What's The Best Sriracha Snack? Taste Test

Jul 1, 2020
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Today, we're seeing how close these Sriracha flavored snacks come to the real deal. GMM #1767
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  • If you like seaweed snacks buy yourself kimchi flavoured seaweed from an Asian store.

    NiNi NaNiNi Na5 days ago
  • They should have tried Hapi sriracha peas, those are amazing

    realmsunrealrealmsunreal7 days ago
  • Skranks

    Alex HatchAlex Hatch7 days ago
  • Is it me or do I remember Sriracha being siracha

    ITZCLOUDxITZCLOUDx10 days ago
  • "You're chipmunkin some nuts." 🖤

    Jess LynnJess Lynn12 days ago
  • More josh

    Prince GamingPrince Gaming12 days ago
  • What about Kojack?🤣

    EANM RachelEANM Rachel17 days ago
  • Okay, but blow pops and tootsie pops are the best things ever 🤓

    Tay KatooTay KatooMonth ago
  • Well I can feel the air

    JbirdJbirdMonth ago
  • I'm still 28, I gotta get me a lollipop pleasure device.

    gabriel estrellagabriel estrellaMonth ago
  • link has a band-aid on his finger bc good mythical crew forgot to hide the knifes

    lillian marcellalillian marcellaMonth ago
  • Vodka is a snack now 2020 is hitting everybody hard

    Andrew PascualAndrew PascualMonth ago
  • "Snack"... Vodka... WOO SRIRACHA!

    First LastFirst LastMonth ago
  • It's 2020 and vodka is now a snack

    Celina NightingaleCelina NightingaleMonth ago
  • Why do they call the winner "_______ Brian"? I probably missed something along the way and I always wondered

    Bandito DestinyBandito DestinyMonth ago
  • Rhett saying he's sucking on a nut, I don't think he thought about what he was saying 😂😂😂

    Pink was not the ImpostorPink was not the ImpostorMonth ago
  • Kojak wants to know your location....

    Blane D. GunnerBlane D. GunnerMonth ago
  • Can we just take note that the seaweed is more specifically nori

    AsunshunAsunshunMonth ago
  • 11:32 this turned from pg +3 to pg+18 real quick XD

    BlueyBlueyMonth ago
  • It's not that seaweed tastes like fish, it's that fish taste like seaweed.

    Angela LongoAngela Longo2 months ago
  • 8:13 me eating Warheads when I was a kid

    Nick ColemanNick Coleman2 months ago
  • The Bold habanero bbq almonds are also quite yummy! Maybe even better than the Sriracha.

    Kimberly ArmstrongKimberly Armstrong2 months ago
  • Rhett looks like Caine on Supernatural!! ❤️😍

    RoseRose2 months ago
  • Link needs to watch The Circle of Poo from South Park.

    Teik NTeik N2 months ago
  • 2:11 Damn, that rooster’s packing.

    Fizzle TalksFizzle Talks2 months ago
  • Almonds? Almonds?! AlMoNdS?!?! Sriracha almonds?

    Madajah PowellMadajah Powell2 months ago
  • I saw the rooster

    Kayla GreerKayla Greer2 months ago
  • If vodka is only a snack, I really need to reconsider my life's choices.

    rootbeer666rootbeer6662 months ago
  • I never thought I would see Rhett get exited over vodka

    able warrior 5288able warrior 52882 months ago
  • Yeah, that looks like a crooked rooster

    Symphonies Of The SeaSymphonies Of The Sea2 months ago
  • Sriracha Brian, you have my respect and support

    Symphonies Of The SeaSymphonies Of The Sea2 months ago
  • Rhett:" have you ever felt like you're-" Link:" sucking on a toy!"👀

    Whoa TittiesWhoa Titties2 months ago
  • Is vodka a snack? Not for me..

    mooser973 ps4mooser973 ps42 months ago
  • "1 is my score...WRIGHT MEH!!!" JAHAH these guys rule

    johnp85txjohnp85tx2 months ago
  • Their content is just so pure. Pretty rare

    Rahul SahaRahul Saha3 months ago
  • Mitsuba sriracha peanuts. If you find them you have to give them a try. They are bliss whit a cold beer.

    boijorzeeboijorzee3 months ago
  • 8:26 Link: 8:12

    Annabel ArmstrongAnnabel Armstrong3 months ago
  • 6:24 was pure perfection 😂

    Dashami _Dashami _3 months ago
  • The look on Link's face whenever Rhett said "Pleasure Device" 😂😂

    DawDaw3 months ago
  • Dontlikerhett. Alwaysundermininglink. 🙄 Startthehatecomments

    daisyakamargarita07daisyakamargarita073 months ago
  • They should have compared the sriracha flavored snack foods vs the real foods with actual sriracha on it...

    OverwelmingTriumphntOverwelmingTriumphnt3 months ago
  • Rhett could star in cast away

    Sonic1Sonic13 months ago
  • That was a rooster 🐔 so cool 😎

  • Link has become just a very grumpy old man

    Robert HarrisRobert Harris3 months ago
  • Sriracha=ketchup

    tao mingotao mingo3 months ago
  • all good stuff there

    malarkydeeznutsmalarkydeeznuts3 months ago
  • “Welcome to my wood” Hahahahaha!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😀😀😀

    David BarnesDavid Barnes3 months ago
  • I don’t think vodka is a snack

    Renée DubucRenée Dubuc3 months ago
  • I drank too much UV Sriracha once

    Gravey_trainGravey_train3 months ago
  • Put Sriracha in a water filter and you get UV 👀

    Kenneth PyneKenneth Pyne3 months ago
  • OMG! I've never been more excited by the title. Sriracha! Gotta go try that UV & of course I'm already in love with the Blu diamond nuts🌶️🔥

    joanne scottjoanne scott3 months ago
  • I had to give up because sugar is the 2 ingredient. I did for heath reasons.

