What's The Best Pizza Dip? (Taste Test)

Aug 7, 2020
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Thanks to Kroger Brand for sponsoring today’s episode! Remember you can grab all of the ingredients we used today, including the Kroger Brand Self-Rising Crust Pizza, at your local Kroger family store. #Kroger #KrogerRecipes
Today, we're figuring out which pizza dip is the best! GMM #1789
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  • *"yOu'VE hAD bReAD sTiCkS?"*

    Aditya NairAditya Nair9 hours ago
  • what ... who dips their pizza? Is that a thing? Im pretty sure it's not here! (Netherlands)

    MeepMeepMeepMeep9 hours ago
  • It.depends.on.the.topping

    Jesse1eeJesse1ee11 hours ago
  • Garlic Butter and Ranch are both my favorites. Can't believe people chose ketchup over ANYTHING though🤮

    ThunderHogThunderHog14 hours ago
  • ... thousand island

    Sydney RigginsSydney Riggins19 hours ago
  • Stevie is so mischievous I swear😂

    Angel CadenaAngel Cadena22 hours ago
  • Link’s “ehhh” at 8:23 is amazing and I hope it gets giffed.

    Cristian McLaughlinCristian McLaughlinDay ago
  • Freschetta is my favorite frozen pizza

    Megan LivingstonMegan LivingstonDay ago
  • I can’t believe they got Kroger to sponsor them 😂

    duckybear13duckybear13Day ago
  • Me in Colorado.. never heard of anyone putting honey on pizza... so I’m not sure that’s a Colorado thing 😂😂

    kirsten Smithkirsten SmithDay ago
  • That's what you get, Link! Ha!

    White CrewmemberWhite CrewmemberDay ago
  • Garlic butter all the gawd dang way.

    Brittney FrasureBrittney FrasureDay ago
  • Chizza

    ZilenZilenDay ago
  • Ketchup is my favorite pizza sauce. But only on bad pizza.

    J&J BassingJ&J Bassing2 days ago
  • I dip everything in garlic butter

    I’m WeirdI’m Weird2 days ago
  • if you don’t say garlic butter what are you doing

    One pumpppOne pumppp2 days ago
  • Oh no they doing advertising now...

    Kat KlippKat Klipp2 days ago
  • Swear marinara isn’t even a sauce in the UK

    Sam YellandSam Yelland2 days ago
  • You gotta love Beau Jo’s pizza in Colorado with the honey!

    Davis WetzelDavis Wetzel2 days ago
  • 60% of people like ketchup, well 100% of everyone else thinks that 60% is full of it.

    handsinthefirehandsinthefire2 days ago
  • North Americans are weird, dipping pizza...

    HBallstaedtHBallstaedt3 days ago
  • Ranch, all around, is disgusting. The original recipe, like from Hidden Valley Ranch, is basically MSG cream. Monosodium Glutamate is in most ranch recipes and it's an ingredient to make an eater want more to eat.

    ToqomToqom3 days ago
  • Am I the only one who doesn’t eat Pizza with Pizza dip?

    Fat YoshiFat Yoshi3 days ago
  • I actually mix my garlic butter with the ranch lol

    JaeJae3 days ago
  • Lol I work for kroger

    jinx ponejinx pone3 days ago
  • Barbecue sauce is the best pizza sauce😁

    Nilly ClanNilly Clan3 days ago
    • ... No

      muselk's simpmuselk's simp3 days ago
  • Rhett looks like a Viking

    Mike who cheese HarryMike who cheese Harry3 days ago
  • Mustard on pepperoni pizza. Just a little bit. Trust me.

    Maren HatchMaren Hatch3 days ago
  • I work for kroger 😁

    Gabi WagnerGabi Wagner4 days ago
  • Honey is pretty good on lasagna too

    Colombianita1095Colombianita10954 days ago
  • Is donair sauce on pizza just an east coast Canada thing then?

