Who Has The Best French Fries Sauce? (Taste Test)

Jun 24, 2020
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McDonald's? Taco Bell? Burger King? Today, we're determining who has the GREATEST FRENCH FRY SAUCE!! GMM #1762
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  • McDonald’s sweet and sour is the best squad the world has ever seen

    John MarinoJohn Marino21 hour ago
  • In England the best thing with fries is KFC gravy

    Rhys SomersRhys Somers2 days ago
  • 13:39 Link’s first Bukkake session... Gross..

    CrippledMercCrippledMerc2 days ago
  • Im sorry but outback has the best ranch dressing by FARRRRRRRR

    Drew BishopDrew Bishop2 days ago
  • I’m surprised that “fry sauce” in this episode is just a bunch of dipping sauce varieties. Where I’m from in WY fry sauce is it’s own thing. (Ketchup and Mayo mix)

    Nathan KoyleNathan Koyle3 days ago
  • I just need me some McD's big mac sauce or tauter sauce for my fries....

    Virginia StapletonVirginia Stapleton4 days ago
  • Freddy’s fry sauce, canes sauce, and chik fil a regular sauce

    Vincent JamesVincent James4 days ago
  • Too much ranch, not enough Mcdonalds sweet and sour sauce

    lithiumboy10lithiumboy105 days ago
  • Links hair looks like It does in his throwback bad boy pic we are all obsessed with

    Naomi DavilaNaomi Davila5 days ago
  • No sweet and sour, test invalid. Unreal....

    Poor Man's PreparingPoor Man's Preparing5 days ago
  • burger kings zesty is superior in every fathomable way

    somethingtodowithcatsomethingtodowithcat5 days ago
  • Ketchup winner the end.

    Dmac 740Dmac 7406 days ago
  • Link: "We need to start thinking about that cheese more when we think of fries" Meanwhile, in Argentina: **every place there is serves their version of cheese and bacon fries, with green onion on top, and it's amazing**

    tommapar88tommapar886 days ago
    • Brb moving to Argentina.

      AphyNGodivaAphyNGodivaDay ago
  • katsup?

    joe dirtbagjoe dirtbag7 days ago
  • I pressed on this vid like I know the winner in my head freddys

    Braydon SealsBraydon Seals7 days ago
  • You should have called it the sauce toss

    Drew FergusonDrew Ferguson8 days ago
  • Yall should have tried wendys s'awesome sauce its amazing

    kay wolfkay wolf8 days ago
    • They tried it on the "What's the best chicken tender dipping sauce episode" and they thought the S'Awesome sauce was disgusting.

      StarkosStarkos7 days ago
  • Glad to see a sauce test, but none of my favorites. I love Chic fil A sauce, and Mardi Gras mustard. I like Burger King zesty sauce but I order the whopper no sauce and use it on there. I don't like it on the fries.

    Carissa BCarissa B8 days ago
  • Jets Pizza has the best ranch

    Momma MaysMomma Mays9 days ago
  • 6:35 yall dummies they use mayo in all honey mustard. mayo has eggs.

    ViddyViddy9 days ago
  • I think freedys fry sauce is way better

    John SlayerJohn Slayer9 days ago
  • Arby's Curly fries dipped in straight up horsey sauce. Fully admit I'm a weirdo. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

    Cassie WorleyCassie Worley9 days ago
  • Can't do BK's zesty sauce without fresh onion rings lol

    Andrew TorresAndrew Torres9 days ago
  • Lmk how mcdonalds sweet and sour was not on here like how

    JessicaJessica10 days ago
    • I agree

      Colin McNeilColin McNeil8 days ago
  • Wendys sweet and sour sauce is the best! :)

    WinnieStarrWinnieStarr10 days ago
  • Currently watching every episode backwards, wish me luck. It should be a little wierd.

    Chris HeikesChris Heikes10 days ago
  • ik this is a video about sauce but the best fries of all time are A&W fries... yes like the root beer they have burger joints everywhere. please do not say otherwise until you’ve tried them

    Joe RohleJoe Rohle10 days ago
  • Burger kings fries were better before they changed the recipe a million times

    Kenneth WalterKenneth Walter11 days ago
  • Doesnt have fry sauce. Imagine

    Tyson BrowerTyson Brower12 days ago
  • I’m really sad Polynesian didn’t go through 😅 I’m also sad that Raising Cane’s sauce wasn’t included 😂

    Shelby ShusterShelby Shuster12 days ago
  • Every Utahn that watched this video is mad

    Shiro NearShiro Near13 days ago
  • Bbq

    Gaberiel DeWittGaberiel DeWitt13 days ago
  • Well there's no Wingstop in Toronto...bummer.

