Who Has The Best Burger Sauce? (Taste Test)

Jun 22, 2020
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Big Mac Sauce? In-N-Out Spread? Today, we're determining the BEST BURGER SAUCE!!! GMM #1760
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  • Needed to include Freddy’s sauce

    JayJay6 hours ago
  • ur beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.Day ago
  • Really should have mixed the two Arby's sauces together - then they are perfect :)

    Delvie LarkenDelvie LarkenDay ago
  • Imagine having to live with someone like link? Lol

    jonnyhollywood514jonnyhollywood5142 days ago
  • I think cheese sauce from Checkers/Rallies is better than Big Mac.

    Limp WibblerLimp Wibbler4 days ago
  • Pickle bumps 😭😭😭

    Quilo SunflowerQuilo Sunflower5 days ago
  • Whataburger is a million times better than In-N-Out

    Shane DixonShane Dixon5 days ago
  • Yeah... S'awesome sauce is good, but at it's best on fries.

    M GomezM Gomez7 days ago
  • Should’ve used Frischs tarter sauce

    blake wareblake ware7 days ago
  • Whataburger is superior to In-N-Out in every conceivable way

    MadeSicc74MadeSicc747 days ago
  • It wasn't a fair test.

    Juggernaut JaredJuggernaut Jared10 days ago
  • No freakin freddy's sauce 🤔🤔

    fuggum juniorfuggum junior13 days ago
  • honestly anything but ketchup on a burger honestly. that's my rule

    Kana BeatsKana Beats14 days ago
  • Mix the Arby's Sauce and Horsey Sauce. Amazing. 70/30 mix. Amazing!

    Matthew MickelsenMatthew Mickelsen15 days ago
  • I wouldn’t judge it based on what it looks like or how runny it is. Just judge by taste. That’s what I don’t like about judgement on food...

    Julio Von Winkle ScarfJulio Von Winkle Scarf15 days ago
  • Take a shot every time someone says sauces

    lewis cookelewis cooke15 days ago
  • how is Arby's sauce in a burger competition?

    manny foglemanny fogle16 days ago
  • Wheres chick fil a

    Quan HoangQuan Hoang17 days ago
  • Covid hair on Rhett, lol

    Pro DesignPro Design18 days ago
  • I will say that the creamy pepper sauce is not runny at the actual restaurant 😂

    Taye OgunbaseTaye Ogunbase18 days ago
  • Ray isn't here yet 😃

    Lvbk viswanathLvbk viswanath18 days ago
  • Here in Texas, you can by Whataburger ketchup, mustard and reamy pepper sauce in grocery stores. The ketchup is the biggest seller.

    Glenn ZanottiGlenn Zanotti19 days ago
    • BTW, in my town, there is a Whataburger and an In-n-Out a few blocks apart. I go to Whataburger every time.

      Glenn ZanottiGlenn Zanotti19 days ago
  • no big tasty souce?

    Martin SolbergMartin Solberg20 days ago
  • Even being from Texas... Whataburger isn’t that great

    AlexIsScaredAlexIsScared21 day ago
  • I've nvr tried an Arby's roast beef with just one sauce. I always completely cover it in the Arby's sauce, then just dab the horsey sauce around. Horsey sauce can easily overwhelm the sandwich with its strong flavor. You have to find the perfect mix.

    ThomasWeaverThomasWeaver28 days ago
  • Fun fact Big Mac sauce is thousand island dressing (Mc Donald's secret recipe but still just thousand island)

    Kyle TKyle T28 days ago
  • I'm not even a horseradish kinda guy but Arby's Horsey Sauce with the curly fries is A1

    Omaha TravisOmaha TravisMonth ago
  • Would've loved to see where Burger King zesty sauce ranked

    Wes LutterWes LutterMonth ago
  • Man forget yall, yall hating on texas

    Johnathan DavisJohnathan DavisMonth ago
  • "Does shoulder burger count judges?" Love it❤❤😂😂

    brittany Martinbrittany MartinMonth ago
  • I haven’t had like any of these I don’t think

    Karissa And KatelynKarissa And KatelynMonth ago
  • You have to do the arby's horsey and regular sauce combined, pure awesome. Great video as always thanks so much, you guys are fantastic.