    Creative Pony Productions!Creative Pony Productions!3 months ago
  • I'm going go look for the seaweed now. Im interested.

    Zett2013Zett20133 months ago
  • I thought almonds were seeds

    PickashiPickashi3 months ago
  • If I wasn't talking would you know I was sucking on nuts - Rhett

    SW3RZ1E 2HANDSSW3RZ1E 2HANDS3 months ago
  • Dude... plants uses poop for fertilizer

    Reviewia IDReviewia ID3 months ago
  • calling a lollypop a "pleasure device" from now on. amaaaaazing

    Bissa MoneyBissa Money3 months ago
  • Link’s idea of the ocean is a terrifying thing 😂

    Kairi Dasher33Kairi Dasher333 months ago
  • I never knew sriracha wasn't spelled siracha until today.

    Yangus CoolYangus Cool3 months ago
  • Video title: Rhett and Link harshly rate the idea of suckers for one minute.

    Lauren EirianLauren Eirian3 months ago
  • That was a BIG shot of vodka

    Jocelyn StudiosJocelyn Studios3 months ago
  • Anyone else miss there old intro where the fire breathing chicken is flying around and then blows fire 🤷🏻‍♀️

    De._.stiny_De._.stiny_3 months ago
  • You should do a wasabi one

    Dylan NewberryDylan Newberry3 months ago
  • That vodka in a good Bloody Mary 🤤🤤

    Aubryella OteroAubryella Otero3 months ago
  • Can’t stand the taste. I don’t get it.

    David HuffDavid Huff3 months ago

    Maximum OverdriveMaximum Overdrive3 months ago
  • Is 6:43 a JoJo reference?

    MattChatsMattChats3 months ago
  • Rhett should never get a haircut again.

    cookgp1cookgp13 months ago
  • Vietnam 🌶️🌶️🌶️🍻😂😂😂

    Duchaotran DuchaotranDuchaotran Duchaotran3 months ago
  • Link: "My butts already quivering." 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    anonymous opanonymous op3 months ago
  • should have tested the bootleg /knockoffs of sriracha

    jzizzlesjzizzles3 months ago
  • They are on the moon rn

    Ash MekoAsh Meko3 months ago
  • I have really bad IBS and can’t eat anything I enjoy eating, so I love Rhett and Link’s food videos sm

    Rachel LightRachel Light3 months ago
  • Why am I not surprised Link has a bandaid on his finger.

    AlexstarszaAlexstarsza3 months ago
  • $3.50 for an ounce is not expensive I PROMISE.

    Anthony GriffinAnthony Griffin3 months ago
  • Guys... will it lollipop?

    Britney TallonBritney Tallon3 months ago
  • Why does Rhett look like he's in 1080p while Link in 480p

    Mado AwadaMado Awada3 months ago
  • "Whoow Sriracha!" 🤣

    BJ ReoBJ Reo3 months ago
  • I smell your teeter 😂 13:00

    Ryback ReyesRyback Reyes3 months ago
  • uv ultra vodka

    Grayson BedfordGrayson Bedford3 months ago
  • You guys should do a flavor match for girl scout cookies and girl scout cookie flavored products. I know there's at least cereal, ice cream, and coffee creamer.

    Sara KemkerSara Kemker3 months ago
  • Link just angrily stating "Write me!" cracked me up!😂😂😂

    Laurie OwenLaurie Owen3 months ago
  • Even when I was vegan, I couldn’t eat the seaweed chips. I wanted to love them... haha.

    BrookelynnBrookelynn3 months ago
  • "I smell, your teeter" lol goodness gracious

    Joey BahamundiJoey Bahamundi3 months ago
  • If your seaweed tastes anything like fish, you must getting a really weird brand. Usually it tastes like salt and sesame oil. 🤔

    SarawkweirdSarawkweird3 months ago
  • I can’t believe nobody has made a “Brian” compilation yet

    DocZhongDocZhong3 months ago
  • These nuts

    Pat PauniPat Pauni3 months ago
  • Rhet, don’t be a hater, it actually looked like a rooster lol

    JaviccJavicc3 months ago
  • @davidparody

    marsmars3 months ago
  • Please tell me what’s a “brian”

    Nicole PratherNicole Prather3 months ago
  • Wow been watching them since 2013, first time I’ve ever seen them drink alcohol 😂🍻

    pswippypswippy3 months ago

    maxsh potatomaxsh potato3 months ago
  • I saw the toaster

    Baker CampBaker Camp3 months ago
  • This video was nuts

    Junkyard SantaJunkyard Santa3 months ago
  • Who else sees the rooster Link was talking about? I do!

    Through The Looking GlassThrough The Looking Glass3 months ago
  • Pretty random set of sponsors for this episode lol

    Not Mick BlottersNot Mick Blotters3 months ago
  • Tik tok has brain washed me as soon as heard Carol my mind screamed BASKIN

    Emmi Goes RawrEmmi Goes Rawr3 months ago
  • definitely a rooster link... I see it.

    Adamaszig ZagAdamaszig Zag3 months ago
  • rhett looks like a very advanced caveman

    George ClooneyGeorge Clooney3 months ago
  • I’ve always heard “searyacha”

    Breezi TVBreezi TV3 months ago