    LiftOrGTFOLiftOrGTFO14 days ago
  • How can you have a fry sauce that is not a Wendy’s frosty

    Basicyapper69Basicyapper6914 days ago
  • Buffalo from McDonald’s 🗣

    Cozy BrandoCozy Brando14 days ago
  • What about Red Robins fry sauce!?!?!?!

    David WaldmannDavid Waldmann14 days ago
  • this episode hurt me.. i love creamy sriacha and zesty sauce

    Sean DolanSean Dolan14 days ago
  • All these sauces are great, but to me nothing beats ol’ reliable ketchup

    Ryan PosadasRyan Posadas14 days ago
  • I worked at Wingstop for some time an at one point thy had me make ranch and at our location thy used a huge tub of mayonnaise 3 cartons of buttermilk and 3 seasoning packets of that hidden valley ranch flavoring an just mix it in a big bowl

    Edye IzalesEdye Izales14 days ago
  • McDonald’s spicy buffalo

    1 JasonDaP1ug 11 JasonDaP1ug 114 days ago
  • zesty sauce is fire on everything ngl

    A Certain Anime IndexA Certain Anime Index15 days ago
  • Should have been sauce and toss

    Loren YauneyLoren Yauney15 days ago
  • I'm from the Pacific Northwest and am crushed that Zips' fry sauce is only a regional thing. Not enough people know about it to vote for it. Sad.

    IlljwamhIlljwamh15 days ago
  • At 6:10 Link dipped in Rhett's dip

    Anthony NguyenAnthony Nguyen15 days ago
  • any people from utah know what actual fry sauce is

    Trey FeinauerTrey Feinauer15 days ago
  • i love kfc fries in their gravy

    twitchytwitchy16 days ago
  • Whoever gives you fancy catsup.

    W. DearthW. Dearth16 days ago
  • Chick-fil-a sauce is king! End of discussion

    Isabelle WittwerIsabelle Wittwer17 days ago
  • I've lost all hope for link when he said honey mustard over polynesian smh

    Austin DanielsAustin Daniels17 days ago
  • I've worked at a Wingstop. And they literally use the hidden valley packets and Mayonnaise. That's it....

    TheRealxGam3rTheRealxGam3r18 days ago
    • well why tf is that so good god damn

      astartes fanboyastartes fanboy16 days ago
  • there is only one fry sauce and it is ketchup and mayo mixed

    lone starlone star18 days ago
  • I like hidden valley ranch with my fries, YUMMY

    Pat TPat T18 days ago
  • Polynesian is overrated. IMO.

    Ethan ChanceyEthan Chancey19 days ago
  • sauce toss

    ishdakfgpishdakfgp21 day ago
  • I can’t believe McDonald’s tangey bank

    Danani HassanDanani Hassan21 day ago
  • Neflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 13:38

    a_serhir23a_serhir2322 days ago
  • I work at wingstop and I can promise you, it’s nothing special

    Madison OsborneMadison Osborne23 days ago
  • Should be call the "sauce toss" when they're throwing the loser away

    Gary GeorgeGary George23 days ago
  • any kinda buffalo sauce is the best fry sauce

    yoooitsjackkyoooitsjackk23 days ago
  • They should've called it the sauce toss

    Trevor SheltonTrevor Shelton24 days ago
  • Get some Freddy's fry sauce in there

    Mathew WeberMathew Weber25 days ago
  • I have lost respect for you guys after the first round

    Akuma RenjaAkuma Renja27 days ago
  • Taco Bell nacho cheese smells and tastes like vomit!

    Ritz CrackerRitz Cracker28 days ago
  • Wendy's chocolate frosty was not on the fry-dipping menu, this study is invalid.