    Scott TaylorScott TaylorMonth ago
  • Blumpnus

    Alex HatchAlex HatchMonth ago
  • The right one won 🍔

    VRMusicVRMusicMonth ago
  • As a native Texan I love whataburger. But imo the things that make them great are the all time favorites, the 24 hour service, huge drink sizes and great items like the honey butter chicken biscuit and their sauces. So It’s one of my favorite places, but if you’re just going for a regular burger, there’s better burgers. But they are so much more than just the burgers

    Clayton YoungClayton YoungMonth ago
  • Idk that creamy pepper sauce reminds me of raising canes sauce n thats the nectar of the gods though this is burgers not chicken

    Damerksh 123Damerksh 123Month ago
  • they are the kings of mukbangs

    Bernand MugneBernand MugneMonth ago
  • When they said wasabi like taste for the horsey sauce they were right, most wasabi you’ll find it horse radish that has been coloured green since wasabi root is very expensive and hard to get

    NitroNikNitroNikMonth ago
  • Linkkkkk 8:11 lmao

    [GD] SlowingUnicorn 180[GD] SlowingUnicorn 180Month ago
  • Canes sauce and chic fil a sauce is sooo good

    BigDaddy SansBigDaddy SansMonth ago
  • Army sauce isn’t the best in general but it’s perfect for just a plain roast beef

    Elizabeth MElizabeth MMonth ago
  • Mix the two Arby’s sauces for delight

    Jerry SchuhJerry SchuhMonth ago
  • Should of done whataburger what-a-sauce

    Jake CannonJake CannonMonth ago

    Deja MillerDeja MillerMonth ago
  • 8:11 that’s what she said

    Shooter 05🔫Shooter 05🔫Month ago
  • You should do a which restaurant has the bets ketchup video

    Nightshade KellyNightshade KellyMonth ago
  • Big Mac sauce is the best. I always ask for a side of it at McDonald's for my fries. I also love dipping plain cheese burgers in it

    Nightshade KellyNightshade KellyMonth ago
  • Big Mac sauce is most just mayo , ketchup. And a tiny but of mustered

    Nightshade KellyNightshade KellyMonth ago
  • Whataburger in Austin is gross. It's better in other cities for whatever reason.

    Dominic RodriguezDominic RodriguezMonth ago
  • Team Montréal

    Ra BoisvertRa BoisvertMonth ago
  • McDonald’s is a thousand island based sauce.. my uncle use to work there and he made it before..

    Andie RoseAndie RoseMonth ago
  • I thought Big Mac sauce was just Thousand Island dressing

    M MatsonM MatsonMonth ago
  • Don't you DARE disrespect whataburger

    jeremy Mizerjeremy MizerMonth ago
  • 💗💖💕💘💘💕💕💗💗💗💕💘💘💕💖💗

    Tra'mayne GainesTra'mayne GainesMonth ago
  • Where's losers bracket

    TrinsidTrinsid2 months ago
  • Dairy Queen flamethrower burger sauce is mega underrated

    Jakob MedeirosJakob Medeiros2 months ago
  • Arby's Sauce over Horsey Sauce? Absolutely not.

    Justin RectorJustin Rector2 months ago
  • Burgerville spread is the best of the best

    Kanye EastKanye East2 months ago
  • from now on i’m calling relish pickle bumps

    Courtney SatellaCourtney Satella2 months ago
  • I’ve only had fast food a few times in the past few years and it’s exclusively 2 mcdoubles with Big Mac sauce. Nothing better.

    Sarah ShaeSarah Shae2 months ago
  • Big Mac Sauce is too chemically tasting to me. 😝 It reminds me of Thousand Island dressing.

    E MeyersE Meyers2 months ago
  • You cant put arby's sauce vs arby's horsey sauce they go together like 2 peas in a pod especially on them beef sliders 🤤

    Z3BRA _THE_L1ONZ3BRA _THE_L1ON2 months ago
  • I haven't watched in awhile, when did rhett turn into a caveman

    YaboikqYaboikq2 months ago
  • Y’all have to have the creamy pepper sauce from Whataburger when it’s fresh on the warm burger, idk why it’s so runny in the bottle but the real stuff is much better than Big Mac sauce.

