What's The Most Expensive Item At IKEA? (Mini Golf Game)

Oct 13, 2020
1 266 812 Views

In today's game, we're playing mini-golf with some IKEA trivia! GMM #1831
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  • Rhett uh...thinks he's blonde...huh...

    Bric a bracBric a brac12 hours ago
  • As a Swede: You're both about as much "a blonde" as Obama is.

    Nordic MindNordic MindDay ago
  • 11:20.

    Haruki ShirotaHaruki ShirotaDay ago
  • 3:16 who else added the jerryrigeverything quote of "glass is glass and glass can break

    Al yooohAl yoooh2 days ago
  • Wtf is Link wearing lmfao

    ARenaissanceishManARenaissanceishMan3 days ago
  • I like this game alot always look forward watching them

    yyoung boyyyyoung boyy4 days ago
  • stop doing the teasers at the beginning and BRING BACK LETS TALK ABOUT IT Y WOULD U CHANGE THAT

    LightLight4 days ago
  • "See you forgot about the holes too." "Walking around nervously* "yeah I did."

    citystars1117citystars11174 days ago
  • Yall have to stop doing pre-show teasers. You're messing up lots of great moments.

    CaptainCiph3rCaptainCiph3r4 days ago
  • It is over a million now.

    John SmithJohn Smith4 days ago
  • cool

    BunnieCakesBunnieCakes4 days ago
  • maybe instead of the spoiler at the beginning if y’all have bloopers from the episode put that instead idk though

    Madden AdcockMadden Adcock4 days ago
  • Did those Swedish meatballs made by the Swedish chef himself LOL

    Cameron HeidelaufCameron Heidelauf4 days ago
  • Man only 80's/90's kids would use the reference excitebike to explain something!!!

    Holly PierceHolly Pierce4 days ago
  • Are we not gonna talk about how short chase is 1:21 p.s the new teaser thing is rly bad ngl

    cloneZy_ _cloneZy_ _4 days ago
  • Ingvar Gimprod... Mr. Gimprod

    Tristen BTristen B5 days ago
  • i've realized that after watching almost every episode for the last decade that i keep coming back because how logical rhett is he always has smart schemes and rational thinking it really carries the show these days. P.S. if the crew is reading this PLEASE PLAY SCATTERGORIES WITH EVERYONE FOR A VIDEO

    iPath23iPath235 days ago
  • but link won... tyhe final scores were rhett at 16 and link at 18?

    bip hipbip hip5 days ago
  • Me a viewer watching this with 1.1million views.

    Victoria BVictoria B5 days ago
  • Typhoon Sensation : that was Rhetts nickname in college

    Kohlton SweerisKohlton Sweeris5 days ago
  • Rhett looks weirdly good in that jacket

    kallerarkallerar5 days ago
  • But... link had more points

    Nolan BrambleNolan Bramble5 days ago
    • Oh its golf 😂

      Nolan BrambleNolan Bramble5 days ago
  • Who else pronounces ikea (eekea)

    M. MM. M5 days ago
  • Ahoyhoy There, Fellow USworldsrinos! Family Guy says "Ikea; too bad it's Ikea."

    GroenFanGroenFan5 days ago
  • I knew the meatballs by look idk why either

    Nolan WallingNolan Walling5 days ago
  • Hey Tina

    Mercenary HubMercenary Hub5 days ago
  • 8:38 Over there

    Manu HakalaManu Hakala5 days ago
  • These are me favorite type of videos you guys make along with the shuffle boarding vids❤️

    pyt.stephpyt.steph6 days ago
  • Who else just skips the intro "preview" section now so they don't get the spoilers? I don't understand what the purpose is for those... because that's a HUGE spoiler at the beginning of the video...

    califragmentlemoncalifragmentlemon6 days ago
  • I'm watching good mythical morning at 11 at night

    ROBS VIDSROBS VIDS6 days ago
  • Stevie: "Big-ass sofa" Sofa: *Not even the size of a human bed*

    Just Some Nessie With Internet AccessJust Some Nessie With Internet Access6 days ago
  • Why is everyone just complaining about the intro shot? Heres an idea just play the episode, look away until they talk. Let them make there show how they want. Think it should be done differently? Make your own show and you can do as you please.