    Tailynn ToddleyTailynn Toddley4 days ago
  • The UK dominos garlic dipping sauce tho... that stuffs peng

    Lia GOWER [13H2]Lia GOWER [13H2]4 days ago
  • I feel this episode would have worked well as the tournament style that they've done for chips and candy

    Jesus OlivaresJesus Olivares4 days ago
  • Me who didn’t know that people refined pizza with dipping sauces

    Mason HorneMason Horne4 days ago
  • Papa Johns has the best garlic sauce

    rudegirl2219rudegirl22194 days ago
  • False. Honey is the best on pizza.

    Joshua FavereauxJoshua Favereaux4 days ago
  • The best is to combine Buffalo and Ranch💯 you can thank me if you want

    Logan MccroryLogan Mccrory4 days ago
  • Supreme pizza + ranch = elite

    Rachael PishtekRachael Pishtek5 days ago
  • Dude, Link is so rad. I really like that guy. They’re both awesome though

    Johnny BouvierJohnny Bouvier5 days ago
  • The word is atomized not nebulized.

    Rebecca MooreRebecca Moore5 days ago
  • Where did the pepperoni go???

    Sam NSam N6 days ago
  • So you’re saying im the only one that eats pizza with A1 sauce?

    Roman O’SullivanRoman O’Sullivan6 days ago
  • Sriracha Ranch all the way all the time.

    bubbyjbubbyj6 days ago
  • I still dip pizza in ketchup

    Idie ShoopIdie Shoop7 days ago
  • I found what I think is my favorite of all Time frozen pizza, Freshetta veggie pizza thin crust. The sauce tastes great , my only tiny complaint is the crust is a bit too hard. It tastes soo good tho

    Kelley AbitbolKelley Abitbol7 days ago
  • When pizza hut had pretzel crust, I would get a pizza with garlic/parm cheese sauce, bacon, spinach, toms, and a balsalmic glaze and it was SO good.

    Bucket, CharlieBucket, Charlie7 days ago
  • What are in there ears

    speeddemon gamingspeeddemon gaming7 days ago
  • I don’t understand the balloons😂

    Bree JenkinsBree Jenkins8 days ago
  • Ranch no questions asked

    Lilly Quast-VillafanaLilly Quast-Villafana8 days ago
  • When he took the pepperoni djsbdgegsvf

    Little DebbieLittle Debbie8 days ago
  • ✨ Garlic butter, garlic butter ✨

    LittleParadeLittleParade8 days ago
  • Jalapeño Cheddar Sauce from little Caesar’s is amazing.

    Savannah LSavannah L8 days ago
  • Dipping Pizza in stuff... Is this some American thing im to European to understand?

    KajotKajot8 days ago
  • Are you really telling me Americans be dipping their pizzas in butter?

    DerpSpY05DerpSpY058 days ago
  • 7:32 am I the only was that sees a bird in that little thing next to the bowl?

    l Kuvxt ll Kuvxt l8 days ago
  • Why didn't both balloons pop?

    SHARSHAR8 days ago
  • Link: i will say the love of my loves to order extra marinara sauce Rhett: i sure do

    Aurora BreauAurora Breau8 days ago
  • ketchup or mayo? both NOT for pizza

    cj jernigancj jernigan8 days ago
  • Guys try chick fil a sauce with everything. Its sooo good

    gracelyn finneygracelyn finney9 days ago
  • The Canadian in me is sad donair sauce wasn't an option :(

    Ainslee McNamaraAinslee McNamara9 days ago
  • Can't believe that they haven't had pizza with balsamic

    Camilla SantamariaCamilla Santamaria9 days ago
  • Pizza huts butter garlic from like 12 years ago is the best dipping sauce

    BzaBza9 days ago
  • Just saying but in italy we don’t dip our pizza in sauces/dips

    NanaFleshy GoreNanaFleshy Gore9 days ago
  • Marinara sauce

    Breck's Whatever GenreBreck's Whatever Genre9 days ago
  • In elementary at school we had pizza but the ranch was gross. Do we used ketchup. Made the pizza better too.