    First LastFirst Last29 days ago
  • Whataburgers ketchup

    acdcrocksmorethanuacdcrocksmorethanu29 days ago
  • 10:41 Feels like Rhett is staring into my soul! 😂😂😂

    Miss KarenMiss KarenMonth ago
  • Ummm... where’s the fry sauce?

    vailstlchick21vailstlchick21Month ago
  • Philippines cant relate as we only have ketchup 😢

    Sarah Grace FerrerSarah Grace FerrerMonth ago
  • He should have said thets dip down to sauce town

    Eskimo JoeEskimo JoeMonth ago
  • Ketchup : amateurs.

    cloudcolumn catcloudcolumn catMonth ago
  • Link saying boobalobies was the most articulate thing he has ever said

    Alex HatchAlex HatchMonth ago
  • I wonder how the OG McDonald’s Honey Mustard would have held up. To me, it was a much better sauce than that we got now.

    El1te NoodlesEl1te NoodlesMonth ago
  • I came to this video well equipped with kfc chicken and fries.......winning!

    Summertime6292Summertime6292Month ago
  • The best ranch anywhere is at Eegees not wing stop

    Rainyr Trudinger-SmithRainyr Trudinger-SmithMonth ago
  • Best sauce is ketchup

    [GD] SlowingUnicorn 180[GD] SlowingUnicorn 180Month ago
  • Best fries dip every: Chocolate Shake!

    Kevin SullivanKevin SullivanMonth ago
  • I remember my dad brought me Wendy's fries with the creamy Sriracha sauce while i was inpatient for my ED and, despite it being a fear food and also really spicy for my weak ass, it was so good and i'm still thinking about it 2 years later. Highly recommend despite the fact that it didn't do well here.

    Bella McCordBella McCordMonth ago
  • wingstop ranch is hidden valley in powder

    Bastian ContrerasBastian ContrerasMonth ago
  • I don’t where I would be in life without McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce and fries. One of the greatest simple pleasures in life. So upset you chose it’s honey mustard... why?

    James LeeJames LeeMonth ago
  • 13:00 "No I might inject it" so the honey mustard is heroin and the ranch is crack NOICE

    Exilary GAiM3ZExilary GAiM3ZMonth ago
  • I really feel Rhett's disappointment every time Link misses each shot lol

    John DoughertyJohn DoughertyMonth ago
  • freddys😪

    Hawks 2022Hawks 2022Month ago
  • The nearest wingstop is 2 hours away...

    The Plagued HorsemanThe Plagued HorsemanMonth ago
  • he should have said let’s get down to flavortown

    Bob BoltonBob BoltonMonth ago
  • Allright I'll be content with honey mustard having second place it deserves it

    v.i.g lustav.i.g lustaMonth ago
  • Up the Irons!

    circuspatrol88circuspatrol88Month ago
  • I must be the only one not upset with the polynesian sauce it's honestly my favorite sauce for anything

    ItsjustNiyaItsjustNiyaMonth ago
  • • Chick-Fil-A honey roasted bbq sauce with their waffle fries is 👌🏻 • Outback Steakhouse ranch and their fries, with or without cheese, is 👌🏻 • Zaxby’s zax sauce and their fries is 👌🏻

    L FerbL FerbMonth ago
  • Freddys has the best fry sause

    Yodas AirPodsYodas AirPodsMonth ago
  • wendys frosty is best dip

    Roo TehconquerorRoo TehconquerorMonth ago
  • Freddys fry sauce >

    Morris 11bMorris 11bMonth ago
  • I would’ve called it a sauce toss but to each their own

    FollowyourdestinyFollowyourdestinyMonth ago
  • ok... but like... what if josh and nicole r the next aria and merle

    barbara hudsonbarbara hudsonMonth ago
  • I need an episode of what is the best ranch!!

    Chelsea HolbrookChelsea HolbrookMonth ago
  • Polynesian sauce wold probably be good on Jalapeño poppers from Arbys. Their sauce is a sweet and spicy berry sauce that comes with it. Also next you should do Poppers and sauces please!

    WootlesWootlesMonth ago
  • Grossest finish IV ever seen

    kevin sleppekkevin sleppekMonth ago
  • It’s McDonald’s

    Brayden2327Brayden2327Month ago
  • chic fila sauce easily

    Jake CarronJake CarronMonth ago
  • Booooo everyone knows that chick fil a sauce and chick fil a ranch are the best

    YeeymcyeetersonYeeymcyeetersonMonth ago
  • That was gross at the end. Link what are you doing man?

    Brendan FultzBrendan FultzMonth ago