    Insert Name HereInsert Name Here6 days ago
  • 8:47 I swear to God I thought he called her Phoebe lol

    TinUserTinUser6 days ago
  • Link lookin cute today with his mom sweater and jeans.

    ZoobeeZoobee6 days ago
  • the way they pronounced ingvar kamprad xD

    kevin jakobssonkevin jakobsson6 days ago
  • Am I the only one who recognized the meatballs just by looking at them?

    Yente VerweijYente Verweij7 days ago
  • That bigass sofa

    Tyler LarkinTyler Larkin7 days ago
  • It is awesome to shop at ikea

    Candice PerryCandice Perry7 days ago
  • I want Link's shoes 🧐

    Jane LiuJane Liu7 days ago
  • As an IKEA coworker, I enjoyed this way too much.

    Caroline PeserikCaroline Peserik7 days ago
  • I need to go to IKEA.

    SkelkianSkelkian7 days ago
  • Millions of people Gets 1.1 million views

    Katelen SingletonKatelen Singleton7 days ago
  • You're not blonde and you're definitely not Nordic with that chin. Friend.

    No AkompliceNo Akomplice7 days ago
  • When Stevie said “big ass sofa” I had to make sure I heard that right!

    Anthony MoralesAnthony Morales7 days ago
  • Please stop spoiling the show at the start 😣😖

    Evan HardenEvan Harden7 days ago
  • What if for the preview they picked a moment in the lead up to the joke, rather than the punchline of the joke?

    Roseblossom9029Roseblossom90297 days ago
  • Why do people think putting together IKEA furniture together is hard? I’ve put together a bed, a nightstand, and two dressers and it was actually kinda fun

    Zoe MooreZoe Moore7 days ago
  • This is without a doubt the most exciting game of golf, mini or otherwise, that I have ever seen.

    DudeonwheelsDudeonwheels8 days ago
  • Glass is Glass Hey Jerryrigeverything

    Syed Hassaan Mujtaba BokhariSyed Hassaan Mujtaba Bokhari8 days ago
  • They actually got millions views on this video. 1 mil people watched that put 🤣

    Dojjan2000Dojjan20008 days ago
  • As a big blonde swede, I can relate alot to Rhett as well.

    C SC S8 days ago
  • Watching this 3 days later and yes 1 million people have watched that putt

    Cody ClementCody Clement8 days ago
  • Link cool it with the fits

    Holland JohnsonHolland Johnson8 days ago
  • Glass is glass -jerryrigeverything

    David YJ ByunDavid YJ Byun8 days ago
  • i love you guys

    Tanner KeiserTanner Keiser8 days ago
  • Link dressed like a hip mom

    GFEASTGFEAST8 days ago
  • Through the whole of this episode Rhett is a big MOOD with his war with Faith.

    AuntieAuntie8 days ago
  • Maybe it's only because I'm Swedish, but I go all the right answers! B)

    Piglet PigromeoPiglet Pigromeo8 days ago
  • Rhett : there's not a million people watching The view count : over 1,000,000

    Liquid Fire HazardLiquid Fire Hazard8 days ago
  • I resubscribed today. They seem happier.

    OnlymetodayOnlymetoday8 days ago
  • I can’t believe link stole my aunts wardrobe

    Jordan RobillardJordan Robillard8 days ago
  • Still more convinced as ever that they only made one jacket. XD

    MaxLPQueenMaxLPQueen8 days ago
  • Rhett thinks he’s blond?

    Cordelia PalmerCordelia Palmer8 days ago
  • Link looks like a middle-aged lesbian in this one.

    IanIan8 days ago
  • Physics > fate

    toughluck8012toughluck80129 days ago
  • You're a family channel (mostly). The Swedish Chef didn't wanna make an appearance?

