Rhett's ringside referee opener 🤣

    Michaela GMichaela G7 days ago
  • I am good lol I’m jp

    Auds MarieAuds Marie7 days ago
  • sad not seeing samyang. nongshim is good tho

    Rebecca ColdrenRebecca Coldren7 days ago
  • Why is Rhett better at every damn thing

    npr victimnpr victim7 days ago
  • please start using a small plate to catch your noodles instead of using your cupper hands or letting it hang on the table D:

    Suporna DasSuporna Das7 days ago
  • Best store Ramen! Nissin - Nissin Raoh - King of Ramen. You can get it at Walmart. I prefer the Red package, Soy sauce flavor.

    Raymond HavensRaymond Havens7 days ago
  • Shin Ramyun is and will always be the champion. So good, nice chewy noodles and tons of flavor. I’m sad nobody put forth the Ottogi cheese ramen!

    Audrey ElizabethAudrey Elizabeth8 days ago
  • The noodles seem way too much bloated and it breaks my heart to see that :(

    xc95928xc959288 days ago
  • Creamy chicken is my fav

    Stranger tingsStranger tings8 days ago
  • No oriental maruchan???

    Christian LopezChristian Lopez8 days ago
  • well.. its time to buying more shin ramyun..

    Santi WangSanti Wang8 days ago
  • I'm sorry, but the tie breaker made the final results moot.

    Meaux JeauxMeaux Jeaux8 days ago
  • Y’all don’t even know ramen man. My childhood is ramen.

    Mikayla FierceMikayla Fierce8 days ago
  • Nongshim Spicy ramen noodles have replaced Nissin in my pantry...

    MurphyMurphy9 days ago
  • Nongshim noodles are actually produced in Rancho Cucamonga CA i tried them because of this show and fell in love they are by far the best instant noodles

    brandon yorksbrandon yorks9 days ago
  • Naruto: 😱

    Hyper SaiyanHyper Saiyan9 days ago
  • The fact that there was no shrimp flavors represented here. >:(

    Sammi GrahamSammi Graham9 days ago
  • Why are there multiples of maruchan? Do better. Expand.

    Christina MakChristina Mak9 days ago
  • The beef one is gross

    AudriAnna O'ConnorAudriAnna O'Connor9 days ago
  • Wait it's nee-sin? I've been saying it like you would Nissan

    Robyn AllenRobyn Allen10 days ago
  • Maruchan creamy chicken is the BEST

    Astrøløgîcäl VirgøAstrøløgîcäl Virgø10 days ago
  • Really feel like Samyang should have been in the competition.

    CarryoutpieCarryoutpie10 days ago
  • We need another Halloween candy shootout

    Evan DuncanEvan Duncan11 days ago
  • That noodle line up was weak

    MrJobenator LeeMrJobenator Lee11 days ago
  • Jin ramen is good too! Also, I want ramen now😩

    Gema CruzGema Cruz11 days ago
  • Honestly not mad with the winning choice. Sad i didnt get to see mama or vietnamese noodles

    Simon SaysSimon Says11 days ago
  • Get hair cuts you Hippies

    Harris ProductionsHarris Productions11 days ago
  • covid 19? nope not around here

    ligma #daboysligma #daboys11 days ago
    • This is their job they're always together. Shut up

      Stranger tingsStranger tings8 days ago
  • Where was Neoguri?

    Tim BannetTim Bannet11 days ago
  • Maruchan Chicken flavored Ramen Bowl is still my favorite. Lot better than the cup version.

    Hidden DesireHidden Desire12 days ago
  • e

    MicrowavedFood 009MicrowavedFood 00912 days ago
  • maruchan gang were u guys at

    Damian HarrisDamian Harris12 days ago
  • i grew up eating maruchan

    Damian HarrisDamian Harris12 days ago
  • Maruchan chicken tortilla is the best

    Eric BichselEric Bichsel12 days ago
  • you are welcomed in Egypt any time ..... happy mythical morning from the country of the Nile

    amr nimoamr nimo12 days ago
  • 80s kid, I grew up on Maruchan. 90s was Nissin. NOW i love Shin Red

    cj jernigancj jernigan12 days ago
  • You must put a slice of American cheese in chicken ramen... I did and never looked back!!!

    kat.mandookat.mandoo12 days ago
  • I’ve been waiting for this video for years

  • *Hmmm...Mythical Postcards...hope this idea is still in the works...*

    WinnieBae 4AlwayyzWinnieBae 4Alwayyz12 days ago
  • Too bad Jin ramen wasn't in this. It's way better than most of these other ramens.

    Hannah LHannah L12 days ago
    • That is the only one I buy. The spicy is the best.

      Chris GilliamChris Gilliam7 days ago
  • Those are my favorite! So good

    Joe SeibertJoe Seibert13 days ago
  • Marachun's chili, should have been on here.

    Truth SeekerTruth Seeker13 days ago