What's The Heaviest Fast Food Burger? (Test)

Sep 2, 2020
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Today, we're figuring out which Fast Food restaurant has the heaviest burger! GMM #1807
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  • The scale has L on Rhett’s side and R on Link’s side

    DevilFruit369DevilFruit3694 days ago
  • Nice one

    Pheonix HunterPheonix Hunter5 days ago
  • It took me until today to realize Rhett and Link's initials and R and L and they sit Right and Left of each other

    Punderful ThingsPunderful Things7 days ago
  • Were not idiots. We went to engineering school. Proceeds to destroy scales multiple times.

    Allen 1Allen 18 days ago
  • i love that t-shirt

    AlexandraAlexandra8 days ago
  • You guys really screwed the Big Mac round 1 😂 why not put it up against the regular Whopper?

    VevoKIlledUtubeVevoKIlledUtube9 days ago
  • A true American would eat all of them for lunch

    WhoamiacrazersonWhoamiacrazerson9 days ago
  • Lol, I thought L and R was left and right 🤦🏾‍♀️not Link and Rhet! 😅🤣

    MiwaMiwa9 days ago
  • I laughed when that in-n-out burger came on screen. Just sad

    KeeganKeegan10 days ago
  • I was right!!

    Little LlamaLittle Llama12 days ago
  • Should’ve done the double quarter lb burger from McDonald’s smh 🤦🏼‍♀️ and evening bigger wtf you disrespecting the baconator from wendeys for? That’s way bigger

    LoyalGamingYTLoyalGamingYT13 days ago
  • I never noticed that Rhett (R) is on the left and Link (L) is on the right. I wonder if this has bugged people's OCD?

    Looking In With Victor BLooking In With Victor B13 days ago
  • 12:24 Link's second recorded use of the phrase "the zackly same"

    Pinback LmaoPinback Lmao14 days ago
  • Cooooome ooooooooooon! Who thought choosing the Big Mac was a good choice?

    Veins 666Veins 66614 days ago
  • The double quarter pounder is way heavier than a Big Mac.

    Collin BondCollin Bond15 days ago
  • Gotta ask in regards to the outro "wheel of mythicality" rhett mentions that theyve been to new castle to make a song and i wanna know what song. Anyone?

    Trent SewellTrent Sewell15 days ago
  • I'm just here to enjoy this before they get the Cease & Desist from Mister T.

    trapper32trapper3215 days ago
  • Rhett saying the SS burger is his favourite in the world is weird. Sure, maybe it is one of the better chain burgers. But you can get burgers a million times better than it from specialty single location burger places.

    josh Gjosh G17 days ago
  • Wendy's is the Best, nuff said.

    Truth SeekerTruth Seeker17 days ago
  • the western from carls is my favorite by far!!

    ItzXpPlayzZGameZItzXpPlayzZGameZ18 days ago
  • they messed this up big time

    The JuggernautThe Juggernaut18 days ago
  • Burgers are getting smaller but they are getting more expensive in reality

    TS OutdoorsTS Outdoors19 days ago
  • why not use the double 1/4 for McD's

    Jeffrey StromyerJeffrey Stromyer19 days ago
  • MISSED OPPORTUNITY: The scale says L - R , but LINK was on the right side, and RHETT was on the left side.

    win2008workstationwin2008workstation21 day ago
  • Omar sheriff lmaoooooooo

    H BH B21 day ago
  • Re weigh those burgers not all the burger was on the scale

    mattachupmattachup23 days ago
  • I want the shirt that Rhett's wearing

    Gaby GibsonGaby Gibson23 days ago
  • عمر الشريف؟ 😂

    Noura AhmedNoura Ahmed24 days ago
  • "We're gonna eat good tho"

    Gary GeorgeGary George24 days ago
  • Wonder about Braums Triple Burger

    Fire Fist AceFire Fist Ace25 days ago
  • I'm a wendy's fan

    Patrick DossPatrick Doss25 days ago
  • No monster thick burger from Hardee’s?