    Bob SacamanoBob Sacamano9 days ago
  • 1,003,608 views•Oct 13, 2020

    Abraham AtessAbraham Atess9 days ago
  • Rhett: “what are they gonna do? Order a custom glass, cmon” Me, a glassblower: “I... uh... oh” 😢

    Bloodreign137Bloodreign1379 days ago
  • is it just me or does Link look like someones hip grandma?

    Lokithor36608Lokithor366089 days ago
  • we did win! i love the games so much more than the tastings!

    Adam SchutzAdam Schutz9 days ago
  • Wait did Stevie say “big ass” sofa? Damn never thought I’d see the day...to be fair, I’m watching GMM after having been gone from here for like 2 or 3 years

    relserrelser9 days ago
  • Looks like they really enjoyed playing this one!

    Ruined WaffleRuined Waffle9 days ago
  • Taste and rank all 22 sauces from Chicken Guy - Guy Fieri’s chicken restaurant!!

    A BA B9 days ago
  • I randomly thought of this but I think it would be funny if Rhett and Link switched their style of clothes with the other one and not mention it at all in the episode.

    Meghan LiddyMeghan Liddy9 days ago
  • I’m sorry... Did Rhett just call himself a big BLONDE man? Since when?... Xp

    Ender QueenEnder Queen9 days ago
  • Rhett is Swedish

    paige Collinspaige Collins9 days ago
  • You guys should do a will it soda 😁😁😁

    Omni XvOmni Xv9 days ago
  • @7:46 “go all the way up” LOL I love when they reference their previous videos

    Courtney RCourtney R9 days ago
  • "daeneryus"

    AmiAmi9 days ago
  • Everything lost dimension once Chase got in the video 😂

    Iraiz Escareño VitalIraiz Escareño Vital9 days ago
  • Rehtt is one denim overall away to start making his own moonshine

    Lixter BLixter B9 days ago
  • Let’s talk about that

    Super SanitySuper Sanity9 days ago
  • I need Link's shirt! ❤

    K PattersonK Patterson9 days ago
  • 7:44 theres the meme!!! GO ALL THE WAY UP (DOWN)

    Leo_M_H10Leo_M_H109 days ago
  • Stevie ... why is Link wearing your clothes?? lol

    Michael Emler - Crazy SharpMichael Emler - Crazy Sharp9 days ago
  • links fit is fire

    Lily MoralesLily Morales9 days ago
  • Oh Ikea. Last year i tried to assemble a microwave stand myself, had an emotional breakdown and nearly got evicted from my apartment.

    mermy gillismermy gillis9 days ago
  • When you’re obsessed with Hamilton and for a moment there it sounded like Link was reciting Hamilton... 😆

    Whitny MirandaWhitny Miranda9 days ago
  • I think old Rhett is just about ready for a shavey wavey. I can see it coming. He's had his beardy weirdy for a longey timey and maybe he would enjoy a changy wangey. I forsee things. Yes i do.

    ED209ED2099 days ago
  • Rhett goes clutch

    Yo DawgYo Dawg9 days ago
  • the first vr i ever used was a ikea kitchen

    Zoe TZoe T9 days ago
  • That fire place is giving me Sims pc 🔥 memory’s

    RTDesignRTDesign9 days ago
  • Go all the way up...the go all the way down memes are coming back

    SevPoolSevPool9 days ago
  • Who else didn't know how short Chase was?

    Laura gLaura g9 days ago
  • It's Cara-fay.

    Bronkus FindlefetchBronkus Findlefetch9 days ago
  • Did Stevie just say? “Big ass corner sofa”?

    AwdrxAwdrx9 days ago
  • If you think you're useless think about Chase swinging the mannequin after both competitors passed that obstacle

    Marin FMarin F9 days ago
  • Does anyone think that Rhett know the restaurants more than Link or he researched and cheats?

    Alexander Fuentes-HernandezAlexander Fuentes-Hernandez9 days ago

    Scott WesierskiScott Wesierski9 days ago
  • IKEA tower

    clyde0515clyde05159 days ago