    AJAAJA2 months ago
  • they dont realize how lucky they are having these restaurant type foods in quarentine ;(

    Hannah HHannah H2 months ago
  • whataburger wins no question

    Daniel MillerDaniel Miller2 months ago
  • Can eat all of those without pacing my self...

    xCube CubexxCube Cubex2 months ago

  • Arby's sauce was never intended to be put on a burger but roast beef. I love the horseradish sauce

    debra Harholddebra Harhold2 months ago
  • Horsey sauce RULES!!!

    Troy SheldonTroy Sheldon2 months ago
  • did i have a stroke between the arbys sauce vs whataburger ?

    Corey CooperCorey Cooper2 months ago
  • The burgers are slowing Link's mind down.

    Faisal MalikFaisal Malik2 months ago
  • Disrespecting arbys when that wasn't even a roast beef sandwich because you watched the simpsons

    flip a dipflip a dip2 months ago
  • Heinz Ketchup and Shoney's Big Boy Hamburger Sauce, which is the origin Big Mac Special Sauce.

    Brian O'HaraBrian O'Hara2 months ago
  • I feel weird to be one of the few who dont like mac Burgers i tried almost all their menu to find something i like but all are plain tasted and their sauces is just too concentrated for my tongue cant digest that! Sorry guys but mac is the only Burger restaurant that i dont like! Period.

    Abdulaziz SHAbdulaziz SH2 months ago
  • 11:42 "You can do it" WUT IS GOING ON THERE HAHA

    Lzy Life Guide [SUBSCRIBE!]Lzy Life Guide [SUBSCRIBE!]2 months ago
  • You'll just never understand Whataburger. If y'all were Texans, you'd think differently.

    Keith SchuKeith Schu2 months ago
  • Arby’s sauce is the best in my opinion

    Ezra PayneEzra Payne2 months ago
  • As a native texan I can concur that whataburger isn't that good

    rex090rex0902 months ago
  • All the Texans watching 👁👄👁

    Victor CuellarVictor Cuellar2 months ago
  • Horsey sauce didn't move on? That's the one thing that makes Arby's food edible.

    Steve StevensteversonSteve Stevensteverson2 months ago
  • Whataburger sells a lot of their sauces in stores

    Mikayla WrennMikayla Wrenn2 months ago
  • Dont know how to feel because 3 of these places are no where near me. And 2 dont belong on burgers

    LaughingTeddyLaughingTeddy2 months ago
  • The pickle bumps 😭

    Nosirrom _____Nosirrom _____2 months ago
  • Did you know Wasabi in the United states is actually horse radish with green coloring.

    Spiff BoltonSpiff Bolton2 months ago
  • Hold ur horses, that's too much horsey sauce. Those buns are gonna be burning🍔🔥

    Ariez St*rAriez St*r2 months ago
  • It’s not runny in the restaurant, i thought it wasn’t fair how you got the sauces from the restaurants from all except whataburger but I understand there is none in that area

    Tania FloresTania Flores2 months ago
  • I love how they complain about Whataburger the whole time, but also manage to enjoy McDonald's.

    ExperiMentalExperiMental2 months ago
  • I could not disagree more

    Chase McClaryChase McClary2 months ago
  • Pickle bumps 😂

    Vivi WallaceVivi Wallace2 months ago
  • Link says: i think its creamy creamy pepper sauce.

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAMDr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM2 months ago
  • The only good sauce at Arby's is their Red Ranch. Seriously it's insanely good but you have to ask for it and they put it in a plastic cup for you

    AlerDaBearAlerDaBear2 months ago
  • Arby's sauce sooooo good...but on a turkey sandwich, never had it on a burger

    Andrew ConverseAndrew Converse2 months ago
  • I totally forgot about “It’s still good” 😂😂

    Alyse RichinsAlyse Richins2 months ago
  • Who hears knows bout triple O sauce?

    Nico BiamonteNico Biamonte2 months ago
  • Where's Freddy's :(

    Savannah HopkinsSavannah Hopkins2 months ago
  • This was made for fries and then somebody got cute

    Stranger PilotsStranger Pilots2 months ago
  • anyone else concerned about them chucking the sauce cups on the floor for them to explode everywhere? XD

    Ariana MaueryAriana Mauery2 months ago
  • The sauce at the restaurant isn’t that runny 🙄 lmao

    hallie harveyhallie harvey2 months ago
  • Mix the Arby's sauce with the horsey sauce yummmy. And whataburger is also good, not necessarily that sauce but still

    Beauties & FoodiesBeauties & Foodies2 months ago