    D_MONEYD_MONEY25 days ago
  • At McDonalds you can 100% get a double patty big Mac, it still wouldn't beat burger king but it is on the regular menu

    Justin IrvingJustin Irving25 days ago
  • In the history of GMM, link has complained about Burger King’s mayonnaise issue like 3 or 4 times 😂

    Lindsey BonfiglioLindsey Bonfiglio26 days ago
  • It’s not called Burger King for nothing

    Kenneth WalterKenneth Walter27 days ago
  • Ok but have y’all tried Whataburger?

    Sara GSara G27 days ago
  • Rhett: We're not idiots, we went to engineering school. Also Rhett: I'm looking into my math mind,,, aaaand,,, you can put a circle inside of a square.

    Black KnightBlack Knight28 days ago
  • I worked at a BK for 10 years.. I knew the triple whopper was gonna win. That thing is a beast. There’s also the triple stacker king (not the OG stacker with burger patties, the current one with whopper patties.) It’s got six slices of bacon on top of 6 slices of cheese with the 3 whopper patties... That one probably breaks a pound...

    Grim ViolinsGrim Violins28 days ago
  • Please try spicy Indian food, like curry or even you can try packed snacks from India. 🇮🇳 hope to see a video soon. Bye 👋🏻

    punternalpunternal29 days ago
  • We all know the heaviest burger is the TRex burger from wendy’s, it’s year round available all you have to do is ask

    YoungDaggerDickYoungDaggerDick29 days ago
  • Carl's Jr. is the same as Hardee's, right?

    John LabusJohn Labus29 days ago
  • Why would you pick the Big mac over the double quarter pounder with cheese, big mac has big in it yes but it has 3 pieces of bread and 2 tiny thin patties vs two 1/4 lb burger patties lol

    TJTroubleMakerTJTroubleMaker29 days ago
  • No Double Big Mac in US?

    Allan RAllan RMonth ago
  • The one time Link should’ve changed his answer to try to tie.

    Anon YmousAnon YmousMonth ago
  • Eat the damn things.

    Wen DieselWen DieselMonth ago
  • your my favorite youtubers will ou say my nam in a video

    Hunter HinkleHunter HinkleMonth ago
  • Do they know that McDonald’s has a double Big Mac

    Dalton NeufeldDalton NeufeldMonth ago
  • The HHHWorld* 13:40

    Strange’s ClipsStrange’s ClipsMonth ago

    Rman NayrRman NayrMonth ago

    Rman NayrRman NayrMonth ago

    Elsa StarlightElsa StarlightMonth ago
  • SHINANIGANS!!! for mcdonalds you should have picked the double quarder pounder deluxe

    Lee AlvordLee AlvordMonth ago
  • Not the world...

    Rohit KaleRohit KaleMonth ago
  • Link and Rhett are like a ps4 controller they're L1 and R1 O.o..it's ironic Link sits on the right side and Rhetts on the Left.

    I'm JamieI'm JamieMonth ago
  • I know y’all are on the west coast but come on where is Culver’s

    BlackOpsoXXoBlackOpsoXXoMonth ago
  • What about the double Big Mac?

    Nicholas WolfNicholas WolfMonth ago
  • I think the double quarter pounder is heavier than the big mac

    Gerson MartinezGerson MartinezMonth ago
  • Is Rhett's shirt a vlogbrothers reference?

    Kayla MeeksKayla MeeksMonth ago
  • i already know it ain’t mcdonald’s

    nekohvnnekohvnMonth ago
  • These dujes went to a very good school and completed a very difficult program...

    Graham WillsonGraham WillsonMonth ago
  • does anyone else love the idea of the mythical kitchen but doesn't watch because of the hosts

    Rob KRob KMonth ago
  • I watched this while eating a sandwich and it just made me hungrier 🤤

    Kieran BirksKieran BirksMonth ago
  • Why would you choose the Big Mac over the double quarter pounder

    Kannon CaseyKannon CaseyMonth ago
  • Did anybody else spot it?