    Outlaw MaddieOutlaw Maddie9 days ago
  • I forgot to ask how did the Kroger’s pizza taste we don’t have a Kroger’s where I live and anywhere I’ve been I’ve never seen a Kroger’s

    Robert GrantRobert Grant9 days ago
  • It’s 2020. We’ve got Buffalo Ranch dipping sauce now and stuff is awesome.

    Tony HolcombTony Holcomb9 days ago
  • Dipping pizza is weird

    Luca BardocciLuca Bardocci9 days ago
  • Link: you can't act angry then smile n make it all better Rhett: YES YOU CAN

    Ally FuentesAlly Fuentes9 days ago
  • Ranch is my favorite

    Bronze PlaysBronze Plays9 days ago
  • „Nice to meet ya“ I see you Rhett and link stanning Niall horan 👀✨💞🎶

    Meike _Meike _9 days ago
  • Mix ketchup and ranch together it turn into a really good sauce

    gabe francagabe franca10 days ago
  • I can’t be the only one who doesn’t dip their pizza

    Daizy DonutDaizy Donut10 days ago
  • If you combine buffalo sauce and ranch you get the best dip of all time - buffalo ranch B)

    M EM E10 days ago
  • Buffalo

    Gabriel LangloisGabriel Langlois10 days ago

    rainingChocolaterainingChocolate10 days ago
    • People dip their pizza in mayo????????? :O

      Ana VeronikaAna Veronika4 days ago
  • Am I the only one who noticed Link said “that extra tomato niceness” in the marinara round? He’s still hypnotized 😂

    Alyssa EverettAlyssa Everett10 days ago
  • Dunking Pizza in butter is a disgrace to mankind

    boogie bananaboogie banana10 days ago
  • the chizza?? 5:40

    Leo MurphyLeo Murphy10 days ago
  • Finally something that I need to know

    John AlvarezJohn Alvarez10 days ago
  • Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone’s daughter: 6:20

    Julio Von Winkle ScarfJulio Von Winkle Scarf10 days ago
  • Incase you need this in your life. 10:43

    YetticudaYetticuda11 days ago
  • I'm eating this exact pizza while watching the video😂

    Whistle GodWhistle God11 days ago

    ShaeLovveShaeLovve11 days ago
  • aaah the good ol' days when they still had "Let's talk about that!" as their intro :-P

    Stratven27Stratven2712 days ago
  • Chipotle ranch is the best dipping sauce I dip everything in that ish

    Brannon SchusslerBrannon Schussler12 days ago
  • At the end there was another pepperoni on the table...

    Ceci FrederickCeci Frederick12 days ago
  • Soysauce

    澤人志Hitoshi Sawa澤人志Hitoshi Sawa12 days ago

    CaldasCaldas12 days ago
  • I feel like the sauce is just covering up the bad frozen pizza

    Tmanhope 1Tmanhope 113 days ago
  • It’s goes ranch garlic butter then the marinara sauce in that order

    Pop Da SmokePop Da Smoke13 days ago
  • that garlic butter is not mixed properly

    L337V1D30L337V1D3013 days ago
  • Ewwwww who puts ketchup on pizza!!! Psycho 🤣

    Michelle PackMichelle Pack13 days ago
  • Link just looks so crestfallen when rhett eats the peperoni

    Naomi SpannNaomi Spann13 days ago
  • I am honestly surprised that people voted for ketchup over mayo. Mayo on pizza is a massive thing in Asia.

    mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit]mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit]13 days ago
  • Where I live nacho cheese sauce on pizza is really popular.

    Patrick BrownPatrick Brown13 days ago
  • No cheese jalapeño? 🥺

    Carol R. L.Carol R. L.13 days ago

    KaneYTKaneYT13 days ago
  • man it got me when rhett started looking for more pepperoni after eating the only one.

    Russett SpudRussett Spud14 days ago
  • Mixing siracha, ranch, and garlic sause is the ultimate pizza dipping sauce

    Wow WutWow Wut14 days ago