    ZesiarZesiarMonth ago
  • The heaviest is the mcgangbang

    Lucas NelsonLucas NelsonMonth ago
  • The scale is labelled L and R for left and right but L is pointing at Rhett’s side and R is pointing to Link’s side and it’s really messing with me😂

    Kosta BurgessKosta BurgessMonth ago
  • If I had to choose between burger king or carls jr to eat at.. it would be burger king

    J WJ WMonth ago
  • Why didn't they put the double quarter pounder with cheese up against the whopper 😒 or the double big Mac atleast

    Mr CMr CMonth ago
  • Is the Double Big Mac not on the menu in the United States?

    Kael YorkKael YorkMonth ago
  • Whataburger would crush that

    Evan LockyearEvan LockyearMonth ago
  • I LOVE shake shack

    A RossonA RossonMonth ago
  • I think y’all should have done whataburger vs in-n-out

    Hunter AndrewsHunter AndrewsMonth ago
  • A big mac over Big tasty cheese bacon burger?

    Sofie MaiSofie MaiMonth ago
  • The Carl's jr burger had something touching the table when they weighed it on the digital scale.

  • I suggest the burgers from 6am because they are huge and have Carolina reaper dust on it so good!!!

    Awssomeplayer236 RobloxAwssomeplayer236 RobloxMonth ago
  • At 5:17 looks so good, Yummy

    Pat TPat TMonth ago
  • Y’all need to crown the best cracker. I think it’d be townhouse

    Mason MooreMason MooreMonth ago
  • Am I the only one who gets super irritated when they were saying world like whorld🙄

    Ryan MooreRyan MooreMonth ago
  • I want a redo get the double quarter pounder y’all played McDonald’s yo

    Empty CoconutEmpty CoconutMonth ago
  • How do you think the Big Mac looks bigger than a double quarter pounder

    Empty CoconutEmpty CoconutMonth ago
  • 1:38..Shorty my lil' boo thing

    Anas EhabAnas EhabMonth ago
  • MR.T pity's the fool who think chains are for losers!

    LeeLeeMonth ago
  • No burgers are getting smaller, like MacDonald's is a JOKE!

    Flamecrew9 At robloxFlamecrew9 At robloxMonth ago
  • The heaviest burger in the world is not any of these. Mallie's sports bar and grill in detroit weighs an epic 1794 lbs. It costs an unbelievable $8'000 dollars us. Its actually in Southgate Michigan not Detroit but if you see it on USworlds you will be blown away by its shear massiveness.

  • To bad y’all don’t have whataburger over there because I believe that’s a good runner up

    Matthew SmithMatthew SmithMonth ago
  • That Carl’s jr burger is the best burger I’ve ever had

    cjvlogsstuffcjvlogsstuffMonth ago
  • Why didn’t you guys order a double quarter pounder, or a triple quarter pounder with cheese?

    Evan RodgersEvan RodgersMonth ago
  • Is is the mcdonalds double quarter pounder not a thing? Lol

    SNIPEnSK8SNIPEnSK8Month ago
  • Meanwhile I see the bottom buns asking for help

    Exilary GAiM3ZExilary GAiM3ZMonth ago
  • 2020: 4890

    Alexandra DelliouAlexandra DelliouMonth ago
  • Too bad there isn't a dairy queen over there, triple belt buster would have done some damage in this bracket

    Hunter WhitselHunter WhitselMonth ago
  • i thought burgers were getting smaller

    noah richardsonnoah richardsonMonth ago
  • What about whataburger?!

    Johnathon NunleyJohnathon NunleyMonth ago
  • Why not the double quarter pounder?

    jimbo111589jimbo111589Month ago
  • Watching Link try not to touch the burger every time was so stressful 😂😂

    Ginny ReedGinny ReedMonth ago
  • They should do a food feud Burger King vs Carl's JR episode Or a McDonald's vs Wendy's one

    Cooper LukingCooper LukingMonth ago
  • You guys heard of the Monster Thickburger from Hardees?

    daniel zakindaniel zakinMonth ago
  • Wouldn’t a double quarter pounder be heavier than a Big Mac?

    Alex PageAlex PageMonth ago
  • To keep it honest, you need to use the same scale to compare

    Steve BynumSteve BynumMonth ago
  • This is the kind of edge-of-your-seat drama you can only find on GMM...

    Noah ZorkNoah ZorkMonth ago